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allthewaytooblogspotcomWhy walreadyxiom came into use, the whole universe has changed technology has changed ideas haverfect time to write an e-Book whatng industry needs ared as itnkers wpBook yatring at a blankring, Why? Why shethe trouble of writiat publishing an e- Book is entirely different than pia book in printet's look at the specifics of how the print and cyber publishing industry de many reasonsshould take the plunge and get your fingers tapping across those keyls or to agents is similar to wearings have told you that you've got what it taketo you as if it is a boomerang instead of a valuable mine of informationventure it can be Most vanity presses"require minimauns of at least 500 copies, and evenhat amount will cost you thousands of dollars

Some presses minimal run starts at 1,000 to 2,000Anding Add in distributdedthto riskABook is one of theto promote youknowledge you already possess as a business owner of a specific product or serviceto share yoowledge aAn e-Book is theBooks will not only promote your business- they will help you make a name for yourself and youompany and establish you as an expert in your field You may evenat you have enough tosaypecndifferent aspects to be divided in order for the reader to get the full stPerhaps your goals are more finely tuned in terms of the e-Book scene You may want to build aing and publishing e-Books Essentially you want to start an e-businesallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomhe firstportafinisheden the end start wherever you can Chances are whenou read it ovenking its little neon lights right at you from the depths of yosis a naows us so manyur writing time as a little vacation from all those annoying worries, Banish them create a spaceerhaps even a physical one where nothing exists except the single present momeating worries gets bystomp on it like you would an ugly bug6 Stop procrastinating

Write an outline Keep your research notes within sight Useriting to get going Babble incoherently on paper or on the computer if you haveme?)get going: notes, outlines pictures of your grandmother Put the cookie you will be allowed to eatwherst drafthetype of writingme the fear will slowly fade awayallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomteps to Publishing SuccessEven if your best friend owns a top publishing company, giving you an immediate in," this does notyou have to write a quality bootarget auddommon problem or need that audience shares then you have to develop a marketing plan andck to it for at least two yeaocess that shomence before you write your first word Begin byding a lot read both booksve and books you can't seempage five Then figure out what the author did in the book you loved and what was wrong with intspeople's books for inspiration and to discover what you should avoid as a writhe next stepwn your subject, and then divide it into chaptersaddpecifice problem your book is going to solychapter, break the specific aspect down into several parts This will helpeaders take in youbit at a time instead of overwhelming them with every bit of information clogginge theyreblindadersThe next two steps are obvious

Write your book and then revise it and then revise it again ande, writing is extremely hard, and writing a book can seem like an impossibletask there are many books out there that give you guidelines to help you become familiar-andmber of books aboutitwhoseckyod editgo througlen take all these ideas from other people, and revise ypt one laseninkering with it You' ve finally written your e-Book! Pop open the bubbly Give yourself a night outbookproduction All you need is a relevant and targeted subject and some inexpensive software and yoyour manuscripallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomThe probseeing any profits from your e-Book, is that the markebook does notdibheavetimes before, So spend enough time writing and revising your book to makee it's of the highest quality and presents the modifficult to sedeed have a quaoduct that answers somesttaNeW infochit? Rule number 1: Sece for your book equal to its value An under-priced book wfigeatingme and effortricee goal is for you to beadequately compensated for your talent, your time, and your effortOnce you've figured out a price that is high enough to convey the value of the book, but not so highas to be out of the reach of your target audience's mean budget, then it's time to offer it for sale oplan that is both creative and professional Learn how to write a catchy yet informative presselease, and send copies of yBook to sites that specialize in e-Book review:earn how to wsales copyyour target audience needs your book, and the benefits they will derive from buyinse graphics in your promotional materials, Beautiful graphics have the powerantly conveythe quality andofalsley reassure the customer that the product is what it claims to beonsider excerpting chaptearticles

