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What is CryptoCurrency What are 12 Ways I Can Profit from It A Basic Guide to Unlock Your Door to the World of Crypto

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共*中CRYPTOCURRENSER COMThe pieces of your new puzzle will come together, sooner than you may expectquickly, visually? Many People deBack to Basics, Beginning with a CartoonStarting with a Short, Basic Explanation of Crypto Currency Technologyhttpsyoutube/quluhxazkvuWhat is Fiat Currency?Basically, Paper Money

You use it daily What Book should we be reading? The Agef Cryptocurrency, Authored by Wall Street Journalists Paul Vigna and Michael J Casey

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Casey deliver the definitive ans wer to this question Cybermoney is poised to launch arevolution, one that could entirely re-invent traditional financial and social structures whilebringing the worlds billions of "unbanked"individuals into a new global econom

the people who use it and one safeguarded from the devastation of a 2008-type crash shed byCryptocurrency rents thee of a financ ial s ystem without a middBut bitcoin, the most famous of the cybermonies, brings with it a reputation forinstability, wild fluctuation, and illicit business; some fear it has the power to eliminate jobs andto upend the concept of a nation-state It imp lies, above all, montand wide-reac hichange-for better and for worse But it is here to stay, and you ignore it at your perilVigna and Casey demystify the concept of cryptocurrency, detailing its origins, itsfunction, and what you need to know to nae a cyber-economy the digital currency worldwill look very different from the paper currency world: THE AGE OF CRYPTOCURRENCYill teach you how to be ready forVigna and Casey s thorough, timely and colorful book is a rewarding place to learn ithe New york times book reyFor any book on bitcoin to be worth reading, it has to delve further: into thecrypto-currency's ideo logical and technical roots, for instance, or what it adds to the narrative ofmoney, or even what its economic and political impact may be The currencys underlyintechno logy provides plenty of intellectual fodder-and is unlikely to go away

So there is plenty tous, Paul vigna and michael casey two journalists at the wall streetournal, are certainly serious -The EconomistVigna and Casey] have produced more than a bitcoin 101: their[book] is a smarter,more holistic take on not just bitcoin, but the potential of all digital currencies to change the wayther money”- fortuneAvailable on Amazon, we have the Kindle version, more formats, descriptions andevie ws are availabe athttps://wwwamazoncom/age-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-challerEcs=books &ie=UTF&&qid=1467918610&sr=l-l&keywords=the+age+of+cryptocurrencyIn our research, we found an Easy to Understand Cryptocurrency website, here are a fewarticles of importanceDefinition of Cry ptocurreneyWhat exactly is cryptocurrency, how did it get its name, and how is it coded? Take a lookCoin Pursuits plain-English definition of the termWhen you see the word root"crypto"in the English language, it comes from the greek,meaning"hidden"or "private From it, we get words like"encryption"and"decryption, "whichhe coding of a message, and its decoding ondceived ehe english wordcrypt-which uses the greek root in its purest form--refers to a private hiding place, asanctuary for th

Cryptocurrency, then, means money that is made hidden and private-and therefore secure--bymeans of encryption, or coding All aspects of cryptocurrency are protected by long andcomplicated blocks of code, each of which is unique to the item or person it's protecting As antaking part in a transactioidentified bykind codthedoing bus iness Each"coin"ofhas its own code, and smaller denominations have their own, as well, depending on what amountneeded for a transaction Finally, the transaction itself is identified with its own code Layerupon layer ofencryption is one of the things that makes cryptocurrency unique, secure aanonymous, if you so choose And all that coding and concealment is what gives cryptocurrencyts apt nameis true in any technical fiel, the industry of cryptocurrency not only has its unique jargon,n tehat havems that are used interchangeably

Therefore, we'd like to clearthe air on that specific point right here when you see the terms digital currency "or"alternativecurrency"here- or in any other source, for that matter--those are just additional terms focryptocurrency As a matter of fact, you' ll more than likely see"digital currency "used moreoften, as it has a less-technical and more user-friendly feelAdvantages Over Traditional MonWhat are the differences between cryptocurrency and regular bill-and-coin money? CoinPursuit will take a close look at digital currencys advantagesirst and foremost, digital currencies, like Bitcoin for example, aren't linked directlythe laws, rules or regulations of any government, corporation or bank The interest rates, fees aurcharges you may have to pay on your bank account or credit card in no way effect yourcryptocurrency As a matter of fact, at the heart of digital currency is a sense ofrebellion a gainstthese fees, some of which are so deeply buried in fine printthose same lines the ratetion that can potentish the purchasing power of yogo vernment-issued legal tender(such as the us dollar)doesn't touch the value of any altecurrency you holdDigital currency affords its users complete anonymity When you make a purc hase with yourATM or credit card, your personal information-your name, physical address and often otheridentifying datais attached to each and every transaction Busines ses, banks and governmentsan use this datacknd take note of your purchases In contrast, cryptocurrencyarry no personal informationccounts that hold traditional currency can be garnished or frozen completely, the latter meansthe holder of the account has no access to the funds in it sincets outs idethe regulations and laws that allow this to happen, it's very rare for an investor to be renderedunable to access his coins-though in certain situations in which illegal activity is proven to haveInvestor Expe rience Not NecessaryInterested in investing in cryp tocurrency, but you're not a wall Street wizard? CoinPursuit takes a look at why that isn't necessarily an issu

