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Earth717042017said Roan, pushing Allor towards the handmeant for shelter from bad weather As they scrambled to the cave, they heard aloudttind louder As sohd around juste to see a bright whie ravined teder their feet then silence no birds no other animal sounds no wind in thetreeshey stayed in the cave for a long time, at least twenty tox(minutes), beforeley summoned the courage to step outside They moved with bodipushed out from the cave but with feet always at the ready to take them back inan instant Roan walked out the furthest and was able to look down the ravined the river

On tllarge cuts, as if a giant hadstumbled down the ravine drunk on semu tea and had broken off boulders as itointed far dook there he said "See the steam risiay down there?he way down was long It took many tox for them to reach the shore of thesed often and was not maintainedigh in the sky and the boys were sweating as they finally stood on the shorelooking in wonder at the river In the water was a long, fat, round cylinder thatand gray at one end theason for the steam rising from the river They stood there watching the waterle pointed to tiocks Therewere a few trees that were also pulled out of the ground and integrated into them hungry, " said Allor "I need to eat first

Earth717042017Allor had bprovement were small meals every few hours and less breadWhat else could it be? replied AlloBut what, what if it's "said Roan, hesitating, as if to mention somethinghorrible, what if it's Ceros come back, he finished with a laugh Allor startedle Cult of Ceros believed that one day their prophet Ceros would returnagain He was last seen about 500 years ago when he traveled the land tellingeveryone who would listen that it would be really nice if we could all be really niceone another His message was simple? Dont be a dickse of this, many people hated him

Some people take comfort in beingdable their mouths pre- formed for theformed to the position of against It seemed apparent that those that hatedBut many adored him for it and became his followers They saw the sense ofThe efficiency of accomplishment without constant barriers from sotAnd in his time Ceros helped people become better than they thought they couldty of satellite surveillance of him that indicates he was really ason a gentle man that travelled with a cat but a cat not as aet, hed speak often of the wrongness of having pets It was more like anacquaintance that he fed twice a day and shared a life witiBut as time does so often, it morphs a into Z This happened to the followersof Ceros Over the years after his death they had evolved into the mosttempered, intolerant group of people on the planet From a message of be niceey had added only to our own

Earth717042017he followers of ceros are now known far and wide on earth seven for tlmeanness Instead of being really nice to everyone they were only nice to otherfollowers of ceros To everyone else they were complete and utter asspy most of thetell you how miserable they were Andwas like thatlative that won ' t ever shut up about their health and the disease is being anassholeBut don't you are suggest they change their waysno that will just piss themoff and then they will become violerAnd they had reason to be grumpy most of the time What had started as arevolution of behavior had been taken over by opportunists bent by power Whenthe followers of ceros reached one million, a group of priests with a veryconservative viewpoint overthrew the Council of Love set up by ceros himself Inits place they became the Responsible Committee

They were responsible for alat they asfailure And it never was their fault They were the ones that created the religioushe followers of Ceros became a people living in a state of perpetual fear andjous police force that would harass themconstantly They demanded public acts of devotion and most importantlysubmission to their authority Even the slightest hesitation in displaying respectwould result in a beating and prisonle police would roam the public places in groups of five Often they would sitdrinking coffee at an outside table in a cafe, scanning the people walking past toest form of worshipping Ceros, a man who very clearly said 'don

Earth71704201suspecting and demand immediate prayers fromem and instant tithing Kneel and prove your devotion of Ceros and the highPriest they would demand in the voice of authority, their hands on their swordsat other possible responses Then when the faithkBut a people learn through repetition as a result the ceros rarely left homewith anything of value, lest the cops confiscate it as tithing This also meant theynever had any money in their pockets except for two of the smallest coile Ceros Dupon This made them very stingy when they were out and about asthey have almost no money to pay for anything a Ceros restaurant is still one ofthe only places where you have to prove you can pay before your mealAnd the followers of cver owners Ceros waswner

In fact he spoke against it But that part of his teachings were ignored inavor of the bits they like more So instead of following Ceros and renouncevery, the most horrible practice imaginable, they embraced it like a Human PigSmerker snorting Kuewlu dust off the dorsal fin of a hot merchita they boughslaves at the publhe miserable followers of the Cult of Ceros were eagerking forward tole return of Ceros He would finally put an end to those damned religious policeonce and for all But they really want to talk to him about being allowed to retainAfter all they did pay for them and it finally gives them time to enjoythe finer thingshe boys laughed a long time and started reciting "No You can't, a songht to childrehe Confederation It mocked the cMomma can i have my dinner said AllorNo you cant, boy, no you can't, sang Roan in replyn i go to bed?No you cant, boy, no you cant, " sang Roa

