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register organized to allow to move left or right operationsRead moreComputer Fundamental Quiz with Answer set-111)What is the name of the software that allows us to bladdress of the instructicurrently being executed is known as A index register B memory address registerC program counter D Instructions register 4)Read moreComputer Fundamental Questions and Answers set-10The computer memory holds data andA Bytes B Program C Registers D BitsA file that has beesferred to a lower level in the memory hierarchy is known asA Random File B Archive File C Serial File D

Sequential File 3) The computer thatprocess both analog and digital is called A Mainframe Computer B Hybrid ComputerC Analog Computer D Digital Computer 4) The binary number 1000 is equivalent todecimal numberA one thousand bRead moreComputer Basis McQ Questions and Answers set-91)In the third generation of computer A Distributed data processing first becamepopular B On operating system was first developed C High level procedural languagewere first used D On-line, real time system first became popular 2)A communicationcol that converts nks into communication channels free of transmissionerrors is known as A Data linkprotocolB DataData medium d Data mode3What is requiredRead moreMCQ on Computer Fundamentals with Answers set-8

Arity B deCD linked 2) Beforting into stack onst check the conditiorA Overflow B Underflow C maximumnts 3) The another name of dequerA divideddistributedC double endedD design queue 4)Before deletion conditionto stackhas to be checked aRead moreSolved McQ on Stack and Queue in Data Structure set-1form of access is used to add and remove nodes from a queue A LIFo, Lastn First Out B FIFO, First In First Out C Both a and b D None of these 2)In likedepresentation of stacklolds the elements of the stackA inFo fields b

toPields C LINK fields D NULL fields 3)form of access is used to add remove nodesfrom a stack A LIFO B FIFO C Both a and B D None of these 4)In the linkedrepresentation of the stackSolved McQ on Database Backup and Recovery in DBMS set-1Which of the following is not a recovery technique? A Deferred updateRecovery management 2 )Checkpoints are a part of ARecovery measures B Security measures C Concurrency measures D Authorizatiomeasures 3)deals with soft errors, such as power failures A system recovery Bmedia recovery C database recovery D failure recovery 4)n essential partRead moreSolved McQ on Distributed Database Transaction Managementset-4Commit and rollback are related toA data integrity B data consistency Cdata sharing D data security 2) The traion wants to edit the data item is calledA Exclusive mode b shared mode c Inclusive mode d ued Mode 3) Forcommitting a transaction, the DBMS might discardbefore image C log D redo log 4)A sophisticated locking mechanism known as 2

Read MoreSolved McQ on Oracle Distributed Transaction set-3)Amechanism which ensures thattaneous execution of more than oneansaction does not lead to any database inconsistencies is calledmechanism A transaction control B transaction management C concurrencyparallelism D concurrency control 2)The transaction wants only to read the data item ofmode is called as A Exclusive mode b shared mode c inclusive mode dUnshared Mode 3) Any execution of a set of transactionsRead MoreSolved McQ on Transaction Management in dBMs set-2one transaction inserts a row in the table while the other transaction isalf way through its browsing of table A transaction read problem B one way readproblem C serial read problem D phantom read problem 2 Transaction processing isassociated with everything below except A producing detail, summery, or exceptioeports B recording a business activity C

confirming an action or triggering a responseD maintaining data 3)Read MoreSolved McQ on Distributed Transaction Management set-1the transactiod back, all the database changes made inside the transactionareA made permanent B made temporary C copied to the log d undone 2)Which of the following is not a property of transactions? A Atomicity B concurrency csolation D Durability 3)Aensures that transactions are performed as expectedA transaction processing monitor B transaction procedure monitor C isolation monitoRead more》Solved Mcq on Fundamental of dBMs set-10

1)Which ofowing is not a characteristic of a relational database model? A TableB Tree like structure C Complex logical relationship D Records 2)Field is otherwiseof the record A data item B data type C value D variable 3 A tablecan have only one A Secondary key B Alternate key C Unique key D Primary key 4)Ad can be called asn relation context A random file BRead moreSolved McQ Questions on Structured Query Language set-61)keyword is used to eliminate the duplicates A distinct B unique C union Dintersect 2)as another query embedded within it A sub query Bstructured query C

nested query D sequence query 3)Which of the following is not anaggregate operator? A MAX B MIN C TOTAL D AVG 4) Any SQL statement inside anembedded SQL program must be inside the boundaries of A EXE SQL and END BXEC SQL and end C eXEC and END-EXEC DRead moreMcQ on Database Design with Answer set-1What is a data integrity? A It is the data contained in database that is non redundantthe data contained in database that is accurate and consistent C It is the datacontained in database that is secured d It is the data contained in database that isshared 2)As per equivalence rules for query transformation, selection operationdistributes over A Union B Intersection C Set difference D All of the above 3) In sQe word 'natural can be used witRead meObjective Questions on Relational Algebra with Answer set-1Which of the following relational algebra operations do not require the participatingtables to be union-compatible? A Union B Intersection C Difference D Join 2)Relational Algebra does not have A selection operatorggregation operator D Division operator 3)Tree structures are used to store data in A

