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Black Hand Gang

ForewordBravery strengthens the will to live

a will for Good apainst the Eval hidden n our worldHowever, defeating an evil enemy takes more thsn bravery and hopeTherefore, it required a very special boy to kad his friends on their dangerousIn 2013, it was time for Jack Gurye lo ep franDavid Edwards, November 2013

meitaN thes shes neme accidentaly shann off at the Nart of cach dy in the purit ofhnical effiency, The bechmcians were usd tu the danh pain thisTechno wi s in an AlC, hs tat eyes bulged as he worked and hs head ooze blood fromNo cee else had hs giant capacity to proceof information but he wus Technowas the way his mind worked Heslurped a slug of 'fat coke" from the can befoce popping an Oreo biscuit into his mouthEnerg was paramount to pt hm through the night He knew thefid by 8 am on the coming dry o he would be frid He set an exampe for boch hardork and superhuman brainpower and most of the other technicans desperately tried toh pentre od it, in prade od positon as fiv top Chinese scientiS deheatehgel shies ato the exIst thatvapour

If theSector three and srnl on level three was 2cten personnel used the bongh served the odd vegetate In fact, no one whohad been secretly rearmed during her tn-ycar reign that nas building to the climax, aide terorist attack Nom all the preportions mere nearby read a few moee monthsand the mader plan moud be complet At ammy time, sctor thm contain one third oe herworkers, There were Wrist eiphl-huur shifts aral bats main

realy fur others boand they slep nhen they coua, But the workers dich't dislike theas it eaid in theant there were deep saoarea comprisin 3-a-side fooball, basketball, tennis, table tenns and the latest gadgets troall over the word The star attraction in July 2013 was the new four dimensional gamingpack that felt so real as on battled through the nar in Syria or within the Mysteries of MarsIn additon, the woeker's and technicsn's poy was superb at cowing all thoughts ofinsurrection However, Matame Mirine mas almans permed thsat somene woul betrayher sent She puid each worki ien times the salary applicable in the outside world anwnty times the noem The money was ekctrorieallyseveral of her ceganmsation's ght accoun The ments employmeets tata they could always leave with one year's totice

But nobody left antarThere were too mary runs about wha hanearly at the top of the volcano, An keal location to prevent any enemies from reachng theithe peak of the mourain Level two contained the muscle Fifty secpobcemen for inemal affairs and 100 ninja fighters all men There nere no nomen in thecompex as MM wamed no distractions in her terrore cellAnd then there waes Biers The Frenchman was larzer thin MM His hupe muscled

ars before No one would ever know the trum, but Beeps was respected as her general andfeared for his ferocity in any woet ed fight whethe it was wah hare hand, any weapontact anythng that coul kill It didn't matter whether heside of a cliff The mn was a natural bom biller and would die rather than let anyone hurtBecause he bowed her

That deep requited love, like a puppy dog for his mistreTherefore a volcano is a deceptive place in mthen cnr At near 600 metres highThe arly explorers of the arra n 1848 descrbed the fear ofeatin spirits Erupties owet the last 300,000 years have createddiat esst foe the tehnicians and tanja until they chad to leave MMIs employ Levd forThat nas the okano in Tarani near theboeder with Kenya, sandwiched betweethe Serengeti and The Inlian Ocn It was a hive of activity but totally seret and guardedfor miles arnd bry the Massai who ha bean bought by Biceps Their job w:s to m

tractional ceremony where the had chink the blod from a sacrnl hlack cun mixed with themanie, the Suba tribeThe added ingredient was 100 ml of their own hutan blood This truly bouytheir god En Narok, the blackIt was also Bkeps who incited each of MM's new recruits when they commenced wockwthin the volcano In the depths of Level on was a small stream of hot molten lma and inhe fkw of this stream mas an Nand topped with a branding ron head to 180 deCelsius by the red stream that curled about its bower edges, Any new recruit pledged hisloyalty whilst st name afraid in freet of the island, wondering what was guing iohuppen The bramling imun's shape ma smple but yrulcsau, It consisted of a hand mad upof a thumb and thr fingers but with the Hek finger mising

