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Cross Selling is when you sell one customer multiple productsways for an online business to be profitable For most cases, you just want to start oua week or twoadvertising for other products that would help the same kind of customer Easy salesOnce you have bist from your first business/online product, send out a genericemail like the ones you receive in your inbox from online stores or even companies likearget or WalMart

You write a ten min email with a link to your new product to 100people, 50 of them go to your sales funnel, and 30 of them buy your product Onlinebusinesses are just averages The more people that see your promotions(either paidids or free marketing via social media) the more people see your site, the more that seet the more sales you get, the more vacations, boatscars, homes, jewelry, and expensive dinners you can have! Online business are mostcustomers can understand the product and pay for the product alonline Here are some recommendations for systems that work well with building onlinebusinessesailchimre

http://mailchimpcom/-foremailingyouremailhttp:/onlinegrowthsystemscom-forbecomingasprofitableaspossiblehttps:/drivegooglecomfree dd desigproducts to shttp://wwwalibabacom/-forfindingphysicalproductstoseltp: //PayPal com-for collecting digital paymentshttp://wwwweebly

com/-freemultipagedwebshttp://wwwwebscoml-freemultipagedwebsiteshttps://wwwgodaddycom/-customdomainnameshttp://wwwebaycom/-onlineretailplatformwgoogle com/adsense/start/#?modal active=none-pays for you to advertiseon you site(for bloggers, etcGoDaddy

he abcs of social media7 This will help you get a head start on how to dominate your market in socialmedia The biggest number one tip you could ever recemarketing is like any other skill and that you will get better with practice Don' t worry ifyour first few tweets don' t get much traction, it will come with time

Make sure that youare paying attention to the stats and impressions that a tweet has not the amount ofkes, although they help7 There are many different social media websites and there are many waysmarket them For beginners, your focus should be on the Big Three: Twitter, Aceboand Instagram These are arguably the most effective and broad online networks,soone or a combination of these networks should be in your marketing plan

o If you watched my video, How To Make Money On Twitter- The $10,000ormula" on youtube or somewhere else, you learned about the sales pitch Basically,it's Twitter or LinkedIn, your biYou want to start off by saying something about yourself (sell yourself), say somethingthat you can do for people (product pitch), and finally give a link to how they canyour ability to help them( the close)he link at the end of your bio should be a link to your sales funnel or online storeare going through a system that has predetermined domain names that are long andugly in a bio, there is a great solution for that Go Daddy com provides a domain andhosting service online that you can purchase a custom domaaddress)for as little as $1200 Just search for what you want your company URL to beandbuythe"

com"domainorthe"bizthatyouwanttouseForexampleifyouownacarpet cleaining business and you have a sales funnel designed to get people's emaiaddresses so you can email them about upcoming discounts, youyour social media bio, bobscarpetcleaningbusinessprofile 1234 funnel linkforyou comyouwouldratherhavethisbeautifulUrlinyourbios"carpetcleanerscoms morerofessional, easy to remember, and will attract more customers It is like investingeally discounted online real estate It will be one of the best $1200 you ever sper

7 Your bio is done GREAT! You have done step one to transforming your socito a lead generating machine! The next step to do is change youprofile picture Guy Kiyosaki, the chief evangelist of Apple, is famous on several socialmedia sites, and his rule of thumb is to always have a profeof just your face for profile pictures You dont have to go to a photographer to get aprofile picture, sometimes a good cropped face photo of you at a wedding is goodenough

If you have a business account, the logo of your company is best Most sociamedia sites also have a background image of some sort for your profile That should bea photo that tells people what you are passionate abfacebook page, have a picture of clean floors If you have a personal account, have apicture of a golf course(only if you like to golf, or your product can help give peoplemore time/money to go golfing1327239716212Edit profile

7 Your profile is done, you can consider that your fimakes people want to know more and continue towards your product Now time toackle how you geGreat content7 I am going give you a quick run through of how to find good content, how tocreate it, and how to post it First is finding good content If you sell an online salessystem, you want to post about business related material, because that will attract thecustomers you are looking for The best content finding website actually isnt much of asecret When you are looking for content, just google a subject and you will findarticles, stories, photographs, you name it about that subject

If you are selling onlines systems, you want to google successful onlinekinds of content, from quotes, to pictures, to youtube seminars Make sure that you areiving proper credit to content owners For example, in my tweets I say, " Check ourepreneur Magazine s new article!"I do not claim for the article to be mine It doesnot make the tweet any less valuable or effective, it just makes it legal7 Once you have found good content, you will want to create unique posts tooptimize the traffic they attract For most social media posts, there are two kinds ofPictures and mentions Pictures are self explanatory, but the content th

ited to pictures You can take a quote fromWarren Buffett and create

a picture to attract more attentionYou dosend your followers to the website you got the quote from Here is an exampleMake money While YouSleep, You Will BeWorking For Money UntilThe Day You Diearren BuffettYou can use pictures to give stats, quotes, photos, and just eye catchers Thekind of content is mentions

