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Grow Rich While You Sleep

How This Book Helps You Grow RichREPARE YOURSfor a wonderful experience Whatever you want out offe this book wilou the way to make it come to you Be it moneyinfluence, love, respect, or admiration -be it any or all of these- it will be yoursn abounding measurey toas brought riches to men who work at akinds of occupations in many parts of the world It does not depend on youreducation, your background or your lucldepends onking part of youJust look around and you'll see how few men really know what they want ore they re going Having no goal in mind, they can ' t even discern thedifference between wlood for them and what is badyou too are that way-don 't worry

This book is going to change you Start byremembering that you are better than you consciously think you are In fact, ifu already know how you would like to spend a lot of money, you are far aheadof most menBefou finish this bookto knowlow to recognize your real goals in life-no matter what anyone else tries to telyou how to get acquainted with your real self--your true abilities, your vast fundof hidden talenthat other people will be pleased to help you get what you wantow to find and hold the full, glorious picture of your own success and buildtoward that picture with every word and deemoney can buy, but also the deep, inward satisfaction that comes with makingyour life what you want it to be Growing rich in a way that really expresses you isst about the most constructive, healthful, joyous thing you can do for youbook is built around an the bible: as a man thinketh in hheart so is heWithout changing the meaning of this timeless, golden truth, I give it to you morelong the lines of modern psychology: A man is what his Creative Mind says

knew a man who retired from the presidency of a large corporation He sold hishome and intended to spend much of his life traveling He became so bored withs existence that he returned to his former city, bought a new home andother businessAn office manager unhesitatingly answered the question thus: "I would buy thisusiness and become my own boss One does not have to be a psychoanalystto learn much about this man from this simple answer alone It is likely that thisan is bossed"too much which makes him want to own the business so that han do the bossingNo man in business is ever his own boss he has as many bosses as he hascustomersust give satisfaction or his customers will bbossing himerhaps this office manager is having financial difficulties and feelswould begreat to head a company and have each mail bring him huge checks But whatthers seldom think about is thatdependent as the office manager' s on the amount of money that comes into aarge companyDo not misunderstandt's great to head a business of your own; but youust grow into ita housewife was asked what she would dches i liked herhave so many friends and relatives who are not enjoying the best things in lifewould like to take them, one at a time and do things to make them happy

Onemight take to a fine store and outfit her from head to toe with good clotheslother I would take on an all-expense-paid trip Still another has a good headand i'd like to help him to develop aThe things she would do for others made a long and unselfish list there was anxpression of great sincerity on her face as she described what she would doh riches She proved the knew the truth of the statemecomes from giving happinessa boy in his late teens was asked the same magstion What would voryou had riches?Aw, gee, mistk first of ahe has always wanted i would get mom all the modern things for her kitchddry so she wouldn ' t have to work so hard And for me, i would go to onethe big colleges and study electronicsDoesnt a statemke that make youyou could give this lad richesthem to work in such a wonderful way?An uncultured uneducated man was asked what he would do with riches

What do I want with riches?"he blurted "Shavin and dressin up for meals, andxin with the snobs and high-hats is not for memen likeis book offers little help They would read it fearing that someof the suggestions might rub off on them and cause them to change from theirWHY THIS DISCUSSION OF RICHES?As you will discover before you finish reading this book, you can acquire riches-and in a manner far simpler than you ever dared to imagine You can becomeich in any form you wish: rich in material goods-money, home, etc rich inlental and spiritual blessings; rich in personal power and leadership: rich infriendships Wouldn 't it be a good idea then to begin deciding now what kind ofiches you feel would give you the happiness you strive forhave been living as the average citizen livnough to get byhaving the necessities of life, and a few of the luxuries, your interpretation ofiches may be rather mild

