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Lost Angels Excerpt

say that she is the main character of my story She is the masterpieceof my dreams after all For her I am capable of doing anythinganywhere She is my girl The girl of my dreams I feel like a monsterthat is able to achieve any goal in life she must know me by nowShe is an angel i do not know how i would be able to deal with thisworld without her i do not care who will read this i just care abolher If she is the only one readmy inspiration Since I was a child she has been the one beside meor good or for bad, she is been there for me and I have been thereor her Can you hear my words sweet princess? They are all for youust for making you feel goodappy, loved

I know I am noany admirers andwhIth and healthsend you my personality, my way of life, my secrets, my memoriesy dreams through these letters Yes, letters, because this entirebook is full of letters for the princess of my dreams Nobodyd in my writing of these magical ideas Nobody is trying toorce me to write this I must confess I am not an English speakingperson Sorry for my errors, I am not using a bilingual dictionaryeither I just trust the computer dictionary right now I just wanted toexpress to her all that I wanted No cheating No copying texts fromthe internet not consh bookere I am again writing There is no separation between these pagesbut you will notice the pauses I make and the moments I start to writey major concern if she knows how to cookwould like to give her a magic lifeife with servants doing

thinks she is of no value at all she becomes a writer of these idand her mind and heart consider these practices a crazy stuff of herTo rescue people in an ideal world? She has not the right to do that, itis nonsense But it does not matter what she may think Shes doing it There is no logical reason for doing it, but there isno logical reason for not doing it either I just dedicate like 20 minutesto this daily writing Do you think they are worthless? Well she thinksthey are the most valuable minutes of all my life All of a sudden sheis out of focus Something happens and she does not know where tostart or where to end Her perfect world is gone

She is left outsidehe house of her mind but i do not think she is out or in she is jusmporarily removed from the danger zone She must return to hentasies in ordele middleossible to be safe? Is it possible to be youossible to dohings in the reald while being able to stay in the virtualng for a miracle to happen Just breathst breath she repeats to herself, just breath, everything is going tobe oK But again she is lost She becomes a lost angel again Thereseems to be no help the world ishere is nothing and there is no one against herherself trying to find herself and trying to do thins the right way atthe same time but shehe does wantrldife is the forgetting of her idforgetting of all the things in HER world that makes her a perfecangel She is capable of docapable of doing it the right way This should happen inside her first

feelings toward the outer world At then she may not be right in thisworld, but she will always be right in her world If she does notderstand this and calm down she may be even think of killingherself This may be so because she forgets her spiritual being and isforced by herself to try to accommodate her inner world to thisapparently contradicting physical guidelines They come fromdifferent worlds, they are not one mind One mind, orperfection from the very beginning to the end

She just has to takeone stepa feeling? Is It caring about others? Iscaring about oneself? She thinks love is looking at the wonders andmagic of human nature It is recognizing the warm and gentle energyour heart an old decision dies and anothe lone starts anew There must be love at some point or at every pointlove with all her heart and mind You may think she cannot captstnevertheless, she is capable of replacing the tremendous effort forsomething more natural and pleasant After all, love cannot be forcedt is a positive energy filling every space of your beouYou have to give your permission she loves love It is a powerthat makes her feel like the best persoEverybody who is in love becomes an eager consumer of itsAm i talking about benefits? the love we feel for nature the love we

ur partner, the lovemanifestations of our magical universe the results we get wheneeling it are not benefits They are blessing and miracles we enjoyexperiencing If we are talking about occupations and obligations, oulprimary occupation and obligation is to be love She wakes up everymorning feeling and thinking that she must feel and think love beforeanything else can take place that dayver as we said beforelove is our occupation and obligation, as derived from the deep andeffortless practice of feeling goodt it? she thinkat you can imagine these blessings, just imagine them and it is sounreal when you get them But you should ask life for these thingsand be grateful since the very beginning of this adventure

Thesource of these happy moments is love She is an angel and we aretoo sometimes we becomeangels When we cannotcontrol our emotions, when we forget that we are only perfectionworld when we find just difficultieblem instead oflooking at its possibilities The birds sing, the flowers are born andlanet shine the heart beats the mother andather nurture, the book is written, the painter paints, the musiciancreates music, sings and play, the dancer dances, the teachereveals the knowledge, the wise man and wise woman teach aboute, the music gives you strength, the imagination leads to creations thinkers seyou free, players attempt toaspiration conquers the heart, magis sprinkled like magic dust on life and death, housewives make home

ians transfole naturhappiness picks up the successful ones, colors beautify the physicalnd beautify the spiritual, illusion takes you to a heavenly placeerature gives written art meaning, money Isshopping, shopping brings you the material world, rhythm markspace of movement, dreaming gives you rest sometimes and activepreludes at other times, medicine keeps your mind and body calmmomentarily, and love, yes love, embraces every one of these armore, and drives you excited, passionate, abswhen you really dare to feelhanges your physical world It getsyour inner philosophy into action Forget about it andand will take you to its castle of True belieffeel sad today You cannot escape from your mind

