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the preparation of engineering and constructiondrawings, diagrams and plans Works under Linux, Windows and Mac os X operating systems Distributed under the gnu General Public License version 2he source code is written in the C + programming language using the Qtbraries Further a three-dibuilt using the drawings Thegram that combines all the current 3D modeling capabilities The program is notdemanding on the characteristics of the computer, it is possible to carry out design planning, organize an assembly structure and prepare a model for printingon a 3d printer The use of all basic types of modeling free forms and sculptingworking with solids (including direct editing), the ability defining parametric dimensions, as well as support for obj and stl formats as imported geometry

Allelements that are modeled can be used as further templates for work The softd file formats for import and export including alembi3D Studio(3DS), Filmbox(FBX), Autodesk(DXF), SvG, StL (for 3D printingUDIM USD, VRML WebM+今爭小菜X+++口口口日++ecad program interfachree-dimensional models of car parts were assembled into assembly unitsand connected to the main parts of the car The car body was builtmode The construction was started by creating one polygon, which was spolygons Addier another gave the body shapen places requiring more polygons, polygons have been subdivided by the required number After constructing and editing the longitudinal half of the bodye symmetry modifier was applied The modifier creates a symmetrical copyof the part The resulting part changes its shape when the original part changes

its shape By connecting two symmarts of the body, the result is a bodywhich on one side changes thide To give the body smooth, smooth Ied three-dimensional patterna cylinder was used to build an even circumference of the wheel arches By apying the cylindere whed the threshold of theangular planes were used Three-dimensional patterns allow you to check thestraightness of polygon lines from all sides To visually determine the smootess of the shahe case, materials with a glossy surface are used The visual determination of surface smoothness is influenced not only by the typeof material, but also by the colob:vlender program interfaceDetails of mechanisms, gears of reducers were made in FreeCAd program

Free CaDopen source general purpose parametric CAD system(basedthe LgPLv2+ license) The basis of geometric modeling of solids in Free CAd isthe principle of boundary representation, at the same time there is support forshes The georFreecad is opencascaden to mechanical engineering tasks, free cad can be used for tasks such aschitectural design, or engineealysis by the finite element methodFreecad supports over 30 file formats for importing For the manufacture of carparts, 3D printingart size for 3Drinting is limited only by the size of the printer a 3D printer is a peripheral device that uses the method of laveaver creation of a three-dimensional object from a digitaodel No additional equipment is required for 3d printing All types of parts are produced on one printer In order to print a part on

a 3D printer, you must first convert the original 3D model format into a G-codeG-code is a conditional naming of the programmingcontrolled de(CNC)ated by the electronic indn the early 1960s The Slic3r program is used to convert sTL format to G-codeformata0·由⑤四③園自、中命0reeCad progrIn this program, you can set the print speed fill factor and more After conversion the file with the g-codeded into the 3D printer Due to layer-byayer shaping, parts of any complexity can be produced Various materials areused for 3d printing The most common PLA, ABS, PVa plastics, nylon, rubber,metal powder The most productive 3D printing process is the stereolithographyprocess In the process of stereolithography, a layer of material is formedthe entire surface area simultaneously

The bright rays of light from the projector strike the clear glass The glass is at the bottom of the bath with liquid lightcuring material a projector under the glass transmits a cross-sectional imageof each part of the part Thus, the material on the glass hardens and is pullayer by layfrom the bathroomhe car is controlled by a program written in the arduinoa crossatform apn (for windows MacOS)developed in C and C ++ It isused to write and download programs to arduino-compatible boards, as well asto boards from otheufacturers Source code for The idthe gnu General Public License Version 2 The Arduino IDE supports both Cand cng special structuring rules The Arduino idE provides a softwarebrary from the wiring project that provides many comnroutines User-written code only needs two basic functions to run the sketch

and the main program loop which are compiled and linked to the program stubaino to an executable loopback executor with the gnu toolchain, alsocluded in the ide distributionSparkmaker 3D printer and printed parts15

owards mass productionThe car body is the most important constructive, most responsible, materiapart of thehtheof weight, cost and manufacturing complexity The body is the basis for the installation and fastening of all systems and mechanisms of the vehicle The bodensures the safety of the vehicle

The body structure and its parameters havea serious impact on the performance properties that ensure the movement of thehicle(maty, stability,thess and on perfolated to vehicle movement(capacity, strength, durability maintainabilsuitability for loading and unloading) DUBINA EVO has a fiberglass monocoqueperceivesthe car while driving This means thants of the body, with the exception of doors and hatches, are load-bear-ing The body support system allows you to reduce the weight of the vehicleoverall height, lower the center of gravity and therefore, increase its stabihe supporting body is made of fiberglasque body consishe most rational distributioof material in each elemelowing the best use of the maximum possib

ad -bearing capacity of theorder to give the structureontinuous shape providing direct transfer of the load from the point of its application to the point at which the reaction occurs The structure of the monocoque body must be rigid enough to allow precise control, be light enough to aw inertial loads and the loads caused by the osci

llatorythe sprung parts about the vertical axis were small, to beto withstand the cyclic road loads the loads from the power plant the driverand the passenger Hence, it is clear that the structure of a car is assessed notby strength, but by rigidity, and the study of the state of the structure is associated with the study of its deformability rather than the stress state bending deflections in the middle of the vehicle span should not exceed 1