Your bills all paid and a few thousand dollars in thebank could be a situation so far beyond your present status thafoolish to"dream" furtheDo you know that the ability to acquire riches is a state of mind? Napoleonatholk and Grow Rich, said: "Anytlbelieve, the mind can achieve "To gain the full import of this statement, you mustthink about it Your mind might conceive the wish: "I'd like to be a power amongmen; I'd like to have money-lots of it But if your mind could conceive thepicture of yourself as having power and money and if you really believed youd money-brother, watch out; yoClement Stone, when he was a young man(and he is still a young man)conceived the image of himself as the head of a large insurance company, andhe deeply believed hebecome the head With a beginning ofcarvesurance empire and multiply his original sa personal fortune of $100,000,000 In the book he co-authored with NapoleonSUCCESS through a Positive Mental Attitude, he tells you how he did it Theattern Mr Stone followed was a simple one, once more proving the efficacys motto: " Anything the mind can conceive and believe, the mind canis point, nothing has been said about the provocative title of this bookdoes sound fantastic but as you learn more

about the operation of the mind, you will find that our futures- whetheruccessful or otherwise--are shaped in our subconscious minds, and mostlydreds of self-improvement books have been published, but I doubt if manythem have been able to convey an understandable picture of the vital part oulplay in our livesThe average concept of "mind over matter"is that if you think in terms ofuccess,you will manifest success This is true; but what does it mean? Do youA woman came to me, principally to take issue with some of my theories sIot disagree with my statement that "we first think in terms of success before wethrough with the effort necessary to backler concept of developing mental power, and then making use of it is entirelywrong; and, I fear, it coincides with the thinking of most people who are exposedto theories of mental self-developmentte a booklet called " devtreatise pointed out that most people, after leaving school and college, realizethat their educatiostead of being complete-is just beginning

They realizeat they should take steps to add to their storehouse of knowledge-and manyof them do They get books and home- study courses and make a brave attemptadding toresent knowledgeestionable howderive from this additional study, because they are doing it feeling they should doit But, if they can create the urge to want to study, they will do so because theyget a thrill every time they learn something newIscipline youto act contrary to your natural tendencies, it becomesdrudgery, and extremely boring Few will continue with such a regime: coming tothe conclusion thatded forOn the other hand, once you have accepted the idea that you are a success,the type of thoproduce success There will be no driving yourself to foprocedures; you will do all of the things in keeping with the success plan becauseIsn't all of this exciting? Can you wait until you begin taking the steps which youow instinctively know will liberate you from"pay-day blues"?

No, I am not digressing from the remarks I made earlier about"growing rich wlhe previous pointsto grow rich while you sleep is not fantastic, but a natural phenomenon of thes I have pointed out in many of my previous books, we have two minds: theconscious and the subconscious minds the conscious mind takes care of all ofking, scheming, and planning while the subconscious mind looks after alheations in the body breathon of bloodestoration of worn tissue, etc In addition to this, it has reasoning powersdependent of the conscious mind While the conscious mind is working on onethought, the subconscious mind can be devoting itself to something elseen't you often said: "I have a feeling I should do this"or " I have a feelinghould not do that"? I know you have Where did that "feeling"come from? It didt float from free air and bump into your mental antennae

It came from yole "feeling"was negative in its nature, it was because you habitually feed yousubconscious mind with negative thoughts And the reverse is fortunately trueositive thinkingeate positive reactions in youWhen you arise in the morning, what is your normal tendency? Do you slipconsciousness with the thought: Well, another day at the grind Gosh, I wislanother hour or two!Or, do you start your day with vibrancy and the thought: " Boy, I feel good! I'mgoing out and shatter all records todays there something physically wrong with the one wPerhaps yes in a few rare cases In the great majority of instances, however,dition at wakinghe thought pattern establisheu go to bed with thoughts such as: "Boy! Today was a tough one I haveme hard nuts to crack tomorrow which i aoking forward to, "etc, etctC, you are apt to be restless all night long, while your subconscious mind mullser the tough day thoughts you gave it eaBut, suppose you go to bed building on such thoughts as: " Boy, will I knock theover tomorrow! Today was a fairly good day, but nothing to be compared withtohave a good nights sleeart the big day "Isnt it easy to understand how suchestablished thought pattern will bounce you out of bed with extreme enthusias

Now then, isn t a ray of light beginning to pierce the cloud of uncertainty whionfronted you when you first saw the title: "Grow Rich While You Sleep"?act, don't you begin to appreciate the fact that the only way you can triggersuccess consciousness is while you sleep?Whenever a powehought seeps into my consciousness I sense a slightwitching in the general neighborhood of my solar plexus This, I am sure, is thebuilding within of an urge to "get-up-and-at-'emRight now as I reread this chapter before starting on the next, I notice the samephysical reaction, indicating, I am sure, that although the thoughts in this boolare my own, and even with as much as I am accomplishing, I have far fromity ofOW DO YOU FEEIs that "twitching"caught up with you? Do you now intuitively know that themagic password Open Sesame!, which unlocks the door to a life of greatabundance and glorious happiness, is yours?you don' t feel the"twitch, "you have not been concentrating while reading Soor your sake, have a little break of some kind-thoroughly relax-and thenbread this chapter before starting the next oneot be a bad idea to read theproceeding

