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The Perennial Migration

The Perennial MigrationByD

M Kirtaime

Chapter 3atients with cardiac problems filled the beds in the97 The direct result of living in a secluded world, with the fast-foodindustry giants gaining financial strength to prepare for the worlddministration takeover The daily media supplied pictures ofppetising and succulent meals, And everyone had enoughcomplimentary vouchers stored on the Entertainment Shoppingcards to continue loyal unhealthy eating whenever desired At theAdministration Centre Trudy 105781261, qualified as a nurse and aftertraining got assigned to Hospital Dome 97During pre-training registration surnames could no longer be usedd staff claimed it optimacords if everyone just usedthe identification number but it was allowed to use forenames for oracommunication Trudy otherwise known as" to her brothersobsessed with her profession; often stayed on after her own shift tohelp colleagues during busy periods She always looked forward to thevisits Thorn made during her free time at home

That Thorn watchedover his sister she was aware as he always used the excuse he hadworK otook him towards her accommodatioShe wished that it was possible to spend time with her brother Leotoo But since his demotion from the rank of double chevrotAdministration Force soldier and citizenship ban she had not seen himTrue found it strange that during the last year, the amount of peopleentering hospital for allergies around the skin above the implantedwrist chips, did not reduce and many returned several times duethe severe pain the open wounds inflicted As the law forbid theof wrist chips, True and her colleagues tried to treat patieinfected with the virus as best as possible with medication Forhygienic reasons, two wards served as quarantine and hospital staffn in those areas and because ofinfectious threat thfrom the wafCommander had to be changed to the defence domesA part of the registration procedure in the Administration Centresas the compulsory implantation of wrist chips The staff explainedthat the benefits of thted chipsided identificatioof most medical conditions and that forpersonal protection it ensured that people without a chip implant couldnot enter the dome network without an alarm being sounded, The

implantation procedure took ten minutes to complete after a dose ofskin next to the middle veins and a few centimetres from the thumbjoint The other benefits did not apply to the individuatracking and infliction of pain if the person strayed over ten metresThe symptoms of the virus had first shown when the victims hadhave the chips scannedple when travelling to a holiday resordome victims described that when the chip got scanned, it felt as ifsmall rake gauged through the skin within hours of being scannedsmall craters appeared around the chip part of the wrists, which turnedight pinkWithin a day a purple fowl smelling fluid oozedfrom these enlarged open pores

Umicroscopes doctors found that the fluid was a live organism, that atemost materials Even more strange was that the virus did not causebe y of the host's body, as if a survival instinct existed for the'host'tootected For reasons unknown the fluid did not erode or penetrateglass items, which made it possible to store the fluid in test tubes

Chapter 4With the noise of the odsv's electro-motor decelerationoverwhelmng the voice ofof the magnetic strips; which ran over the circumference of thedome and switched gears to 'Park Once the vehicle locked onto therip Thorn donned his brown fatigue jacket and strappedk-pouch to his black utility belt He pressed a small square buttonpositioned on the back of his boot, whichred an embedded hoveoof hatch door of the odsvThorn appeared above the vehicle with a panel scanner in his handeady to begin inspection of each dome panel As long as the vehiclepart of the magnetic strip network, it followed in the direction thedriver went; which ensured that that person stayed within the ten metreouter-dome limitnewer bree foundthat to get the best reading on the scanner, it needed to be held fifteencentimetres away from the panel This enabledI one metre thickbeige panel shell to be scanned for cracks The seals surrounding thepanels had to be measured for air-tightness, and if they discovered aleak filled it with a sealant compound using a custom designed gunBy midday Thorn inspected two layers of panels on one side ofDefence Dome 102, which was due to those panels being loynaintenance of these

ten seals and three pateeded to be repaired He decided it was time to stop for lunch andeturned to the ods vOn the side panel of the vehicle he opened a storage container andlled the collapsible board up which he used as a table Another pullown packed lunch mornings before leaving for work, he had nosurprise snacklus it contained the usual share of cheese and tomatosubstitute sandwiches after which he drank coffee from a flask as heate his lunch he faced away from the dome to enjoy theorest Over time the edge of the forest had advanced over theoundary fence, and displayed strength by sprouting a network ofding thin feelers outas he bit into his sandwich he was sureIt even with quick reflexes when he looked up he seen the sameforest picture Thorn finished his lunch and packed the thi