Earth71704201My water?My fish??No you can't, sang Roan in replyhey sang and ate in an age-appropriate manner-that is, they made a messand sang off keyWhen they finished thehe side of the ravine and buried itself deep into the rock wall Roan climbp the fallen rocks

He scrambled to the topmost point where they met thedisturbed cliff facethink I can see it in there he said it's like there is a candle way down inthere burningMaybe I can fit, said Alrambled up the rocksway between the large boulders But each time he came to a series of smaller'et still large rocks that blockedhoulder against a large stone taller than himbut precariously fallen to where it could be shoved down out of the way with justa little more force than allor could summonttled at the edge of the river Back upstream, the boiling of the river continuedbut now only in spurts The orange light under the water was flashing nowhe boys spent several hours trying to find a way to move the rocks in theiret anshadows on the far wall of the ravine they stopped looking for a way ina good nights sleep tonight, said Roan as he rinsed his hands at the water'sdgee too, said allor "I'm coming back tomorrow he added

Earth717042017Wait for me to fiores,OK?” asked Roley walked along the waters edge When they got to the boilingWonder what it is? Why does it boil water?asked allotdont know But tomorrow I am bringing some rope I will swim down andattach the rope then we can pull it up and examine it, replied Roarxcellent I will bring some of my father's tools they might be usefulAllor picked up a rock and let it fly It disappeared after a few secondswas bending over and picking his next rock As he was straightenagaInWhy is there a hole in the cliff face over there? He pointed to the rock face inne with the boiling water

It was round and very precisely rounddon 't know maybe that thing madthetubBut where does it go? "asked Allorhen allor did a thing most kids would do Hed up his rock and threwdisappeared but continued to make a noise as it bounced from side to sideetunnel through the stone of the cliff a moment later there was a large clangingsound It came from behind the rocks the boys had sprying to movee look they shared was wild enthusiasm They ran towards the perfectlyound hole as fast as they could They stopped at the openingabout the time of day parents that might worry about them, schoolwork waitingfor them, and evening chores It was an adventure, and they were childre

Earth717042017Roan entered thefirst Aft

er the first ten maatars it became darklole curved through the stone They were near the end when they saw the firstRoan and Allor didn'tmost of the next day examining the contents of the spaceshipefforts weremade difficult by the terrible siide of the craft They finally went home latele next day after bathing in the riverhese two boys knew the greatest secret on Earth SevenBut that is how this history started a long time ago

Let me tell you aboutecent events You may find them more interesting They are certainly moredangerousCHAPTER THREE7926 Kilorevs(22 years)laterlor was sitting on the steps of a Ceros temple He was still shielded so noone could see him he sat at one ofcorners of the smooth stone stairsle would leave soon and move away from the temples sandals agstone steps tie walked away from the temple and towards The grand Platz lessere three largest sqal city of Pyimajor trading square and formed the edge of the labyrinth of warrens and alleys2 Dupon entry fee, they stayed out of the lesser




Earth717042017CHAPTER ONEploy the distress beacon, barked the man at the helm, sitting on a seatthan the rest besidsat three people strapped tightly into their seats Sparks shot out from anelectrical panel far back inside of the spaceship While they didwas vital to their immediate future It was the gyro -stabilizer unit and itlad stopped workingCaptain, weve got Earth 7 within range if we can vector 1174 and 171 saidDo it, yelled the captain The copilot poked the hologram in front of heren she got an all blue imageShit,"she replied " Navs went downgot no way to tell if we chalcourse correctly

Visuals look like a success, but cant trust that Not untilhen there was a large puff of smoke, it came from the hologram in front ofthem Not real smoke, mind you, just hologram smoke indicating that the controlsupport were failing It was some clever design engineers idea ofa smart-assed way of indicating system failure way back during the systemdesign phase The design team chuckled for quite some time after coding it intooted alternative to indicate system failure was abig red stamp slightly askew, reading KAPUT

Earth717042017t looked out the front window of thoff in the distance the small dot that was Earth 7 approaching rapidlyWhat does that mean? the captain demanded to know, pointing at thesecond hologve no idea, she replied Does anyone know the meaning of KAPUT, K-AP-U-T? SpIt means broken, replied a man sitting behind therere were tears in hiseyes and his face was contorted by his feardrifting out in space, said one of the men in the seatsbehind the captaind rather die slamming into a planet, replied the copilot cynicallyMy brother still owes me a lot of money Selfish Always has been Motherencourages hIs behaviorDillon If we survive this, I'm going to hunt you down and kill you You saidrfect conditionjust a little de captaHistolarth 7

