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U-900A Military fiction thrillerMichel Poulin2018

noise around On his part, Ulrich, wanting to confirm the complete destructioneck of the U-800, had gone backding on the bottom Seeing that the FALcon was now on its way down to thetom and was going to end nearlyp of the U-800, Ulrich quickly seized thatoccasion and ordered his submarise to near periscope depth and to flood andand the gapproached him, navigatinglose to each other, they presented themselves as easy targetssed for attacks on the surface, he relayed a series of orders via intercomcontrol, heading to first target: 054 Mark! Heading to second target: 087He then waited a few seconds before announcing a second set of headingcontrol, headget: 051 Mark! Heading to second target: 093solutionand fiind two on first tadORPEDOS LOSAs soon as he had heard alltorpedoes leave their tubes, Ulrich gaveReload forward torpedo tubes! Helm, turn 180 degrees to port, so that we couldfire our stern torpedo tubes if neededme his submarine had turned around three of his four torpedoes had hboth destncensed by what he perceived as a violation ofa war grave, he took careful aim and fired his two stern torpedo tubes, hitting again thetwo wounded destroyers That was fatal to the UsS

MAYO, which broke in half, whilethe USs GLEAVES list to port increased dramatically Five minutes later, theGLEAVES capsized, watched and photographed by Ulrich The MAYO was alsonowUlrich ordered his U-801 back down agaie final picturesemains of U-800 What he found was little indeed, the nearby explosions of thesea mines having utterly crushed or blown open the hhe big submarine Takingee pictures ofk Ulrichd witlSorry to have disturbed your sleep like thirr Kapitan You may now rest in

7: 48 ( Berlin TimeMonday, March 8, 1943Die Ferkelchen'2 restaurant MunichGermanyto Hannig, wanting to relax a bit on his return from a rather stressful day ofwork at the food processing plant where he held a position as a production managewent first inside his family restaurant, ' Die Ferkelchen', intent on having a cold beer Hewas a bit dismayed when his daughter Barbara, who worked as a waitress in theestaurant, came to him at a neashouting to himATHERI FATHER! WE GOT AEGRAM FROMRIEGSMARINODAY ABOUT DIETERMein Gott! "said Otto, freezing on the spot Dorhat Dieter is dead!Barbara took the time toelf tobefore answank God for that! howevesubmarine was sunk by the British andhe is now a prisoner of war He is said to be in good healthOtto, a big, tough man, couldn 't help have tears appearing at the corner of his eyes asle shared an emotional hug with his elder daughtert least he is safe now for the rest of this war barbara

where is thatfamily thisevening, once you will have finished your shift at the restauranheart heavy, Otto then left the restaurant by its side door, which connected it to thentrance and staircase for the apartments situated abovee already had lost his soKlaus to this war killed on the easternt two months ago, and Dieter was his onlyher son, while he also had three daughters His wife greta ran to him in tears as soonas he opened the door of their family apartmentOtto, we received bad news about Dieter from the Kriegsmarinew: Barbara told me when i went into the restaurant for a cold beer showegramDie Ferkelchen: ' The little piglet in Germ

s wife obeyed at once, disappearing for a moment into their bedroom before comingck with a telegram in her handsOtto sat down in his favorite sofa before reading slowly and carefully the telegramwas a very terse one, of themany German families received these days It saidittle, apart from the fact that Dieter had been taken prisoner by the British aftemarineNorth aeyes for a moment as he digested those words He himself had been a submonce, serving as a cook aboard a german submarine during world War One He luckilyhad survived that war and the hard, lean years that had followed in Germany, beforenally marrying and opening the family restaurant, which was now run by his youngerother Johan Those years as a submariner had been hard, demanding ones, but hebond of comradeship that had held him and the othelmembers of his submarines crew together Even today, he still comtted ofterwith the comrades who were still alive including with a few who also lived in Munich Ashis wife sat beside him and hugged him emotionally, a thought formed in his mind

