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The Outer Bluish Medley

AcknowledgementThe process of writing-printing- publication of thispoem has a lot of contributions of several benefactorsFirst of all, doet khe lement a lot of carePoet and painter Alden merin who gave us thepermission to use his works for the cover and supplementAdvisor editor Richard H

sindt who helped uwith the English editting· Poet en writer Ho Dangre of thediterary critic Dang Tien and translator CaoXuan-Tu who encouraged guided usEvery body and -thing around us tave usitude to the benefactors! we alsowould like to thank you ( reader) for taking thetime and attentioable omissions we beg for your ignoring and feedacK which help us to correct and improveThe Outer Bluish Medley

di Mo DauBan vua mo ra tap thd Thuy Lien Khuc Ngoai Daymot co gang khiem nhuong cua chung toi, mong dedong gop mot chut gi do nho nhoi vao cai dong chayTap thd gom hai phan ro rety Lie2)Tu Nhung Thu Nguyen ngoaiThuy Lien Khuc 20-21 nhu la mot ban truong cave mot cuoc tinh(trong muon cuoc tinh) lien mangxuyen suot cuoi the ky 20 sang den the ky 21 vaohung nam bat dau khoang 1995, he thong lienlang(Internet)bat dau nd ro va hien tuong chaco mot hap luc moi ngay mot gia tang vuot bac

Ludo, giao luu qua chat chua co the bang am thanh vaen ban phim Nhung ung dung cho chat,lan den mirc roi qua pirc tuy gidi han d chucung lai la nhung diem noi ket thu vi chogthuat truven tngThuy lien khuc ngo·1

rewordst opened the poetry book The Outerluishy This is a humble attempt bytobute a little something to the constantThe poetry book has two distinct parte outer dimensioBluish Medley 20-21 is somehow an epic love story(among many, many love stories) on the Internthroughout the late 20th century to the 21st cetury Starting around 1995, the Internet startedlooming and the phenomenon of chat had an attraction with a outstanding increase daily

At thatyped on the keyboard Although applicationschat, such as java, then mirc and then pirc, hadmited functions they were interesting social mediafor a generation that grew together with the moderng Cocation technology3 The Outer Bluish Medley

Phai tiep xuc voi nhung ky thuat moi, thong tin noichung va ky thuat truyen thong noi rieng mot cacho at khien cai the he dang lon len bi loi cuon vadong thoi cam thay lac long Internet da bien thelai hon bao gid het thayhoang cach khong gva thoi gian voivoi qua

Tuy xa ma gan, tuy gan mabay gio, la diem tya, la chu nghia keokhoang cach(klgian va thoi gian) ghien cuyber) Cung la ap ung,ethen day va cung la xay dap tuong lai day, nhung ratao huyldi bay giog ta co den hai ban sac)Dan cu mang2)Dan cu dVa cai khai niem hierkhong con la tuyet doicung nhac nua Sy nhan thucthuc, hu da bat dalan ion klng ta dat ra nhung cau hoi ngChungtava khong( the) thay gi?Nhung cai chung ta thay co phaNgoai chung ta co(the) co nhung cai klta?Thuy lien khuc ngo·14

Being massively exposed to all new techniquescommunication technology in particular made the rising generation feel boed anst at the same time the internetsuperb So far yet near, so near yet far *

so faat back then was the fulcrum was the words anbofot of cyber loves have been raised Love stories withfacets like being faltering shy

and different and alsoplanning a built-up future, are very impractican this modern day, most ofe two identiti) Inhabitant of cyber spacof earthAnd the concept of existence is noand rigid The perception of reality athat do we see and what dcan you not see?Are the things we see as we see them?

Nhung thu khac khong nam chung thu nguyenhong nghe va khongthay! Va nhu the toi naan khong tlglao tiepdiung tineu truyen thong cua nhung cai khac ta tu d nhungguyin ngoai 3/360o!? Nhumg-cai-khac-taxung quata dangThuy lien khuc ngo·16

All who or which are not in the human dimension soe couldn 't hear or see them ! And so we are notable to communicate with each other !From the outer dimensions could be communication signals of the others from beyondthe others surround us are perceiving us like we areperceiving them!?Noy friend, please log in to7Outer Bluish Medley

Bien bacUY LIEN KHUC NGOAIE OUTER BLUISH MEDLEYThd tan hinh thucVietnamese New Formalism Poetryuc Publishing Club

Tan Hinh Thuc Publishing CIOXGarden Grove CA 9284http://www

thotanhinhthucorgenAll rights reservedCover: Painting of Alden marinlenThe Outer blThuy Lien khuc ngoaiLibrary of Congress Control Number: 2012955769SBN978-0-9885096-1-0


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Loi CamDe co dude tap thd nay, trong qua trinh viet-in-anu dong gop cuadc het nha thd khe iem da bo nhieu tam tu'ddung tranh anh de lambaNha bien tap Richard H

sindt giup chung toichinn sua phan Ann ngNha tho nha van Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc giupng toi khaalTiXuan-Tu da dong vien, huong daNhung(nhan)vat xung quanh cho chung toinguon cam hungui deran nhabietkhong quen camglan va chutam cho tap thd nay Nhung sd suat kho tranh khoimong qui vi bo qua va phan hoi giup chung toi khacThuy lien khuc ngo·10