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The Bible of Steel

The bible of steelLucifer jeremy whitePublic domainot held under copyrightnd online under my name lucifer Jeremy white

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Visualizing to muming from a persolincorporating taste ah falls in line with my taste magic Somethingderived from theThe last sshort I would certainly say that my whole life was a ritual But thatssomething that can be done whether or not you are homeless have your funlittle magimagic words You'll have to experimentwith names and sounds that work fir you And then you can truly say i am anatural witchThe Silent partyThe ability to throw a personal party for yourself with no one even knowing itYou could be around a dozen a dozen people and they' d never know you arThankfully we have earbuds to help us Some of the things that will aid youhis are candy in your pocket, sweet drinks in a thermos, an artful magazine, orhone There cant be a party without goodwith just one person enjoying it Just involve the others in heart or mineey will be there Don't worry about how realistic your representation ofis Consider it a costume and make-up party Enjoy life in full at any time Carrya tune in your head Whistle along the path that you are only on Or just whistleto yourself Hum if you likThe most important class distinctions you will ever knowThere exists in the world Stupids

They are those engaged in things that havebeen established as unlawful Then there are the regal They impose the layAnd there are the productive who are well educated Those are the only threou will ever need to know abthey are in gangs that do the same as them Emotionally and mentally mevo IThe Stupids: they are always hooked on drugs The do criminal things Socialloften broken They have been slandered and abused many times They musttra of coolness around their peers because of it And they arealtogether shallow and basic They don't care much beyond the drugs they usethe power gothey get, and the pleasures they find But they are very dangerouYou must do well to separate yourselves from them Do not be where they areYou could be harmed by them You could become one of them fortunately that

friends were that wayThe Regals: They make the law They protect They hold things togetherBecause of them we can expect to sleep safely and walk around safely, as muchs possible through them They protect ourd the lives of our lovedones Unfortunately some societies become too out numbered by the stupidsand they must fleThe productive hbs They are sometimes well educated, such as throughollege They have money Live responsibly And protect themselves and thosethey love They won,t have anything to do with the stupids And fortunatelVery admirable are the regal That's why i call them regal not just the policebut the fbi and such too They have more power than any gang could form

Thank God! In fact God Himself could be called the same Some societies havehem and fund them, build upon them, etc, allotting much authority to themHopefully ethically )Although some governments and their workings can bevery corrupthankfully in America gangs have never achieved the threshold that theyhave achieved elsewhereLet it grow on themThough the initial response of a person may seem not what you wanted, theymay ruminate on it awhile, and come to your terms Whatever those may beNot just terms, sometimes just acceptance or appreciation that you seek fromhem Yeah a person can be bolted by some of the things you say But don't beafraid of saying what you need to Give them a few days They will learn toNot to not say, just to say it the right waybeen often with me that I felt I should li d never had said one thing oranother I am a person with easy guilt I should have considered much soonerthat there are always things i will need to saymust be said a certaway I would be held over with a certain person working towards my next placeof employment Sitting there after work was over at my current job I had aninternship Time on it was nearly done Thought that his prepping me couldhave been done more efficiently was about to boil over would have if I

lingered there even longer So I walked up and told him I was frustrated andgoing to leave He could understand that couldnt hewas such a person that could not speak his mind Likent say this Canay this Cant say this! Blah! RA RA! So I learnedimportant to Just expresshow you feel lightly If they don't understand then bring it up a notRage zombThere are those touldhropy over philanthropy There arethose easily disgusted with you They will treat you harshly for anythinopinion said They are cloaked in misogyny They'll slaughter people who theyare annoyed by on the open road They are atheists yet practice magic Areaught to be entirely selfish and hateful towards others They are bitter towardsanyone who don't meet them at their standards Have principles that are toostrict If they don' t like someone in their place they are told to severely lash outit them They are made to think a certain man is in all ways superior, to thepoint of worshipping him They idolize him and they aren't aware that they arein a cult theall every good deed fake, insincere Their primary goals arequeer They are molded both in thought and speech entirely by fiomeone whom they conform to in all ways And they are able to find anymeaning in life apart from him