She saysshould get myself unplugged from technology, Internet, whatsappnegativity becomes huge It is depression My mind always loves tobig fantasies and it really believes they are true But whecomes to the true factsknow thatstep in thebut younow to get the positive meaning of the things that become real fromhat is, sometimes you do not get what you want,you get pieces of happiness that may bring what you really want Thething is my mind is focusing on exactly what I would like things to beand when they are not like that at the first moment i get disappointeShe says those thoughts and feelings separate me from what I wantmust admit that she is a little cruel sometimes maybe she does not

loW it, but she becomes exactly like me at some pointsconscious or unconscious about this state? I really do not knowguess she is that cruel to make me get in contact with my inner voicemy inner capacities, my inner self I think she does it on purposeak she is just trying to help me become strong to my ownpunishment She tries to teaclow to ignore the negativity andcontinue with the positive stuff, But right now I am sad and I am tryingself to listen to her little voice instead of mine Sometimes i do notknow the difference She is talking to me through signs, indirewords, indirect messages? ls this true olthis writing is the product of my imagination after all I know I wontovercome it Maybe it is not real, but it will always be a therapy for meandThere is always a match for everything You can find the partner todcounterpart She is my other half Or my other total the other partason for my existence and i am the rehers the birdsbecause I can hear them

The birds singn hear them But sheam She listens to their singing, she listens to my talking she listenso universaguess one part of the whole complements theother part, so she complements me Do I complement her? It is reallya mystery to me She is the only one who can know the answer tothis question She is the one who can prove my words and thoughtsand feelings We establish a beautiful connection I can be unpluggedfrom everything else, but not from her We are one Every time I ge

Just for appearances She knows better than I do that the outer worldis perfection and we want to stay there as much as possible Sheloves to be there too but she also knows that while living physicallyis material world our souls must not be apart from it for too longHowever, she is responsible for reminding me of the real reality foundthe spiritual world That we are manifesting thisourselves alive

That we do not need to die to enteaspiration, our imagadise our secreplace, our source of power, our source of peace, our source of loveour doorway to creation, our supply of infinite and divine existencece where we connect with the one mind she and i becomest angels when we forget about this dimension She and I were borand got separated from our Father God andagain when we die But she and I were left with this staircase thatcommunicates with Him while being lost angels in this physical worldShe always tries to make the most of every event in her life It is like alibration she carries thoseh her to the ocean thebeach thospitals, the parks, the magazines, the church, the religious masshe cathedrals, the tall buildings, the small towns, the job, the officehe soap opera, the movies, the theater, the restaurant, the sky, theatnroole living room, the libraryansion, the swimming pool, the bird cage, the free bird, the zoo, thesupermarket, the neighborhood, the pizza restaurant, kitchen, the

retable and fruit market, the party, the funeral, the wedding, thebaptism, the graduation ceremony, the street, the Mothers Day, theFathers Day, the Christmas celebration, New Years Eve, Blackiday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Patriot's Day, the bus trip the shiptrip, everywhere and everything There is no place she has novisited She loves traveling to exotic places She loves trave ling to thnot-so-exotic ones too After all everywhere seems exotic to her Shecan visit one place and then go to the same one and find even moreexotic elements than the first time she went there She belongs to thenew class, but she belongs to the old one too She adores everythingnew but the old fascinates her too If you ask me if i am the samewould surely answer you, yes, I am exactly like she is I love exactlywhat she loves all of because she and I are one

