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Air Rescue

This story is a work of fiction Namesharacters, places and incidents are productsf the author 's imaginly

Any resemb lancelaclivdeadcoincidentalCopyright 2011 by gary whitmore

Hazel glared at StephanieMelvin smiled at step haniethatwanted himHazel pushed two pieces of paper and aCephalopod in front of Melvin "Sign on the dottedbothe said with love in her eyeswhen she looked at Melvinmelvin grabbed the Cephalopod and signed theStephanie and HazeLs eyes sparkled while theytch himLet me show you around Aquatictold meBring him back here in one hour

Hazel toldStephanieStephanie ignored Hazel while she grabbedMelvin's fin and turned him aroundzel grabbed the two pieces of paper and shegazed at Melvin with dreamy eyes while he swamaway with StephanieHaving his babies would be dreamy! she saidher right fin to the papers She cringed in pain whileshe grabbed a small crab and used its claw to pry theOutside the nasa building, Stephanie swamMelvin do wn all the streets of Aquatic villesho wed him all the sights including her homeStephanie swam Melvin back to the nasabuilding where Hazel was mad because they were 10

minutes latesaid one hour! "Hazel snapped at StephanieBye melvin! Step hanie sa id while she gaveMelvin a quick kiss on his lips to make Hazel jealousrked as hazel steamed ins ide furious withher sister always getting the handsome fi"Its time to start your training FolleMelvin, Hazel said then swam awayabout StephanieHe swam after hazelMelvin fo llo wed hazelhe swam intoano ther roo"Bye, Melvin, Hazel said with a gleam in herbody then she swam awayAre you Melvin? Rodney, Stephanie andHazels father, yelled from the front of the room

YMelvinvie it! yelled a crab that wore a greenSmokey the bear hatMelvin quickly swam over to nine other fish thatsigned up to be Air CadetsWe me recruim Rodney the boss ofNASA And toinstructor for your training, he told theYou’ ll be thefirst Air Cadet class ofNASA, and I know you'll do me proud, Rodney saidthen he looked at Shelly "Theyre all yours, Shelly,he said then he swam awayShe lly glared at the recruits for a few second

he yelled like a drill instruc tor andcorra lled them out of the room and through anotherShelly snapped his claws at the recruits, while hecorralled them in formation out of a rear door to theNASa build ingHed the formatthem over to the new Air Cadet training facilitylocated at the outskirts of Aq uatic villehe facility consisted of a runway lined withclam shells, a barracks made out of ma terials fromsunken ships

A large training building, and a hangthat are both large metal cans from a sunken shipShe lly swam melvin and the formation ofrecruits to the barracksThe nextShe lly swam into thebarracks " Get up Get up! he yelled at the recruitswhile he clanged to gether two clam she lls he held inThe sleeping recruits all swam around in a panAfter they settled down, Shelly swam them outof the barracks and got them fedAfter breakfast, Shelly had his recruitsoating on upside down and they bench pressed twopearls tied with seaweed to twigsAfter the bench pressing, Shelly swam therecruits four times in a four foot oval track

ter the track, Shelly had the recruits swimtheir bodies with seaweeThe recruits were exhausted air first dayof traifast asleep, except for Melvin whohad thoughts of Stephanie on his mindThe next week was filled with bench pressingpearls, more swimming around the track, and moreimming in forlavy concThe follo wing week was different as the recruitsstarted preliminary flight trainingOutside the Aquaticville cave, the Air Cadetswere tied down with se aweed in individual clamshellsThen an Octopus grabbed the ir clam shells andthethen them madesharp right turns, and then made sharp left turnshis repeated over and over again, and the objectivewas not to get sickThis training continued all week with thectopus swinging the recruits around like an airplaneThe next week started actual flight training invo-seater airship that NASA just developed

Thespaceship with a bubble canopy that was constructed

from material from sunken ships The rear engiAirshipas powered by methane gas that wextracted from the ocean floor