It will be a fine way to get a good start to the new life awaiting youSINCE WE ARE DISCUSSINGbject of GRich While You sIwould not be amiss to include in our discussion ways and means of inducingestful, peaceful sleepa large majority of people corabout their difficultySome say they drop off to sleep immediately, but awaken later and stay awakefor a long period of time before returning to sleep others find that it takes anhour or more to drop off into sleep after retiringince you are learning that the subconscious mind does its best work while theonscious mind is in abeyance-or while you sleepit is sensible to form thehabity, and resting peacefully throughout theshow you how easy it is to form this habitSleeplessness usually results from bad bed-time habits Tossing and turning fords of time aftefrequently psychological tharowever, you have difficulty in sleeping, you should first consulyour doctor to learn whether it is your mind or some bodily ailment which iskeeping you awakes the former this chapterprove of great value to

you If it is the latter, be guided by your doctor So, the thoughts and suggestionsiven to you herein are based upon the assumption that you are in normaldep from a psychological standou are not interested in knowing what sleep is; you want to learn how to go tosleep and rest peacefullyA fault discovered is half overcome, it has been said, and I agree So, let's begimeditating on a few of the reasons for sleeplessnesshis is probably the numberof sleances: about our health and thatfale worry about wars and rumors of wars

We translate sounds into burglarsle worry about the impression we did or did not make on those with whom wehave hadtact If you reflect over the worries which have keIst, you'll be able to add many more worries to thSolution Be logical! Realize that worry cannot in any way help the conditioabout which you are worrying Aless night--with a troubled mind-wilrob you of the stamina which could help you to combat the causes of yourMost worry is a lie, wrote a great philosopher " Seldom do the things youworry about materialize, " he added Recall to mind the many things you haveworried about in the past and you will agree with this wise manfothat the things one worries about are not reasons for worry at all they achallenges; opportunities for us to grow as we easily find solutions to outhought: " While asleep, my subconscious mind will find a solution to myproblem, and tomorrow it will guide me to do the things which will eliminate thecondition which might otherwise cause worryWhen you worry, you are holding mental pictures of things you do not wad of thingscondition you are seeking, instead of the one existing, and realize that not untilyou are asleep, will your subconscious mind have an opportunity to work onany people carry thehours they relive the day just ended think-ing of the things they did do-butshould not have done; and thinking of the things they did not do-but shoul

have done After spending sleepless hours with the past, they switch to thefuture, thinking of things they will or will not doSolution Before retiring at night, take a few moments and review the day'sything not plg to you, decide whatbout itthe following day-or in the future Make use of that subconscious mind ofyours-which never sleeps-and permit it to work for you while you sleepKnow that a good night's peaceful rest will let you awakethe morningrefreshed and ready to start a great day of accomplishmentany hours of sleep the gretaken from men and women Such hours of sleeplessness are miserable, tootoss andbeing taken byanother Solution, Jealousy usually indicates one of two things: selfishness ormpetition Remember! The4 Envy Not all of us, but a goodly number of people, upon hearing of the goodfortune of a friend or relative, stay awake for longds of time wonderwhy they never get the breaks They envy others who have better jobs, betterhomes, better automobiles, etc Solution Envy is negative To envy someonen indicateou doubt yobility to obtaiyou are envying This book is giving you fantastically simple rules which wienable you to get what you want in life

So, instead of envying others for whatthey have, know that you may acquire the same -or even bette5 Guiltya guilty conscience does not alwadicate that theaffected has committed a crime or a breach of conduct One's consciencemay bother him if he feels he has been negligent toward those near and dearto him Or, our conscience may disturb us if we feel we have been negligent inproving the body SolutionIty conscierd bybeday of the past Let bygones be bygones and determine that you will fo

rgiveyourself for your mistakes of the past-and profit by them-so that you will notthe future Go to bed with a song in yourt because ofyour resolve regarding the future6 Laziness The lazythinks about thepportunities he has missed and is missing owing to hisspends time in thinking of ways and means whereby he can avoid doing thingse doing7 It has often been thought that a lazy person sleeps more than he shotecause he is lazy he can ordinarily drop into sleep at times when he shouldbe occupied, but he stays awake when he should be sleeping, because he

