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Quill May 2015

THE STRUGGLE WITH AUTHORITIESea hostees give youndependenceere is aways a figure of authority whether it is the warden or the security or both together You have to stay on friendly terms with them so that they will not trorble, which can lead a peaceful life in hostel but beware that you don't troublepple of their eye, which can put you in serious trouble, they mostly are calledwarden's wingman a k a informers or undercovers or secret agent or%#@HE ROOMMATE STRUGGa hostel room or dorms not exactly a haven for those who treasure theprivacy You learn to adjust to your roommate(s], mostly compelled to do so andtheir quirks, and face the daily struggle of disagreements exasperation jugpart of your life and irony is: you can' t help them neither yourself ow became aand strained friendship with them their annoying nature has nhe DIY StruggleOnce you leave the home for hostel, you also leave behind the luxury ofyour mother or domestic help doing all yGeh, cook and scrub

Although go back to home and you are nothanged but the same leadiHE BATHROOM STRUGGA community bathroom is perhaps the most troublesome part of hostel lifethere is always someone who never flushout, cleanliness issuesissue and seriously you can't bear that smell The silent fight forfor mirrorspace and many things, every hosteller has suffered the ultimate struggle in theathroomTHE WAKING UP STRUGGLENow this is something really serious By the time all hostellers learns tosnooze the alarm until the the very last moment and still manage to makethe class on time, ninjawith disheveledand bared up dress wiscould had woke up minutes earlier okay Lets give a try tomorrowA worthwhile experience HOSTEl

SONG OF LOVEVishwanathan mly beloved listen to my heartLet your sweet tender lips unfurl the cute smile outor your happiness is the symbol of our future

ley, the mistress of my palaceShed not tears my cupcakeFor, LOVE, that joined us to the peak of merry and comfortAnd that opened our hearts out to each otherShall bless us with intense patienceAs, everything is for the good,And be consoled in our delayor our love would flourish in all adversitiesor it is in the name of love that we are suffering the situational obstacles andemptiness of separationTrom The Heart

And in your hands will I place,he strength which will guide at ease over everythingTo complete the journey of our lifeove, The almighty to me, will consider our sufferings and tears,And, will reward us with a mighty fortitudeove, something not flattered by riches and poweShall take us through all situations affected by the concepts of wrong and rightoInge, beyond all the concepts ofhere is a fieldI meet u therethen be strong sweetheart

and goodbye

WHAT WENT WRONGVishwanathan mhe sun arose with his blazing armso kiss out the awaiting flower petalsAnd so, it was one among those daysAnother one in my life

But,err did L, in my perceptionAs itthe de day meant to ariseThe day which was vulnerable to turn my skies around darkhe leaves in the trees around withyhe moments around to be dipped in solitudeAs, in came she, a sweet whispering of beauty and a precious heartBut with now an enflamed one to utter the most painful wordts over

with a throat of guilty, out came those wordslended with a great deal of doubt in love is a sinTo outcastle and drown me into the river of anxietyWith every drop in it craving out What went wrong?a herculean and a firm thunder of wordsTo turn my heart into ashes

But the wetness a cute one behind her soundReflected her furious desperation to hold me out by the thinnest rope of heroveTo save me from getting drowned in desperationAnd truth came into limelightIt wasn't the real she behaving soBut the situations and consequences making her love play second fiddleAnd in stepped l, to clear things outWith my song of love




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Ulaganayakan-Kamal HassanVishal krishna vte name that steals millions of heart the name that has an enormous powehe person who inspires millions of people, one and only " Padhmashri Dr s Kamalaasan" He was born on 7 November 1954 in Paramakudi

Tamil nadu India kamndian fiscreenwriter,director, playback singer, producer, ch

oreographerand lyricist yeah, kala multi-talented person who stands the best in all the fields

Kamal Hassan- Ulaganayakantroducedch was a block buster and heawards including 4 national film awards and19 filmfare awards kamal received the pad990 and the padma bhushaned to be rein 2014 he received "kalaimamani awardeaseNadu and he releasedfrom government of tat1979Hfilm and made it a great hit