One perk he enjoyed wasdid not have to clock out and backwhen he took lunch, out on inspection or repair jobs Today, althougsunny it still had the chill that winter had left The aroma of fresh grassmixed with buttercup provided the perfect picnic scenario whilepressed the button on his boot to switch the hoverjet back on, henew again that something watched from a distance, but this time hed on as though he did not notice Being an open person, Thornelcomed the possibility of contact with a non-human intelligent lifeOn the inner side of his boot was a series of buttons, marked 'UrLand''Speed''Stop, As one had to stay balanced with the one leg ase opposite boot activated any of the buttons, it made the use difficultThorn now tapped the 'Up' button and ascended to the third layerpanels to begin the inspection While ascending the outer shell of thedome Thorn twisted his body so he faced the forest as he turned hgaze went in the same direction

And he saw it! The watcherpositioned between trees but not in the open -instead used the treesAlthough Thorn appreciated that he might not have long to inspecthe watcher before it disappeared into the wilderness; he notedcharacteristics of the being during the few moments in which glares ofboth connected Thorn had the eerie feeling that this being was notluman Although from the posture it could have passed as human if itlad not been for the leaf features which broke the silhouette, Standinat an estimated height of one hundred and fifty centimetres, thewatcher radiated an aura of peace knowing and understanding Theskin a pea-green texture as was the colour of the watchers thin lipGreen leaves grew out from the skin and covered the side of the head,where humans had ears, and top of the head The watchers clothingcould not be fully seen through the trees Thorn saw the materialthough, consisting of a moss substance As soon as the visual scrutinygave a friendly wink and nod of his head before turningand proceeding with his paid job

Chapter 5After pushing a double shift, True logged out at the matrons officeand waited for the next elevator to arrive her reflection in the elevatordoor showed that her short brunette hair wastiled as whetft had begun The dome platform elevator network hadpendent over-head mono-rail which enabled each hanging capsulehich accommodated one person; to travel in every direction It waspsule to travel throughnetworks to reach a particular destinationAs True waited for the elevator, her fatigued facial expressioncovered the somewhat shy look of guilt Which may have otherwiseo the fact of her notbe stoppedfor a bag check by the wA

F The next elevator capsule arrived, andthe door opened Although her blue plastic satchel had extra paddingside True still took extra care to avoid any accidental knocks to it asentered the capsule In the elevatord sitcomfortable positionAfter instructing the navigation console which route to take, shechecked her email first and placed an order for an evening dinnerDinner was to be delivered to her apartment on the fourth floor ofAccommodation dome 56 which for convenience was the nextnearest living quarters to the Hospital Dome 97 while in the capsuleTrue had to make sure that theel remained safeAnd maintain her typical travelling behaviour, as each capsule had abuilt-in security camera for alleged safety reasonSo after ordering a warm meal of pasta and tomato sauce, shereturned to reading andheres had no actual windows but instead had rotating advertsbeamed on the inside panels to keep the passenger occupied Purchasescould be made direct via a touch-keyboard pulled from a virtual menuThe red digit five-minute destination arrival countdown appearedabove the capsule door True arose and collected her satchel inpreparation as the capsule docked at her apartmentThe apartment door had to be opened by face recognition, and ondher fatigue altered her faok sixty seconds longer due to themIcro-Drocessorscrolling throughe gigantic memory database searching for a facial match Once in herpartment, True placed her satchel on a small round table next to her

bunge couch; before swentertainment and shopping cardthroughthe left of her apartment,'s delivery portal The cardunit value display showed a deduction of a few units, which triggerede portal door to open; allowing True to collect her evening meal Shetook a quick shower and donned soft and comfortable clothingAs she ate her meal she switched the wall screen on to catch up onher regular and favourite soap shows And for a short period forgothat she had smuggled something out of the hospital But a sudden jolther mind triggered a reminder for her to check in her satchel truefinished her dinner as fast as possible and took the satchel into thebathroom; as she thought it might be safer to open it there instead of ine lounge As she opened the satchel bit by bit, her heart jumped asthe door bg Panicking she thought what to do next