It was also paintedthe color blue to blend in the skyimulator that was dropped from a stingray to test thethe bottom of the gulf of mexicoVince was the flight instructor fish and he satthe rear seat while the recruit sat in the front seatThe training started off with leaning howascend and descend the airshipd into right and le ft turnsAfter that they learned descendg and ascendturnsThe next part of the training involved the recruitsflying the airships just one foot belowthe waterhe more ad vanced flight training involved thehip flyhrees be low the surface of theAfter three weeks of the ad vanced trainingas now time for the final test this involved therecruits soloing in an air ship Vince would flyformation in another airship to verify the recruit flewthree inc hes be low the surface of the watera fewdit was time for theaquation ceremonRodney floated in front of the formation ofgraduating recruits with Vince, Sheldon, Stephanie

and Hazel by his sidem proud to say that our first class of airCadets was a success You all completed therequirements, and now ha ve earned the title of AirCadets with the rank of Air Lieutenant, " Rodney toldthe new Air cadetsall the new air ccongratulate each other with their successld like to honor the topItfirst air cihesaid then paused for dramatic effect ""Andout to melvin since i was told he's a hero froming his parents from Air Aliens! "Rodney told theAir CadetsAll the air cadets all shook melvins fin and hefelt a little embarras sed that his lie was still aliveNow that we have our first crop of Air CadetsNASA can further develop our plans for outer airmissions to rescue our loved ones that have beenkidnapped by the Air Aliens

Our fisworking on the cons truction of a new airship theAirship 3 to perform such a mission in outer air,All the Air Cade ts gave out Army typver hearing that news on venturingto outer"There fore I want all the a ir cadets to takethree dand re laxation be fore returningfor air duty, Rodney said then he swam away withhe air cadets all broke formation and somequickly swam away to start their free time

Stephanie swam up to Melvin and kissed himI' m so proud of my Air Captain, "she said thengrabbed his fin and swam him away

Hazel watc hed the two swim away and wasdous of stephanStephanie swam Melvin through theg?"he curiously asked whileshe swam him through the streets of Aquaticville"For a few days ofhero, she replied with love in her eyesI really don't feel like a hero, he toldher afraid to confess while they swam away fromOfcoursee my hero, thats why I loveyou, she said then swam him over to the cavThey swam through the cave andes later, Stephanie and Melvin foundcoral reef creef It was a favorite spot for lo vers in this waterworldand were both falling deeply in loveAfter that little vacation, Melvin reported back toNASa where the Air Cadets received some trainingin the new airsuits that Hazel helped designe

Chapter 1It was a beautifuly day out in the gulf ofMexico the waters were calm and on the horizon acruise ship was on its journey to the Cayman Is land

A 24-foot Bayliner cabin cruiser boat wasanchored out in the gulfheast of KeyWest, Florida " Cooters Fish Aquarium- Key Westthe rear of the boat

and it floated inInside the boat, was Willy"Cooter"Jackshoas a skinny 45-year-old good ole boy from Floridawith an black Elvis type of hairdo and sideburns andpot bellyAlso in the boat was his 40-year-old wife, Saracute with short brunette hairCooter and sara just finished drThey p laced their scuba tanks on their backAre you ready? "Cooter asked SaraLets go, she repliedThey donned their facemasks, and regulatorshey each grabbed dip nets, and plastic bagsthen they walked to the port side of the bThey jumped out of the boat andhed into

About 100 yards from Cooter's boat, was aco lorful reef that contained a small house made out ofscrap metaL This was a house that some fish slappedtogether from pieces of an ol sunken shiphe back yard reef of this house was Metic fish he floated upside dstrained to bench press two white pearls tied to a twigAt Melvins side was rocky his dad that haUnited Sea Marine Corps seaweed sweatshirt andfatigue hat

He monitored Melvins bench pressxercise with a keen eyen and she was a beautifulxotic fish and floated nearby while she knitted aseaweed blanketrocky yellesonith a drill instructorMelvin strained and his fins shook while heslowly pressed the twig upwardGreat job son! You're now ready for NASAsAir Cadet program over in Aquaticville, Rockproudly said while Melvin benched pressed the twoHe let the pearl weights float dohe high finned Rocky They both bellowed outmacho growls while they flex their finsBoys will be boys, June said while she ro lledhernd chuckled"Yep aftbeautiful fish as a wibleShe blew rocky a return kiss

dmired hisnts and wantedmarriage like theirs in the worst wayRocky picked up a smaller pearl off their reefbackyard "Have one last catch with your old fishbefhe told MMelvin donned a seaglo ve that Juneknitted, and he swam four feet awayRocky threw the pearl at MelvinThele swam faster and got under the pearl andght it He repeatedly lifted the pearl over his heaeThen melvin eves widen when he saw Cooterand Sara while they swam toward his homeAir Aliens! "Melvin yelled at his dad andpointed in the direction of Cooter and Sara

Rocky looked aumans kas airAliens to the underwater world he swam over andrushed June into some coral plants for coverMelvin dropped the pearl swam over, and hidbehind a rock He was scared to death while hehe faced Cooter and sara in the coral plants withfins clinc hed into a fistCooter and sara looked in a nother directionidnt notice Rocky and juneThey turned and swam awaynd melswato the coral plantsRocky and June swam out of the coral plantsI was coming to he lp you fight dad, but theyturned and swam away, "Melvin fibbed