From such turn awayThe greatest solutionNothing changes lifes woes for the better like good employment As a thing ofetary gd in the reduction ofrk give nothing else can There is a twin to this though and that is educationould encourage you every whab foyour favorite things If I had said it two years ago i would be a hypocrite Iadmit! But I took a chance Really i was just after money Focus? Pride? whatthat? I realized though they go hand and hand with work and are two things Iay have really never known until i began working I finally have the moneythat I need I have awesome things, like expensive name brand shoes greatnores It took a lot of personal strength way back In my wee Orking I had noclothing Wonderful electronic devices i didn't grow up wefound thawith maturity came patience And remember: there are many job choices Evena receptionist a person that sits to get paid As for me i amok in aprivate cafe for now My next step is coming That was a paid internship Paidminimum wage which isnt bad in San Francisco I would like two simple

tificd programming And I have a certificate that iseasy to get: a food handling licenseMeanwhile I am writing Several books at once For the variety of it The shift intopiould always think well that would be a good idea for my next book butTrue evilI am not true evil Not at all Ask true evil of me and they will tell you the samehave a sense of what true evil ia profound feeling that emerges Satanne i guess But every treive some such thing i am astonished Imagine walking down a path Let'syou are the chosen one, a hero to all You stop There is a person a thinghere, you think hea regular guy along the pathifjoin some club or some BS You think in the back of your mind the guy is a littlenoronic He asks if you know about the club he is in the hero sasays"well we are a club put together to fight the hero that we heard was herAnd I'm going to takeI certainly don't represent pure evil

Neither does Christian Satanism When aChristian told me once before that i was pure evil, I knew he didn ' t really knowwhat he was talking about They know these things about the devil but they donot know that blackest of darkness within him and the feeling that gives firDont mistake me for all of that as i know what pure evil is i didnt set tobring about Satanism for people But to decide a line and create it for peoplehilhave any care for humanity They want it dead and gone And I would say toI am not one if you Neither are the Christian Satanic So let me justpeacefully turn from you and be gone, i am not here to interfere with youWitchcraft that is fun!Let,'s keep positive and constructive with magic Not negative and destructivNegative things will pull us down And like Jesus said"if you live by the swordyou will die by the sword Magic can be fun bright Build you and others upEven bring up the world around you And it can remain simple but still work A

lot ofss just depends on belief and faith As well as a relationship withhigher beings Ones that are there, seen or unseeWicca is a load of fun It is simple It entails the use of crystals, candles, thetarot, herbs/ potions, prayers and chants like wearing a crystal you energizeGazing into a crystal ball Using runeOne good book is all you need to getstartedAnd apart from Wicca (actually magic I created myself there is taste magicKind of relatable to the last Supper You tastething and relate that tasteo something you visualize So money is an easy example You imagine gettingwealthy to the taste of something And with another visualizatioAnd i created trash writing I call it trash writing because during my timeomeless i would do this with paper from a trash, place it all in a plastic bottlend throw it away Came from the trash Went back into the trash You donhave to use paper from the trash But you do throw it away, wherever In yourrash can at home

What do you write? Well that is what makewrite prayers, draw art, write music, drawing symbols and sigils for youosen deities Like for Shiva or whoever's else I like to tape a foreign coin ontoan index card and request something from Santa Muerte I put it in anvelope and throw it away and remember higher powers can see whatwriteust let me smokWhen i am at work i allow my co workers to make their own mistakes i amunique in this Some I've worked with keep a close eye on me and if I don' t dothings their way they will tell me what to do Like they would do it Like l'my their way is better But if I notice a pmaking ascramble egg instead if the omelet they are supposed to i leave it to the boss toAnd I don't snitch I dont threaten to call the police or any such thingWhatever authority I don' t tell the staff about someoneWe ought to forgive people of mistakes Readily so of vices Of which weave There was a woman who told me not to smoke on a narrow benchause she needed to sit there She was obese That is why she needed to sitdown I really felt like telling her she needed to go on a diet Smoking has atleast kept me thin I was on a work break I just wanted to relax a moment

Id once that if a car accident halcouldnt beinvolved Stuff like that just happens Hopefully no one wants to get into a carThere is gambling and going bankrupt But then theho get richThere is promiscuity and catching a deadly stD there are drugs that gethooked for life There are drunkards and dul there are those who make idioticchoices like robbing a bank or worse, or much worse i think these things areworse than smoking Me whose only vice is smoking But I feel like my littlefreedom is being nudged off the ledge I am here but for a short time The thinghelps me remain productiveThe dire need for intellectual freedomociety invests in you a cult like thinking If you don't adhere to the philosophyof it then you are ousted ostracized even condemned fired from workShamed I feel that my thoughts and opinions are no one else's business But theywill pierce into my mind and find things