Network model B relational model c

hierarchical model dsedthat a value of a foreign key must appRead more

iteforinfotech comhttp://wwwsiteforinfotechcom/search/abel/multipleChoiceQuestion(mcq)?updated-max=2014-12-04t00:42:00-08:00&maxresults=20&start =80&by-date=falseMultiple Choice Question(MCQSolved objective Questions on SQL and Embedded sQl set-5) DROPatement in SQL A Query B Embedded SQL C DDL D dc2) The keyword to eliminate duplicate rows from the query result in SQL is ADISTINCT B NO DUPLICATE C UNIQUE D None of the above 3)Which of thefollowing aggregate function does not ignore niits results?A count BCOUNT()C MAX D

MIN 4 )In SQL, testing whether a subquery is empty is doneusing A DISTINCT B UNIQUE C NULL D EXISTS 5)operatoRead more》Objective Questions of Data Structure with Answer set-6a variable that can hold the address of the variables structure andfunctions that are used in the program A) Array b) Pointer C) Structure D)None of theis the organization of the data in a computers memory or in a fileA)Array B)Data Structure C)Data Management D)Data Organization 3 Which of thefollowing is/are the advantages of using an array? i) multi huge quantity of data itemscan be stored i)Read moreMcQ on Core Java with Answers set-11 Which exception is thrown by the read method of input stream class? A) ExceptionB) ClassNotFoundException C)read Exception D)IOException 2 What garbagecollection in the context of java? A) The operating system periodically deletes all of thejava files available on the system B) Any package imported in a program and not usedn automatically deleted C)When all references to an object are gone, the memory

d by the object is automatiomed D)The JVMRead moreMCQ on Java Programming Language Fundamental set-121AfirstA)dD)interpreted, compiled 2 Byte codecode b)bit code C)cryptographic code D)none 3 A privateA) package B)C)method D)none 4 Considx=(a>b)?a: b", then the value of x is 19, if a=19 and b=12 A) true b)not supported c)false D)McQ on Basic SQL Queries with Answers setDML is provided for A)Description of logical structure of database B)Addition of newucture in the database system

C)Manipulation processing of database D)Definition of physical structure of database system 2 As clause is used in SQL for A)Selection operation B)Rename Operation C)Join operation D)Projection Operation 3Count functiomber of a)values b)distinct values C)groups D)columns 4 The statement in sql whicRead moreSolved Mcq on Database normalization set-1design of databa specifies the actions needed to remove the drawbacks in the currentB)2 NF C)3NF D)Normal form 2 A relation is inif an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of othercomposite key A)2NF B)3NF C)BCNF D)1NF 3 Fifth Normal form is concerned withA)Functional dependency B)Multivalued dependency C)Join dependency D)Domainkey 4 a table is in theRead moreSolved McQ on C++ Programming Language set-7

requiredheritance toalize the data membethe base classthrough derived class? A)Object declaration B)Destructor C) Constructor D)nheritance 2 In which case is it mandatory to provide a destructor in a class? A)Almost in every class B) Class for which two or more than two objects will be created c)Class for which copy constructor is defined D)Class whose objects will be createddynamically 3 Which of the statements is true in a protectedead MoreMCQ on c++ Programming with Answers set-6f a class c is derived from class b, which is derived from class A, all through publheritance, then a class c member function can access

A)Protected and public dataC and bB)Protected and public data only in CC)PIdata in a andb dProtected data in A and B 2 Overloading the function operator a) requires a class withs a class with an overloadedyou to create objects that act syntacticallyobjective type questions in c programming language set-6o Which symbol is used as a statement terminator in C? A)!B)-C)#D)of the array is less than the number of initializes thenA)extra values are beingignored b)generates an error message C) size of array is increased D)sizeneglected when values are given 3 In C, if you pass an array as an argument to aunction, what actually gets passed? A)value of elements in array b)First element ofhe array C)Base addressthe arrayRead mSolved McQ on C Programming Language set-5What will be output of the fol

lowing c program? #include int maino int goto =5printf("%d" goto); return 0: A)5B)10C)**D)compilation error2 Output of the followingC program fragment is X=5; y=x++: printf ("%d %d, x,y); A)5, 6B)5, 5C)6, 5D)6, 63