PeriodDoes she get frightened sometimes? Yes, she does When things donot happen the way she wants them to happen In these cases I bringher joy and happiness out of the darkness You know,before, life in this world gets empty all of a sudden SIdd如types of tools to survive this emptiness, but she may lose focus andbust can tell her my story and she will try to build a new story free ofany negativity Her mind and heart are such a pitiful mixture whenfaced with this situation Nevertheless there is always a door toreedom a door that is difficult to find but it is there You just have toget unplugged, connect to your inner world and continue y

our journeyto the one mind There is hope, I assure you You feel like you live ina Terminator dimension, everything is destruction, everything is

to see her as a hono, it is not for her that type of life She deserves the best things lifecan offer Otherwise, she would be dead inside, just waiting for thephysical death to take her But before that her spirit would be deaddo not want to imagine her doing house chores my goodness, what apity She belongs to nature She is an artist She is a masterpiecebet she prefers to die rather than having to accept the life of a slavee man she chooses must be the one who gives her everything shewants The man she chooses must be the one who treats her like areal queen

She will just need to occupy her time in developing themagic of life, in cultivating her soul, in doing all that can be done toaccess to heaven on earth, and heaven in the afterlife tleasure, full of people to serve you because you are beautifulyou are smart, you are unique, you are magnificent Because inou to stay like that thvill also taste the wonders they aralso capable of having She must be the model ofassessment all loveot lazinesshe directing all her powertoward higher self It is she celebrating the life god has given heshe mastering the skills of grace and tolerance toward the heavyburdens every living creature chooses to carry each and every day ofrent miserable existenceMy mind is never in blank when I think of her The mysteries of thisverse are no mysteries at all for her se greatesmystery I have ever known her eyes are so profound, so full of roadsevery traveler would never doubt to travel she is fond of animals

She loves them I am notd of animally fondanything, but her Time passes by and it is like nothing changes inher She is the same person I knew when I was a child a child ofope a child of possibility a child of magic A child of heart I ignoreshe likes me Sometimes it seems like she does like meSometimes it seems like she does not like me i do not know for suref i like her Sometimes i do

Sometimes i do not but why doesmatter? We have known each other for so long She does not looke a mom Will she ever look like one someday? I think that evershe chooses to be a mother, she will look exactly the same to meMothers usually sacrifice themselves for their children some doSome do not dohey think the child should learndent and teachke that shealways protecting me and thinking I am still a very little kid Welldoes not always happen that way Sometimes she just let things gobecome furious and say I am an adult already and must learn to dop, I do not understand mothers I am notone But I do understand her, as just a woman or as a potential oalready mother But what am I saying? I just can understand her asif i can call her like that i think she is somethingnever be able to understand, never That part of her, that magical partthe one i am interested in just that the part that makes me feelmilar to her the part that botmeI mean we are greedy, I mean all the timettract the magicof life all the time

t feels like Christmas whenlen I feel her whenadmire her Everything turns out to be perfect The weather, theenvironment, the people Christmas is a time when you are joyyful because I think that she is coming and making mye happy with her innumerable gifts She knows my tastes andpreferencesgive her joy and enthusiasm She is my angelas mas Christmas time Hey, my darling, are youthinking I am going to leave you someday? Never in this lifeother You are my queen and I would never do that to you the sameway I think you would never leave me I need you You need meneed to drink water every day to survive I need to drink you everyday to survive too

She is a blessing I will always accept as alreadymine She belongs to me I beto her we are owithoutd be a torture Something simplesomething without grace I do not have to control this feeling becauseit makes me feel good and everythings me feel good Isvery welcome toking nonsense? i do not tiam expressing all thes that come to my mind Are you boredwith my ideas? I hope you are not Come on, this story is about loveurely have a she in your life Share it with me as you readthese lines The way she makes you feel is the main topic of thisat makeal shets your purpur strength, and yourbe the center of yoe Maybe this maylook like a repetition I do not carenever be tired of blessing

bers are important for her I am trying to describe her inner sidhat is why I like to talk about these things, these traits of her Yesshe loves numbers She even gives them meanings For exampleremember that 49 is project, 29 angel, 66 demon She loves thelottery and bingo She loves to find or decipher the symbols known asnumbers in clothes andts

There is a story behind each numberloved numbers, like they are the cue to the mysteries of thisconnectedbers and gives us cluesabout the past, present and future through numbers wehinkme to stop talking about numbers I have to confess that I love theo The way she uses them is something I have always enviedkwhat is goingppen and why is goingto happen by looking at these toys of her, numbers Did I mention thatshe has other toys she likes to play with She is like a child and I lovehat part of her too In fact, I love most of her I say most because it isthat i do not understandwever, I also feel that those parts are just e xternal, they do notbelong to her truly magnificent naturetrue that we are allconnected to one mind so it is wise to think that the parts i do nounderstand about her and that i hate because do not understandthem are the same partsus time to get to thosdden places Andthe tool thour desires andhelp us build an affectionate force a posorce, as rhonda byrne says this is the force that does not have to

understand you to love you So I do not need to understand her tolove heSometimes I try not to direct my attention toward heOne thing and the other thing remind me of her She is my cage andshe is my freedom The words I utter here in written form come frommy heart there is no order, no limitatid nothing tof These are just words You may enjoy them or simply think andexpress thinonsense and you are not going to continue readinguch aeria for wanting to be heard she would not think ththe star ofbecause nobody has ever entered her feelings the way I am doing itright now I do not plan to write something coherent, organized andlogic My intention is to get to her heart She also loves nonsensewriting

