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UMAN BEINGDiscover what it means to be a human and how to achieveultimate freedomSELVAM SIVAKUMARCopyright@ 2019 Selvam Sivakumar All rights reservedpS:7/selvamsIva com

more adventurous approach with life to get the sameexcitementpass the set of genes or information to its next generationhe genome seemsbrokefrom the first gene to the genes active in your bod

SOCIETY AND AGRICULTUREMathematically we can say we are all descended from apopulation, going back 100 years, we had 1/4th of thiscount Continuing to go back in years, should give us just aAfrica to other continents it could be for food or internaconflict or due to increased danger or climatic conditionss we had discussed earlier, nature has madeofhermodynamics, energy can only be converted from oneform to another We must take food to be active

For fooddependd wateanimals need plants and other animals to feedSo, primarmans are dependent on animals anded them for tood Ihis was the only primary action toof yemillion years ago Then theseer-gatherers startedagriculture, This is mostly due to climate change where

seasons leave more dormant se longdormant seedadily storadablegatherers in some areas to form the first settled villages by11000BCto go dhisfood withtlycietiesA society is a group ofgether with common sets of norms Itas a common culture and territoSociety forms behaviors of individacceptable and what is not This is to ensure smoothtable social behpool we belonge closer the blood relation thehigher the genetic match

WeThere is a natural affinity towards our own gene pool Thereis a high degree of cooperation in this and is necessary foOur cognitive abilities help us identify good and bad,tyThis behavior is necessary with larger groups ot peopving together Essentially most things are group co

ofking togethof membeLANGUAGEo survive and grow, every animal needs some form ofcommunication among the group it belongs to Humansd have used some form of protthhe form of language we use now could not have existedhen Agriculture and cooked food helped our chins to goTake a chimpanzee, their mouths are hard built to cheraw food while cooked food does not require such effortsgiving rise to literature, arts Early humans, beforeguage, only used concepts to think

Say, he needs to gohttps://wwwsciencemagorg/news/2015/01/human-o-our-ancestors-make-to

survival rate had increased But how Every animadependent on other adoes its bestpossible to protect itseNow just individual skills are not enough to beat theme competition, we need more hands to beat themmans with bettehad betteGoing a little deeper, language is just a form of input toour orae brain sees patterns, as long asconsistency in the input and action, it would understandSay, to your dog, feed a particular food on a specific timeevesociate that word to food, whenever you mention thathow language influenced human behwe know a better way to express our needs to othersances ot gers has increaseeanguage varies accordingsociety

Let's go back to society, it has createdSOCIAL STATUS

Social status is a hierarchy, different type of peopletaking up different positions based on theficance tohe society theyA lot of activities we do try toeave a signal to tiouse This helps establg the status whIcsurvival This book I am writing is also some sort ofgs and write a book This helps me establish astatus quo in my society

since we have a complex social structure Crocodiles havejerarchy based on their physicalze and strengto eat the hunt first followed better chances of survival while the last oneas the risk of dying out of starvationRELIGIONeligion came into existence because of individualses not have a single person as the creator Buddhaering, and we shodeep nature of life Nirvana seems to be the final goal

Religions provide a common template for what is goodand badarly form of religions were headed by the king wlwould act as the spiritual leader he had the authoritycollect taxes fromReligions emergedaintaIning peace betweendividuals

People of same religions have similar cultureNEED FOR ACCEPTANCEving settled as a society, people depended on eaother for the day to day living If you don' t follow thenorms, you are in the risk of being kicked out which mightaffect the survival and reproduction Remember those twoare oustintsGoing to church, temple or anopportunity toConsider you do something that is not acceptable in ysociety What will hayour reputationwhich would lower your social status A lot of attentionseeking activities are actually born ouacce


Table of Contentsvolution and neurons5Society and agricultureSelfechnologyBehBusiness and educationreedom

PREFACEave alwigued by why we exist and howed byst one, since writing requires a great deal understandingof what i know and i need to be authenticok takes a siexplaining vags that impact a human life and is intended to befreedomf you want a thorough understanding of the topicshere, consider reading dedicatedcould refer to the reference section towards the end of thededicate this bookfe, and to my lovely wife and son

EVOLUTION AND NEURONSOur earth in the solar system is the only known planetto exist Around 13 8 bbing bks to solidify and foran ocean Inese organisms then groupedhemselves together to increase their survival rate

Theytried various combinations called mutations to find thebest possible combination of DNA sequencean environment Mutation helped them to achieve enougheties to let them fight against the attacking or's why we exist but Mother Nats createddesigned body type makes it one of the fastest animalsut it has its own side effects, the body temperature ofcheetah can easily reach maximum which could even kiAnd its mouth is not as heavy asdue to its head sizeave ake it does now The constraints prevent them to overbody parts relative to other animals

t while deer htigers opportunity to spnger distancesee a wider area to help them notice a tiger when they arehere is a tie between the two a few animals1 choose sexproduce offspring? Because it's easier to destroy an old carthan to maintain itd twhichoffspring that may not be easily affected by the enemy

It'sstructuring your house when your enemy is about totify your place to confuse himand produce our next generation as our default instinctSth andhttps://newsnationalgeographiccom/2017/02/animals-

talent Many animals choose their partner based on itsbility to fightoffsprings

Some birds choose their partners based otheir talent in buildour culture have worked togetherdthe lactose enzyme got mutated tous to depend on milk as one of the primary sources oprotein and calcium We can see a few lactose intolerapeople who cannot consume milk products because of theaten every anenough neurons in our brain to still be able to delhrough moms birth canal, thanks to our malleable headother mammals where they have a rigprevents them from having a larger braok at other animals most would show their td can't even walk foronthwhere we are born with a less wired structure to help usaccommodate almost any environments from frozen land

to highffect thcogSTORY OF NEURONSneurons are the brain s cells, building blocks of ourbrain Everything we perceive is because of theconnections among neurons and electric impulse theySo it's obvious that neday to day life and our behavior

Our bimes largehan it should be based on the body to brain ratio foundamong other animals and hence we have around 87eurons on an averageWe heurons in the cerebral cexdhich has a 3timehat's the deal with neurons? Neurons require largeamount of energy to operate, the connections are costly lo

save energy, it kind of caches the connections Say, yourn to dts stronger and strofew months, driving a car almost becomes automatichanks to the synapses, connections among set of neuronsyou can use pre-made connections to perform seamlesslyhese synapses cause most of the behaviors, like act to chs new neuron connections are being established Changefood habitsfood

whadsupply of energy to the brain has improved ouigence, human species thriveman intelligence combines hereditary and habitsof our io is inherited while the rest comes from fad peers As we grow up, we express our own, innatehttps://gamedevstackexchangecom/questions/101169/what-does-cache-mean

ncesTere is a saying: Hereditary loadsthe gun, habitseurons are complex to understandarge research teryingdel of a hmanswant to understand the brain and build a digital modelbAdation is a pioneerevive themt s get into genes, which are fundamental unitsfe they decide our appearance, how wesurvive, and react to an environment Various genes controour behaviors But the genes themselves need to getw their strength

But our stress levels adirectly linked to their ability to get activated Onerability to infection, cancer and heart diseases areked to stress we undergoct, how risk-taking we are is decided by the lengtgene We see some people are more riskk-taking ability People with long set of a particular gene,have low responsiveness to dopamine, so they must takehttps://