1)The transistorized computer circuits were introduced in the a first generation bSecond generation C third generation d fourth generation 2quired when more than one person uses a central compute?ATerminal B Light pen C Digitize D Mouse 3)Which of the following memories has thehortest access time? A Cache memory B Magnetic Bubble memory C Magnetic corememory D RAM 4) An output device that uses wordsoreObjective Questions on Computer Fundamentals set-7Central Processing Unit is combination of A Control and Storage Unit B Controland Output Unit C Arithmetic Logic and Input Unit D Arithmetic and control u2) The octal equivalent of 111010A81B 72 C71 D None of the above 3)Programs designed to perform specific tasks is knownA System Software BApplication Software C Utility Software D Operating Software 4) Analog ComputerComputer Fundamental Multiple choice Question set-61) Different components on the motherboard of a Pc unit are linked together by sets ofparallel electrical conducting lines What are these lines called? A Conductors BBuses C Connectors D Consecutively 2 )The ARPANET helped to develop protocolcalled

A TCP/P B POPA C ARP D None 3)The ALU of central processing unitdoes the essential math work for the computer What does the control unit doACommunicate its results bRead mObjective Questions and Answers on Computer Basis set-5)A computer ProgrammerA does all the thinking for a computer B can entenput data quickly C can operate all types of computer equipment D can draws onlyflowchart 2)The first calculating device isA Slide rule b mark IC Pascaline d

Abacus 3)a printedboard that adds additioabilities and functions tomputers hardware is A Expansion Board B Mother Board C Integratedt Dxtended Board 4)The differenceRead moreObjective Questions on Application Layer in OSI/TCP/P Modelset-3n a/anNS resolver, instead of supplying a name and asking for an IPaddress, the dns client provides the iP address and requests the corresponding hostname A Recursive queries B Iterative queries C Reverse queries D Inverse queries2 )For each resolved query, the dns resolver caches the returned information for a timethat is specified in each resource record in the dNs response This is known asA Positive caching B TimeSolved McQ on Application Layer in OSI/TCP/P Model set-2ontent of thispart of this message A content-type B content-transfer-encodicontentdescription D content-id 2 )The Post Office Protocol, version 3, is a standard protocoSTD number 53 and it is describedA RFC 1939 B RFC 0937C RFC 2821DRFC28223)an electronic mail protocol with both client and serverfunctions

ARead moreMcQ Questions on Application Layer in OSI/TCP/P Model set-11)Which of the following is/are the important applications of application layer? Alectronic mail B World Wide Web C USENET D all of the above 2)The TCP/IPcorresponds to the combined session, presentation, and application layers ofthe OSI model A session layer B presentation layer C application layer D None ofthe above 3 ) Theprotocol is based on end-to-end delivery A SMTP B TCP CPD SCTP 4)

Read moreObjective Questions on Transport Layer in OSI Model setis responsible for end to end delivery, segmentation andconcatenation A Physical layer B Data Link layer C Network layer D Transport layerneeds ports or service access points A Physical layer B Data Link layer CNetwork layer D Transport layere task oRead morenterview Questions on Network Layer in OSI Model setprovides two well-defined classes of services, namely connectionless andconnection oriented services to the numerous nodes or hosts communicating throughsubnet A physical layer B data link layer C network layer D

transport layercomputer networking the termrefers to selecting paths in a computer networkalong which to send data A routing B inter-networking C internal organization Dcongestion controRouting algorithmsSolved Objective Questions on Data Link Layer in OSI Modelset-1determining how the bits of the physical layer are grouped into frames A Data Link BPC Network D spovide a way for the data linklayer on the requesting side to learn whether the request was successfully carried outA Request B Indication C Response d confirm 3 the different types of servicesprovided by dataoreSolved McQ on Physical Layer in osI Reference Model set

) Which of the following is/are theations of twisted pair cabC In the IsDN Network D All of the above 2)transmission systems are widely used in the backbone of networks A Unshieldedisted Pair(UTP)B shielded Twisted Pair(sTP)C Optical Fiber D Wi3)as much lower attenuation and can carry signal to longer distances withoutusing amplifiers and repeaters in between A UTPRead moreSolved McQ on Network Layer in Computer Networks set-1er links the network support layers and the user support layers Aansport bwork c data link d2)Thver changes bits intoA phB data link C transport D network 3 )Thecoordinates the functions required to transmit a bit stream over a phmedium

