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Never Give Up

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of adversity is that, usually, there are more than a few lessons to be learneese types of situations Our products, projects, and processes have all benefited from what weearned over the years from a variety of unforeseen incidents or (unfortunately self-inflictedtakes and blunders Knowing that can also be comforting You feel likesomething positive out of a bad situation It is also a way to bring closure and close off thegative feelings associated with a bad situation5 What is the greatest lesson you've ever learnedIt is hard to choose one Persistence and making sure you are always thinking ahead areatestday to day but also means thhefuture from sticking with things Our company benefits from relationships and contacts that wemade in the early 2000s We have gained experience through projects, big and small, overmore than 15 years The time spent comes back to you and it canahead and planning for multiple futvery day in some waygs wont ever work out exactly as you plan, so thats why I focus on"multiplefutures In addition, it is not all nuts and bolts kind of thinking It is not all about staff, spaceducts, and money It is also about being the company for which you want to work

What typwork are you interested in pursuing? Who are you going to collaborate with? What newtechnologies or design challenges are we going to take on? Can we do more for the localcommunity? All of this forward-thinking prepares you for what's next It has allowed us to groworganically and take advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselve6 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?e on activities that are far removed from work I love spending time with my farAlso, I enjoy gardening and have a vineyard with 135 vines I'm just starting to make wine I likey bike and exercise I think it is important to have some balance It is easy to getwrapped up in work because I find it so interestingWhat makes a great leader?ink great leaders help assemble great teams find great talent, and inspire people I alsoleader proonment, and the collabto bi8 What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?esomething you are passionate about Yes, it iscliche, but it is true(which isHowevet like They do their work just for the money, and that doesnt lerm happiness If you find something you love and work at it if you are good at it, chances arehat the money will follo

he other bit of advieuldo tot think about it ay kind of process Ask the employer questions Learn about the work environment

Makere it is a place where you want to work and a place that would allow you to grow The typek environment can beportant as the job itself when you are starting outRarenzoPrior to starting Tuthilltown Spirits, New York,'s first whiskey distillery since prohibition, Ralph'sbusiness Extravertical Inc provided technical production and event services to corporate anddeveloped over his 25-year rock climbing career Ralph built and managed New York Cityblic climbhe extraVertical Climbing CentelBroadclimber's ranch" near the largest rock climbing area in the east was set asroducing high-quality spirits Ralphs writing and commentary have been featured in nationalns for the New york tirk at thItede passage of the Farm Distillery Act in 2007, which permits New York farms to establise American Craft Spirits Association, for which Ralph sits on the board of directors, andchairman of the legislative committee, which works at the federal level to support the craft

How do you definee goal, which is not always the same as the specificgoal a person starts wiappiness with an outcomee key to success?g: persistence, flexibility, gumptionwould be salways wanted to achieve success in something, but not always the same or one single thing4 When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keep moving forward?Belief in a c5 Whatreatest lesson you ve ever learned?the same as giving up

Things change, plansaveforward momel6 What do you enjoy doing in your spare timeSpare time? ReaWhat makes a great leader?Again, "gumption"(the ability to see a need and the temerity to believe you can do somethingabout it Also, the willingness to sublimate personal, specific desires for the benefit of an overal8 What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?education gave you a valuableamework upon which to build your future, but the world fills out and colors the final resuExpect change, use it, and never give up

Chris JonesChris Jones is the president of Plant Therapy, the fastest-growing essential oils company in thee company in 2011 after identifying a need for highconsumer essential oils and aromatherapy products The results have been astoundinglyful, and in 2015, Plant Therapy earned a spot on Inc Magazines Inc 50031st fastest-growing private company in AmericaYet the essential oilstry is a far cry from where Chris once saw his life heading Asyoung man, he was en route to pursuing a career as an airline pilot when his father becamely ill