Hewas no Nazi, but that didn 't prevent him from being a proud alotic GermaGreta we now have no sons able to serve the fatherlandis war Mrents their pts andIts all served when needed in past wars I belvolunteer back into the Kialready am anxperienced submariner and a top notch cook: I am sure that they will be able to use myed atBut, but, you are 49 years old, Otto: you are too old to serve! Beside, the familye restaurant anddaughter, Ingrid, is now fifteen and studying at the college As a prodmanagerle food processing planont earn that much more thanserve in tneKriegsmarine and I would be fed and housed at my assigned place of dutyBut that's not the real point, otested his wife getting a bit awithim "What if you get gravely wounded or, worse, killed? our daughters have only onefath

s of war andob at thd production plant I amplenty of men trying to avoidto takehere, my mind is now made greta

Please donease, otto come back alive

CHAPTER 2-A NEW ASSIGNMENT1: 13 (Paris Timesday, March 23, 1943Offices of Admiral Donitz, BdU headquartersKeroman Lorient francech von Wittgenstein, closely shaved and wearing a clean, pressed uniformd saluted militarily after coming to a stop in front of Admiral Dshowersdiesel fumes, a universal affliction for submariners just back from sea patreReporting as requested with my completed patrol repoAt ease, my dear von Wittgenstein Please, have a seatUlrich sat down in one of the comfortable easy chairs near the work desk and handedis report to donitz, who eagerly accepted itKapitan von Wittgenstein, how did your patrol go, overalQuite well actually, Admiral, that is until getting the news of the sinking of the Uder we ever had out there bWhen I went to investigate whfound three American warships roaming over the wreck two destroyers and a salvageship When I arrived there, there was already a diving bell in the water, suspended justover the wreck and most probably taking pictures of it

I launched four sea mines astridehull ofexploded That sank at once the salvage ship Taking advantage of the noise createdas that ship broke up and sank,se to the surface and greeted the two rushidestroyers with six torpedoes, sinking them You will find thes of those threbefore and after the mines detonated As you will see, Admiral, there is now little leftle U-800 to be exploited by the enemya grim-faced Donitz looked at the photos for a long moment, concentrating especially onle prints showing the U-800, then looked back at Ulrich

You did a truly excellent job there wittgenstein you also showed great initiativeds more U-Boote coThank youNow, apart from those three American warships, how manyships did ynk dng your patrol?ank nine cargo see tanly submarine to catch it No doubt that the U-800 wouldhave had problems to catch that troopshipat made donitz smile the tall and lean admiral then extracted aarked TOPSECRET from a drawer of his desk and offered it to Ulrich while speakingYou are probably right, but you wont have that kind of problem during your nextwar patrol, my dear Wittgenstein Please read this fileOpening the file, Ulrich needed only one look inside it before grinning to DonitzThe U-900! It isYes and not asoon

The good thoflong series of similar boats to be bialready under construction, with one to be completed in five weeks The U-900 now onlyleeds a crew to pass its sea trials, and you will command it, my dear Wittgensteitalking of its crew, would i be allowed to simply transfer the present creom my u-801 to the u-900 Admiral? At the least i would like to take with me theveterans from the U-800 who are part of my present crewch nervously expected to get a no on that, but was quite surprised toNormally, I would not agree to that, my dear Wittgenstein, but getting the U-900nto combat as rapidly and as efficiently as possible is now a crucial matter for our warRoyal Navy and the Us Navy are now teetering on the brinkof collapse in the Atlantic and it is critical to keep the pressure on them at sea in ordernally force Great Britain to accept our terms through starvation in war supplies and fuelhrowing the U-900 in the arena is now even mh the loss of the u-800Before you ask more questions, I would like you to read the file i gave you and to gethe Type XXI submarine cly served in World War 2 is not the same as the U-900el, even thouge technologies described