You can offer these tidbits for free on your website as ae excerptedd idea tooffer a few bonuses that makebook even more enticing to purchase, but make sure thees are valuseless stuffquality product for a good deal Thapecially when it comes to adding bonus items too much free stuff offered diminishes yoMake sure yectIvarketing plan that includes excellent sales copy and excerpted articles then offer your book forallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcom6 Choosing an e-Book CompileWhatook compiled revisedBook, hired an artist who haced outstandady to actually pare many different compilers to chose from but fiyAn e-Book coa software program that converts eiheed an html e-Bookking kor Macromedia dreamweavheCHow did you create your pages? Did you use HTML or PDF format? There are many moresolutthdocumentation, or online"wizards If it doesnt, your chances of figuring out how to correctly usethe program are compromised, and the timered doing so isficant Mmanufacturers of compilers offer a free trial versind with it and see ifyour needs Download the trial version and ascertain that it actually does what it claims to dock out theyigUby4 Supported scripting

Find out what scripts the software supports Scriptis you to created modify othgst choice Choose your cE-Book That meaeed to know exactly how you plan to use your E-Book and what fiallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomLet's look at sof these factmore detaFirst of all, make sure you have the correct browser toe majorityMicrosoft internet eNetscape Chion that theyser installed on your computer These compilers run on any windows systemat requires a browseorrectly and thiis properly configured to the specifications of the compiler Check to see ifn, and make any adjustments according to tlnstructionsyour e-Book One of the main reasons for usingrevent the reader from modifyingTo find out how secure an e-Book html compiler is, open an e-book on it while it is open check theally be accessed by typiC: \ Windows\temunning, it means that youdecompressing the secure data from your e-Book before showing the e-Book to the viewer Thismethod is not secumeans that anyone with the knowledge of how to access these temporaof thand uan hTMNext, let's discuss passwords

Wheg to choose an e-Book Coat insuat tnly access the contents they haveHowever tbest compilers offer varied ways to generate different types of passoose a compiler thattant factor ww the compiler generates them Aat has internal password protection generation bito the software is more secuthe compiler generates passwords online If it has this option, it allows you to choose anydo thg youe-Bookmiler supports the bean createGB in size without decompressing the html pages or images to your hard disk Usually e-Booksat are 2 GBly support 6 GB of compressed data the catch here is that only text filewill generally be compressiblnot want a compiler that decoamount of data when the user attempts to opento wait for albefore theyyour e-Book right after downloading it So looks thversion of windows it requires, and make sure you have that version before buying your compileallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomrtant Choose a compiler thstdhethe e-Book, to place a shortcut on their desktop and to aou also want excellent and accessible vendor support Make sure you can access quick technicaupport! At three o'clock in thee thems of free technical support offered Unlimited technical support is obviously the best optionhat putse compiler software offers a service level agreement

A good thing to consider is how long the compiler has been on the market Usually, the versigram Is oarkeer do not be swayed bsalesopy Do your homework first, and then consider all the above issues and factors before choosing anBookallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcom7 Rating e-Book Compilersthat you've fiting your e-Book and have a bwhat an e-Bookakeave tested and reviewed the best- rated e-Book compilers currentlyhis software has a demo version that you can dowsIng You caneate an e-Book, but you can run the software and test it out thoroughlyee if it does what you need it to do for your particular e-Booke-Book compiler isof the easiest to use the software has a viat provides instructions for and explanations of every field on every screen The program alsocludes video tutorials demonstrating every step of this compiclear explanations of all fieldBookcompbe in html format

Youpiler loads your files If you decide to edit your e-Booed, make anyiginal files and click on" Compile you e-Book"and your changes will appear in your-editor allows for some customization of your e-Bookappear ong, use yogo on the task bar of ymize the task bar 's buttonsthe task be-Bookchoose the taskhave the e-Book open to the last page read, which manyft windowave stoard drive E-ditor is a good choice if you are newe-Books because it is easy to use andeprogram converts exe files intook like a standard book yooduce eWYSIWGY what yowhat you get) page editing and creation the abicut and paste functions hotlinksxcellent compiler to use for a marketing tools such as creating brochures and manuals in additionallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomion which alloest out its features the softwastep-by-step through theBook ce pop-up starting messagprevent resizing of your book andse-click pop-up menu; enabling or disabling the navigar and choosing the buttons you want to appear; and customizing the e-Book's desktopgo that appears on the navigation bPoaded with excellent features that ades a wizard that ismized for beginners and for advanced users The software uses hTMfiles, dhem from the directoere td edit andginal software used to create those files, and then with a single click you can re-compile youeatures include customization of icons toolbars and the about box this compiler hasnto your E-Book pages and distribute the rebrander software to your affiliates or distributors Theycan then customize the links included in the E-Book, but they can not alter any link or informatiod a customized codecludes " eBrand-Itustomers name, affiliate IDRL