The nuns fe the pldp bythe recruit were ehed itto the rock holding back the fiery stream an tan Eke thisJ join Me WlnAaed poeme me adwy Manly a afulaperemr nopalry fo Me ref of My的At the end of the nervously spoken pledge Biceps who always sowould gras their arms and push the left hand forward and oo the super heaed brandingne Mussine would often lie in bed and hten to the screams as new apostlesjoined her pane The immediate pain lasted two to three seconds as the shpe of the stunnedhand nas bumt nto the top three byers of skin but the sting pan was frum the loss of thelittle finger as Biers ripped the hand of the rrent off the iron and held it in flow oe the red

augh uncontrollably when he finally kt the person slump tu the cave foA scream had woken MM and so she rolled oct the trpkebalcony She pressed a large green button and wanted patently as the louvres of the blawknh cpened Sremchng her arms abov her head she stared at the samah 5000pure snowfields and way belom were hers of elephant moving towards the west in lneastern but resembling a trail of ants at this srlmpheri height Gazi leapt frum the rewalrny hle as tmo cheetahs sped towwards them The kilns divided, un to grab the neck ofhe ulst walk and the other

the younes, in a pnor mmas good to be alive that mornag she spoke to the blue sky abothey play and learn but the old d because they think they know the rules Howeve, not irsis a new game! Now the world will succumb to m, starting wth the young! "Her cacklingreverberated oft the rock walls and out into the tresh air and beigh sunlight of East AtnaIn deepest Cheshire, Jack George jerked awake as a hiph-pitched scream came from thekitchen immed ly bkw his bedroom Leping out of bed, he spel awn the stars, three atne and pushed the dur upen tu see his cnd sking the little finger of his left hand

ko him and clung b his sid as if a young chikBut Jack was only a headl shorter than his da now and nearly anearly aBugger te af it wasn't the frying panbeind his dad and saw the spillinghacon befare he registered the delighful aroma ' It's okay, I'we anly goee adlille pinkie male His boy heave a sigh of reliefand grant as he genly told him off

So early? It's nearly 9 o' clock for goodness saksaid bugger agan"'Dad pushed him away and sentcuffed his ear As they shadow boxed, they both forget the hurt finger, until Jack grabbed iwithout thnking ensuringloader scream ripped through the house bringing bothmum and Timothy runny to the kitchen It was a nomal start Io a family weckend inChristleton H: ppiness and fun n

It was Saturday at last and the wurm sun glowed on Jack thom a beigh blue sky as he pausedsmelling honeysuckle He tentatively held out a finger to place xnext to the pink and whte flowers and watched in fasination as a large bee settled upon itle could fel all six of its hairy kes as it expored right to the end of his naiL thing itsproben in mpid kckx before it buted off b find a fomer thatThat was Jack, always brave and pushing the boumans oe crmmliurEl lifehim had been Kate's grandma's home sinceat 7 pm ce the 7th day of the Jth torch and that was why she wis psychic and thuadate of 1940 was equally auspicious She had added the indiidualtogether14940

it made I4 ie two svers and therefore quite magical for many people on earthwho believed in the superstitionstoo It was auspicious it was the start of world war Il Grandma had also told most visitingchildnen that she weighed 7 kilos at brth, nhich was really Far-fetched But Kate iw thingsthual others dhn't, that others missed, and knew that her graeme ould have ummaque nightsinlo the future, and thes always eam true But Kal wouk ne share that knomlalg, theyould ink she was as eazy as grandma if they knew she saw thingsThe peely cottage nes

Chapter 1er streets A white light intersperse with patches oflour The light blue of Facebook and the pink of a chiM's face, usually smiling in theprotile photos that were aligned in a horseshoe shape around the silen black hulkmonted vertically and l@ horixontal, creating a modern Ehssscreen supended from cables of reinforced steel that reached inmo the d3ut some of the srns had dark prey bock pounds with a black hand tuming antrclockw30 degrees at a time and twelv times each minute In make a completerevolution Al the minight position, the hand implied stup! Danger A signal, nanny yuuK resemble a reversing se af elks with three fingers and a thumb elche a theof black O each haad, the Lamle finer was missing, creating a lemrifyag claw thaht out fiom the deph of the screen