3 mm, and thedeformations of the contour of door openings should not exceed 12 mm in theload concentrated in the middle of theot as rigidel or alutherefong plates brackeand stiffeners are used in the body structure Fiberglass is a durable and lightFront part of the bodyAnother great advantage of fiberglass is the absence of corrosion Importantparts that contribute to the ovegidity of the structure are roofrails and pillars of the windshield frame door hinges, front and rear body framepars, rear side panels door pillars the body supporting system made of fiber15

ass provides good insulation of the passenger compartment from vibrateand noise of operating units and mechanisms, as well as from thethat occurs when theythe road surface Body parts are made of fiberglas23 mm thick The body of the dUbIna Evo is shaped like an engine compartment, a passenger compartment and luggage compartmentsas a fiberglass one- piece cockpit, left and right sidewalls with rear fenders roof and front fenders Theg body structure is uneven

Its individuparts have different rigidity and, therefore different resistance shock in roacaccidents, as a result in collisions of the car due to the deformathe froyand rear parts of the body the impact energy is extinguished and the passengercompartment is protected fromrmation This ensures that the survivalspace of people in vehicle collisions is maintained The body of the dubINAe first stage of the productionct the bottom of the cockpit to the tunnel using epoxythen the battery compartment is attached to the bottom of the cockpit, then thefredttached part, then the left half and the right hof the roof is installedM1a three-mass model of a hitting carAll body partsde of fiberglass by hand molding Fbody partsconsists of applying layers of fiberglass into a matrix Since only the outer surface of the part expericmaximum stresses dbending, it is thewhere high modulus carbon fibers are laid The first layer of fiberglass is thethinnest(300 g/m2), which ensures the most smooth surfathefiberglass must follow all the bends exactly matrix shape without detachmentand formation ofties Cutting of fiberis performed accordtrix Body parts with complex shapes use fiberglass cutting, consisting of severa6

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Contentsn the universeowards mass productionThe bigger, the betterRevolutionary technology

Motor Magnetaruble wishbone suspensionive a single standardereSports seats for sports electriThe steering wheel of your dreamsPedals for every dayWorks like a clock49What does the car of the future cost us build

The most powerful in the universeAnton dubinaof many parts that chacombustion engine vehicles registered in the world today Toxic substancesexhaust gases cause lung disease and cancer in peopes the deign of an electric car does not have large mechanical components such asstarter, carburetor, gearbox a car with an electric motor accelerates faster

Itmany ways superior to a car with an internal combustion engine all thewonderful possibilities of the electric drive haake many years before its properties are fully realized2014, I started working on an electric car projecte timei was surrised at the lack of electricity-powered cars in cities People can come home

from work and charge the car at night, when the electricity tariff is lower, and goabout their business in the morning without wasting time at the gas staProbably because there are few models of electric carsn the world and their prices are too high so I made the decision to make a niceand inexpensive electric care dUBiNa EvO, i was guided by rules that improvedesign The desire to create the perfect car helped me make the right choice andfind the right solution The distinguishing feature of my sports car is thatombines the best properties with optimized valuCar productiocarried out with minimal material costs with a fast streamlined mechanismThe entire production process is carried out in a small factory

To avoid stopping the production process, assembly operations independent of each otherWhen makingre made from recycled household and industrial waste Our responsibility isto keep our planet green, the sky blue and the horizon bright This issue pre-2020Dmade that have improved the design of the car

I am interested in your feedback As a reader of this book, you are the meportant critic Your opinion is valuable to me and i would like to know whatwent right, what could be done better, what topics would you like to see and anyother wishes you might have

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Materialization visualizationThe basis of the project activity is software Design tools are programs thatperform various functions The creattheA EVO vehicle informan model began with a preliminary design The sketch was created in the freebitmap graphics editor Krita It is open source software included with KDE Kritas developed primarily for artists and photographers and is distributed under theterms of the GNU GPL The program supports non-destructive editing of layersnd withRGBCMYK, LAB, in the mode from 8 to 32 bits with floating point per channeadders(such as unsharp masking, adjustment layers, masksand dynamic filters, as well as a series of retouching tools are implementedowever, the main priority of the developers is the realization of opportunitisfor artists

The concept of the car its overall dimensions and design featureswere presented in the draft design After determining the main dimensions anddesign features, drawings of the future car were created0C目圓E([Krita program interfaceDrawings were made in the Libre Cad program Libre cad(formerlyCADuntu)is a cross-platform, open andAD sy2d drafting and deon the basis of QCad Libre Cad allows you to solve problems of two9