yourself acquainted with your new boats capabilities You should find that beast verydeedeU-900it all thedrd by Kapitan Kretschiar patrols as a result the u-900 promises to be better faster and meaner than the800, apart from being slightly largerwas not exaggce as he finally raised his nose from the filelein Gott! With such a machine and with a good crew, I believe that abouything is possible, Herr AdmiraAnd that is why I will allow you to take your whole present crew with you wheryou will go take commanDonitz then looked at his watch and gave Ulrich a warm smilequite hungry Howabout youoffiwould be honored Herr Admiral saidpleasedTback that file beforWith the precious file locked awayAdmiral, s safe

the two men walked outof Donitz office and went to the officers' mess of the headquarters which wasestablisheditselproved to be wal with white-gloved stewardeady to serve the officers who came to eat However, contraryerman Army garrisons, Donitz, who truly cared for his s

ubmariners, had made sureofficers, something that Ulrich could attest from past visits to the enlisted men's messfact, the men,s facilities in Keroman included things like an internal swimming pool, aaking place at an empty table, the two officers took the times transfer of command to the u-900 tharrived some fifteen minutes later and Donitz, who was really hungry, dived on his platehis first biteatd to close his eyed theadlooked down with respect at his platen Gott! this must be the best veal l ever taste





CHAPTER 1-A PAINFUL LOSSSunday, February 28, 1943Control room of the Type IXD3 submarine U-80Navigating at periscope depth south of NewfoundlandNorth Atlanticof the longoperators and thanked him before starting to read it while standing near the watchisXD3however didn't ask him what the message was about and returned their attentionsleir individual tasks, orpart, von Wittgenstein, a tall and lean maitwenties, walked out of the control room, the message still in his hands, and went aftity a private space closed off by a curtain There, he satdown heavily on his bunk bed and read the message a second time It announced thedeath of Fregattenkapitan Otto Kretschmer and the loss of his U-800, sunk eleven daysago off Newfoundland

Thegood thing said in the message was the fact thatmen from the U-800 had been able to escape their sinking submarine and had beerken prisoners by the BritishUlrich stayed silent andbile for long minutes as he digested the news of thedeath of his mentor, friend and combat comrade and of other good men he had comeknow well while he himself served on the u-800 for over two years otto Kretschmerd tacticalallied with the technologicalhat had been the u-800lad brought the British and American navies close to utter defeat in the Atlantic, whilhis single foray in the Pacific had all but sealed a Japanese naval domination thereBdu Befehlshaber der u-Boote Submarine command in germ

6ichs own U-801 and the other germarmarines operating around theNorth atlantic wereing the rewards from the U-800s harddthe sinking of dng Allied cargo and tanker ships to navigate as free- runners without escorts, onheir way to Great-Britain While that made for rarer encounters with the huntingge again, UIrich's sadness progressively turned to hardcold resolveom his bunk he walked back into the contyis submarine and went toart table, where he started calculating a new courses Second Watch Officer, Leutnant zur See Werner Wendt, who was on duty at thistime, approached him and spoke to him in a low voicere going to move to anotothU-800 ReadWendt, a 27 year old man with a bit of a baby face, tookssage offered by UIkly When he looked backich it was with shock on his face but hemanaged to keep the volume of his voice low

The U-800 sunk? Kapitan Kretschmer dead? Mein Gott! And what will we doUlrich's expression was dead serious as he replied to his subalternts secrets, so I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to explore and study its wreck to learnverything they could about it We are going to make sure that they dont desecrateKapitan Kretschmer's tomb and steal the secrets of the U-800 Have the helm steeroceed on diesels and schnorchel at ten knots have our electronicwarfare keep a vigilant watch for any enemy radar or radio signal, but keep electronicSilence on oKapitan!"said Wendt before givince ae of travehat had been patrolled by the U-800heir own sake he bettewarship snooping ove