We've seen this quite a few times: We'll be discussing digital currency with friendsand/or colleagues, and when the investment facet of the industry comes up, they get really quietYou can almost see the expression of dismay creep onto their faces After further discussion,their concern that anyone who isn't well-versed in stock markets and commodexchanges shouldn t be investing in cryptocurrency They simply dont feel they know enough todo it righYes, digital currency can be an investment Some people buy it so they can spend iturrency, but some make the investment in the hopes that it will ultimately be worthpore than whatut into it-that, by the way, is what we call a return on investmeROD Like any stock or commodity, wise investing will, over time, result in a higher ROIBut take heart Thatneed to be a fiwizardvescryptocurrency We ve said it before, and well say it again: it's a young field, and everyoneinvolved in it is still figuring out its twists and turns What's nice is that you aren t by any meansalone, and there's a healthy and growing support network of fellow inves tors who are more thanhappy to helpyou might have On our site-and on those of the resourcesI list foFAQdstep of the investment process Along withinvestorslearn what works and whatoesn t The investors in cryptocurrencies are also its owners, so it's in e veryone's best interesfor allvell

You'll get through this, we promise! And it won't be as hard as youInsights on a Young IndustryCryptocurrency's been getting a lot of press lately, and has been the basis of a lot ofrumors Coin Pursuit steps in to help clear up some of thoseAlternative currencies are at the heart of a young and excitinresult, they've gotten a lot of media attention As you can imagine, some of that attention hasp back here and give a coup le of those issues some sorely-neededince cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, it's ine vtable that some less-than-scrupulouscharacters will use them for illegal activities There are se veral articks out there that discussdigital currencies like Bd Liteco in have been used for drug trdlaundering Do we really need to point out that could happen with any financ ial tool you cans take a lookThe se artic les seem to overlook that allburrent y ha ve been useehuman history mob bosses like Al Capone and John gotti laundered untold millions of dollarsand used amoney for illegal purposes British loyalists during the americalRevolution destroyed new American currency to devalue it Even back in Merrie Olde EnglandRobin Hood raided the royal treasury and distributed it among the poor (Okay, it's true heonsidered a hero, but under royal law it was ille

gal )Our point? Don t condemn digital currencyverall just because a few bad apples are putting it to bad use It's nothing new, nor is it unique tocrypto urrent y

see articles that discuss the active cryptocurrency markets, and how some rise and fallrapidly Turn the electronic page, and you' ll find accounts of thefts of large amounts of digcurrency from individual and coin exchanges These articles all seem to jump to the conclusionhat the industry is"unstab le, and adviWed like tout that at five years of age, the alternative currency market it far too young to have peopledismiss it with any authority Therten a thin line between"analysis"and"overreactionWhat are the business benefits of Cryptocurre ncyIn merchantsIn a recent article, Coin Purs uit explored the strictly financial benefits of ac ceptingdigital currency as a mode of payment while those are convincing arguments, theres a lot mto it than that We'd like to take some time and look at the more socially-relevant, people aspectsof uternative currenciestual Erposure When you sign on as a vendor with a particular type of cryptocurrency, bothe currencthe businesses that accept their product as a financial tool Like wise, when you ad vertise in-stoon your companys web page that you accept a certain digital currency, it offers them moreexposure It,s a win-win scenario for everyone involved, and can help boost the public status,reputation and legitimacy of both the digital currency and the vendorInternational Use

Using credit cards or bank accounts for international transactions can beproblematic; since theyre linked to the legal tender of a specific go vernment, exchange ratesinterest rates, and country-to-country transaction fees can bog down the process-and make it alot more expensive, too Cryptocurrencies arent bound to the rules or status of any onevernment's currency, so international transactions tend to go a lot more quickly and smoothlyhen theyre used The Wall Street Journalrecently quoted US Assistant Attorney Generaythili Raman on the subject: The Department of Justice recognizes that many virtual currencysystems offer legitimate financial services and have the potential to promote more efficientglobal commercestore to check out a product but then purchases the producto occurs"when a shopper visits aessShowrooming As Techopedia puts it, sho w roomne ironthe best of both worlds; there's the in-store ability to physically check out the product, and theonline ad vantage of buying it for less There's nothing more frus trating to a business owner thanhave a customer browse for an hour or so, and then make their purc hase on their smartphonefrom a competitor--often while theyre still in the store! with the usecode scanning andspecial discounts for customers who use digital currency--merc hants can use these tools asway of cutting down on show rooming The consumer gets a good deal, and the purchase staysthe store Again, win-winCustomer Anonymity Your credit, debit and ATM cards are all linked to your name, homeAs more media attention is being paid to themany ways personal info is beingour kno wledge or permission consumers arstarting to get annoyed by just hown about them by complete strangers Merchants

tch, whatorth For those who are saying, "Enough!" digital currency offers an alternativeAll cryptocurrency transactions are secure, but they dont carry any personal information atThis is a big selling point to fo lks who value their privacyNo Surprise Fees or Waiting Periods Banks, credit card companies, and online paymentservices can delay certain transactions or apply surcharges and fees- often without theircustomers knowing, unless they squint to read the fine print This often winds up beinothersome and costly to both cons umers and businesses

