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Updated Humans and Their Universes

James Clerk Maxwell showed that liht is an electromagnetic disturbance approx, /soncephenomenon that theorists first predicted in 2005 (this time delay is rather confusing sigo) In the event of the universe having an underlying electronic foundationopefully, my summary will make it clear that this must be so- alsoan electronicsary precursor to scientific fulfilment of Star Trek's "magic"whichbecomes clear as these steps are read), it would be composed of"silicon chip-andansistor-scales "and the optical Force would not be restricted to microscopic scales butcould operate universally Tang proposes that the optical force could be exploited intelecommunications For example, switches based on the optical force could be usedht signals in fibre-optic cables, andmprove cell phone signal processing2)If all forms of EM(electromagnetic)radiation can attract/redio waves will altion eg

with the Internet and mobile(cell)phonesanticipate that there may be no more overexposure to ultraviolet or X-rays3)In agith the wave-particle duality of quantum mechaparticle-like properties(more noticeable at high frequencies) so cosmic rays(actuallyarticles) are sometimes listed on the em spectrum beyond its highest frequency ofgamma rays4)If cosmic rays are made to repel, astronauts going to Mars or another star or galaxywould be safe from potentially deadly radiation5)And if all particles in the body can be made to attract or repel as necessary, doctorshave new ways of restoring patients to health6)From 1929 til his death in 1955, Einstein worked on his Unified Field Theory with theim of uniting electromagnetism and gravitateof space(gravity, according to General Relativity )between spaceships/stars could beattracted together, thereby eliminating distance And"warp drive"would not only come tofe in future science/technology it would be improved tremendously, almost beyondagination This reminds me of the 1994 proposal by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierreof a method of stretching space in a wave which would in theory cause the fabric of spathead of a spacecraft to contract and the space behindpand Therefore, the shipbe carried along in a warp bubble like a person being transported on an escalatocted to travellingarpubble There are no practical known methods to warp space- however, this extension ofe Yale demonstration in electrical engineering may provide oneativity says spaactually warps in space-time Eliminating distances in space also means"distancesbetween both future and past times are eliminated time travel beforeseen by the Enterprise time-travelling back to 20th-century Earth in the 1986 movieStar Treke voyage Home"and by star Trek,s"subspace communications" Doingaway with distances in space and time also opens the door to Star Trek-like teleportationeleportation wouldn t involve reproducing the original and there would bedestroy the original body -we would"sbe here one moment and there the next

hat explains everything"(words used by Stephen Hawking on the American vers/o-28)Another step might be to think of" the grand design of the universe, a single theoAmazon, when promoting his latest book"The Grand Design" )in a different way thanphysicists who are presently working on science's holy grail of unification Recalling themanmade genesis Planet in the 1982 movie"Star Treke Wrath of Khan", we mightmerely an advancement of terraformered to be earth-like andabatable) We might even free our minds from all restrictions and imagine science andtechnology creating every planet in the universe

The universe's underlying electronndation(which makes our cosmos into a partially-complete unification, similar to 2bjects which appear billions of years or billions of light-years apart on a huge computerified by the strings of ones and zeros making up the computegacomplete unification if it enabled not only elimination of all distances in space and time buttween(and including) the diobjects andparticles This last point requires the universe to not merely be a vast collection of theless photons, electrons and other quantum particlein it but to be a unifiedwhole that has"particles"and"waves" built into its union of digital 1s and os(or its unionof qubits - quantum binary digits ) If we use the exampgH(computer generatedorography, which is reminiscent of the holographic simulation called thdeck in“staNext Generation), these"particles"and"waves"would either be elements in aichable Hologram-dtrated by Japanese researchAugust 2009(search fouchable Holography "in Google or You Tube )-or elements produced by the interactionagnetic and presently undiscovered gravitational waves, producing what weknowass(in September 2008, renowned British astrophysicist Professor Stephenhawking bet US$100 that the Large Hadron Collider wouldd the higgs boson, aeoretical particle supposed to explain how other particles acquire mass)and formingwhat we know as space-time Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational wavesmeasurements on the Hulse-Taylor binary-star system resulted in Russell Hulse and Joe993eir work, which was the firstdirect evidence for gravitational waves The feedback of the past and futud cosmos s electronic foundation would ensure that both past and futurecould not be altered(Im disagreeing with Einstein s view of weights [mass] causingndentations in a malleable "rubber sheet"called space-time, but the system I'm proposingan yield exactly the same measurements as his and i think einstein would welcome theonsider a different interpretation ) (Our brains and minds areunification too, which must mean extrasensory perception and telekinetic independence9)ation of diseased matter and/or eliminating the distance in time between a paterand recovery from any adverse medical condition - even death-would also be a valuablering health with time travel in an electronic universe, people who have longsince died could have their minds downloaded into clones of their bodies a modificationof ideblished by robotics/artificial intelligRay Kurzweil and others-allowing them to "recover from death(establishing colonies