True closed the bathroom door and reassured the visitor with "wa minute which sounded fake as she could have first checked thentrance cam display to view who was there, had time allowedWithout checking theeillanceshe opened the front doorUpon the door opening, she heard "Hi True! and smelt the somewhatsweet aftershave her brown haired brotherked past her and looked towards the lounge table hoping that hetime to grab her diner leftovers while thorn focused on thetakeaway container, True closed the front door and for the first timewanted her brother to leaverue greeted her brother with"Hi Thorn, how's it going? AnyThorn had made himself comfortable onsual anshrugged both his shoulders as he confirmed" Oh the usual, nothingmuch I'm getting overtimehats - hiou know, um the world Administration Force Commander, Kerneneral Kern, that's him But that's it with me And you? You look asthough you haven't slept for a while And why are you still standingIs somethingTrudy remembered that she could never fool her brother Thorn, andsaid"You're correct I guess, I have slept less than I wanted I tookanother shift as we didn t have enough on call to cover So yeah, I'll beglad to get to bed- you stayTrue, come on, what's with you? So nervous- Hello! You cantool me! You keep looking over at the bathroom and now you want ridof me

Trudyng the conversation took a direction she did not wantand knowing Thorn may extend his visit duration now thaawoke, accepted that it was time for defeat She exhaled a saved upgasp and said"Thorn, do me a favour please and get the pair oh are wedged under the sink in the kitchen; andjoin me in the bathroom-I want to show you somethingThorn first thought that the toilet needed repairing for his sister Buthaving arrived in the bathroom after having first collected the cleaninggloves, with thoughts of toilet cleaning, he was surprised and curiousat what he might now confront True pulled the test tube out from hersatchel and held it up for her brother to inspectWhat's that? I mean how did you get that purple stuff? " Thornasked as he closedthe corkd glass tube which True nowheld up in her handI don' t understand myself yet what it might be But what I knowthat many patients are in quarantine, who have open skin pores withthis fluid erupting And that the stuff grows and grows if not containedin a glass compound, for example this test tube

said TrueThorn made a cupping-hand gesture and said"Heck True, don't dropit, just don't drop it! So how come the patients are still alive?Well we understand that the fluid doesn t harm the actual personrom whose pores it spouted with the patients in quarantineunknown just how contagious or damaging the stuff is For thesepeople, admission to hospital was voluntary after a receIth complaints of severe pain around the wrist parts with the implantAnd within a day the patients had a series of miniature craters in theame part of skin " True explained as if she still wasn't believing itherselfWhat happens when the fluid comes into contact with otherobjects?” Thorn askedFirst take a cotton ball using the gloves True said pointing at theHe donned the gloves and

collected one of the cotton balls asrequesterue gave a hanfor him to bring the white piece of cottonoveer she opened the test tube and urged "Quick!Push the cotton into the test tube - that's itOnce the cotton was inside, True re-sealed the test tube They bothwatched to see what might happen next to the fluffy ball inside the

n 2053 the World administration took form after the collapse ofsociety during the global war of 2040, and caused the split of thet installed a colossal network of vfor the dome and inner-platform construction was to be transported toar Unmanned covert drones carried the network parts at night Eachfor defence had fivelevels Once the defence domes came into position, larger domes hado be built to contain accommodation towers and other buildings suclas hospitals and shopping mallsa tunnel network connected the domes trains delivered commercegoods underground and for personal travel at Earth level The domeshells contained a series of inter-linking blue hexagon-shaped panelswhich, once in place and sealed, provided outer protection againstattack One large panorama screen covered the whole inner-domeshell

These screens provided a non-stop artificial"day and nightenvironment, marketing advertisements and world administrationontrolled news The prepared evacuation of the elite classommunities in each country orchestrated the split within human raceIn the main-stream media, a series of crisis summits providedonversation content everywhere; with high-profias the curtain for the otherwise unexplained movement of the membersand families of the elite class It was said that many countries haddesperate need of financial rescue and supply of emergency resourcesnat this could be managed if citizens moved to the central locatieThe sell of this story toblic was a total successWith most citizens being relieved of personal savings to settle theted national debt, if not taking partork or food At this time, with most peopcleansing"took place as per the scheduled secret agenda Thosecitizens who conformed joined the Administration Centres andreceived food and accommodation And if selected, training wasavailable for trades, designed to improve country economyThose joining the Centres underwent a series of recruitment tests forvarious trades and moved according to the test results Those movedleft in the belief that others, including friends and relatives, followed

people could never re-enter the Centres once escorted from theOnce cleansing was comthe Administration Centres closedAfter the split, the people who did not pass trade training andelocation found themselves left behind in derelict cities and suburbElectrical power was available from groups of survivalists who ownedtors Buttoenerators those survivamany who stayed behind, the wilderness came to them as wild animalsand others beings no longer feared the dominance and havoc ofAs soon as the world administration erected the domes and theinner-platforms, a large settlement grew around the outer perimeter ofe network These people lived off of and traded with the refusedumped from dome residents The refuse disposal unit ejected whiteplastic cocoons through a tube one metre in diameter

