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ABOUT MElam amin b nagpur web developer and web marketemade lot of money building web systems which workYou can follow menttp:/wwwaminnagpure

comam also director of software companylam a programmer, web developer skilled in asp, asp net,meteor, node, sql server, mongodbthank to internet for the all things I got from it, freesource code tutorials and tons of free informationternet also gave me my first job and my currentyou are programmer, it makes easy for you to startb business, since you are already aware of the thingsequired for doing

ven if you are not a programmwill narrow downyour learning curve, so that you only learn things whichare most requiredIn today s highly competitive market, you have to betechnically skilled to be able to make unique systemwhich works, you will have to change it from time totime, you can hire good programmers, you need tonderstand programming at least good enough, to knowwhat is possible and whom to hire

Elance and freelancewon t work mucUnless you are Steve jobs, who can hire great engineerswithout himself being an engineer, having good enoughtechnical skielp you hiring the right programmeto do your jobteach you, what technology to use, marketingtechniques and ways to make money from websitesUpcoming technologies and upcoming ways to make

MERGING RENDSechnology have bought changesuman soclelikfire agriculture

industricurrent information age, all are actually technologicalchangeshis is information Age anyone can be expert on anbject, and all the informationSpy gadgets are easily available for any one, thats whythere are so many Sting OperationsUnderstand the wave, so that you can ride itConnectivity has made learning very easy, if you want toearn kungfu(snake fist style), you may not find the tutorn your area, but online you can find step by steptutorials for it, there are paid and free tutorials availablethere is also mobile app to train martial arts, exercisesanyone wants to learn how to sing, he can do sothere are 1000s of individuals offering singing courses,ap courses, guitar lessons, basuri lessons, dancingcoursesYou can learn programming from the experts on linethat's why local coaching classes business, is downOld jobs are quickly getting absolute, if we don t updateourselves or change according to the needs, and we canbe absolute, worthless, and unemployable

Change gives rise to new opportunities, that's where wecan click; we can fill the vacuum which change hascreatedChange can also be very bad for well establish business,which are slow to adapt or twoto implementchanges, this is where startups have advantage, they areyoung, aggressive, innovative, they have very lessoperating cost alm ost nothing to loose, and can quicklye opportunity strikes, ymust have heard lot of these kinds of storiesmyself has changed a lot in so many years, startedcareer as vb programmer, and then shifted to asp, thenasp

net, now nodes and meteohad no choice but to learn new technologies to getmore salary and be in demandocal taxis are slowly dying, because of ola cabs andocal shop keepers have hard time selling productsbecause the same product is available at a very cheapate onlineclothes, shoes, mobiles are cheaply available online, shopkeepers have to pay rent, plus they have to pay stateand local tax, making their goods very costlyyou can easily see they hardly make money, their moneyalways invested in unsold stock

ave seen one authorized shopkeeper of TiTAN watcheshe told me that he has over 20 lakhs invested in thewatches stock, he is loosing interest on that money, if head kept the same money in the bank, he could haveearned around 2 lakh per anum interest, without doinglathing Or else he could have used that money inother productive purposesSomebody needs to tell that old fellow, that nobody buyswatches now, they are absolutehave also seen shops at malls selling VADa PAv,burgers, sandwiches, the rent in mall and operating costs so high, that they can hardly make profit doingof this type of food stalls get closed within a yearWebsites on the other hand are low maintenance

andas larger reacWebsites can have a large variety of clothes, shoesonline, because website is not limited by physical spacewhile shops are limited to physical space, there is ato stock shopkeeper can keepen drugs, guns and hitm ans are available online, forthat you need to use toR to surf these hidden sitesthose websites can only be accessed by TORgtechnologiesig data (lot of jobs available in bigdata, people are just not available)

Opportunities are there in web technologies, mobiletechnolo gies, internet TvKeep an eye on TOR, Bit coin, and Dark CoinKeep an eye on Decentralized computing and block chaintechnology, It seems futurebe decentralizedNow it is very easy to track everyone at all the timebecause he/ she carries cell phone, which constantlyadvertise its locationCriminals who running away from police can be easilytracked, because they have tracker in their pocket that istheir mobile phone, which continuously shouts about hisocationow almost every mobile has speech recognitionay CALL MOM, your mobile willyour momWorld is coming closer now, everybody sharing ideasaking photos, constantly updating their status, sharingselfies, too much inform ation to digest information onany subiect is available for free andarge scaleanyone can be expert in any subject, if he just has pcd internet connection, or just a mobile phone lIn thd

thfriends all the time and can also make new friendworldwideVia whatacebook or any other app

believe most people could cure any disease just withPub med database research in about a month! nokidding, I myself has found lot of solutions for mycommon ailments, doctors are simply not able to fixbut internet canere is thehttp://wwwncbinimnihgov/pubmedYou know about yeast infection on youvate part, Its actucausedbad stom ach, if you drink too muchbeer, sugar, that causes yeast infection, that is actualstomach problem but doctors will give you ointment,ight aggravate your problem, it is very commonlment

but doctor has no cure fofcit from the internet So many things doctor know areong Skin infections are mostly caused by free flowingsugars in the blood, acidity, lack of vitamins but doctorslways give you ointment for thatAnti-biotic is a bad medicine since it also kill

s the goodbacteria but still it is used there is a whole neto treat dismore good bacteria to counter bad bacteria, not toevery one Current method is to kill every bacteria youavecan have whole chapter about doctors wrong medicineand the way they approach an issue


