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Web 2 0 The Latest Wave

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ABLE OF CONTENTSWeb 20 Sites Exposed!What Web 20 exactly is and why it is the latest wave of the internet thattotally here to stay!Join the Online Journal craze and learn how a network of web logs canffer a huge boost of popularity, leads and income to your Online Empire!Social BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking is a recognized way to store, classify, share andsearch links through the practice of folksonomy techniques on the Internet

earn how you can use it to your advantageSocial NetworkingFind out how you can have fun and do some serious business at the sametime in this increasingly popular Web 20 as used by infamous sites suchas friendster FacE-Book, MySpace and more!Audio/Video/Podcastinghe advent of wide establishment of broadbands and wireless networksthroughout the world, these digital entities become more recognized anduseful than ever Here's how you to use it to maximize your businessprofits and advantage!Web 20 The latest internet wave

Web 20 The latest internet waveearn The Latest Technology To Leverage Your BusinessWeb 2

0 The latest internet wave

Web 20 The latest internet wavelessed were a victim of or have at least heard aboldot com bubble in the fall of 2001 fortunes that had been made overnight wereThe sky was falling It was a very scary time for a lot of people Some said thatWorld wide web was just aidea that had beeland that the crash was irrefutable proof of that facthere were however some survivors of the 2001 dot com bust The survivorshad a few important commonalities and there were those who insisted that theWorld Wide Web was more important than ever and had a very bright futureOne of those who saw the results of the 2001 dot com bust as a glass half fulather than a glass half empty' was a man by the name of Tim O Reilly OReilly(of O Reilly Media) met with Dale dougherty of Media Live International in 2004Out of that meeting the term 'Web 2

0 was bornThe definition that tim o reilly gives for Web 20 is: " Web 20 is the businessevolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet asplatform, and an attemnderstand the rules for success on that newChief among those rules is this: build applications that harness network effectet better the moreWeb 20 can be viewed as an upgrade to the World wide Web It is still the webbut it is a new and improved version of the webWeb 20 The latest Internet wave

ich as blogsfeeds are just a few of the technologies that are helping to shape and direct WebThe Web before the dot com crash is often referred to as Web 10 now but onlysince the coining of the term Web 20Some of the more obvious difference between web 10 and Web 20 areed by google AdSense Britannica OnlineWikipedia PWeb Pages replaced by Blogs, Content Manageeplaced by wiplaced by TaggingThese are only a very few of the differences between Web 10 and Web 20 butley are major onesYou will notice, if you look carefully that the commonality of many of theferences between web 10 and web 2

0 is that web 10 was driven acontrolled by the 'powers-that-be and Web 20 is driven by usershat is a huge difference and the one that is making Web 20 more and moreser friendly not to mention more and more profitable for just average peopleht even call it a power shift of seismice websites that could be accessed on the internet were built andcontrolled by only a few and were cer

tainlyeractive but today anybodywith an idea a few dollars and just a little know-how can build a Web 20 websitective and turn it into a mohe technology is there It is easy to use It is accessible and it is relativelysome of it is even freeWeb 20 The latest Internet wave

Many websites that started out as static websites are now adding features likeblogs and forums and propelling themselves into the of internet commerceThose websites who continue be 'old hat are falling further and further behindJust regular people now expect to be able to ask questions and get answers frorwebsites and they expect websites to be at least somewhat interactive Theernet has always been and still is a platform for information but with Web 20 isas also become a platform for participationet's look at just a few of the innovations of web 20 and how these innovationsive changed the way thaof use the world wide webBlogs: Blog is a term that is derived from the blending of the two words weband 'logBlog Fairly early in the history of the World Wide Web people couldges

It is true that not manypersonalwebpages but it was, nonetheless, possibleStill, these personal webpages were static websites The owner of the websitecould post information abolts but others could only readhe information that the owner of the website postedHe could keep an online journal that he could allow others to read but it wasead onlyThen along came technology Blogging software was developed Now those whoonly post about themselves, but they couallow their visitors to comment on what had been posted or ask questions It washuge advancemeof that technology, todayg is very big bWeb 20 The latest Internet wave

eople visit and post to blogs all over the Internet about any and every subjecthat they are interested in and the owners of these blogs have figured out thatley can make their blogs very, very profitable indeedSocial Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is more or less a by-product ofblogging blbased on the same basic technologySocial bookmarking sites such as delicious allow their users to upload their ownavorite site bookmarks so that everybody else in the world can see and usehose bookmarksWhen a user uploads his favorite site bookmarks into his online accobacklink is created to that site When enough people click on the link, the site thaas been book marked gets indexed and gains a rank by search enginesIt is a form of user driven advertisements that is far more successful than anykind of paid-for advertising can ever beThere are a great many social bookmarking sites on the Internet now and newsoftware is being developed all the time that makes these sites more and moreproductive as advertising tools and traffic driving toolsWiki: A short definition of wiki is"Wiki is a piece of server software that allowsusers to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser

Wikisupports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages andosslinks between internashort wiki technology allows editing of material posted on a website by theposter or by othershe best examWikigy is action on theWikipediaold Web 10 way to doing things the owner of a website had full control over almaterial that was posted to the website and only website owners could editmaterial posted on the websiteWeb 20 The latest Internet wave

With the advent of Web 20 that idea has gone the way of the horse and buggyRSS Feed: The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is yetby peoplby the powers-that-be Those who use Rss content use reader or aggregatorechnology Users subscribe to these feedshe reader or aggregator then checks the users website and when the site hasit is picked up and sent to the user

that is a rather simplifiedbasically hotA client based reader or aggregator is a stand-alone program that is attachedan existing program such as a web browser or an email readeA web-based reader or aggregator makes the user's feeds available on anycomputer with web accessPodcasts or Webcasts: as broadband internet connect connections andwireless networks become more and more common throughout the entire worldle podcast or webcast is gaining in popularityWhile people do still read, they are better at looking and listening to informationhanks to television, hence, the advent of podcasts or webcastsYou can find and tune into podcasts or webcasts on almost any subjectaginable today Those who have blogs are making use of this technologysell products and to promote their websites in record numbersWeb 20 is definitere to stay and those who are still trying to do thie fahind this wave of today and of the futurebe changes to Web 20?Web 20 The latest Internet wave