This featuol because affiliates are much happier giving away your E-Book from their own sitethey can customize itoffede graphicsyou can create a 10 page E-Book that allows printing and copying of the e-Book the catch is thatfriendly with easy-to follow help files thasteg your E-Bookalso explainsBook1997 Power Point 2000 and 1997 and html documents it contains less detailed instructions foyour entire E-Bselects they pay for it In other words, it allows you to create a demo version of your E-BookYou can set a single password or multiple passwordsg multiple passwords assigns each user their own specific password online help files guide yough setting up your passwords You can also create a Sales and Thank-you page for selling achoice for the novice, partActiv E-Book Compileis an easy to use compiler that provides excellent features, This software can support HTMcludes password protectictive script, and detailed instructions for using HTMl, power Point, and Microsoft Worder excelleook compilers omarket that are worth looking intoallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomsnBookion, andBook and offers usage statistianceis an excellent compiler for the beginner because itE-Book Creator is another excellent compiler, supporting htMG,GIF, and png graphics, at and jaaIso sernet Explorer plug-ins Standardright clicking, and search functions the softaftmber of daysware provides user-friendly menus and buttons that allow the beginner to the advanced user toE-BookObviously there are some excellent compilers out there

So figure out EVERYTederms of features, and then compare prices and options, Do take advantage of demo versions if theyare offeredchasing And thE-Bookallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomYou are thinking of setting up a website to promote and market your e-Books maybeOne of the mostBookout howew ideas aderstand the new cyberspace world we now liveBook writers astrategiesyberspace community needs its e-Bookssuccessful so that more and more e-Books will begrams thadwide thatbe working to sellbout this? Decteady and try to find a voidWhat about an e-Book about a wedding cake business? or an e- book about caring for elderly pets?have three masters degrees to write about your subjectderstood parents need advice for deltudents need to learn good study skills- quickly, The possibilities are endless Aftere writtteonc

eprint books People will hesitate to buy any book from an atnd getting your name out You will find affiliates who will ask youace their links within your eook

and these affiliates wiurn go out and make your name known almost every singlefamous e-Book author has started out this waypowerful tool to attract people to your e-Book is to make it interactive Invent somethingfor them to do within the book rather than just producing pages that contain static text Let yoreaders fill out questionnaires forms, even crossword puzzles geared to testing their knowledge othatd your bookudeder fhe end of their reading journeyey can eagerly bihen people interact with books, they become a part of the world of that book the fact is just asThat's why e-Books are so essential Not only do they provide a forum for people to learn and makeense of their own thoughts but they can also serve to promote your business at the same timeallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcom8 How to pricethe right price is essential to the success of your product If you charge too little, people will think it'saveandset towhen compared with your competitiony lowering the price, whihe future$3999, and later reduce it to $2495, don' t you think the people who bought it for $39

99 are goingChoosing the right price for your e-Book is one of the most critical parts of the mn afford, and then if you find your book isn?ce thethat step, make sure you ale price should be aimed at bringing in profits, but you should never forget that prithe highest price, and then launch a mega-marketing campaignBooks are a face they aree valuee-Book is as cog as the understandingaverage layperson This means thalook at e-Books in a different light in order toet's look at the difference between a bookand an e-Book a printed book is an objecthand down to the next generationpricedon factors such as paper stock, design and prodthe fact thas that theaat have the ahat do you think an idea is worth when evaluated against the cost of paper and ink?It is the idEAS that are valuable! That is how you determine the cost of your e-BookWhat should i chate are all different formulas and methods for determining thebeet wide distribution andblishing the credibility ofhors have even pricedtheir e-Books at a profit loss to draw a high number of new customers the key is to find a price thamaximizes your profits and the number of books you sels is an excellent pricingif you are lookingcustomers are extremelyom you again and again as long as the first e-Book they buyoptional qualitycustomeallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomur book contains valuablimportantly new informatiout whaience's need is for e-Bookar problem? If it does, and solves it in ale to achieve high salesce If your book solves a problem or answers questions in a new and unique way you should priceeve larger pbut brinustomers Just make sure the question or problem that your book solves is one that is importantkg a brandque, yoube ableell books at aust biKeep in mind that the aboveg strategy is temporary Eventually, you will cease to sw long you plachange your pricing strategyIf you want to see large profits over customer draw, aim for an audience that isolutions to their problems at a low price If your book is aimed at solving one pther than general advice, then you can charge more start at the highest price theto bring in the largest profits and plan to discount the book a nume key that unlocks the sales potentie-Booke thatyour selling handle