His college education cut short, Chris went home to care for his family and led hisfatheSince that time Chris has been a self-yed entrepbefore buying a small beauty products company from his mother-in-law, an aromatherapistChris found it challenging to find quality, essential oils for use in the products Many wereoverpriced or of low-quality, and mostChris was certain there was an increasingly strong market for high-quality essential oilsaffordable prices, and in 2011 he launched Plant Therapy Under Chris's stewardship, thecompany has experienced a three-year growth of nearly 8, 000% and now has around 35

Plant Th40,000-square-foot facility by the end of 2015dods of successes, so such a broItimate goal is the same as most other peopledestination, but rather a journey If I am finding true joy (or peace of mind) in my cIsituation, I would say I am being successfinancial success, I would say when myassive(investment)income exceeds my living expenses, I am successft2 What is the key to success?k for both personal andhe answersthers how you would like to be treated Dont cheat If you screw up fess up to it and learnfrom it Play fair Don't quit just because it's hard Be honest Dont cut Try your hardest Berespectful It's okay to fa3 Did you always know you would be successful?actuallyy tholy haave always just livestinct and what was currently going on

When I went to college, I was never a verygood student but planned to become an airline pilot (noad that didschool, my self-employed fathesick We didn t know what was wrong but I wasne that knew anything about his business I moved home to help him run it while we figureout he died of cancea couple of months, and i did my best to keep his business afloatlearned way more about business and life in the next year than i had in my previous 20+ years4 When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keepforward?have 3 daughters(soon to be 4)and an incredible wife They are really my motivationave afear of failure, but it is more of a fear of letting them down, rather than a fear of judgment frorothers5 What is the greatest lesson you've ever learnede to try to impress othve within theconfines As individuals, we have unlimited potential, and once we stop trying to please othersthh others life becomes6 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?Whattime? Just kidding My daughters are still young, so they get most of my off workend the nights and weekends as a family We enjoy camping and swimming Wepend many winter evenings in the hot tub I also enjoy golfing and boating but dont make as

7 What makes a great leader?spire others I think it is the leaders responsibility to make his people feel goabout themselves and also help them to find joy in their lives the vast majority of lessonstaught and learned are done strictly thexample People need to talk less and d8

What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?ded and teachable i have owned multiple successful bune came as a result of different circumstances in life, not a conscious decision to get into thatot into the essential oil business it was because i was presrtunity to purchase a very small beauty products company withsawan opportunity for growth and jumped on it You can learn important life lessons from everyoneDont dst becdeDAs president CEo of Barney& Co California, maker of Barney Almond Butters and otherCalifornia almond products, Dawn focuses on expanding Barneys growth(both domesticallycompany' s day-to-day business and manufacturing operationsawn has adopted the three bottom line approach of Profit, People, and Purpose, and is usinglong-term planning and strategies Through vertical integration ofprocesses, Dawn is evolving Barney to consistently be the category leader and mostconscientious, quality-focused best-valued brathe market Dawn is simultaneouslyading the way through a transition to an organic, fair-trade, sustainable ingredient profile andhain(wherefocus for Dpeanut-free(no cross contamination) almond products to consumers everywhere is at the

d Bar2010sident CEO after oveted Tote to churchill downs Dawof United Tote, a technology company and subsidiary of You Bet com, a publicly-traded e-and Careerbuilder comDawn holds a BA degree in Political Science from the University of Kentresides in Maine, where she lives with her husband, three stepchildren, and two dogHow doBeing true to your own values and sleeping well at night, with a clear conscience80% of success is showing up -Woody Allen And by showing up, I also mean not being ledby fear tad3 Did you alwWhorkrole model for believing, from an early age, I could do and be anything I want I never thoughtotherwise Having saidso pretty conservative financially and have a bit of bag-ladysyndrome I think that keeps me on my toes4