We would have taught those Air Aliens a goodsson son!” Rocky repliehis finsRocky high- finned Melvin"Lets get youacked for your trip, " Rocky told MelvinMelvin swam into the house with his parentson as they swam into the ir house Junelacedlants for foodseaweed blanket she knitted a few days ago

She tiedup to a stick and it looked like a hobo bindlens ide is something to eat for the swim toAquaticville Then you can use the blanket to keepid while she gave Melvin the bindle then kissed theThanks mon” he repliedShe hugged her son then wiped away a tear frorWell, I guess this is goodbye, he told hvIn wRocky and june waved while melvin swanaway and went out the doorn! Rocky called out whenhe swam to the door and watched melvin while heswam a way into the gulf of mexicoMelvin looked nervous while he s wam awayfrom his home and wondered if he wasnt mak ing auge mis take6

Melvin swam and swam for an hour and startedo get exhaustedq uatic villewhere the small opening was shie lded by colorfulMelvin swam up to reef with his hobo bindlele swam up to a "Strong And Brave FWanted To Be Heroic Air Cadets- Apply withinthat pointed in the direction of tHe stopped and read the signWell im here

"he said while he hes itated tohile hendered if he should proceed ""Sorry dad, theylidn't have any openings this year, he said while hepondered up some excuses "Sorry dad, they had somany applicants for the first year, it might be twoyears before I can apply, said as another excuseThat' ll work! " he said while he smiled on theof returning homeMelvin started to swim awayAren't you going to app ly? a fecalled out and startled MelvinHe turned around and watched while Stephanie abeautiful exotic fish swim out fro m so me of theHe was immediately smitten with the sight ofthis beautiful fishi dont think so he rep lied"Thats too bad, because i really lohope to marry one soon, "she said with

ted with this beautiful fis hIm a hero!” he blurtedStephanie's eyes sparkled when she heardMelvin“ You're a hero? What did you do?”shecuriously asked while she swam closerMelvin puffed out his chest and formed a musclewith a fin

Why, I rescued my parents from thedeadly grips of Air AlStephanwe with his story then shelooked sad "My mom was kidnapped by Air Alienswish you were around then, she said while a teaformed in her right eyeMelvin strutted his stuff arounduld have saved your parents, he bragged while heNASA and I can get you a job as an Air Cadet,Stephanie said with a gleam in her eyeShe grabbed one of Melvins fins and swam himugh the plaithe acilleIns ide the cave was a fish city with buildings andho uses all built from materials salvaged shipst used electric eels to provideelectricity to the fish city called Aquatic ville Otherelectric eels swam to the power pother electric ee ls from theOn the cave walls around the city were led geswith expensive houses that had beautiful views of thecity down be lo w

Stephanie continued to hold Melvins fin whilethey swam down to Aquatic ville from the top of thecave“ By the way,T' m Stephanie

”a"Welcome To Aquatic ville180 Days Since Last Air Alien Kidnapping!"signlelvin looked down and saw hundreds of fishhe city had numerous stores and otlbusinessesIn the center of Aquatic ville was a park filledith colorful plantsWhile they swam through aquatic bthen down sea weed Lane then down moby a venuewhere melvin saw numerous billboards of Stephaniemode ling with all kinds of products"You re a model?" he asked her while he lovedthe sight of her billboardsd while sheoardsStephanie while they turned down poseidon lanegot to the end they turned down Methane LaneStephanie swam Melvin down that street untithey got to the outskirts of the city where theutical Air and Sea Admin istration(NASA)headquarters building was locatedSwamto the nasa build ingInside the nasa building, Step

Melvin do wn a few hallways thenvam him intoHazel, a nerdy exotic fish with thick glasseuc hed behind a desk where a Nautical Air andSea administration- A ir Cadetsfloatedabove her headCephalopodStephanie swam up to her desk with MelvinHazel, Stephanie called out the second sheWhat? Hazel replied a little bothered when sheheard her sisteHazel looked up and eyed Melvin

Her eyesspark led, she sat straight up and mo ved her glassesThis nerd is my sister HazeL "Stephanie saidoring toneHazel gave Stephanie the evil eyeMeet Mhehe rescued hints from air aliegleam in her eyes when she looked at MelviWell, I better clarify that hero stuff, "Melvinid ready to confessWe could use a hand some he ro as an a ir cadetwith NASA, Hazel interrup ted Melvin and shebecame instantStephanie frowned at Hazel when she realizeher sister also wanted melvinped out and crossed her fins to indicate she was