Sometimes things not really there Butthey want the upper handorse than that they blame things on others Or on institutions or whateverYou shouldn 't have to care about other lifestyles Other cultures And by theway, Christian Satanists welcomekinds of people, race, gender not oconcern However we don t make a culture out of things we were born as, andly so That we maintain our identity from this religion and its fellowadherents Keeping it our sole identity That we may be separated from othercultures and the norms they try to impose on us making us just a little bitunlike ourselves keeping us from focusing on our own ways Forcing us tostare at them and k

now them so we will be stratified from them and theirentanglement We will pursue and fight for our right to exist independentlyfrom themThe Importance of High Level comfortThere should be an occupation of people making others more comfortable Anddon't mean mentally like a therapist does But in physical form They could gotingseats More comfortabla better bedhey would know just the right covers They'll helclothes by the rightWill knget And drinks they may never have heard about otherwise If something in the

home is frustrating then they would addref they see dirty disheseverywhere then they may suggest paper plates Or just getting rid of multipledishes One plate andfork and spoon mAn occupation of making others as comfortable as they can be in their homesduld addEnergy healingWhere de turn after they had been holding negative energy for a longtime? It may be released as total inhibitioat may come from alcohol orAs periodic, habitually and so they really depend on it But forothers itcome after a breaking point And i know all about being brokenvil side More accurately a twisted side and so i am onesplit into two But right perspective may be required after a build up of worryOf irrational concerns That feeling of guilt that makechoices can never be right developing the right perspective and along with itjust a resolve a resolve to break through obsessive compulsive thought myinitial diagnosis from a doctor was OCD It takes a leap of faith to breathrough To refuse to worry Worrying won't fix anything I wouldn, t sayanything but only you will know when and how and what it may really fix whata problem I have! I am such an intelligent perseough there are those lesssmart than me who are full of happiness, if not more angry than me in generalturn to music sometimes I love to conceptualize it To momentarily uplift myself-ideas throughmuch as i can Sometimes more able to than othetimes Most times not so well

But when I can pubecome quiteeuphoric My Schizophrediehas an especially powerful euphoric effectMy worries are things very silly They don't feel ridiculous but they are Likeaccidentally handingavingunintentionally stolen Causing a car wreck if i darted across the road orI feel the best thing i can do about my future is to write i wish to be famous Ish to be a popular figure Just what others want so do i just whatantWhat we all want When it comes to people wanting things I am amongeveryone else I have the right experience Been through hell in back like Odinventuring into the under realm to collect the runes Philosophy is my cup of teaReligion is the ice Or maybe the other way aroundMy job sure helps I used to worry about being fired for simple mistakes BIIve become the most experienced worker there in just 6 months I get themoney I need for sure And what i buy with it helps my life more too I love myew gaming console The game i am currently playing Drinks help too Not

The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery You mustearn its riddle, Conan

You must learn its discipline For no one-noone in this world can you trust Not men, not women, not beastspoints to sword] This you can trusConan the barbarian

The four books

Christian satanic teachingsA Course in Christian PhilanthropyFree video game idea bookThe book of godism

for a debt l owe to all human kindChristian satanic teachings

Introductionhy do i write? i write to make a positive change in my life, in yours, hopefullyand the world I feel quite indebted to write My experiences in life have beenbroad Have been mentally strenuous Have been unique Have been mentallydifferent wayh a way to learn and to come tod to teach those things It is my responsibility The world needs toear what I have to say and kind of similarly i write simply because it is in myature i began writing religious stuff early on Must have been about 12gan on paper may have found a mechanical typewriter wasn't until i got myfirst computer when I started making digital files Then came internet, etc, andnow I wouldn't have any other hobby No more important hobby anyway I workhard on this stuff I am alwaysReally id rather be playing my video gameright now Then again, I really feel that this should be started and the first fewpages are always the easiestThey are all first pages for awhile i decided to start writing several books atonce i realized it's better that way Can talk about different things

i don't onlywrite about Christian Satanism Would like to surprise myself To perhaps getthree or four books done at about the same time you understandThis book doesn't have to be read from the first page to the last Not at all Itcan be read randomly That until it is absorbed It isn't a novel with a beginningand end as suchYes I want to make a positive change in the world And t've always thoughtbout how the worldMy books are all free(as eBooks )are available as paperbacks if you prefer Andare all in public domain Currently Ive written nearly forty books You canshare them, and please do You can sell them, and do that too And thank youall for your interest in the religion of Christian Satanisma grey religof dualityOne anti-sided-mindedAnd perhaps a joke on the whole universe

Let's playComethe show there is boball ds not your fault He is that way to everyone There is a personpicking out the nicest clothing they can They want to impresseveryone Then there is the homeless man he doesnt know howe smee is just after a few dollars There is a man in anally right now, maybe not far away, smoking crack There is a guythat attacked someone a few minutes ago now he is going to jail forawhile isnbad as the person that killed someone He's goret to keep what he doesnt know is that in a few months heing to prison for life There is a person at a desk filling out sorrather frustrating paperwork a person just got paid will spend thenext hour shopping But too bad for the others in the world whohave just gotten firedSome have fought for peace and have gained it