When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keep moving forward?One of my favorite sayings is there s a solution for every problem and my mind usuallybeen found There are obviously situations where yego Figuring out those times is keyhat is the greatest lessvdealing with good people, it will build trust Takeaccountability and own your decisions and actions6 What do you enjoy doing in your spare timehtthr special treasures, and doingprovements Working with my hands is my form of meditatio7 What makes a great leadera good leader manages by influence vs authority Your authority leaves the room when you do8 What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?et gook fortunities to learn from the best then work hardeer andfaster than you ever have before

troductioe up Its easyn the towel whedown, things don t always go according to plan, and we may feel as if we will never achievewhat we set out for as if things won 't get better Sometimes lifes upsfuse to give up on my dreams My vision for the future is stronger than anysetbacks I face in the present because I know the surest way to succeed lies in never givingo matter how long it takes or how hard I have to work, I will not stop untilet out for, even if i have to fall flat on my face in ordve and learn a valuable lessowrite books that I would like to read; books that I would look to for inspiration when times getas an author, for having a writing style that's extraordinary It's never easy having your wan odged and reviewedegative reviews in order to reachudience: the visionaries from all walks of life, who are drivene successful to themy work is fuel for the hustle, which is exactly what I intend for it to beve learned never to compare myself to others

Everyone has their own path; their oAnd success takes longer for some than others That's why I look straight ahead towards myoals, and try to always surround myself around the righte who will help me succeebecause it's a team effort You truly cannot make it on your ownAim fowill stopkeep agiven up: had i gave into my fear of failure I pushed myself to great lengths, sacrificing my timeand energy to chase perfection, in order to achieve exeith Entrepreneurs Executives, this book, fe20 inspiratioerviews I've conducted with the leaders from some of amefastestgrowing private companies It's a short book that serves as a commitment to my readers, and tomyself, that I will keep writing, even when times get tough Never give

uther ciferser Cifee founder and president of YakAttack LLC; a padd

lesports accessorymanufacturing company focused primarily on the kayak fishing market From 2009 to 201YakAttack has averaged 156% annual growth, with a 3-year growth of 902% from 2012 to 2014A self-described homeschool dropout, Luther started his career in manufacturing with an entryvel position of putting sheet pans into a belt oven that cured carbon brushes He quicklyclimbed the ranks at the 3 tier automotive component manufacturer, acquiring skillsand management, spending most of his 20-yeacareer designing products andated manufacturing equipment2008, Luther took up the hobby of kayak fishing and as a problem solver by nature, identifiedme opportunities for new products for outfitting kayaks a classic "garage startup, YakAttacked in 1999 with a few hundand has remained organically funded Awavering adherence to a set of core values including honesty, creating success forating opportunityively in the US

A, hasakAttack's rapid growth and has made it one of the most popular and respectedbrands in the rapidly-growing kayak fishing markeefine success as the achievement of one s goals Success for individuals, groups, andompanies can be very different since goals vary When you achieve what you set out toaccomplish, you ve succeeded2 What is the key to success?It might be more of a ring of keys to success When I think of a key, I think of something needehe path to success has many doors and requires more thhe 5 most important ones

ce, and too often people set out orked on a journey they don't wabe on If you don ' t truly know yourself, it can be easy to set goals that seem attractive at first,but do not reaelf is a prerequisite to thed key: knowing yourKey #2ssthe defisimply to makehile creating wealth is a worthwhile endeavor, it's a means, not an end What will makingu achieve? What is the thing you really care about? Is it security for yourself oryour family? Luxury? Power? Empowering others? Making the world a better place? Leavingofte ng mark on the world There is intrinsic value in the mission because the act of farming isroad tod theerseverance is drawn from the well of purpose a shallow or misplaced purpose doesn't giveyou much to draw from Know what truly motivates you Know your missionKey #3: Know your principles Your principles should estalboundaries Every road has boundaries, and the road to success is no different Along the waywe are tempted by many things, and as the landscape changes, it may become difficultremember what those boundaries useyour principlefront aeping them in your field of view, will keep you from being led astray, chasing results Bydefinition, to succeed is to achieve results, but if you havesomething, it's not worthy of achieving