The cocoonsbeing lightweight and designed to be collected by strong winds or thlead tofoul stench returning to the inner-dome Later a cocoon unlockedonce it passed a distance of one kilometre outside any domethe Earth level non-accommodation platforms and outer-dnee wThe non-chevron trade workers, who had permission toperimeter, had regular contact with the old breed settlement Eventhough within the dome platform establishments high securityvas everywhere to be seen, EarthdifferentVarious trading took place between the non-chevron trade workers andthe old breed settlement, by use of refuse disposal tubesMany old breed members had even managed, until chip securiupgraded to have the wrist chip reset and updated to a non-chevrontrade The media continued to bombard dome residents with so-calledive coverage of"old breed"incidents of theft and famines Portrayeds being filmed via drone for safety reasons Presenters reassuredcts of charity took place to help the old breedWith dome residents encouraged to donate entertainment and shoppingMuch of the media news film covered areas showing refuse disposal

cocoons being plundered and the non-usable waste left on a dumpYou always had a few of the old breed in these film clips combingthrough for edibles and other items for salvage Such clips alwaysame in useful when news space needed to be filled As the yearspassedlber of domes within the global network grew, as didthe height of many of the existing ones The oldeelf-reliant and moved more and more away from the dome perimeter

Many taking to the forests, mountains, and even oceans; with theed cities left behind overgrown and no longer offering shelterafety for defenceless humansThe series of events so far had been part of an evil agenda, executedand controlled by one force; who now claimed to be the newer breedd owners of the planet earth-The World Administration Unknownto them though they had not been the only species with an agenda andhad hosted the completion of one which was much older and darkerThe time for change was overdueOne thing was for sure, Mother Earth herself needed to pull stringsp a most inappropriate group of candidates take command of themigration To defend against many terrestrial enemies, secure thefuture survival of mankind and the recovery of the planet

ChapterOn the platform of a discipline dome a non-public military courtcase begun Once the judge, Jury, lawyers, clerks and witnesses hadeated the door to the court dock opened a pair of custodial officersescorted the still double chevron no259 soldier known as LeoLeopold) to friends and family, hand-cuffed into the dock The greytungsten caged dock provided enough room for the prisoner and theescorts to sit(and stand when summoned) The court clerk announcedthat the prisoner was in attendance and that the charge against hirread 'Conspiring against the world administrationWhen asked how he the prisoner intended to plea, the lawyer whorepresented Leo as duty lawyer answered"My client pleads NotGuilty, Sir of JusticThe court clerk called each witness to the dock

each of the fivef what happened during the secreLeo Questions in the style 'if it wasnt this was it thar'continued, todraw the Jury's attention towards negative possibilitieswyer portrayed the whole matter from different angles Fromforming a work union through to a psychological condition acondition which signalled thlough the welfare of colleaguesoncerned him, the pressures of his own work led him looking forLeo was not as well defended as he may have been if he had hiredprivate lawyer Prior to his arrest he had confided in his sister TrueThat he was a target due to his demands for a union and because of thecandidate campaign work he prepared Escorts took Leo from the dockback to thewhile the Jury discussed and confirmed the verdictAfter twenty minutes he was back out in the dock Everyone stoodas the Jury announced that the verdict was guilty Althoughmurmurs came from the public viewers in attendance after hearing theverdict, none dared question the decision made Ibviousnany in attendance that the judge had prepared his script as heproceeded with the prompt issue of the sentenceThe judge now looked at the ginger haired prisoner, andOne Zero Five Seven Eight One Two Five Nfound guilty of conspiring against the world Administratieentence you to banishment from the world administration networkYou are to be stripped of rank and citizenship The wrist chip data is to

