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Welcome to latin alne thought have been stamped out have risen and gainedollowing in the last decade: communists, populist radicals, and evendThis would have gone under the social radar, if it wasn't for the multiplterrorist attacks that were seen for the first time in history throughout thecontinent

Coordinated strikes that ranged from car bombssabotage in supplies, instigating violent protests that ended with hundredsprojects carrtal funded research centers This was nocoincidence, people were terrified throughout the Fedepulling the strings relished in the success of this orchestra of terrorbrought

I Sunday of Asado and arepasBs Aires has always been a cosmopeexpanding and hosting people of all walks of life, social classattractscharm

Looking baeping war-torn Europe,other Latinos escaping from bad governments, or tourists who just cameto visit the " Paris of the South"and fell in love with the city and theArgentinean hospitaways been traditionswere a religion In Argentina, the asado is one of those traditions: grilledheat ole potato salad thatthat it,'s essentially the Argentinean mesh between an American hotdogand a german bratwurst It can come in one of two salsas: criolla which isjust a mixture of red bell peppers, onions, garlic, vinegar and olive oiChimichurri is red bell peppers, parsley with oregano, whole pepper, garlic,and the combination of vinegar and olive oil, it is usually put together in aer or food processor

Sunday of Asado and arepasThis can be seener parts of the world, in this case as a resultthe fusion brought forth from the love between an argentinean and aVenezuelan Venezuelan migration to the Argentine Republicegan asthe alreadySouth american giant, bringing new flavors, traditions and warmth toean homesCornelia was the first child of that couple, being born during a timeincredible change and prosperity Today being only 15 years old, thedis presented before her so that her talents and potential can unfoldtar beher dad and she triedsinging like her mom but was always too embarrassedrock was always her passion, listening to bands from all eras up until now

She always preferred simplicity over everything else, sporting stretchyeans some Converso sneakers and a black shirt that she wore overre shirt for those chilly afternoons She was algrateful for all she had, coming from a relatively well established familyshe never looked down upon anyone for having more or less than her,being happy and thankful for what she had Inspired mainly by all thestories her mother told her from how she and her parents survived whenAs the weekend came along in that particular apartment in theown as retiro in downtown buenos aires even before thetypical asado got to the grill, everyone had to have some arepas forbreakfast that were just as generous with the fillings as everything else

Latin America state of furia: a Red dawnArepas were made originally by natives throughout the Caribbeanthat went mainly from vefind most of thevariations and flavors to colombia, which also adopted a version of theasty round and flat cornbread It's usually pan toasted or fried thoughaked or evend to those who are experimental enough thenumerous fillings that you can stuff it with are virtually limitless, sinceeptsandyaswartime meal foalmost any major cityfavorite stuffing for the arepa was one that was dubbed in Venezuela asReina Pepiada or Preppy Queen, consisting of avocado, shredded chickenonions and optionally mayonnaise for a more creamy texturen that household everyone usually had a role, her dad made the bigneals and most lunches, whilst her mom prepared dinner and breakfast

While Cornelia helped her father with the grill, she also pitched in with herintrigued by how different ingredients interact with each other, makingpeople change their mood and disposition depending on the maker's skillBetween those combinations that life can bring us, nobody at her schowhat a spontaneous combination of traits Cornelia representedAt that point in time you could appreciate the amount of foreign kids thatwere around campus The thing that made her stand out was her uniquemixture of Argenzuelan in her accent and appearance being a vibrantorange redhead, having piercing emerald green eyes, and her whit

Sunday of Asado and arfreckled skin, which made most people doubt if she was from there or evenLatina for that fact when in reality her close friends knew she was moretina than the argentinian mate or a Venezuelan eradaOne thing Cornelia didn't appreciate was unsavory comments about herbody, since she wasnt skinny, and not really chubby either Her thickthighs drew all kinds of attention in how they made that smooth transitionto her plump behind Her wide hipsr prominenthat seem to have a mind of their own because they didn t seem to shorShe never appreciated dirty comments or when guys came over to tryd win her over with typical flirty compliments If they only knew that thekeer heart was hidden in plain sight: just by makiher good food and company could make her melt way more than anythingelse