You are not a body with a mind attached You are a mind with a body attachedRemember this, and you take your first step toward self-masteryActually the mind has two levels the one we know best is the conscious levelpressions through your senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste alhighly effective in making your daily thousand-and-one deWhen you perform any conscious act-pick up a pencil, speak to a waiter, makea phone call-your Conscious Mind sends the orders to your body And whenyou go to sleep, your Conscious Mind goes to sleep The other level neverhis is the creative mind your creative mind literally keeps yos responsible for the involuntary life- functions such as your heartbeat and yourreathing It has great control over your glands the master regulators of yourour purpose: Your Creative Mind also governs youryour inmost drives, your deepest and most secretW Clement Stone conceived a powerful picture in his Creative Mind; he sawhimself controlling a large insurance company

Now, we all know that to start abusiness you need capital; in fact, most business failures are caused by lackapital to tide- over a bad timemy friend stone had less than $100 in hispocket But he has made a personal fortune of some $100, 000,000 beginnings the head ofow many salesmen will go out today with a good product and a good salesitch-and ring up no sale? It's your Conscious Mind that knows the facts abouta product and how it can benefit the user But it's your Creative Mind thatdetewhether you inspire trust obelief or doubt--whethele the kind of man who is well-liked as soon as he says hello or the kind whoshapes up as a negative character whom it's so easy not to do business wion,'t mean that an image of success in your Creative Mind means that youfiIfailed, came back and overcame every obstacle They simply considered everysetback a wonderful opportunity for improvementIt's your Creative Mind that can and will put you up there among the happy,othed, and well-supplied people; the people who attract love, who find their wayout of difficulties, and who seem always to liveust as its title promises this book shows you how to grow rich while you sleepYou do it by communicating with your Creative Mind while your Conscious Minsleeps along with the rest of you

At this time, your Creative Mind is highly receptive and the Conscious Mindannot interfere sCreative Mindmessage sinks in It even can eradicate undesirable old messages (You can dos at other times, too, but the best time is when you are asleep )And, by thedlys I shall show you, the actual process of communication is very easy Somepeople take a few days to master this priceless secret I know of several mene night It's a wonderful experience to find that mayour commandWhat shall you tell your Creative Mind while you are sleeping? First, I suggestou practice with the tested messages you'll find in this book I know byexperience how powerful they areS Mind-pictures, really

ofto the clubs or social groups you've yearned to join And, most of all, you suppliedwith plenty of money and spending it in the way that pleases you mosthink they have tried and failed at this already If you think so, I assureou the chances are a thousand to one that you never got through to youheCnscIoNow you are goichange yourself right down there whenis time you'll cast out all negation, self-doubt, self-defeat Optimism, selconfidence, courage and wonderful new talent will be yours-and the road toches is straight and wideEALTHIEST CONDITION IN THE WORLDhe leasaid that getting rich can be the mostuI, Joyous thing you evmust get rich in the way that expresses your own, best, personal achievementTheearn more than just moince some three-quarters of our illness has a mental basis, doesn 't iteason that your state of mind has a tremendous effect on you? In fact,cher dr John a schindler has shown thataids to health is a cheerful, constructive, forward-looking state of mindknow that many men get rich at the cost of their health- rich enough to be ableto afford the most expensive doctorsThis is nppen to you The next few years, while you build youfortune, will be your happiest years You'll free yourself of much inner conflict and

have no psychosomatic reason to become a headache type"or a bag ofWhat's more, you'll rid yourself of a great deal of fatigue and get more work doness effort For what isfatiguing except defeat-the dreadss of cly butting your head against a wall? The best tonic for thitiredness is doing one job after another with sureness and success At the end ofa day you're rarin' to go off for a well-earned session with your favorite hobbyYOUR DOMESTIC LIFE AND YOUR CREATIVE MINDA worried little woman once came to me for counsel She could not get along wier husband thereenough money to clothe the family Her childrenave her a great deal of trouble She thought of herself as being hopelesslyoomed to a life of misery She was sure of just one thing-she had no time indy for self-improvement