This appears, rightly so, to be a moral argument, but hasstrategic value as well Short-term achievements gained by violating principles are oftenacquired at the expense of more substantial, long-term success We can't control everything inell-founded and you allow them to guide you, letting the chips of success fall where they maymore often than not, will have them falling in your favorKey #4: Know yois doesnt mean you shoule ambitious, get out of your comfortone, or test your abilities It means simply to acknowledge your weaknesses and failureskness is a rock in the path If you ignore it you will most likely trip over it again and agaiif you're willing to acknowledge it exists, you can remove it, find a way around it, or use it asa stepping stone Failure is tripping over the rock If you dont know the weakness exists, failureat makes it evident toe all have inherent weaknesses and we all fail Oneccessful people is their leveof willingness to acknowledge the rocks in their path and how they choose to deal with themKey #5: Surround yourself with people who have found olking the first four keysou feel like you can do anything in your business, you cannot do everything You need goodpeople around you, and finding them is not always an easy task Hire people who want to gowhere you are going, who share your mission, and who share the principles that guide youeasiest and most common thing to do, as a manager, is to build a high maintenance workforceorcing people to do what you need thewill produce mediocre results a

but this is stressful and ultimately distracts you from yowhat it is you are doing and your capabilities multiply rather than being subtracted from3 Did you always know yld be successful?ucceed, to a perceived need to work as hard as possible just to be average It was through thisthat I learned I had some unique skills and talents, and the journey of developing those sland talents led to an understanding of what it takes to succeed4 When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keep moving forward?Confidence Adversity is and should be expected But the mission doesnt change just becauseThe thing that enabtosomething to be understoodth rather than something that is preventing success, is a confidence that I canhis one is easyhere they may6 What do you enjoy doing in your spare timelove to fish(mostly from a kayak), and besides working most of my free time is spent with mymily

I'm very close with my kids and share different interests with each one As they growhopertunities to combkids, to help them get their own businesses started7 What makes a great leader?By definition, a leader is someone that others willingly follow To me, a great leader can only beefinedne who is able to bring out the greatness in others8 What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?secificcollege stderstand the laws of supplysociety has changed greatly in the last 50 years, and workers with college degrees arert supply knowledge gained by formal education, while important, is not superioCe, where knowlon any topic is a click away a person ' s value in the marketplace is increasingly beingdetermined not by credentials, but by an ability to achieve results I expect this trends technology enables more and more unconventional methods of becoming educated, and theworkforce becomes more and more saturated with college degrees Start your career witlrpose, and humility List your objectives and then describeRegardless of the job you have, always conduct yourself like you need to do a little more toserve bekeshvalue greatly to employers, particularly in an age of an increasingly entitlement-mindedworkforce Value is relative, so create contrast between yourself and everyone else, not byointing out their flaws or your strengths, but by simply being the one that is different in a

dJohn sammutg Firstronic LLC, an advanced electronics manufacturing services and optimupply chain solutions company, John served as cEo of Live Sports Radio LLC, a privateequity backed business, for 3 years He also served as president and cEo of EPICEMS COy, for nearly 10growth from $3 million(through its predecessor business, CCl)to nearly $300 million in annuale"EY Entrepreneur of the Year"award in the technology category for the midwest regioPrior to joining EPIC, he was responsible for TMW's investment platform strategy in electronicsanufacturing He joined TMW's company Electro-Wire Products in 1990 as manager of marketering for the emP division of Electro-Wire, which achieved revenue growthfrom S6 million to $30by 1992 John was also responsibluropean businessevelopment from 1993 to 1995, during which Electro-Wire acquired a German electricastribution system manufacturer withal revenues of $120Wire, he held several positions at Ford Motor Company from 1986 to 1990