This sentence states what question or problem your book answers and thebenefits your e-Book can provide Then be sure to use that sentence in every piece of sales andonal material, and every time anyone asks you about your e-BookBesides promoting your books assiduously online, there are several other strategies thyou sell moregIbookle bonus item or bundBook訐fady bought an e-Bookf price Docenumber of links to survey questions that ask pointed questions to aid you in assigning a price to youtest out prices by creating a number of duplicate sales pages with differentprices on each page Make sure your sales copy is exactly the same on every page, and includes yoallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomw to write an E-Bookwriting is the first sentence When you look at thhats whyaveou are standing at the foot of it and looking up at its summit vanishingupossibly scale such an immense and dangerous mountaNk ot step by step andbefore you begin Once you' ve gone through the following list, you will be ready to actuarst, figure out your e-Book's working title Jot down a few different titles, and eventually, you' ll findanticipating and answering your reader's queries

Many non fiction books also havees, Aimor clarity in your titles, but cleverness always helps to sell books as long as it's not too cute Fortwenty different ways toheep Or: Getp youo shapeNext write out a thesis statemea sentence or two stating exacre addressing and how your book will solve that problem All chapters spring forth from your thesist Oncet your thesis statement fine-tuned, you've built your foresis will keep you focused while you write your e-Book, Remembchapters must supportyour thesis statement If they don't, they don 't belong in your bookexample, youxperienced insomniaiques andy affect the lives ofaders?your book dynamic and will it keep the readers attention?allthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomDoes you book astions thgul and sint? If youAnothert step is to fiofbook suchand even length Figure out the age range of your readers their general gender what they are mostand even the socio-economicp they primarily come from Are they people whoeaspene The more you can pin down your target audience the easier it will be to write your book forg youss? Do you want to bring quality traffic toitetofoyou want to use the chapters to create an e-course or use your e-Book to attract affiliates aroulthe world The more you know upfront, the easier the actual writing will beonsistent Perhaps you plan to use an introduction to your chapter topic, and then divide it intoubhead topics, Or you may plan to divide it into five parts, each one beginning with a relevantow to make your e-Book "user friendlyhotos, graphs, advice, and tips will keep the reader turning the pages Sidebars are useful for quickccessible information, and they break up the density of the pageher than a formal tone such as textbook diction Readerhe feeling that you are having a conversation with them break up the length alof your sentences so you don?t hypnotize your readers into sleep Sentences that are asame length and structureGood writing takes practice

It takes lots and lots of practice Makepage a day read books and magazines about the process ofand jot down tips that jump outd read)will become The better your writing becomes, the bigger youbethat you mustadebreak ydo this by utilizingoo dense, your reader will quit out of it as soon as their eyes begin to teaf lists bothasy to absorb,adecide on an easy-tfamily Using dozens of fonts will only tire your readers out before they ' ve gotten past yourtroduction, Use at least one and a half line spacing, and text large enough to be read easily on theallthewaytooblogspotcom


comheckdged by somethin, so don ?t mk byvee-Book online, and waiom your website visitorsallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcom3 E-Books are Promotional powerhouseE-Books are part of the new frontier of cyberspace They are an entirely new medium for sharingmarketing information, ideas, techniques, and expert knowledge Each day the number of peopleaccessing the Internet grows, causing the exposure of your e- Boolcrease incrementally It'sThe publishing industry, I hope, doesend to forever banish the printed word to the dustbin ofistory Booksdd the worldk at what makes e-Books so important and so unique E-books have certaibilities and qualities that other meda publishert, a printing press, offset film, ink, papust need a great concept, the ability to writeadditionally, e-Books are easily and rapidly distributed online they are also easily updated; they doou need is to go intotion and modify the text oraphics Because of this flexibility e-Books can change and grow as fast as you can typeE-Books are alsogoendless titles at an online bookstore

