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Agent in the Dark

AGENTIN THEDARKBook FourofThe Agents for GoodGuy s

Stanton III

and more innocent blood was spilledAs networks and systems came backonline it was only to discover that anunbreakable Code was in control ofeverything and that whoever had wrote ithad their own objectives and glory inmind The world was wrestled to astandstill

as their systems were takenover by the Code that couldn t be shutoffThe Code was everywhere controllingeverything, as in part, because during themassive global recovery all thesafeguards were removed to speed upthe process and the entire world hadbeen linked The Code took advantage ofthat linked status and wrote its way intoevery nook and cranny of theinfrastructure still existing upon the facefthe earth

Those who resisted and fought backagainst the Codes demands werepunished ever so severely The UnitedStates was such an entity The Codecontrolled whether the lights came on

whether machines performed theirduties, whether a million things gotdone For its resistance the United Statesand other rebellious countries like itwere plunged into a darkness they couldnot override or spend their way out ofCurrency was useless with the onlyvalue left placed in something you couldeat or something by which you could useto defend yourself what factions of themilitary that managed to hold together inthe face of complete lack ofcommunication soon withdrew from thecities, which had become swirlingnightmares of chaos, as people bit and

clawed with each other to survive onwhat scraps remained People fled fromthe cities to rape the countryside onl y tobe pushed back by those living in thecountry intent on protecting their ownfrom destructionIt was a war to survive and a travestyin the making A once proud nation tornapart by envy and the lack of charity Itwas an example that the world at largeheeded by freely capitulating to theCode's requestsa global network was created, bywhich all could access the Code toreceive instruction

even education fromthe Codes masters Some even began toworship the Code The Code's grip uponthe world seemed unshakable until twoyears after its rise to power a new threat

to its global control emerged in the formof freelance hackers, who becameknown to the world and hated by theCode as Code breakersThe Code had unwittingly exposeditself by installing a global network bywhich all could communicate with it andbe instructed

The hackers moved aboutupon the Code's freely accessiblenetwork prying for secrets and ways bywhich to defeat itThe masters of the Code declared waragainst this new threat and went all outin their extermination efforts to destroythupstart freedom fightersThousands died in the effort to protectthe heroes of their time Exorbitantbounties were placed upon their headsso that even the closest of friendsbetrayed the freedom hackers as few

could turn up the offers of relocation tothe ultra-elite resort like communitiesbeing constructed for the Code's mostardent supportersWorldwide hackers were ripped fromtheir communities and foully tortured asexamples to any who might be thinkingof following in their steps in challengemeant of the Code as the law anddominant force of the new age

Stillsome hackers survived and managed tochart their way through the labyrinth ofthe Code's digital pathways Theircontinued existence poised, as if on theedge of a knife's blade that could cutthem off at any moment Such was theperilous life of a Code BreakerNew York Citv, (the parts stillstanding/

Asia Smith glanced from one screen tothe next in the abandoned apartmentcomplex She was farther into theCodes network than ever before butsomething wasnt right

A door had justopened actually a series of doors Itwas almost, as if she was being funneledto a picked out destination within theCode's mainframeTime for a game change move beforeshe was trapped Her fingers clickedaway bringing up various sub-routinemenus and backdoor pathways beforeher link into the mainframe was friedThe Code was on to her and that wasal ways the challenge, beating the Codeat its own game was not easyThe Code had an unfair a

dvantagebeing on its own home turf, but she washuman which meant she could do the

unexpected She saw the gap open andshe was through it with her fingersmoving unbelievably fast on the dualkeyboards with unerrorable accuracyThe Code had given her a falsepathway to follow, but to do so it had tomocdel itself off of a legit pathway

Apathway that was running parallel andrepresenting a false shadow of itself,which meant there was connectionbetween the two and she had just foundHer screens suddenly filled withstreaming data Oh God! She hoped herdevices were according all of this! theCode was fighting her in earnest nowbut there was nothing it could do but tryto slow her down She chopped away atthe blocks the Code threw up, as herscreens continued to fill with encrypted

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Table of contentsHackCrazy MoThe beastTime to go a vikingTough to SwallowCaptiveOption BHealing touchJail breakHeartbeatGivingJump of faithisland funThe routineAction BegunThe resistanceSavanna on fire

Mighty mousePast revisitedBlondieFinish It/Deliver

Dedicated to all those whowhen offered a second chancedecided to take it and not look back

Chapter OneackerThe world was in chaos Everythingknown and accepted was turned on itsend and stirred around by an agent ofunknown origin

The world order hadfallen and in its place was strife andanarchy The event had happenedvirtually overnight, but the planning of ithad taken years and it was still uncertainwho was to blame for itAt first religious extremists had beenblamed for the collapse of the worldsleading countries, and many smaller

ones, but it soon became apparent thatthey were caught up in the grind likeeveryone else They had been but thestrings of implementation by a darknatured puppeteer, who had used them inorder to wreck a greater harvest of utterdestructionSomeone or something wished tomake the world over on their own termsto pick winners and losers The UnitedStates was such a loser

It all cameabout, when a massive global EM pulsetook out all of the worlds digitainfrastructure Virtually everything cameto a standstill as man's reliance ondigital technology had dictated that heincorporate it in everything he made andnow almost nothing workedGovernments of developed nationsweren't completely taken by surprise, as

they'd been expecting the occurrence ofsuch a virtual reality attack at somepoint

Friend and foe relationships weredropped altogether overnight by theworld's powers at be, in one communalmassive need to restore order andbalanceMassive amounts of resources andtroop deployments were expended in aneffort to preserve the creations ofmankind from the deprivations of mansown moral failuresIt was a grand effort that stretchedacross borders as the world huddledtogether to repair itself from the mortablow that had been dealt to it from anunseen hand Through technologicahurdles and acts of heroism on theground world order was regainedbefore much lasting damage could occur