A transport B network C data link D physical 4) Which of the followingRead more》nterview Questions on TCP/P and UdP in Computer Networksset-2)UDP needs theaddress to deliver the user datagrame correctapplication process A port B application C internet D intranet 2)Theoriginally developed as a mechanism to enable disk-less hosts to be remotely bootedover a network as workstations routers terminal concentrators and so onA icmP BBOOTP C UDP D ARP 3) Which of the following does UdP guarantee? A Flowcontrol B Connection-oriented delivery CRead moreSolved McQ on TCP/IP and UdP in Computer Networks set-1protocol A stream-oriented B message-oriented C block-orientedD packet-oriented 2) Which of the following is not the layer of TCP/IP protocol APhysical layer B link layer C network layer D transport layer 3 )TCP groups a numberof bytes together into a packet called aA user datagram B segment C datagram Dpacket 4)Theof TCP/P protocol is responsible for figuring out how to get data to

http://wwwsiteforinfotechcom/searchmabel/multipleChoiceQuestion(mcq)?updated-max=2014-12-20t21:10:00-08:00&maxresults=20&start=60&by-date=falseMultiple Choice Question(MCQObjective Questions on Routing protocol in computer networksset-3states that the routing table is stored from the longest mask toortest mask A first mask matching B shortest mask matching C longest maskD very shortest mask matching 2)distance vector rolprotocols A OSPF and RIP B RIP and BGP C BGP and OSPD BGP and SPF 3)

deals with the issues of creating and maintaining routingtables A ForwardingRead moreSolved McQ on Routing algorithm in computer networks set-2Alternate and adaptiveg algorithm belongs tostatic routing bpermanent routistandard routing D dynamic routing 2)protocopopular example of a link state routing protocol A SPF B BGP C RIP D OSPF 3)Anexample of routing algorithm is A TELNET B TNET C ARPANET D ARNET 4)Thechanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(EIGRP)is categorized as aDistance vector routing protocolsstateRead moreSolved McQ on Routing protocol in computer networks set-1Which of the following is not the requirement of routing function? A CorrectnessRobustness C Delay time D Stability 2)Theprotocol allows the administrator toassign a cost, called the metric, to each route A OSPF B RIP C BGP D BBGP 3)Ifthere is only one routing sequence for each source destination pair, the scheme is

known asA static routing B fixed alternative routing C standard routing DdvnamicRead moreSolved McQ on Searching and Sorting Algorithms in DataStructure set-2The worst case occur in linear search algorithm wheA Item is somewhle middle of the array B Item is not in the array at all c Item is the last element in thearray D Item is the last element in the array or item is not there at all 2 )If the number ofecords to be sorted is small, thensorting can be efficient A Merge B Heap CSelection D Bubble 3) The complexity of sorting algorithm measures theas afunctionRead meMcQ on Searching, Merging and Sorting Methods in DataStructure set-1)Finding the location of a given item in a collection of itDiscovering B Finding C Searching D Mining 2 )Which of the following is an exterrting? A Insertion Sort B

Bubble Sort C Merge Sort D Tree Sort 3)Very slow way ofA Insertion sort B Heap sort C Bubble sort D Quick sort 4)Which offoSort b 2Merge sort C MSort de Sort 5) SortingRead moreObiective Questions on List and linked List in Data Structureset-2) To insert a new nodeked list free node will be availableA Available listB Avail list C Free node list D Memory space list 2)A singly linked list is also called asA linked list B one way chain C two way chain D right link 3)Ast is aleader list where the node points back to the header node A Circular header BGrounded header C Two way header D One way header 4)A doubly linked

Read MoreSolved McQ on List and Linked List in Data Structure set-1) Linked lists are best suited A for relatively permanent collections of data B fore size of the structure and the data in the structure are constantly changing C datastructure D for none of above situation 2 The operation of processing each element ine list is known as A sorting B merging C inserting D traversal 3) The situationwhen in a linked list START=NULL is

A UnderflowB Overflow C Houseful dRead more》Objective Questions on Tree and Graph in Data Structure set-2The post order traversal of binary tree is DEBFCA Find out the pre order traversalA ABFCDE B ADBFEC C ABDECF D ABDCEF 2)While converting binaryternaes onextended tree B External nodes on extended tree c vanished on extendedntermediate nodes on extended tree 3)The in-order traversal of tree will yield a sortedsting of elements ofRead more》Solved McQ on Tree and graph in Data Structure set-11)The operation of processing each element in the list is knownmerging C inserting D traversal 2) other name for directed grapA Directgraph B Digraph C Dir-graph D Digraph 3)Binary trees with threads are called asfor anG theretouA LiterallyRead moreInterview Questions on Stack and Queue in Data Structure set-2the insertion takes place in the first position after of last element