That would be like your You Tube videos, newspaperts, etc All of those will have a link at the end of your postRemember the link is like the close at the end of a sale most social media sites wilgive a screenshot of what the webpage looks like, or give a preview of what the articlesays, without you doing anything! Here is an example of a mention post

ou are ahead of the game You will be the house on theblock that all the neighbors will talk about Whatappened to bob and Sue? They are buying boats andcars, and taking all kinds of trips! I've never seen them sohappyCongratulationsYou have taken the first step to financial freedom andersonal fulfillment I want to thank you for reading thiseBook, the more digital entrepreneurs the world has, thebetter ecommerce will be Social Media Marketing is thekey to online success

If you are reading this without firstwatching my video, How To Make Money On Twitter-TheS10,000 Formula, watch thatfirst and then come back toMAKE MONEYs t covers a lot of the basicsWITH TWitterof any social media platformand when I revisit them in the The $10,000book, you will have a better grip Formulaon the conceptsWatch the you tube video herehttps://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=6saj2ktys2k

able of contentsIntroduction- Is this for you?Page 4Online Business 101Page 6The abcs of social medPage 12The secret that successful onlinePage 19Business owners dont Want to share

ntroductionX Is THIs FOR YOant to welcome you to the fastest growing industry on the planet the internetted in 1990 by computcreated what came tobe called the World Wide Web, and it has changed the way people do businessternet has not only changed the realm of business, but the entire informationandscapeinternet has been growing ever since, and if you are one of thopeople who think that the web has seen its peak,hink again " Only 40% of the internet's globotential has been utilized so far in 2015, sayshe LA Times

Not that people arent using it,quite the contrary The stat says that 60% of theworld is underdeveloped, and when countriesAfrica catch up to the level of technology that Europe is at, thebe like an overflowing pipe, with many more consumers than there are onlinebusinesses You are here because you want to profit from the current explodingmarket, and the sure future that it has By starting an online business, you are layingyour section of pipe for the oil to flow throu

5What do men like Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, andcommostarted businesses in the market that was goingo revolutionizegeneration

Businesses is the revolution that oabove, or you can have your children ask you, Mom, Dad, why didn't you start anonline business back then?You would be surprised by how many "I'm too busy " I don't have the knowledgedont know anything about computers, that will prevent people from growing an onlinebusiness that would give them the FrEEdOM to travel the world, retire early, growalong with the industry, and live the life of their dreams You can make the choice rightnow what kind of a legacy you want to leave behind You are the mastfate, you are the creator of circumstanceor those of you who feel that pounding in their chest, like you know you were meant forsomething more, continue readingThe fact is thatthe Internet ismakingpeoplerichshouldn't yoube one of them?

6Online business 1o7 The first step in owning a successful online business is having a product to selWhen it comes to what they make money on, online bes are just like any othbusiness Brick and mortar, door to door, even Apple, they all have products Youror even a service It can be a digitaproduct like this eBook, a subscription to an online magazine or a website template

Ifyou already have a physical business, and you want to market it via sales funnels andof this information can be appliedmore customersQ: " I dont have a product! Can I still have an online businessA: Yes! You have the most opportunity here than anyone! if you don' t already have aproduct todecide if you want toysical products or digital If you want tophysical products, it will require a lot more of a business plan You will have to connectwith manufacturers and shipping companies etcan make a digital product likethe ones mentioned above What the wealthiest osell

people's products They market and close the sales for other companies products andeceive neavy commIssionsnline business as autorselling a digital product

Digital products can be either made yourself, or you can seothers' digital prodnd receive sometimes up to 50% commission Manysuccessful digital entrepreneurs go this route because they leverage brand names andmost of the time the wholesaler(original seller of the product or copyright holder) helpsyou market the product It is usually very cheap to become a partner with other onlinebusinesses and wholesalersonline partnership is known as being an affiliateYou will hear that term often in the online business marketMarketing throughAffiliates

best online affiliate comparentrepreneurse store salesfunnels, or marketing strategy Some even give you a customizable website The firsg you do to draw traffic to your website (get potential customers to visit youmedia marketing in the next chapter, but the purpose of social media is to direct trafficto your online store or sales funnel Once the customer clicks the links from your socialmedia, a new window will open with your custom sales funnel or online store

No matterwhat kind of site you have them go to, youst have an informational video that makesthem want to know more If you are arinsurance salesman, you might want ake Progressive explaining how they cansave money through Proive If you sea video on theand the leads thgenerate Tailor it to show what your productdo for them not the product itself forof mind, not on the rates and different kinds of coverage you provide(not yet anyway)at first video is meant to draw their interest furtherle meat and potatoes Ihe

he next page or for more information Sound familiar? You know this works becauseyou had to give me your email before receiving this eBook My business is helpingother people grow online businesses, and I required your email before you got thisBook Why?The best online businesses build an emailistYou can use those emails in many different ways

One of the most profitable is to usethem on a sale by sale basis You can email your potential customer and give them apersonalized sales pitch if they did not buy the product to regain their interest and provewrong any falsehoods they might have thought Then you get the sale! One or two fiveminute emails is all it takes to close someone if you have a good product Cha-ChingSSS Collectingd most profitable is buildingemail list and using that as a cross-selling market base