or you might create the universe and yourself! Regarding roses and people, inanimateiving ones look exactly the same as dead ones(even microscopically The differenceframes from one fraction of a second to the next is life Totally blocking a major cardiacbetween those conditions would, according to this book, be that displaying slightly differeartery may be incompatible with a beating heart, transmission of nerve signals, etc andmay produce death(not displaying slightly different frames from one fraction of a secondo the next at least until decomposition begins)You and I would not merely possess a rigidly preprogrammed life in the univerologram but would be capable of a degree of free will because the universe possesses arandomness factor-also called a"mutation factor (In computer art, randomnessntroduced into the chain of repetitive calculations producing a mountain range so aled image will result )Id like to suggest that Charles Darwin s evolutionhas far greater consequences than either he or any scientisteory is not limited to biology, but is absolundamentae very existenceuniverse and everything in it ie

to cosmology, space-time, physics, mathematics, etc In avital way, Darwins ideas even go beyond Albert Einstein s ideas since these paragraphsconclude that a"mutation factor(a"randomness factor")is fundamental to the universeply the possibility ofistant pastand using electronics to create this particular subuniverse' s computer-generated Big bang(but there's stiGod because god would be a pantherson of themegauniverse's material and mental parts forming a union with humans in a cosmicnification Weve seen several examples of how science fact could equal, or surpassscience fiction A final example of surpassing is that, in Star Trek, there are many militaryconflicts with Klingons, Romulans, the Borg, etc In a real-life cosmic unification there areno wars between the stars but peace is normal -evearth- since nobody can attackperson is contained in, or unified with, every other person would not only usheldwide peace but also paradise on Earth(via the global financiwill be the only way to maintain and improve our living standard if monetary systems t nconomany political benefihe crisis would encourage domestic and international peace and sharing -perhaps evenaradise on earthly nastability and is on the brink of changing Therefore, this"crisis"might be necessary toawaken us to the potential of tomorrow Just because money has been making the worldids of years doesn 't mean money will be the way of the world foreverWe should start looking for an alternative system to preserve and increase, standardsiving now in case we need it tomorrowcians are the ones with thesources and organizational ability needed to implement such a system) This soshould not use any form of monetary organisation nor be based on gold, silver etc Itld, idealistic and naive as it appears at first, be basedn and theshearing in a paradise on earth Were can never be paradise on earthbut the human instinct to survive is much stronger than our tendency for other typesself-interest, and greed, and to not cooperate with each other If money ceases to be an

option; most people will gladly cooperate with those we would have previously regarded ascompetition, or even as an enemy, if it,'s the only way to maintain and improve our livingE=m A1+0 Is E=mc2 FOR THE 21ST CENTURYoes the simple modification of E=mc2 (E=mc 2 )to E=n1+0(E=m^1+0)extend Albert Einsteins genius, which he claimed was not genius but intense curiosity andmagination, infinitely beyond the 20th century?Removing E=m from both equations means c2(to be precise, c 2)=A1+0Multiplying each side by base n(any number) gives usnc2Dividing both sides by n gives c2= 1, therefore c also equalsradition says c is the speed of light If c has the same value as c 2 then the velocity ofight in a vacuum must be a universal constant

and since it cannot change, space-time hasto warp: producing things like gravity, gravitational lenses, black holes and time traymc2 for mass(m)results in m=E/c2Multiplying each part of each element by base nhereforwe interpret mE)as meaning all the mass and energy in the universe forms aunit, we won't be able to think of any of the masses and energies composing the universeas separate