He holds B sUniversity and an MB A fromof International BusinessHow dodefiAchieving financial freedom and a balanced life to enjoy the fruits of my lab2 What is the key to success?Doing what you love so that it's not"workou can pour yourself into it and do whatever itsuccesslso think a key is being"programmed" earlyfe to have high

stations whichomes from parents or those3 Did you always know you4 When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keep moving forward?le fact that failure isn't an option and knowing that there is always a way

It's just a matte5 What is the greatest lesson you've ever learnedhat once yort succeedingfocused and don 't get distracted with othpportunities, because with successcome many other competing interests fromo you enjoyg time witIWhat makes a great leader?Someone with vision, drive motivatispiration, and tenacity8 What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?Do profile testing to discover all of the options/opportunities out in the world for the type of skillsave to offer the key eais to discover what you truly love to do, as soon as possibleso you dont waste a lot of time discovering what you dont wa

Jim spadaccinHaving foundee companys the creatve airector anuch prodiractive cany baseCorrales, New mexico Hedeum's commercial hardware and software initiatives and provides creative direction for customsoftware andim was the principal investigator for the National Science Foundxhibits software and community initiative and a co-PI for the Creating Museum Media for(CMME) projecttion he was co-chair of the nsf-fundedComputerrincipal investigator on the NAsA-funded Space Weather Mobile project and co-PI onational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)-sponsored project, Hurricanes alClimate cddition to hisctiboard member for the friends of chaco and the new mexico center on law and povertBefore founding deum Jim was the director of Interactive media at the exploratorium in Sanrancisco, California

While at the Exploratorium his department was responsible fordeveloping educational web resources and media exhibits for the museum floor For his work ae Exploratoed a Computerworld "Smithsonian Award an association ofnology centers Awardfor " Best Science siteJim taught courses on design and technology at San Francisco State Universitys (SFSU)Multimedia Studies program for seven years starting in the mid-90s,aechnology-Enhanced Communication for the Cultural Heritage(TEC-CH) program at theUniversity of Lugano, Switzerland For more than a decade, he has taught courses on digitadthe cultural rU

itish Columbia, Along with his work in informal education, Jim has consulted with Apple andeveloped promotional and instructional materials for a number of professionalsoftware authoring toolsou define successpeople think of success as something you just acqke to think about bsuccessful at differife andur company's development I never thought of myself or our company as unsuccessful wherere were only a few of us and we were struggling to make ends meet I thought of us beingsuccessful for who we were and what we were at that stage of developmentbeing able to work on interesting projects or develducts sing to work with innovative people and partners on great projects We ve never reallyocused on the money, except as a way to do more to take on bigger and better projects, and toevelop new and more exciting products For us, that has been really important It has allowedus to grow the company with zero venture capital andot of time or energy with funders, we can focus on the work, the creative process, and2 What is the key to success?is hard work and persistence That is certainly the driving force when yurself in a situation when you dont have a lot of collaborators For our company, I thinkfinding the right people to work with has been absolutely essential Ive been lucky enough toind people who can do things I cant, and who can bring ideas that I dont have, I cant stressividual It is about having a great and diverse teamin place

That and hard work makes everything possible3 Did you always know you would be successful?Our company is now getting attention because we are growing and involvecutting-edge technology While I am proud of what we ve accomplished and wherhink Unfortunately, our society defines success too narrowly It is not always about money ahe latest startups or new technologyhave always thought of myself as successful When I was a poorly paid teacher in SaCalifornia during the early 90s, I thought I wasful at that job i think successis something you bring with you when you care about the work, and when you want to make aerence and create something meaningful In that sense, I always knew I would becessful, because I worked hard at a job that was important4 When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keep moving forward?forward i don t want that toas some people feel that they are trapped in particular situationsthat way Whence adversity, I tend to work harder, try to work more closely with those around me, and trywork with others to constructively solve whatever problems have arisen