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Tomorrow s Science Today

Professor Stephen HawkingSo let's give credit where credit is duehe mathematics and measurements which wemay find boring and tediousthem occasionally that maths and measures areothing unless we all gasomederstanding of the laws that govern theverse and are responsible for our existencetergalactic AndRelativity, Bohr's Atomic Model, Dark Matter, DarkAnd Negative Energy, String Theory /Unificatiohe Law Of Conservation, And CombiningNewtonian And Relativistic Gravity With StandingWaves and Quantum Probability WavesplicationRAnd philosophy as wellAs Everyday Lifeht of The Conceptan Electronic And Holographic Universe Shapeike A Mobius Loop

saw a video( Hidden Dimensions: Exploringtp://wwwworldsciencefestival

com/hidderdimensions)in which it was stated thatmathematicians are free to imagine anything whilephysicists work in a very different environmentconstrained by experiment, and thatthe American physicist Richard Feynman(198) said scientists work in a straitjacket WelAlbert Einstein(1879-1955) said"Imagination ishappens when we throw away everyday traditionand cstay groundedscience achnology), and thus release science from itsits begi(in mathematics andof cells on a grid that evolve through a number ofdiscrete time steps according to a set of rulesbased on the states of neighbouring cells)and(electromagnetism, gravitation, space-time andas we'lI see, 5th dimensional hyperspace )has assertions ofito the pastas the future(neither of which can be altereunification of the large-scale universe with sicomputer-generated hologram, that everyone who

ever lived can have eternal life and health thatcaused by the rapid displaydigitally generated "frames", that the entireniverse is contained inified with) every onof its particles, that the termscomputer-generated and"computer do notecessarily refer to an actual machine sendingsmall degree of free will, that humanity could havecreated oerse and ourselves thougunification physics says a being called God muevertheless exist and likewise be creator andhat Einsteins E=mc2 equatiofor the 21st century, reflecting the digital nature ofeality Though these things may be unbelievable2011, we should not ignore the possibilities ofheir being true or of their showing that reality isdeed digital because they are the logical productof already demonstrated electrical engineeringand trips into space, science is investigatingravel and unification the notion of motion hasbeen suspect to some ever since the ancierE(490-420? B

C ) argued that motion is absurdand many religions worldwide speak of God andhave some concept

c-r2instein"writing E=mc2 and poking outbirthdayJuly 2009, electrical engineer Hong Tang ands team at Yale University ind that, on silicon chip-and transistor

scales, light can attract and repel itself like elect00Stories of 2009 #83: Like magnets Light Caiphen Ornes, fromle January-February 2010 special issuepublished online December 21, 2009) This is theenon thatpredicted in 2005 this time delay is ratherconfusing since James Clerk Maxwell showed thatght is an electromagnetic disturbance approx40 years ago)

In the event of t

he universehaving an underlying electronic foundationar that thist benecessary precursor to scientific fulfirek's"magic"which becomes clear as thesesteps are read), it would be composed of siliconchip-and tracales"and the opticawould not be restricted to microscopic scales bicould operate universally Tang proposes thatoptical force could be exploitedtelecommunications For example, switches basedd be used to spethefibre-optic cables, andoptical oscillators could improve cell phone signal

all forms of Em (electromagnetic) radiation carcommunication revolution eg

with the Internetand mobile(cell) phones-I anticipate that thereay be no more overexposure to ultraviolet or Xrays In agreement with the wave-particle dualityof quantumlike properties(more noticeable at higfrequencies) so cosmic rays(actually particlesare sometimes listed on the EM spectrum beyondits highest frequency of gamma rays If cosmicrays are made to repel, astronauts going to marsanother star or galaxy would be safe fromotentially deadly radiation and if all particlesthe body can be made to attract or repel asnecessary, doctorsve new ways ostoring patients to heal

om 1929 til his death in 1955 einstein workedeory with the aim of unitielectromagnetism(light is one form of this) andravitation future achievement of this meanswarps of space(gravity, according to GeneralRelativity )between spaceships/stars could bether therebyAnd"warp drive"would not only come to life ine science/technology

it would be improvedremendously, almost beyond imagination Thisreminds me of the 1994 proposal by Mexicaphysicist Miguel Alcubierre of a method ofcause the fabric of space ahead of a spacecraftcontract and the space behind it to expandherefore, the ship would be carried along in awarp bubble like a person being transported onits destination fedde the wbubble There are no practical known methods towarp space -however, this extension of the Yaledemonstration in electrical engineering may

Star Trek,s warp-driven EnterpriseElimination of diseased matter and/or eliminatingthe distance in time between a patient andecovery from any adverse medical conditioneven death- would be a valuable way of restoringlealth

with time travel in an electronic universehave long since died could havminds downloaded into clones ofodification of ideas publishedobotics/artificial intelligence pioneer Hansst Ray Kurzweil and othersowing them to"recover" from deathies throughout space and timewould prevent overpopulation) If the distance intime between recovery andreduced tomedical condition, including that of a seconddeath for those red can occur andenjoy resurrection to eternal life

Since Relativity says space and time can nevexist separately, warps in space are actuallywarps in space-time

Eliminating distances inand past times are eliminated -and time travEEarth in the 1986 movie"Star Trek Iv: TheVoyage Home"and by Star Trek's"subspacecommunicationsstancesspace and time also opens the door to star Trekng the original and there would beiginal body -we wouldsimply" be here one moment, and there the nextwherever and whenever our destination is)