ed in her creative mindspent a little over an hour with her, explaining what I explain in this bookSix months later she came back to tell me that her married life was now idat she had plenty of fine garments in her wardrobe, and that her children werenow a joy instead of a careAll she had done was to build firm mind-pictures of the ideal conditions shedesired These pictures literally became part of her Creative Mind Yes, it alsoook a certain amount of"doing"in order to make her dreams come true But onlywhen she believed she could handle her situation did she set about getting thingsecause I believe that a happy marriage is wealth beyond measure, I devotelany pages to showing you how to find this happiness through the wonderfuOW DO YOU RATE YOUR SUCCESS-POWER?writing this book I have drawn upon a vast amount of personal experience-and the experience of othersorite among all the true experiences that have been toldconcerns an experiment conducted with a laborer who could not read or writes man had worked with his muscles all his life Now, in his early sixties, he9e records were wrong ano ough a tricky calculation, it was"proved "to him thategan to age rapidly But,he thougmost at once, this man looked younger, acted and felt younger Where beforehe had complained he couldn t work the way he used to, now he did a full dayshard labor, every day, without excessive fatigue There was nothing wrong with

him But he had thought in his Creative Mind that at sixty he had to complain andslow down-just the way all his friends diIt has been noticed, too, that people who go blind when they are young often wok youthirthtedthis happens because they remember their own faces as youthful faces Theydon 't look for wrinkles, they don' t expect to see grey haihe same way, many a man expects a mediocre performancegets it!lere are a few of the commonest ways in which people down-grade themselvesm just too shy towith others Often this means that your creativend keeps on telling you that you don 't like yourself Therefore you dont like theay you act among other people, and would prefer to stay away from themCreative Mindbe persuaded to change itsyou are going to like yourself, like other people, and enjoy sharing their goodtimesemory is so bad, it's always embarrassing me Strangely enotemory cannot be bad-because your Creative Mind retains aneard, seen read felt or tasteddayof your birth-and perhaps even an impression of everything you have thoughas weo,when you forget, you really mean you cannot bring into your ConsciousMindthing stored awaMind

the mind-line is blockedlays later you may smite your brow and exclaim, That's it! "as themind-line suddenly opensiter part of their minds by blocking-off their ownlow you thae not only Improves your memobut also strengthens and alerts other mental powers It can be worth a great dealto be able to come up promptly with names, addresses, phone numbers, priceust remember-you have a perfectly good memory We'l get together and wakescatter-brained sometimtally defective Except in rare cases, this is not so More likely, your CreativeMind has learned bad habitsegin with a thought And you will see that you, in your Creative Mind, decihow much power to give to a particular thought

rst you will instruct your Creative Mind to concentrate on the concepts you wano be the mostur Creative MMind to keep those concepts always in view You'll have no further troubleoncentrating And it will be effortless concentration that eliminates a lot of worryd keeps your vitaes working together to attain yEVERY PART OF YOUR BEINGYou are gobe a better person in so many ways, you'll feel as though youhad been born again!Your Creative Mind will give you a cheerful, zestful attitude toward anything youWhen you deal forcefully with problems and decisions, you'll grow in poise androl Things that fluster other peoplmore story It's about myselYears ago, when I first began to realize the limitless power of the Creative Mindhappened to need some repair work on my house But I found reasons for puttingoff

Probably l invented reasons!ob donecience bothered me How, I thoughtstruct my Creative Mind to tell my Conscious Mind that things must get donewhen they ought to be done?The answer was absurdly simple Now, when I have a task to perform, I first giveMind a picture of the completed job Doing thithe pleasg to feel when I see the jobaccomplishedwhen i go about actually doing it, obstacles seem to meltaway-or at the most, they become merely details When the job is done, I feeloday, now, decide in your Conscious Mind that you are rich (Your major jobcompletedd this bookto implant thn-dollar thought in your Creative Mind And then nothing absolutely nothingcan stand in your wayOW WOULD YOU DEFiNE the word riches?The answer you give is exactly what this book will mean to you When the wordiches is used from here on, it will mean riches according to your interpretation