Cryptoc urrencies carry smallemore transparent--transaction fees, and purchases and transfers can be approved in minutesImproving Reputation Digital currencies had a rocky road to travel in the beginning, as drugdealers and money launderers took ad vantage of the inherent anonymity to make ille galtransactions Thebe abused, and cryptobetter reputations and a sense of legitimacy with both consumers and vendorsBloomberg magazine quotes Jerry Brito, senior research fellow at George Mason University,onthis topic: " like any new technology there are going to be some challenges But they (usCongress)see there is a balance to be struck here and they are generally positive on theThese articles were found on: CoinPursuit co

Table of contentsIntroductioacknowled gementChapter 1: Crypto WhatChapter 2: Trends disruptionsChapter 3 Where Can I Profit from thisChapter 4: Whata CryptoChapter 5: Testimonials No auto ShipsChapter 6: " What are the 12 wCan profit from c

IntroductionThegreat possibilityWhen you read the title to this e book, you saidThat is exactly how we responded when we first heard of it,overf somebody offers you an amazing opportunitdoSay, " Yes -then, learn how to do it laterRichard b ransonThat is the instinct and attitude we hadanalyze it, we lis tened to our little voicesWe had an une xp tainable visionld grow wings on the way down

And we didNow, we are beginning to soar and were sayingCrypto Wow!, quite oftenDuring our Self Education, along with thesupport and direction we received from ourwe were trying to de vise an 'Easy to Understandtechno lo gya veram every waWe had come up with a few ideas whileverage peop le began to understandDale calvert, exp lained it bestYou have to speak to them like theyre first gradersSpeak to them where they are, not where you areBrilliantThat is exactly what we are doing nowImp lementing our Network Marketing TrainingDo it correctly, from Day 1

Step by step and dont miss a steWell see you on the inside

Ackno wledge mentWe wish to personally thank a person of signifieIs conthelp in creating this bookDale Calvert, our mentor for over two decades, in Network Marketing and otheThat one sentence has blossomed into a series of Cryptencv eBooKs on otableteful for his No Fluff delivery, tellingt we need to hear

not whatHaving a mentor we trust is worth more than any amount of cryptocoins we can imagiHe values our timeTime is more valuable than moneyYou cant get more time -Jim rohn

Chapter 1: Crypto what?This was our first response, when we were approached on the subject of CryptoCurrenc+o+CRYPTOCURRENSEA COMAnyone can go from Crypto What? To Crypto\Add Your Self-Educ ationAddAHA Lightbulb

Your result is 'woThe purpose of our e Book is to reach everyone the A verage person, frowalk oflife, to guide Ordinary People to the Extraordinary ExperienceBe Aware of what is Truly Possible for You Have you had Second thoughts about yourhosen Career path, Job or educatwhat

FYOUCANFINDAWAYTOTURNYOURPASSIONINTOALIVING原The Hustlers BibleYOU VE WONAT壓EWorking Hard for somethingdont care about is called s tress, working hard focalled passionThis is New, Exc iting Can Change your direction in your Life It could be theFinancial Fuel to your Fire To be able to afford to Follow Your Passion While you're readingthis e Book

ask yourself, " Can Cryptocurrency Empower the A verage person to becomewn Bank?We Believe It Can Technically put Cryptocurrency is a Digital Currency Additional

Encryption Techniques are used, however, to regulate the generation of the units of currencoins)& to be verifiable in the transfers of funds from one cryptocurrency location to anotheCryptocurrencies also operate Independently of a central banking system TheseDecentralized cryptoh is beyondrestriction and confiscationWhat is Crypto Currencyimply put

It is Internet Cash, a Decentralized Currency and a Transaction method thatis gaining popularity because it is a private, fast and secure way to spend, send and receivemoney through the internet It has low or No Transaction Fees, regardless oamountevery day How many ways can you bene fit from being a part of the Crypto C urrency WorleMore and More Peop le, around the world, are becoming familiar with Crypto CurrenYou are going to be surprised, to say the least And this is just the Tip of the Iceberg

of You Have Heardoo% of You Will Hearof CryptoCurrencyCRYPTOCURRENSEA COMAAAANEven a small piece of this pie can take you to a place, financially, you' ve never beenbeforeMany people do identify CryptoCurrency as Digital Currency, which is a greatcomparison, due to the millions of daily transactions which take place without people realizingthey are already using digital currencyWhether it is throughank, purchases they make, transfers from one account toanother or a simple purchasemake at a cofapp, it is here to stayCryptoC urrencies can be bought and sold on exchange sites or they can be Mined bypeop le themselves Mining is a process performed with a special type of software, quite oftenusing a specially configured computer, to solve an algorithm By doing that, you create a cWith Formal education, You will make a living

with selfa Fortune " -Jim Rohn It's Time to Begin Your Cryptocurrency Self-Education Now