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Fairies Angels Indians and Aliens Volume Two

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Main CharactersPerithne a: Marjoctive faery, who agreed to be adopteour family, taught us about faeries, and made us laughding most of his time withloveable wood sprite who enjoys tickling people, moving thingsAlta Sha: Marjorie's guardian angel and messenger of God, valuedfriend and advisoriding medicastance and unitingbelievably vast and powerful being who received our etermal gratitude andNucleus 8(Marshall Merric Habeen ) A half human, halfpecies hybrid, bon in Egypt in the year 2713B C

during the construction oe Great Pyramid, who is Ste vastip le dimensionsas been dedicated to protecting and22: Member of the small gray species, Chief Phyd participant in multip le medical procedures needed by Marjorie8 Sarah and others

Sarah: A very young Teglinlin hybrid whosens fermed into Marjonie's body through extraterres trial technology who isestined for greatness within the allianceelder brother who was trans ferred to Marjorie, but whoanical area at AllianJoseph: Ne whom brother of Sarah and Joshua also trans ferred toMarjorie for parenting who possesses a delightful, loving and cheerful spiritRaps ar: Deceased pilot of a sabotaged interdional craft whichd hundredsirit who shfor sacred teaching stones at various widely separated locatio

ContentsSacred stonesLives of Love and SecurityA DoSe OfET dnanvTechnology trans fers 6MFears of Channeling 153A New Friend 86CrysNucleus feels 204Flv ing into mother 226

The rose of i am 250ETs Have Feeoo260r oEarning teglinlin Trust 296Joshua leaves 324Sarah materializescaching for Tanner's stones 356SarahRapsar 39More rocks for tanner 428e voyageur 438Ilin sex 449Longer a Baby 470A Gift of mStress takes its24Meeting My HigheDaydreams and distress 562Sarah Tells Her Story 602

Faeries, Angels, Indians and Aliens

Chapter oneSacred stoneswhere we had released threeirits who were close companionsanner, a Ute'spirit who also channeled through her After a day of rest oradopted faery child, Perithnea, said to me "Tanner wants to channel, andtimeabout the spanish Peaksounted Marjie down When she had entered the trance,ee peritonea she is takidoor Shehis time i weootprints she left the last time we were here Each time she lifts her footfrom a footprint, it dis appears The same thing is happening withBooks are jumb led all over the place Im sitting on a bburrow through them likewith the booksnd falling backit

The first page has a feather othink"perithnea wouldnt waste your time withme levant book Keeplooking " I saidIm turninup fromearth in themeadow bes ide thehere we found those rocks with symbolsem It has a flat shape, but the back side is rounded The side thatall around us,a bird that looks likdut it's all the colors of the rainbow, Its talons are stretched out like it's goingrab hold of the rock It grabbed but it missed It flewIncing around the stone clockwise Now he s dancing counterclockwise ingoing completely around it His steps


ph D6 no part of this publicatcheprior written permFirst Edit ion: 20Printed in the united states of a merica

IntroductionVo lu me one of Faeries, Angels indians and aliens describedMarjorie to overcome the effects of multip le ps ychological traumas Througlored heof many past lives, and togetherluded Perithnea, a protective faery, Alta Sha, her guardian angel, and liglMother, (ak a

Archangel Metatron), who healed Meral phys icalontacts with extraterrestrials beginning in early childhood She alsdeveloped conscious contact with her extraterrestrial mentor, Nucleus 8, thefor a multi-galactic andincludes thous ands of distinctly different,volved lifeAt the request of Alta Sha, Marjorie allowed five ancient spirits of thetribe to enter her bodyeir mutual benefit Afteraring heir gf spiritual wisththem at their home land in Batopilas Canyon m

as leaders among their people The re main ing three sojourned within anotherperson who had little interest in therMesa Verde National Park, where we accepted the spirits of five ancient Utewho had helped to constre of the buildings at mesa verdeFour of them entered Marjorieleeredthers One of the Ute spirits who named himself Tanner led us to the site of

yd nucleus 8 who channeledhrough Marjorie via imp lant techno logy, led to him to know ledge of therevealed that he was supervising the preparat ion of a planet foNoUXosted a pow-wow which drew Indians from various tribes to our home atbecame friends with severe number of Native americag all the tribes of North AmericaItaneous ly conductedstations in and around oe They were also vis ible to the con manand made him quiteA wood sprite named Mi joinedadoptedfamily and begmutate sounds, caused things to move and tic kled us at times she manifestedas a fast-fly ing, brown blured by the spirit of Rapsar,he Spanish Peaks centuries ago, killing all aboard

Rapsar began to channethrough her and restored communication with Nucleus 8 It was revealed that Etshad been contacting Native Americans for thousands of yeaThree of the Ute spirits in Marjiethey awaitamation tirit of rides the wind remained withhome after the spirit powwm danger until time for us to release them, caus ing paranormal effectsMiracle the famoubuffalo calf included beinghouseguest of an elder of the Mohican tribe and her ex-nun companion Welearned from them that the tribal council of the stockbridge Indian Reserv ationre Imprisonment of several offenders occurred within the following yearhelp to find sacredwhich are scatteredus locations from the sorthemmost Newfoundland We make several journeys in search of

serve to convince us that our Creator is in charge and ma king sure we willWe learnablants through which olormation the use ofETdirect vitalhat Marie is the mother of many hybrid children and has been givenxtraterrestrial dnaMle with chronic emotional and acute physicalETs in their dimension with definite and rapid beneficial effects on herhysical body here Forattacks maroriehighly placewhoge is poDiv ine intervention is required to save his life His successful inner searchleads to revolutionary changes within his societyAlta Sha and Metatron are very active in our lives and Marjorie's trainingo perfect her channelingby nucleus 8 and 22

head of the alliances medical staff a me mber of thegoverning Board of Twelve in vites me to become a team memIis very disturbed by secunity-breaching visits from Marjie's guarddeliberatelyiends to confirm thexactly what they claim to beThe board of Tweglin lin speciesparents, Through Etds enter Marjorie, while theaintained at Alliance headquarterWe name the very young fe ma le Teglin lin Sarah and her cons iderablyoder brotherThe board of twelve accelerates sarah's growthamong then anarah resists In order to sabotage the pos itive changes which are

es within the Alliance make a series of homicidal attackson Nucleus 8, Sarah and Marjorie which nearly succeedJoshua re-enters his body to work in the botanical unit at headquartershe Alliance after he and adanadopted faery son, become good friendsxperiments, in order to create new species of flewith blossoms havingarah contihe extraord inary, improbable andus experiences that filives are clearly arranged by our Creator and lead to spirtual growth for all

AcknowledgementsFirst, last, and alwaysthank our heavenly Father for inspiring thedeeds Meeting Marjorie Ann, an incredibly gifted channel, wasIfish participatiohe lolationships witherdimensbeings whiese volumes describeurred

To the faeries, angels, Indian spirits and e xtraterrestrial persons whetill bless our livemy continued heartfelt thanks and love Thanks also toritually throughris whogenerously prov ided crucial assis tance in internal and extemal book designand web page developme