Colonized 2, 500 years ago by one million prisoners from Eartplanet Hasn't met any of the contact criteria Current population about twentyix million humans Still subject to wars Ending their second dark age Scientific(All planets in contact quarantine are called Earth and given a numericalGreat If the crash doesn t kill us the natives wilid the worried manseated next to the historialn the distance, Earth 7 became larger The central continent of Panju wasdistilWe've lost manual steering "reported the copilot

Earth717042017the surface of the planent you to turn on your PPsDo it nowemember to protect your head Put your hands around your head to prevedont want to die, said the historian calmly "I never finished my firstous man beside himSometimes it's the tiny things And it was like that for the occupants of the oldbroken spaceship of disputed ownership There was a very slight bump a sofof a blg very small struck the spachud had large consequences, and the spaceship formerly right way up in aspaceship began toot theincrease Most of the crew passed out before it reached 200 RPtox

A Tox is a minute a tix is a second don 't wyou get used to itAnd it didnt take long before the rotations passed the point of survivalttered across thcentrifugal force But first they would be strained through the microfiber of theisonal pbehind onof thelrding to theof physics until their remains, after seeping through the crevices and cracksfinally came to rest as a brownish-reddish-gray goo much like the finest smootster, pressed hard against the innof t

Earth717042017ceshi entered the atmosmillion times per tox At this speed, its form would be impossible to distinguishIts of the ship thatmanufacturer's recommended operating conditions And this would prove to be asignificant problemOh dearCHAPTER TWOtrail high above the river thebridge a few hundred mataars further aldown the steep cliff into the river

The water was rushing down it, frothing as it hitBuno is lying" said Roan "No chance he could have survived it from uphered Allor, "maybe with the right combination of lucks, " saidle handsome younger boy with the dark eyes and jet-black haild against them and killedd roy The shit from his ass comes out of his mouth without delayYou may be right, said Allor as he tossed a wooden stick down into thetorrent It landed and was immediately sucked under in a vortex just to pop up aion course with a large gray-pink boulderhard andbroke agaie massive stonecan volunteer next year, said Roal

Earth717042017ng, said Allor with a sparkle in his eyes He kicked a small stone overge of the trail and they watched the long fall dat's where they start most of usde anddrag them to the wagon I am beginning to wonder if this was a smart idea at allreplied Roan with a smile and in the voice of his grandfather as well as theaffectation of the old mans bent way of walkings not done we can'tplateau except by the long way Imagine no honey anymore Or flying fish?once ate flying fish fourteen revs in a row when our family went on the huntup trading for the hunters and we sent him everything we tookfrom the herdSure didose brave hunters gathered around the fire and the only ones they wanted tout how were the fish?" asked allohe softest most wonderful taste ever and with the herbs from the coast itbecomes so sweet Every night I went to the fish fire

The men cooking wereriendly and happy to see me they would tease the men at the other firesbecause I would never go to any fire but theirsWhen they have the best, it makes sense, replied allorcarved into the side of the mountaiAhead, they could see the huge timbers and ropes of the bridge The broadwoods stuck out of the ground proudly and nestled with others at their lashingsarge ropes held them back from the steep fall into the river below Roan smiledwhen he saw it His father had helped rebuild this bridge two years ago

Earth717042017Why didn 't they run them to thea rock After tossing it up twice to gauge the weight and feel, he hurled it far, wele bridge before arcing dote only person I know that can do that, said RoanAllor had fallen out of a tree a year earlier once he healed from thediscovered that he was able to throw stones remarkable distances But only aoulder would start hurtingdo that no one else could, and this made the young boy happy and made hime would daydream of a world where it was the most needed skill on thenet and vitappening Because of his abilityand the numerous times he had saved the people of the confederation, he wasnds and all peoplesRoan told him that theConfederation doesnt permit kings Allor was angry

He had to reimagine hisperor Butdidn't share his annoyance with Roanthey run the herds into the toggis agaibe too much for thegrasslands, said Roan Two years is all it can support before we have to leave itgrow back for a yearNoril coast is pretty, "said Allor "Supposave flowers you can eat Alsweet tooeah, cant wait until I get to go hunting there, said Roalhey were about fifty maatars from the bridge when they saw the light far offn the sky It was unlike anything they had seen before and it was comingWhat is that? Roan said pointing toAllor lookeis older friend "I don t know I' m scared he saic