Every planet, star, magnet, beam of light, etc would be part of a unificationmparable to a hologram(but a very special hologram, including all forms ofSeptembe2008, renowned British astrophysicist Professor Stephen Hawking bet Us$100 that thearge Hadron Collider would not find the Higgs boson, a theoretical particle supposed toexplain how other particles acquire mass Einstein predicted the existence of gravitationalwaves, and measurements on the Hulse-Taylor binary-star system resulted in Russeld Joe Taylor being awarded the Nobel Pi9 3 for their workwhich was the first indirect evidence for gravitational waves)e seeming fact that particles can communicate instantly over billions of light yearsentangled-a process that appears to have operated in the entire universe forever)of the universe being a unification having zero separation is that experiments in quantum C?to support the holographiciple and makes theselevant- anothmechanics would show that subatomic particles instantly share information even ifphysically separated by many light years(experiments conducted since the 1980srepeatedly confirm this strange finding This is explicable as 2 objects or particles only

appearing to be 2 things in an objective, " out there" universe(Austrian physicist WolfgangPaulis exclusion principle which was discovered in 1925 and says 2 matter partcannot have both the same position and the same velocity-only applies in an objectiveuniverse and therefore allows past and future versions of the universe to existimultaneously with the presethough programming in the"cosmic computer"does include it as applicable to the reality we perceive since that appears objective)ey'd actually be 1 thing in a unified, "everything is everywhere and everywhen"universef the universe is a hologram with each part containing information about the whole, thenstant sharing of information over many light-years loses its mysteOn p 179 of "The grand Design"by Sterwking and Leonard Mlodinow(BantamPress, 2010)it's stateOne requirement any law of nature must satisfy is that it dictates that the energy of arthe energy of an isolated body were negative there would be no reason thatbodies could not appear anywhere and everywhhe only problem with those sentences, in an"everything is everywhere and everywherniverse,is the word isolated

There can be no such thing as isolatedcosmIcquantum unification, Does this mean you and i (plus all thingsand space)are aison of both positive and negative energy, able to display both separateness/solidityntial to appear anywhere andPage 179 also says"(the positive energy of a body )means that one has to do workassemble the body "Does this mean the positive component of the Cosmic-QuaUnion refers to an actual computer performing work by sending out the binary digits ofand o (in hyperspace) while its negative component refers to the universe being like aeam, and to binary digits that are transmitted by" telekinetic independence fromtechnology"(see the end of #9 ) In 1928 English physicist Paul Dirac(1902-84) proposedat all negative energy states are already occupied by(then) hypothetical antiparticles(particles of antimatter)-"Workings of the Universe", a book in the series Voyagrough The Universe, by Time-Life Books 1992 This has ramifications for the subatomicparticles called mesons which bind protons and neutrons together to form the atomicnucleus, in much the same way that gluons are said to bind together quarks which are saidto be the constituents of protons and neutrons Me alwaosed of a quarka positive energy -negative energy pair Sodur brains are using negative energy, they re not merely using a much lower degree ofsitive energy to do work but the antiparticles in them are receiving greater expressionlowing us to do work literally effortlessly and to accomplish feats, like appearinganywhere and everywhere", that would be thought of as miracles whierhaps it also solves the "computer paradox"at the finish of my article by telling us howere could be more than one hyperspatial computer -there would only be one since it's anion of those in each instant of the universe s time periods(possibly at a minimum0 500)with those in the hyperspace of each of the universe' s subatomic particlesDifferent hyperspaced beed in each subuniverse by dr

