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A Warrior s Revenge

A WARRIORSREVENGEBook FiveThe Warrior KindGuy s

Stanton III

Chapter OneHate bornExplosions rocked the night and loricfelt the air in his chest shudder out as hewas overcome with fear He ran witheverything he had toward the great Hallahead of him as tears blurred his visionof it in the darkness

A streak of greenfire sizzled out over top of his head andslammed into the ancient hall ahead ofhim The shockwaves from the explosionpicked Loric up off his feet and threwhim flying backwards to land hard on hisback on the icy ground

Loric looked up to see that the outerstone facade of the hall had beenshattered and the now exposed greatoaken beams that were centuries-old andcenturies in the making were wreathed inflames

Surging up to his feet Loricscreamed out from the very inmost pit ofhis being, "No!More green fire slammed into thesurrounding buildings causing the groundto shake beneath him violently, even asthe night sky was litby thecorresponding flames of destructionLoric! what are you doing? you mustcome now! There is but one of the shipsleft! we have to go! Cried out Loric'smother, even as she grabbed him andstarted tugging him back down the hillBut father! We must bring him withus mother!" Loric cried out resisting

against her hold on him as much as astrong seven-year-old could"He died loric! he died yesterday Ididn't have the heart to tell you Wehave to go now or we'nl miss the lastship to Assoria! Loric's mother saidher face awash with tears and heavyemotionLoric followed after her stumbling

asshe led him by the hand through theburning wreckage that had been theirhome Father was dead! It was the onlythought that repeated over and over inLoric's consciousness It was so loudthat he neither heard nor noticed any ofthe carnage that was befalling whatremained of Thunder ridgeThey ran headlong down the hilltoward the ship docks, but they were toolate The last two airships lifted into the

night sky silhouetted against the embersof thunder ridge's destruction one ofthe airships began to increase in speedand the other one started to follow butsuddenly exploded into a giant fireballof falling debris as it received severadirect hits from enemy ships that hadsuddenly loomed out of seeminglynowhereLoric and his mother drew to a halt asthey watched in stunned horror as theirmeans of escape disappeared beforethem

Green glimmering light shaftstouchdown repeatedly all over theburning castle grounds, from theoverhead enemy cruisers as they passedby As the green shafts of lighdisappeared Rattan gunfire began toblaze out as enemy soldiers infiltratedthe grounds of Thunder ridge from their

beam down locations Those still leftalive within the castle grounds soon fellprey to the enemyLoric and his mother ducked in andaround buildings in a desperate attemptto avoid detection but they both knewthat they couldnt find sanctuary herewithin the castle, because the placewould be completely destroyed just asall the southern valley lander cities hadbeen destroyed over a week beforeThey rounded a corner and smackedinto two enemy soldiers

Loric's motherlet go of his hand and grabbed a ho

ld ofboth soldiers "Run Loric! " Shescreamed out desperatelyLoric turned and ran as his insidesfelt like mush He'd made it twenty feet,when some greater will then his fearmade him stop He turned to see his

mother screaming on the ground with oneof the men on top of her, while the otherone held her down Fear was replacedby blind fury, as he yanked the smallhunting knife free that his father had justgiven him for his seventh birthday notover a month ago

He ran screamingtowards the two men, who were hurtinghis mothera blow to the back of his head senthim falling to the ground Raising hishead in a daze of pain loric still saw hismother in need of help and he started tocrawl toward her but a second blow tohis head sent him into a world ofnothingness and he let go of the knife andfell into the darknessSlowly, Loric realized the firstfeelings of awareness and pain, as he

became aware of his surroundings Helifted his head up off what he realizedwas the lap of a girl not much older thanhimself The lighting was dim in thecargo hold that he and several otherchildren were locked in

They wereprobably headed toward the TranquilIslands even nowLoric turned his head to look at thegirl; whose lap his head had been layingon he had never seen her beforeMy name is soralee I come from asmall village further down the valleyfrom Castle Eschol where are youfrom?Thunder Rids” Loric respondedsoftlyThere were several gasps among thether children but Soralee was the firstto respond Thats bad! we had all

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