Kamal is one ofa ganesan awae person chosen by"Prime ministerexcellence of acting in 2006 fromarenariahe“ Clean India"procty coca-colakamal is a person whom everyonetrend2013setter,teacher, inspiration for lots and lots ofkter file uses in the film He gives the best dialogdelivery He is known for his blackULAGANAYAKANComedies somee best examples arePanchathanthck comedy most of his films arepunal, devar magan and some more are condered as the classic moviesKamal tires different roles and he isand he tries something new in each of hiplayed the lady role in movie

WEDDING ATTIRESSwethaa selvameddings are decided in heavenThis is a very famous proverbTamil Wedding happens once in a life time (nowadays more than olPeople dream about making their wedding a very memorable one, somethingthey could never forget in their lifetime

Dresses play an important rolepresent worldId people spend more money for buying thewedding dress Dresses depend on their culture and tradition I would like topresent a glimpse of wedding dresses of different cultures of the worlddepe india is a country where diverse cultures flourish Here wedding attirespend on the religion and the region

HindDresses for Hindu wedding greatlChristianity is a world religion InIndepend on the region or state South Indi- dia Christian women wear white proman men wear traditional White Dhotis and Dress or Gown with a Veil and a bouquetsome people wear Pancha which is Dhoti In some South Indian Christian weddingstied in a different style It is often paired bride wears Sari Bride Groom wearsth white shirt and colorful turban white shirt black suit and tie with blackNorth Indian grooms wear colorful heavily pantsembroidered Sherwanis with matchingWomen in India are generally notedgenerally made up with Saris made of traditional Kanjeevaram silk

Kerala womenwear cream colored saris with colorfuBlouse The jewels they wear makes up forthe dull color of saris Brides in north india are characterized by heavily workedehangas in colors like red or golddding of Muslimscolorful the bride's dress is called ghararaSharara which is similar to wedding gownsexcept for they are fully covered and haslong sleeves It is paired with a matchingculture, normally sherwani or Suit and Tie

apanesechite dreusuaKimonos Kimonos are dresseth loosely fitter sleeves They wear amatching white headpiece

Groom wearsCoat suit and tieSikhsPunjabi weddare celebratedith great joy Bride wears bright SalwarKameez or Lehangas groom wears sherwani with colored turbansSimilarly different countries haveheir own culture and tradition for wedding attiresChinesetry of great tradiand culture which is reflected in their costumesd color and kimonos with amatchinplay a major roleChinese weddings Brides in Northern China usually wear a Frock called quipao embroidered with elaborate gold and silvedesign Brides in Southern China prefer towear double piece dress named Qungwa orKwa embroidered with Gold Dragons and

dered Shirt with a Jacket worn with a long traditional style with bright Prints ants ineongsam is a traditional embroBrideom wears shirtsskirt like gown which is worn by the groomNorwegianwedding include Crowns for BridesBlack or white embroidered aprons aworn over Red frocks paired with FloweCrowns or metal Tiaras

Men wear shirtsand Pants in traditional style along withHatsSwedishBrides wear flower circlets arountheir shoulders in addition to gowns andAfricathe bridegroom wears Lace works overUnlike other wedding cultures African their Shirtsweddings are very colorful The bridedressed up in gowns which can be of anycolor, with big Head Ties that are sometimesWeddings have their own significontrasting Traditional beads and accesso- Cance, so are the dresses and accessories compliment their dressesdecided in Heaveand Wedding Attires make us feel Heav

HOSTEL LIFESunny Singhiving in a hostel is a rite of passage It makes you stronger by throwingdaily struggles at you Even who has lived in a hostel is familiar with certain daily struggles Whether it is money problems or love problems, you have seen theugly side of hostel life, often in the most hilarious manner

GREAT WAR W●oDerything is better than mess food Isn't it? hostel food Is not made Toplease the tastebuds Still, every mealtime results in a horde of people trying tooutrun each other to get the food first, obviously first come first servedThedays when there is something good in menu AahaantE STRUGGLE FOR MONEYY。uwilmore。ienwhether because of uhold on pocket money by parents or badbecaused, there is always some money trouble for hostellers