The glass wa hadrelentlessly revolved until it was their tme to disappearasMadame Mussene or MM as she was known to the children playing the game on her wodldcoupl of letrs to identify your fo word of mouth had msde it

a popular game o play viahe sponsored online app within FaccbeChinese, Sperms and French and ormy popular languag in the norid mad your distant newles appear stup as ther ansible comments mom midrarmsbled for you but that mud t

mme becaue it oould be played 24 hours a dan ? dayswk, n real time across the globe, You against the world; a prime motivator in its appealThe hure leather chbackward, her giant legs andfeet supported on a padded hydaulic rest, badly wide enough to hou the splayed fat andwere resting either side of the giant key board, especially designed formassive fingers to feverishly jab at the keys as she messaged the junior gamers Her teethreflected the vanety of colours emitted by thened by the brunn rot She was the ugliest person on this earth with bu bous lips and a farnoe she had no kft car only a gaping hole MM was darkcolonel ear down her kft chak, a memory from her fimt knife fight in the dock ame ofMarall, Southen France

at the ag of len, Her pray blck hair clng to the heart umtshe shook her culy but la nk locks in frudralion as someone be her on the game, I wnes thefrst chiM to win in that week and that ttae her aal with anger as drool depaultechno, come here now? 'A shadow of a man sipped ino the pukang light of the screens andgrovelled beside her Techno was 20 years old and had served his mistress for five years asher poky lap dog Bom in East London he had rn ama from home at age 15 leming hishno was too scared to assume the responsibilities of runing a house, of beng a man, andso he had run as well It waes n Manailk whils arning a paltry livny mending ena ming areale that Twip Twop had found hm, Twp Twop was ome of the fimt of Mad

wangh, with a mop of red hair abwe his thin white Fce He kept his eyes lo the floor as heyou twice Where have you been you lazy piece of scum?"Heside but it was too late as her huahand slapped across the side of his face He was hit so hard, that he telt the imprint of herIm so sorry Madame Mussina, please forgive me I was redesigning the new stealtpe So somy Madame He grovelled in fro of her as she eased her bulk out of thechair an twerd abwe him, At 16 kilns and 3 meines tall, she semadmet, so it was lacky the real murd newer sarw her now,Fin the prgram yrk, I never want bo be heatm again

Afer kicking him harsHly heat headed for the distant light pouring through a meset in the granite rock Squeezing theoughdled her way down the bon Iuup Mount Kilimanjaro she made a mental none to see the gyroscope thenext mong and demand that Techno should resolve the issue wih the hydrogen ennes orse Tests had shown that water droplets created wthn the twin exhausts were visble onissu, and after tha? well, in The Black Hand Gang there was no after when

lack Geum sat with hos lng kys outstretched and perched abe his head as he shumped inEach foot lay either side of his PC sereen, alemaively upping to thebear of The Elb and Flw the coal new san Franscisco bredhttu He bushed the wire of his iRo headphones away free his keyhoe an messagedRoger, also called the splodger since tipping a can of emulsion oer his purent's best carpeThe boys chatted every evening usin Facebook, as they sun very little of each ocher dunngrom Eton, the Pubh Schoo to the pretty villas of Christleton in Cheshire Jack lived a theend of the village in a small red brik cottage with a central blue door

It was set into thehillsid near the golfh working class end of the wille, whereas The Ronsmby-Smythes resided at the oldmunce hous at the centre of the upper clsses, adient Io the lar pond with ts anducking stool Roger's dad Rupert could aflon it, as he was'samethine in the city Dealingacquaintances, usually for this ce that charityver calla then Rupert at Mara, theyaleays The Ponsonby Smythes to hmm, Mr or Mrs, ths respect was given by mow of thebs including Jack's parents Theyas poo because they lived in ahouse worth less than 1s0000 pounds as opposed to thoee of the rh worth moee than oneWhas time do you pet home on Saturday splodger?" Jack tumed the volume up on his IPodLumeheoe, old chap See you then whe! spadger always wro and spoke like this, evenbefore Elon, Jack bpel pickly

Mchem? You great wooly, is the a nine him mie or eavitapped the keys harder Faccbock nas slow tonight but the entn force coud rat hug thehat he was doing an the immer, he couM harely fad therepots an the BBC"Look Jack, one doesn't cut caviar on a Saturday It's like tish- one only partakes on a Fndayor Chnstmas day By the way, has one seen the app for the word domnaon gameHuh? Jack kept it brief as nJMM's ap I sent i to you as a game request last week I tell you what, it is absolThere nas a knock at the door and cwds face slowly appas he gently pushed itThe top of hes bald hea came fint before the pren eyes and smiling but apokyuti fao,Hiya, just a warning Mum will be home in ten mules sp I sgpes you g ready fiur bedfore she arrives