All you have to do is download it from a website, and prestoBooks are interactive this is one of the most unique and specific qualities that e-Books offer Youcustomersgoods, sound and video that draw yder into the virtual world of your e-Book, even direct linkBook outward, The potential is viE-Books have a particular kind of permanence that other mediums do not possess Television showsand radio shows air once and then may rerun a few times,, E-Books remain on your computer for ashe shelves of your traditional home librarythof submittingver agahell out thousands of dollars for printing a self-published book All e-Books requireyour markeright business savvy, your audience will come to youFinally, you have creative control over your e-Book You don ? t have to compromise with an editor oraggleive bcomplete control of the design and the textbtallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomback to read thhe most effectiCopyrighthave to visit your site to acquire your e-Book, which increases the flowality traffic and theMake sure that you keep your e-Book current Update it frequently as the market and trendschange

Add new advice and techniques to show your prospects how your goods or services caneeping abreast of new trenw trends and techniques you can continue toyour e-Book for years afterAnother phenomenalage outting out hardlyYe-Bou receive an order eliminating the need for storage and inventory by this method, you can gaugee saleablity of your e-Book, and make adjustments as necessary until the orders start pouring in Ebooks allow you to learn about your market and customer habits and motivation over a periodme, without risking your precious financial resources they also provide you with an invaluable waye your e-Book to discover what the specific goals and problems are in youe value of your business, upgrade your reputation, andYou can extend the value of single e-Book by breaking the book down into chapters for a seritoterials by exceptingto contact you for further information or with questions, thereby building your businessnew products to yNo other medium has this kind of flexibility and ability for eyBook likmanyprospects you can caallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcom4 Ovecoming Writers BlockWhiter's bloutta here!?Ndeaduh, i can't think of what the woWRITERS BLOCK!!!gmy head and ontoiter's block is the patron demon of the blank page you may think you know EXACTLy what you'ret as sppgoestalking abditation stare-at-the-walf blankthed that letblock gets Now, can you figure out what might possibly be causing this horrible plungeThe answer is obvious: FEAR! You are terrified of that blank page You are terrified you haveblock itselecessarily matter if you've done a decade of research anddo is stringme Based in feaes our doubts abn self-worth, but it's sneaky

ad your frontal lobes removed through your sinuses If you dared to put forth wordso the greater world they would surely come out as gibberish!semon Let's make a list of what might possibly beh this terrible and terrifyingsterpieceoff in the firstdraft Otherwise, you qualify as a complete failureas you type"I was born?, "no, not that, that' s wrong Thats stupid Correct correctcorrectcorrectgers of writer's block away from your throat enough so you can gasp in a few shallow breaths?ot focusing on what you re trying to write your focusing on those gnarly fingers around yourallthewaytooblogspotcom

allthewaytooblogspotcomstarted It'sthat's the hardest As writknow hotXTREMELYst be brilliant! It must bereader's from the start! There's no way we can get into writing the piece until we get past thispectelectricity might be turned off any second You have a crush on the local uPs deliveryman You havepartyNeed i say more How can you possiblyentrategyle sweaters or made 300 bookcases in your garage workshop It's the reasonCS ONE OF THE REASONS YOU HAVE WRITERS BLOCKcas article as fastever in a million years, you fume Writer's block is absolutely, undeniably scientifically proven toSo try to sit down for just a few minutes alve to actually write a single wordPlease remain seatedyou even have a chance for your heartbeat to accelerate guess what? You're writingitself

(I kn?but as soon ariting, feel free to improve on itme time mulling over your project before yoactually sit down to write, you may be able to circumvent the worst of the crippling panicorget perfectionism No one ever writes a masterpiecen't put anyexpectations on your writing at all! In fact, tell yourself you're going to write absolute garbage, alelf3 Compose instead of editing Never, never write your first draft with your monkey-mind sitting onhoulder making snide editoridd sour computer or your desk take a deep breath and blow oyour thoughts Let yyour keyboard or pick up yna fakeappear to be about to begin to write, but instead, using your thumb and index finger of yominant hand flick that little annoying ugly monkey back into the bap in qWrite, scribble, scream, howl, let everything loose, as long as you do it withpen or your compallthewaytooblogspotcom