Some of you will visualize riches as an unlimited supply of money; a regal estateyacht; an airplane, etc And if this is your objmagination and, as you continue reading this book, you'll find it will be well withe realm of possibility to make your dream a realityPerhaps you interpret riches as meaning leadership: leadership in politicsdustry, in commerce, etc Should your desires fall in this category, the contentsof this bookut you on the right track to fulfillmeu might think that wishing for both material riches and riches in personal powerother But beware To wish for both -or even one-would get you nowhere Becareful of that word wish! it can do you more harm than goodonce heard a definition of riches which may apply to some of youbday labished It contained most of the modernonveniences

The small yard showed evidence of a green thumb The mortgageon the house had been fully paid off The husband had an income on which thed live comfortably, and he was assured a pension when his day ofretirement arrived The total physical assets of this family would not exceed$12,000consider ourselves to be the richest family in town she said with great plWe have no financial worries"she continued " and perfect harmony reignsthroughout our househave not attained ththink of it as your first plnd use the power you will gain from this book to lift youUpachingthis standard you can raise your sights once more and continue your climb toere are thoses earth who possess practically nothing of a maature, but who consider themselves rich, because of their happy minds andelieve any one of us should aspire to be a Croesus, because materialiches can engender unhappiness as easily as they can raise one to the heightsboint I am going to ask you a very pertinent question: What is thegood one may expect from riches?have money in the bank to own a palatial home; to be able to entertaavishly; to be able to travel anywhere anytimein first-class manner-and to

have a wardrobe which would be the envy of all, are a few of the things youmight consider as being the advantages of richesThink of these things and anything else which might be associated with moneyng as far as an intelligent answer to the question isThe real reason for wanting riches is to be happy This is the end result of allnt Although oltysoul-satisfying happiness which comes with achievement; the riches are hisAt this point, let me cite a few illustrations which will make my polA New England capitalist had ae way of spending his surplus money Hege, fully stocked farm Each summer a large number ofited tokiddies were given the best of everything: fresh, pure dairy products; the bestmeats of all kinds: delicious fruits and vegetables, etc The boys and girls werender the supervision of affectionate, capable attendantsway He would retire at night with a smile as he thought of the joy he was givingen who were ndAnd then there is a generous financier in New York who gainsappiness Inuite a different way

he knows the value of home ownership and enjoys seeingoung people own their homes free and clear of all encumbrances He isthe lookout for desWhen he findhas his assistant make an investigation to learn the extent of the mortgage ando holds it This big-hearted man arranges to have the mortgage paid off-anonymously-and a clear deed sent to the worthy twot is not hard to imagine the peace of mind this open-handed individual is gainingfrom lifePermit me to give you an illustration from the other side of the fence the storya couple whose lives have been made unhappy through the acquisition of richesbuilt Theitwo of thehe wifeould not think of buying her gowns in any place except Paris The husband wasst popular in the swankiest country clubBut wale happy? Not by a long sho

On week ends they would entertain sumptuously and, of course, on Mondaysthey would find themselves with big heads and a dark brown"taste in theirmouthshrough overabundant living, their digestion andral health sufferedugh dissipation, their faces accentuated their ages and lacked themagnetism so easily acquired with proper livingWere they happy? Their every expression revealed unbearable boredom Thepursuit of happiness He gained his wealth, but because he didn ' twhat true happiness was, he fell dismally short of his goalThereher definition of riches which should be considered and which toes a richis often said about certain luckys one well rounded with many interesting andnating experiences

Such aman 's day is separated into units of creative work, rest, recreation, andtertainment Nof theslone, is enough to produce happiAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a saying I have heard sincechildhood; and it is true, no matter how many of us fail to heed its advicewould actually becomome theof the rest would be defeated If rest and relaxation are indulged in betweenperiods of work, they will both be thoroughly enjoyed and you will also enjoyour work when you return to ithe dessertclose of a satisfying day of workork and no play"is not to be desired, continuous entertainmentwould fail to give perfect happinessuring periods of recreation you should allow time for constructive reading andand your cilconverse with othersYou can now see that a rich life is a blending of all the desirable elements of lifeOULD YOU DO WITH RICHES?Before starting this chapter, I asked this sameof min all walks of life the variety of answers was as differequestioneavel for the next several yearsDo you think he would be happy i doubt it