You know what shes like:' Jack arched his hack makin a hrage from theshelf of the PC talle At the age of 12, he was strong and anhAlex Strider in the films A handsome boy withblade spiky hair cut to a number three and gelled Jack pulled his headphones from his earswha? His dad shook his head as he repled kindlysaid mum mill be home soon so get ready for bedOkay dad kne you, night Dad was dismissed and the head retracted as the doo was shsoftly Jack loved his dad nathan, and spent most of the week in his care Jonathan stayedhome as a hxrshuhand whilst his mmm lin away all neck whl she wars workin un

him more rebellious and so he epn the app for nurlu domination mated of going lo bedni connie of lf wuri Ay selling appenDs andIrading the asas of your countr: Gofu awd cannes, Anfowwwns e Mmfwrnay awd arns efforest, Jow timog o nawal Meer Ewer asser fu your conmy is amanfaNl M pow mo dwwwJow globar outeats Hio waIf nse theirs Be cener ai Mse new conw in his aiminfender ef a kavun wierseThe cumputer graphies mere fantastic as Jack quickly nicked through the asset lists andnurmes of the competitor in Frno He knew some of the cities hke Aigan ne his schoolvisit at Easer and repo nised sm of the runes from the exchang trip, Sar b pnwJAignuw, the seg tang in his head as he scrolle down the sereen

There was tall Thierr,and so he rapidly hit the ocr bullon aa the FC and scampered acr(e to his bed Quickly, hetook off hs' Man U' T-shrt and pulled the duvet oer his Adidas tracksuit bottoms A minlater, his mum Jennifer gently opened the door and walked smiling to sit on the sise ofbed She leaned towands him and kissed his cheek Jack resisted the temptation to wipe theobber JunyHi mum, dd you have a good neck?"Yes my lowe and tonigh is the best part Coming home to you and dadAnd Timmo the dimm She luckel the dunt tighter around his shoulders as h

Timothy is yuurIdim, just fow years yumukes a big diferenceWhanever, whatever ce fattie, you hane a way with wors young man ' She said this in thepatronising way dha mutts did when they though theyou bostoreign language to your dad and I 'He smiled at her He desperately mssed his mum dunngNo foreign, just the way kd talk like when they are at PGL, knmfer patted his short hairShe sighed heavily e I give up What's PGLYParent Gt Lost- you know afler the adventure hod ian pmem, Jack comedant hy tirmeof a wrk at AL Kayaking, sanling, climbing and abseiling It would always be a cheam ashe knew they were lucky to have a sinle week's faily holiday in a caravan in Wales

sheYeuh yeah wider than the sky and birzer than the se"Precisely lely Now go to sleep and give your dad and L, our time Nightie nightiePyjamas, pyjamas, He replied whilst griminglack had a quick bout of guilt He had cleaned his tceth two dacarlier, surely that was enough? Reluctantly he went to the bathroom but on his retum thetation was lo srey o resist and w he need his PC and warted in pary the yame, He

the splodge Within len mires, Rog ha troutby trading five cruise missiles forlack s stirt my assets that hand been assi mal by the simemetstrthe PC and crept quietly back ato his bed he wowed two this Fatslly, I0beat Roger and secondly to become the best player an thiIt was so realistic; it certainly kooked lke the greatest game everAs Madame Mussin and Jack Goorge peacefully slept there was frenetic ativity on levelin the haen cump lex henth Mount Kilimanjaro Level thne, curtained the technicaltpurtmert theit spported The Back Hand Gang and was bipar than the large sportstalium in the wurk I was giunte more than so per cent mider than wembley stadium inLondoet, Etnlaad

Sector one octane the computer servers and the advance apDsplay Umt, a todve-speaker system ineludagyellow set and several methods to boch aput and receive data Most of the techn ians usedthe technolozy designed by Technothe encephalitic input and output devicethan an old-fashioned keyboard They had niknamed it"the brain hugger" as eight largerecre data There nere two distinct disadvantages to offset the one hundred-fold increase inspeed of danFirstly, the brain hugermorning before startng work and sound the dips dug deply inm the ouher byers of thskin Retched acrss the skull, which casad hideous and protruding sahe tu fom ovemight