be invalidated Escorts, remove prisoner one zero five seven ee nine from the courtHaving dedicated his years to earn promotions as a soldier, Leonever considered how life was outside the dome network He had evenbeen a member of teamsb it was to protect the network domeagainst intruders from the old breed settlement Now he was to be atthe old breed's mercy He hoped for a chance of being accepted at thesettlement-otherwise he seen his days of survival to be fetwork thek Leo to a scan room amachine situated on a small round metal table caught his attention Satpalm of his hand over the scanner A custodial officer, in grey"ith theon the chair provided, he received the order to place his wrist with theform, typed in an instruction on the device keyboard The scan tookplace and after ten minutes was complete and had wiped the datastored within the chip A small injection jab numbed the skin, and acut was made for the chip to be extracted Then the realisation of whatappened hit him, thed what he lost Leo broke as thtears overwhelmed his otherwise strong postureficers took him back to the cell while his discharge and exit frome network was prepared One guard unlocked the cell door and leoeceived a sand-coloured pair of canvas trousers, shirt, pullover, jacketand cap of the same colour and material One pair of green socksblack leather boots and belt got issued just before departure Atodial officer remainedat Leo's w

Af uniform andmilitary identification metal chain and rectangular discs could beconfiscated Once dressed Leo was to board one of the wA F armeddiscipline vehicles On board, although the equipment was availableplace passengers in chains secured to the floor and walls, Leo couldunrestricted The reason was due to a short one-way routeThe vehicle glided out from the dock, locked onto the dome erportal convoy andelease from the convoy, the custodial driver continued flight courseor full ahead until what looked to be a lighted open space appearedhe vehicle descended and hovered one metre from the ground Theopen space measured fifty metres in diameter, surrounded by woodenmarket stands Today though a large old breed crowd wattendance to watch the wa f discipline vehicle arrive at theettlement marketplaceOne of the custodial officers on board prompted leo to stand and

the vehicle exist hatch as Leo stood and edged towards thethe custodial officer removed the hand-cuffs and gave him ashove from the rear which pushed leo over the vehicle exit hatcthreshold

Instinct ensured that his arms stretched out in front ofbody, to prepare for a frontal landing on the ground But Leo broughtgs and feet forward to descend upon the dusty floor of themarketplace Once the dust had cleared as he had expected the oldd him bearing tools and weapons

Chapter 2The rattling started again and by now Thorn no longer noticed thevindow's protective orange metal plate beating off of the glass over onthe passenger side To repair it meant replacing the foamrame which an old breed smith could do in the same time it took aworker to re-charge the vehicle battery But due to recent power theft,every O DSV(Outer- Dome Sealing Vehicle) had to be re-chargedthin thene on the inner -dome platform so unlThorn received a task to work on the outer seal of the lower domesection, it was difficult justifying being at Earth level Today thecomplete non-chevron maintenance crew deployed in force, with everyavailable O DS v deployedAn official visit and inspection of the defence domes by the wAFCommander, General Kern was due to take place For Thorn he sawthis as a chance to clock overtime

which ensured that hisentertainment and shopping card received a long awaited credit ofs His first-chevron supervisor had given the Defence Dome 102repair task to him Because of the high-profile visit (and consequencesif something went wrong)at least repair materials became availableStock was then in adequate quantities and the quartermaster becameNow having pulled his OD sv from the pe Thorn launched the vehicle frotof thexit portals; for his first repair shift on the outer panels of Defenceome 102 Once in the exit portal convoy lane with the wA f mediareporter pushing censored news through the radio, Thorn fell into aday dream Ddrunninhis workshift he often flashed back to childhood memories one was the timeplaying hide and seek together with his brother and sister in theden orle countryside of the south west of Englandith his parents watching from the wooden pavilion, while prepsoft drinks and cake on the round table and calling Leopold:paringThornton, Trudy'once readyAnother flashback took him to one of the Administration Centres,which the World Administration had built Still young, neither Thoris older brother Leopold, nor his younger sister Trudy had any idethat the good intentions of the Centre staff caused the parentspermanent separation Although both too old to learn a trade, the boy

received training with the non-chevron crews on account of necessityduring the construction phase of the dome networkAs the O Ds v in front drove through the portal and disappearedfrom sige blast of daylight hit against his windscreen; for a shorttime before the visor completed the journeythe frorpane This restored Thorn's front vision again When the clunk'soundcould be heard on both sides, and the vehicle rocked before stablinitself, it showed that the o

Ds v was free from the convoy frame Hepressed the 'Hover button on the main cord released the brakesby pulling the handle and proceeded with pressing the speed trigger onthe steering bar Once out of the dome, he said "Dome One Zerothe des o the navigation console microphone and followed course to