They can tolerate worst of things They have stamina Some have worked hard inlife and gained much They have vigor And those that have gotten agood education have high Mind Some have come into a life theyfully enjoy They have vitality and let's not leave out the othersas strengtFor me the world is much like an rpg even if it is more a chooseyour own adventure kind of RPCowever you can make your life as any kind of game you wish toMine is an RPG Yours may be an adventure, a simulation, a beat-emup like Bob As for me I feel like I'n playing many different RPGsonce And i don' t play with others doing different things Not t

Bob type anyway not one to draw the fool card often I learn andadapt i grind and evolve And most importantly: I surviveMy Current Life Vs My Desired lifeLaying out all of the cards on the tablethink I have the master plan mastered as mastered plans could possibly beChristian Satanist was born of air and fire no doubt You could call christianSatanism a controlled fire You Would be very accurate That' s all one part ofmy life It came from quite a lot of toil and plain hardship I was tested to thelimits mentally In so succeeding without dying i earned the moniker ChristianSatanist Take heed, Christian Satanism done wrong is dangerous More soSatanism More so than Christianity While one juggles if s/he doesn'thow, things are going to faThis is a wonderful philosophy a useful one

Who among the Christian Satanistcan stand before the seat of judgement? That isnt so for you because I havestood there already for you Unless you a are going to proudly seek the seat ofadership for it to sit next to"us, a seat of which I have nothing to say Youwill have to find that seat on your ownof work Little rest Hard times, few soft times But vitality gained in full Ifyou are going to find that place I have only one thing to say: leave no stoneInturned do not overturn constantly either because you will need to be ontime To be timely Keeping an eye on the hourglass being pre prepared foryour fateDestiny " that isAnd you will be watched whom among this isd you will meet yourwatcher And if they can be proven your earnest qualification then they willhat day about who you were all along among the arch angeAnd all of your memories will be restored if you listen to me So start thereYour tastes will bring light to the abyss But that is all covered elsewhere Ma

you find yourself among The Counsel of Goats Someday i promise you, I willprepare youBeing allMuch of my personality comes fIchieved this byimitating every character in my favorite movies, one by one I watched just ahandful of films many many times The characters within thpersonified Therefore I am very many different things Those split from goodto bad for ins you will not find the gray but through them i becameLet Your Tastes Light the wayYour tastes are the truth and thee light of your ways Come to terms tohat which you like the most Rest and meditate on them gather them andthem in your abyss Protect them

Cherish them For those that do not likeanything have nothing But those who like a great big bundle of things is full oftreasures Your tastes: think about them often Add and build upon it Increaseyour desire for them Do not question it all Just run with itYou will then always findhing you willperson but one aso the brim as could be And cherish your time in theface of the Earth We are making fir ourselves a home here and doingeverything we can to earn itFind your classConsider them There are many a myriad of them What kind of person wilyou be today? What will you embody? What kind of voice will accompanyWhat are its choice actions and methods? You can be many many things whyjust one thing a typical self? A normal human doing customary thingsWhat’ s the fun in that?The value of Good Clothing

Its been said before by many people that being dressed and suited well is asclose to opulence as some can get Whenever something new is happening inmy life i personally like to get new clothes brings about anform of pridYou can never have too much pride! Maybe you cant afford a S1, 000 ring butou can afford a $500 ring And another one later heu've got eight fingersSometimes a crystal necklace is just as attractive Plus it has its magic TheChristian Satanist has more options Ever wear an inverted pentagram shirtwith a large dangling Christian cross? As for me I wont be seen in the same hattwice And i will have an assortment if pins to wear according to my thoughtand doings at the moment Black cargo pants Durable sandals Mood rings arenice Everyone likes a mood ring I remember an episode of a sitcom in whichhe army men were out in Korea in the frigid cold, at a medical base One guyhad a pair of warm long johns and the others greatly envied himLiving the ritualThere are those magicians that know their rituals well

They know how toperform them in a separate room of the house They have a ritual chamber Analtar They practice magic only there And it is very limited to thaOne step above them are those that go out to look for magical items They maywillow tree to use as a magical wand And they may perform rituals in abingfew idLike taking a tree branch froA step above them all are those whose natural actions are rituals like as withe, i pray silently to idols that a store may carry especially if it is on my wayhome While I was homeless I did this sort of thing all the time Every otherthing i did involved magic experimentation Used a mirror among a set of largeew what I was doing I seen this fountain (a bowl beneath this pigdemon looking figure) in town and would use it as an altar It was at midnightNobody was around I am a person that doesn't sleep in such a conditionTook pennies from the wishingThrew them back in Recycled wishesAlways looking up at the stars making my wisheDoing superstitiousause why notAnd writing down praart and music, sigils and things with trash paper Ort lighting a candle and sitting to it all night praying