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A Warrior s Return

A WARRIORSRETURNBook FourofThe Warrior KindGuy s

Stanton III

had almost caused Zevin's heart to stopThe ability to transport people and itemsfrom one lab to the other was only one ofthe many interesting capabilities of thisplIt had been a long discovery processEllanara seemed to enjoy the challengeof discovering the secrets of the lab andZevin had only been to glad to let hertake the point in unraveling thecomplexities of technology that the labhousedIt was readily apparent that thesorcerer had never found this place Theavailable power source for this hiddenfacility was virtually unlimited

Theamount of damage he could haveinflicted upon the world, with controlover such a place would have beenincalculable

As Zevin stormed into the space, whathe noticed first was the presence of arystalline display that appeared to haverisen out of the foor he hadn t known itexistedIt had a yellow flashing icon on it Thealarm had silenced immediately upon hisarrival into the space, but the flashinglights had not stoppeeda cool modulated voice

similar to theone that had been on the space vesselhed ridden to earth broke the silence“ Unknowncommunicationbroadcasted on the liathus frequencyOrigin of message, Earth Selectedrecipients none This is a generalbroadcast Warning protocol enacted, asany response will be viewable fromthird parties, as there was no encryptionProceed with extreme caution as the

framework delivery of the message is ofOrlandian design”The voice died off

even as ellanaraappeared beside himZevin was getting used to his sisterssudden appearances and simply askedas she passed by, Did you hear allthat?Yes " She responded softly even asshe began to tap away at panels of keyall along the interfaces of the displayswithin the labShe reached one hand up and toucheda piece of equipment attached to her ear*What does your analysis of the signaindicate Abby?”The voice of Abby spoke into theroom as if the system was there insteadof at Thunder ridgeMy analysis of the signal indicates

that it is clearly of Orlandian frameworkand therefore should be presumedhostile; however signal impurities pointto it coming from an older outdatedsource Thegwasamateurishly sent

which is doubtful ofOrlandian structureWhat is going on? "Raya asked, asshe walked into the room aloneZevin shook his head indicating thathe didnt have a clue yet as to what wasappeningAbby's voice continued, " There issome positive news in my analysis Thesignal was cut off abruptly beforecomplete broadcast could be achievedThe signal's strength died off relativelyquickly, after reaching us, and may nothave traveled in any legible integripast us into space

How is that a good thing ellanar a? ter,Zevin looked quizzically at his sistHer cool green eyes glanced over athim and then back to the displayTrust me Zevin, thats a good thinga very good thirShe reiteratedpassionatey, as Zevin and Rayacontinued to look lost

as to what wasgoing onEllanara looked back at the lit updisplays before her, "Youre sure wewon't be located by opening the messageabby?No only if we respond which shouldnot be done for any reason, unless ofcourse your father says otherwise""point well taken Abby Ellanarasaid under her breath with a hint oftemperament leaking out into her voiceOpening the message now

Three spellbound pairs of eyes liftedto the screen and read the few simplelines of text that appeared thereAfter a moment Raya with a deefrown said, "It doesn t make any senseIt's complete nonsense!She looked over at Zevin andEllanara, only to find them staring withintensity at the riddle on the screen, as ifit had all the meaning in the world tothenhem“ Isnt it?” Raya askedEllanara repeated the simple lines oftext on the screen out loud

"all the treesare fallen down but the four winds arehiding The butcher has come home, butthe baker is still kneading the doughWho will blow out the candles beforethey start receding?

For now is the timeto be deceiving

Zevin glanced at Raya, "It's mybrother Talaric! It has to bel We did thiskind of stuff all the time growing upBut what does it mean Raya askedstaring at the words completelyperplexed by the riddle posed in theoddly formed sentencesEllanara spoke "Well take the firstline‘ All the trees are fallen down’

ifthe trees are all gone than there is nocover left, Talaric is in danger of beingcaught, and the next part 'but the fourwinds are hiding, says he has to keepnoving like the wind in order to remaininvisible I'm not sure about the nextpart, The butcher has come home, butthe baker is still kneading the doughWho will blow out the candles beforethey start receding? For now is the timeto be deceiving”?

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Table of contentsWarningThe morning afterGoodbyeDrowned AmbitionsBeat downime to dreamPut it in driveMass effectong WalkPacking hoMarthas Gonna SingHeld backForgive mePast revisitedInto the mountainUnveiled Evil

Big Ouch!AwakenedPull the Trigger/Full Shield! nowTannin fire

Dedicated to all those, whoare sinners saved by grace

Chapter OneWarningZevin looked up, as he heard themuted noise of what sounded like analarm of some kind going off within thecastle

His eyes met Rayas and a lookof alarm was shared between them Hequickly got up placing Saraenya intoRayas arms before running into theinner workings of the castle, leaving hiswife and young daughter on the breakfastpatio of their bedroomThe sound of the alarm was emanatingfrom the lower levels and Zevin half

tumbled down a steep stairwell in hisrush to get to the source of thedisturbance A long hallway opened upbefore him that appeared to end in asolid wallZevin didnt stop He ran directlythrough the wall

as if it was a curtain ofwater or light instead of a hard wallThe image of a wall,s flat surface rematerialized into place behind him Thespace he had entered was a large spacesealed off from the rest of the castleHe had noticed the odd absence ofrooms in this remote section of thecastle, while in the process ofremodeling He'd found the space quiteby accident when he'd put his hand up tolean on a wall, as he was investigating,and had watched it disappear through thewall

He had walked on through to discoverthe secret chamber he now stood inGavin and Raya could enter the space,but no one else could as they lacked thegene that Tadias had encoded his workwithThe room had a striking resemblanceto the main room of the underground labthat lay underneath Thunder ridge

It hadseemed to come alive when he hadentered it the first time and withinmoments he had been speaking to hissister ellanaraShe had been in the underground labbeneath Thunder Ridge when a long unliticon had flashed up alerting her tosomething different Within minutes shehad been standing beside her brother inNassoriaThe sight of her appearing by his side