5:56(Ndand Timeand salvage shSSloating immobile 220 nautical miles southwest of st-John'sSo is it the u-800?d via the telephone cable linking the USSALCON andCommander William Mckeoug, in charge of the salvage operation, nodded his head inhearing that While the British and Canadians had balked at desecratingwhat was in essence a war grave site, Admiral Ernest J Kief of Naval Operationsided that the inforexploring the wreck of the infamous U-800 was toomoral scruples He had thus immediately ordered an underwater salvage operation tobe prepared and sent as soon as he had learned of the sinking of the U-800 and of thrtcrew The USS FALCoNh twodestroyers as escort ships, and had found quickly enough via sonar the site of thecontinental shelf siwfoundland a dbell with two divers inside hadbeen lowered froIvage ship in order to make sure that they had found theht wreck Now, it seemed that McKeoug was in biVery well Start taking pictures from inside your bell We will move forwardslowly so that you can picture the whole submarine

How damaged is it?robably from a nearby bomb explosion, sir Apart from that, thesubmarine looks intactxcellent! First, drop a marker buoy, then start taking picturesom his divers that they hadorder to more easily find again the wreck,'s site in the future, McKeoug looked aroundhe uss falcone distance, about one mile away, hecould see the destroyers USS MAYO and UsS GLEAVES, patrolling at slow speedaround the salvage shipfohe salreadohe horizon and don fall However

8McKeoug had already decided that the operation would continue even after dark Aftere depth of the wreck wereantly darknd the workticeably as the diving bell was equippedwith powerful floodlights, whiclalreadyting the U-800 The one factorhat would slow down or suspend temporarily the operation was if bad weather camehappened frequently in these waters, something that pushed evermore McKeoug in not wasting any timeUnderwater observation dome of the u-80ch von Wittgenstein had a bitter taste in his mouth and also felt containedage as he examined visuallyeck of the U-800, barely fiftyurinated by the powerful lights of a diving belended over itwn U-801 waslow lying on the silt bottom, parallel to the sunken U-800, and he was using the thickansparent semi-sphere of his underwater observae U-800 with one of his Zelsaule C38 nightdirector sights The underwater obserdome concept had originated with the U800 and, while at first being decried as an extravagant and wasteful feature, had quickaluable, allowing the crew of the U-800 to visually spot any approaching shipe while staying in silent ambush position on the bottom It also had prothelping to map underwater minefields in shallow waters, where the sunlighavailable was still able to provide a fair amount oination

He was now in a goodet rid of that salvage ship and diving bell and to destroy the wreck, bithing first Grabbing the handsetintercom telepdome he theke in it with a grave voicelain, Dollman, Knocke BockKapitan Kretschmertook only a couple of minutes before the nine other veterans who had served on the UDO with Ulrich bm to the U-801 came up to the observae they watchehe wreck for a good minute, with a couple of photos of the wreck taken as well Then

9this is the Kapitan! Arm four of our seaportbes and be ready to eject thergently from the bottom, then use our lateral thrustush us towards the U-800 Asoon as we eject oding 075 and a speedknots while staying near the bottonsome compressed air into theballast tanks of the U-801, making it come off the bottom and rise slowly Under thedirectives from Ulrich, the helmsman then made their submarine slip sideways towardsOnce his U-801 was no morelan 25 meters from the U-800 and a few meters higher, Ulrich gave another ordeaunch the four sea mines now! Helm, get us away from hereour compressed air discharges were then heardrical darks flew out of their storage and launch lateral tubesder the deche sublULrichsfaction tof thelanded just beside the starboard side of the U-800, with one even bouncfore dropping into the silt barely one meter away As for the fourth sea mine,actually glided over the deck of800, bouncing obefore dropping in themeters away from the port hull side of the sunken submarine The U-80distamines would arm themselves Being activated via a combined acoustic and magneticensor, the mines were designed to arm themselves half a hour after their launch,aunggo away and avoid sinte watchers on the two destroyers patrolling around the sinking site suddenlysaw and heardderwater explosions, which bodily raised the Usse 1, 400 ton ex-minesweeper then sank quickly, giving little time to its 9crewmembers to escape

As for the divers who had been inside the divingwere already dead, killed nearly instantly when the sea mines had exploded Bothstunned and furders of the uss mayo and uss gleaves thurned their destroyers arouofdidsonar operators to sweep the depths around them, but the breakingnoises and air escapingm the unfortunate salvageall but covered any other