Despite that, the enigma of how to win over such a stunning girlescaped everyone's grasp, since she never told anyone aboutAfter many losts to conquer her heart, Cornelia did find a feelingthat she could relate to love: a guy close to her age, sharing classestogetheAfter trying to get close to him, finding excuses to linger just a bit morewhen he was around, commenting stuff outattention when all else failed she even went as far as to buy him little giftsor even stepping out of her comfort zone by putting on makeup in order tocatch his eye to no avail they did go out a couple of times, most of whichCornelia was the one that took the first step to invite him, the guy did pay

Latin America state of furia: a Red dawnattention to her, being kind and nice but after a while, he justnot go beyond being friends because he wasnserious at the timeCornelia always had a confidant, someone with whom she sharedalmost everything about her daily life: Mslightly taller than Cornelia with a more carefree personalityCornelia is fidgeting with her pen whilst looking out of the window ofm into the deserted school grounds with a frustrated sigh shMartu, i don' t know what to do to make that jerk pay attention to merong with himWhy do you even bother with that guy? "Martu asked He doesnt evenanswer your texts, just let it gos just that

I've never felt this way about anyone before I feel likejust let it go, I'll regret it further down the line My mom always told methat you shouldn t leave for tomorrow what you can do today I do thinkthat we'll eventually run out of time though she said, falling into aSuddenly, a loud thump fills the classroom afteteacher hits herdesk with the eraser whilst shoutingLADIES! Page 678 of your books! If you truly want to conquersomething, why not begin with your brains? It's like Sir Bacon saidknowledge is powerken by the words of the teacher both girls nervously answer inunIsol

Sunday of Asado and arepasAfter the teacher turned her back on the class Cornelia leaned towardMartina, whispering discreetly:How could i take seriously a guy that is named after part of a breakfast?Pair Mr Bacon together with sunny side eggs and some toast and nowwe're t

alkingThe day passed as uneventful as ever, the girls returned to their usualstudies, Martina occasionally teasing Cornelia for her bad jokes andsomewhat unhealthy fixation for a guy that will most likely never giya proper chanceFinally arhe sits down at the table whilst hesipping a cup of coffee and ask“ Mommy, would it be so bad if i had a boyfriend?”0, mi amor

You're already at that age i know I've raised well enougfor you not to go fooling around unprepared Maybe that guy isnt the rightHer soothing tone plus hearing the way she said"my love"with thesame tenderness as when she was just a baby and while it did bring tearsto heit also made hd her mother with anothe rattkeys can be heard from the front doorher dad enters the apartmeh a tired smile to which corneliaimmediately jumps to hugIn

AuthorRicardo J Hernandez crespofront back cover art colorSantiago I Zayas Diaz

Copyright 2021 Ricardo J Hernandez cresAll rights reserved

Author’ s NotesThis is a work of fiction that is intended as a means to entertain the factof Latin America and Latinos uniting under one Federation of Nationsd ofnany of its potential apocalyptic destinieshere will be unwarranted dark humor sexual referencesf you are offended by any of these topics, you're advised to steer awfrom this adventure throughout the americas and the worldSafe travels and Bienvenido a latinoamericyou would like to explore the world of the Latino post-apocalypseState of Furia (more coming soon!)

A Brief thank youThis book represents and is dedicated to all Latino talent taken to a global scalepaying our respects to both those that preceded us and those that will come after, throughthrough, to realize that there will always beworld for good entertainment and artWe would also like to thank everyone that believed and supported us from theour project and dream, further fueling us to improve and expand our wohat we canet We wholeheartedly thankake this was both a mixture of media we consimovies, videogames, manga, comic books that brought us to the point of wanting todisplay something different, but with a familiar feeling

This is a love letter to all thosecreative minds, of their stories and their lack of fear to show the world what theyre madef and make them enjoy every moment invested

