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Kingdom of a Thousand

cy of theftos started 2009Sci-Fi Trilogy(Eftos-Epos)Kingdom of a thousands trilogy is a science-fiction saga consisting of the(Kingdom of a thehe adventures of three friendsThe story takes place 213, 216& 219 NET mediantime in theEach book consists of the adventures of the childrebedded in a futuristic sci-fi world of old

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Kingdoms, civilizationsroach away from physics and towards the beginning ofKingdom of a Thousandbeen shown that puts in a dearliamentary monarchy has remained constant President isfamily of the Westarp in anlem of the polishedchange-presidential scandal over 200 years, the legal formas changed to the so-called Kingdom of a thhis pool are the first thousand heirs of the old monarchatdirect descendantse westaThe so-enthroned king (the queen)is both head of state andad of government and also head of the

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