TRICKS AND TECHNOL OGY TO START WEB BUSINESSrst of all I would like to thank all the girls who said noto me, and lam single since a very long time, beingsingle allowed me lot of time to focus on new things andnewand allowed me time forexperimentingYou dont need to buy cow to have milk, you can directlybuy milkAlbert einstein②②ternet has made more millionaires in lastpast 50 years com binedhas openedopportunities, to make millions you need to affectmillions, thats the secret of large wealth, website exposeour business to the whole planet, any person on thisplanet can be your customere in this eBook, I will be talking about technology andabout ways to make money via websitewill also tell you where you can find complete freesource codech you can download and start youwebsite

his is not ghost script, I have not paid any one to writehis book, I have written it myself with all the experienceave in web technologies and making money doing it,want you to read all of my book, and give your honestopinion, you can join our website and also suggest meow to improve the product and add other benefits


WHEN MOST OF SERVICES ARE FREEON INTERNnternet giant Google, Facebook dont charge anything foservices, yet make billions of dollars profits because you the user are there products which theysell it to advertisers, Google keeps track of your everysearch, your ad clicks and they know what you areooking for, Google knows you better than you knowabout yourself, which helps them show ads relevant tohat you are looking forData belongs to the collector, since you have voluntarilygiven your data to these companies to use their freeservicesey use your data to serve youbettederstand you better and serves advertisementswhich are more targeted to youverything about you, your likes, dislikes and searchesthey know where you go, your habits, everything is storedbig data and algorithms can easily categorize youThere is new technology coming up inmobi, which willtarget your mobile with ads which are very relevant toyou, mobile gives your location wherever you go, it hassensors to detect temperature, blood pressuredont get surprised all of a sudden, if you sees Ads

Air conditioner when the temperature around you getstoo hot, your mobile detected it and communicated itnstagaram never made a single rupee, but yet it wasd by facebook for 2 billion dollars, andwhatsapp was purchased for 20 billion dollarsthat they will use users photos for advertisements whicso far they haven t dmay be used for facialecognition biometric scanningagency interceptsons of im ages per dayncluding about 55,000 facial recognition quality imageswhich translate into tremendous untapped potentialaccording to 2011 documents obtained from the formeragency contractor Edward J

Snowdenhey do something about images; they use it for facialecognition what exactly we don t knowght be that mark zuckerberg be the biggest CIAgentGovernment uses this data to track criminals trackterrorists facebook has saved cia hours of workMark Zuckerberg was Awarded CIA Surveillance medalthis book, I will explain you, how you can start yoown web business with littleone usefuwebsite, its design and sticky strategy, how to makevisitors come again and again What technology to useow you Will m ake money

Although there are many services you can start on youown, but I will explain you the easiest 1 any can stalwithout much resources, I assume that you are a singlendividual

with some technical and programm inlsbut with less money and wants to do somethingServices like Online Ticketing, ecommerce, online grocerystore, are not that easy to start, since it will require youto have staff and lot of moneyteach you how to start a basiebsitewhich won 't require you to hire staff and you can earnmoney by showing Google AdSense adsll also tell you technique where you can convert youbsite into mobile Appll give you names and little info about how somepeople are making millions via internet and few othertechniques where money can be madewill also give you link to source code, which you canuse and start your websitealso have a website for supporthttp:/4LCOlues can be dd and also source code wilbe given to premium memberse people who purchase my eBook and give honesteviews to my eBook on am azon, will be given premiul

no payment required, he will be able todownload the source code of websites which we arell be giving fully functional dating site codedasp

net mvc, C# and Mongodb and also dating websitebuilt in meteorver $3000, but my eBookWe are also coding dating website in node js, which wibe given for free to our eBook buyershave a team who programs, I myself is a programmerWe do not provide technical support on individthere is an error you can report it, software is weltested andcustomization at personal level not possiblalready are loaded with work

NEW WAVE OF ADVERTISINGproduct, that product ad seems to follow you, even whenyou visit other website, these ads seem always there, Adstaring right into your eyes, this may look creepythis type of advertising is called Re -marketing obehavioral targeting adsdback to an e-commerce site when thdonedchopping cart has now turned into a system thattries to stay in front of website visitors wherever they goe reason that an advertiser seems to be following youad is because they placed a cookie on youcom puter when you were visiting their site The use ofcookies(small text files) that help advertisers track youonline behavior, and re-marketing companies are just thelatest to make use of them and add more profitsTargeted advertising can be more useful to us asconsumers, but it can also get annoying, especially if weave already bought the productyou visit amazon com and searched asp

net books, andyou viewed a particular asp net book, then left it alonepurchased it, and then all of a sudden you will start tonotice that Asp net Book which you just saw, wishown in Google ads, Facebook ads, you might wonde

how the hell they know, you were looking into this book,no matter which website you visit that ad will show up, its so relevant that you might sometimes find it toocreepyAd networks logic is that you were just about to makepurchase of this book, and so they follow you to rem indyou to purchase

But they also show that same productyou had already purchased that product,Google added few more millions to their profits just byg this technique