Latinos come from the romanLatinus, defined as those who speaka latin derived language In today'sworld

anyone is welcomed tobecome a latino if they so desire

In memoriam historiaeFederation of Nations (LF N) united this side of theld has known peace and prosperity beyond all expectations, improving the quality oflife in the entire american continentOfficially consolidating this alliance by 2042, there has been a noteworthy growthomic, social, philosophical and even political scale, never before seen in Latineperity reigns throughout cities, towns andbrate this achievement by sharing our culture, now more globalized thanfrom Mexico down to Argentina, from the Pacific over to the Atlantic, we are stilldividuals, but we are united by our potential and fraternityhe unbreakable dedicatioOrganization (N

A O), there has been advances beyond measthe fight againstry amongst citizens of our great Federation, representing avictory not only for Latinos as a whole, but to anyone that once brought their hopes andSince these humbld to grow strong and unified, beingthankful and proud to be a part of this great region of the world, and that despite harsh orplentiful times, we shall remain together as one huge family, with enough strength to facely obstacle that life throws our wRemember the land of freedom which has been given to thee, because libertykey to the futureLatin American Constitution of 204

Welcome to latin americat has always been considered a troublesome or tumultuous continentfilled with people tng by or striving to get by Fromour childhoods to trips out of town, be it a beach, the mountainsdeserts, bustling cities, heated daneand evenove in one crazytime agoThat has always been part of our identity, transcending beyond whatlost people would admit or deny

Our relationship with prosperity hasalways been a sort of yin-yang Good and bad are always present in everydecision we makeetimes bending the rules in a gray area likedeciding whether to tellngue so that we don't ruin the mood of everyone in thatsocial gatheringavecredible amountbreathtaking landscapes spanning deserts, plains, steppes, hills, andmountains of every shape and form Crystal clear turquoise beaches withmaginable, even some that you wouldn 't think possibld, combined with the taste that takes you to another dimension of

Welcome to latin americaenjoyment Almost like a poem written on a plate, being so passionateabout freedom we dont even try to tell you how to eat and enjoy it Justknow that if you were invited to that table, that plate of food means thatyou are part of that familyOur dedication to monuments and sculptures inspired from everyoneacross the world that has crossed our lands

Europeans, Americans, andeven Asians have shaped our architecture The memorials to importanthistorical events that have left the world in awe in honor of oLibertadores as those who forainst our colonizers thatthe war ended, we still welcomed any and all to stick around making ahome in this side of the worldch an extreme expression of freedom that even the beautyof our women is of such an indescribable nature that they dont hold mento that unreachable standard, making people frequently ask: " How did yoget together with that stunning woman? There was always the saying thatif you treat a woman with respect and make her laugh a lot you canbecome: "the one who eats quietly, gets seconds"or so itProfessions have always played a big role in every society, but here youa pslawyer in every cobest friendone of those tried and true professionals that have also taken the world byorm in the amount of accomplishments, advancements, andcontributions they have madeSuch is the mystical relationship with all that libelseems to pourall around these lands that it was inevitable that some people would seek

atin america State of fiA Red dawnto abuse or exceed that which made us great, leading us to unbelievablemisery for many decadeshe decadence that has indoctrinated our children, parentsgrandparents, and friends To think that idealisms are better than actionsto become more of a cult than a community, to think that a politician is thesame as being a leader For a long time those that were considered ruthlessand devious were praised as role models, whilst those that were hardworking and entrepreneurial were always seen as hopeless dreamersThat brings us to today, amidst an unthinkable prosperity in the historyof Latin America you can find certain interests that have a problem whenthat prosperity does not benefit them

One one side of the board there'she Chinese Unified Front who have recently annexed most of Asia as awhole, except for Japan and South Korea which are a part of the NewUnited States, having annexed Canada as well and a great part of thedecadent European Union has bedissolved into quarreling internally divided countries, fighting for politacy In this year 2074, Africa has also been converted into anof huge territories that have slowly annexed smaller nationsthey are divided into the arab states the african Ultranationalists and anent thatith the amatin America never really worrieevents around the globe, except for those brought into the spotlight byinfluencerscriticding out donations to shady charities foore questionable"" Little by little a few fanatical groups that