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Learn Mobile First Web Design Using Bootstrap 3

Table of ContentsChapter Topic Page NoBootstrap EssentialsGrid System of Bootstrap162345opography2Bootstrap Tables32orms38bUttons48mages548 Glyph icons629Dropdowns680Button groupsInput groups782Navs8413Navbars8814 Breadcumbers, Pagination 955Advanced Elements1006Progress bars10817 Advanced Classes 113

5 You Successfuly downloaded and configured Bootstrap 36 Now you have to download and install any code editor such asSublime Text Or Adobe's dreamweaverWe will use Sublime Te

xt Editor for entire tutorials in this bookodownloadSublimeTextgotohttp://wwwsublimetextcom/2And download compatible versioPlease, do not use beta version of Sublime as it may be unstable2 from JQuery

com and place it in is folderPlease, always use JQuery CDN link if internet connavailable whDeveloping Otherwise you must include cdn while you are hosting yoursiteBasic body of bootstrapPlace example codes of this book, in the following bodWithout cdnDOCTYPE HTML>htm

Projects B