The reason why this is so is the same I use to expressthe one talkingd with thoughts of grammar, lexicoand coherence i occupy mwith the feelings i have for hhtsoned bher but atle same time she is the one that sets me free she is the door toother worlds Those are her worlds They are my worlds I just askyou to try to understand me the same way I understand other authorswho write, read talk, think and feel her in some way or another Shebeginning and the very ending of our novel She is not a fictitiouscharacter She is REAL our novel is based on a real story she is

the real story i do not know for sure if i will be able to write anotherage and dedicate it to her I would say the same thing I know Buthis exercise is really exciting I get unplugged and that is my mainobjective: to be connected to helstill believeaces she is an angel of miradn angel lOSd found i have found her andue You may be thinking that I am someone who just wants to uset true When I say mand wishes here i mean aworld full of joy and happiworld i can share with her and shewishes come true I can also make her joyful and happy maybe thisis a utopia, you may be thinking, not in this world! He will not be ableto please her and she will not be able to please him in a world full oproblems, in a world full of misery, in a world full of contradictionsbet you are wrong

And I think you are wrong because whorld i am talking about a different world I am talking about a worldviously formed in our mind and heart this a world created by andfor her A world created by and for me Thete this world has been built based on all the wonderful memoriesd illusions we both have of each other Everything was in blank athe beginning Then we painted our magnif icent personalities, theparts of our beings that just radiate peace, love, wonder, magicblessings, enthusiasm, optimism, freedom, understanding, pleasuremiracles, clearness, brightness, kindness, faith This is a heavenlyplace where our souls can reach the ideal state of existence So if

ht now she will understandwhsay that she will make all my wishes come true Because at the sameme I will be making her wishes come true too I am really eager toshare these thoughts with her To make sure she is at the center ofmy imaginative journey She is the one I am pursuing And I am theone she is pursuing to set herself free does sheull of surprises and good dreams She lives each day asShe just thinks of death sometimes she wants agood death, you know, to die peacefully and fast She enjoys thiworld but does not have any suffering in leaving it someday

shebe part of another reality However, she will be remembered, so therehysical death nothisecure now, just death and about my opinion of the topic of deathalso want a fast and peaceful death Eternal rest of the body that wilbe part of nature when talking about physical death But eternasplendor of our spiritual being No need to eat, no need to drink, nobathroom, no need to whatever need youleed she will neverhis worldnever be forgotten At least I have these words written here and theythe afterlife and neither does she anymore she used to have thatidea some time ago, that spirits would come and would took her withe we werefrightened due to these beliefs That did not allow us to have fun withour lives right now But those ideas are gone Nowdays she believes

her body will die while herkindness, will continue to exist in this life and will be part of everycreature of this world That is to say, both of us do not believe there isell or heaven after we die We are profoundly bound to the fact thatthere is any heaven or hell, it is about our positive or negativehoughts and feelings about this current world we are living in Thesacred world we have created for ourselves But what does she reallywant? She wants nothing because she has everythingen problem what side does she prefershe has everything then it will be logical to think that she is bothides I know you may be thinking I am a little nuts for reaching thatWell let me ask her I am sure she would agree with meAnd do you know why? Because we are one She is one with me andam one with her

So if we travel to the deepest levels of heunderstanding we will discover a mind and heart overflowing withpassion about everything A mind and heart accepting whatever giftyou may have for her She does not know rejectionat impliessuffering and she is a girl of happiness and joy that means if you areon the negative side, she will go there and rescue you and bring youto the positive side again But you must remember to understand thehidden part of herself That part is one you must grasp first in ordereceive the blessing she and god have for you she does not need aIphone to do that She does not need a computer to do that shedo that she herse lfbecomes the means to attain virtual reality And she is also themeans to change that ideal state in current reality She hasmanifested these characteristics since she was born sometimes she