Earth receiving as much warmth from the sun and the maunder minimumcoincided with the middle -and coldest part-of the Little Ice Age duringnhich Europe and North America and perhaps much of the rest of the worldsaw glaciers advance and rivers freeze -even the baltic sea froze overallowing sledge rides from Poland to Sweden with inns built along the wayIt would be termed a period of minimum activity coz the sunspots would notave been visible The distorted magnetic loops don t have to break throughthe sun's surface or photosphere but can remain within, forming a rotatingvortex that concentrates field lines and can create intense, heat trappinggnetism(from recent observations by the satellite SOHO, the Sheliospheric Observatorylen a black hole is rotating; it might also stretch, twist and looThe lines may penetrate into the hole and be lost, butthe case of star formation they' d be drawn out beyond the holes eventhorizon(boundary) and compress clouds of dust and gas into new suns(asupermassive black holes magnetic field is so strong that it can focusparticles into jets ejected far out into space so, provided the star is a safedistance from the black hole, it should be able to stop the hole s gravity fromshredding a star and making its gases spiral inwards)

To condense theion into a few words, the 2 objects which appeaeach other could be a sunspot and a black hole On the subjectof sunspots and the sun, the famous 17th-century scientist Sir IsaacNewton once said the entire universe would instantly feel the loss of then's gravity if our star disappeared suddenly-I think modern sciencedoubts this but zero separation forces me to agree with him And on theject of black holes, a massive star truly can collapse and explode as asupernova while a gravitational singularity( the place all matter falling intoe black hole gathers)would be produced from the collapsing core What ifat singularity is disintegrated by the fantastic pressure? It would becomeace-time"(this book's proposed building blocksmatter andspacetime that are the bInary digiTs- strings of ones and zeros-fromwhich space and time emerge)s way, nature would protect us fromblack holes(as Einstein believed it would) andate their assumed andoperties of infinite density, infinite gravity and infinitespacetime curvaturestrating zero separation to be relevant to the universe astronomersstudy requ ires a bit of research to get the astical facts right, so thanksgo to the May 2009gazine with professof astronomy and physics Andrea ghez; the 2006? Tv documentary"Theikipedia, the free Internet encyclopedia; The Sun",a 1989 volumen Time-Life's series Voyage Through The Universe", Stephen Hawkings988 book"a Brief history of Time"and Patrick Moore s 1986 book "AAstronomy")

ight can attract and repel itself like electric charges and magnets(according to Discovermagazine's"Top 100 Stories of 2009 #83: Like Magnets, Light Can Attract and Repeltself"by Stephen Ones, from the January-February 2010 special issue; published onlineDecember 2120092009, electrical engineer Hong Tang and his team at Yaleniversity in the USa demonstrated that, on silicon chip-and transistor- scales, light caattract and repel itself like electric charges/magnets ) Therefore, it must be true to sayelectrically charged particles and magnets can attract and repel like light(electric/magneticattraction/repulsion wouldto lighlys if theuniverse did not have an electronic foundation in whichand transistor- scales: more will be said about this later)

We have known for ages theyattract/repel- but now we know they do it "like light, can we extend this phenomenolquantum mechanics wave-particle duality(in the case of electric charges and light)touniverse-wide wave-particle duality (in the case of magnets and light ) If the magnets wee and touch behave like lightot possible that every object in thefrom a small magnet to an enormous planet or star) behaves like light- making theniverse a hologramSince m=E, we can think of c as not merely representing the speed of light(energy but asembolic of mass and the speed of univer(c=Hubble Constant orc and c2 both equal 1 in the context of cosmic holographic expansion? Answering this is ir299, 792458 kilometres per secorssible unless we look back at the work of Albert einstein that work leads to theconclusion-if c has the same value as 2 then the velocity of light in a vacuum must bea universal constant and since it cannot change, space-time has to warp producing thingske gravity, gravitational lenses, black holes and time travel Applied to cosmic holographicexpansion, the conclusion is -if c has the same value as c 2 then expansion( whetherative)obviously always exists and space-time s warping prodthweird phenomena modern science proposes, like higher dimensions and hyperspace ande travel and parallel universes Let's see where things lead if we assume c and c2 bothquailing 1 means that the future universe, whose rate of expansion is the squaretoday's, is existing at the same time as today's - and if we think of present expansion asc2, that the preseerse whonified with the past oneart, such an assumption would be consistent with"darkenergy"causing expansion to accelerateWe can, of course, write that c2 equalssquare root n(nA 12But cherefore n A 12=12c2