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Actionable Impact Management Framework Groundwork


VISION STATEMENACTIITYvity maps out the foganization can take to createan enduring Vision Statement

Each step is designed to take placeifferent daysSTAMATERIALSteboard, paper, post-it notes, etStatement that paints a pictureOUTCOe idyllic world your organization seeks to createStep one brainstorme sure to involve key stakeholders What is the vision for theStep Two Pick the top 3Aggregate the suggested vision statements from the Brainstormsession and narrow them down to threeeelesAsk people you know to read each option then ask, "What doescommunicate to you? " Do you feel like it's something you want to bea partrigger any negative reactioStepSelectiReview findings and choose a vision StatementPACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI09

MISSION STATEMENA Mission statement is the how How your organization contributes toVISiON yoUwork(for example, healthcared to reflect that modification

Like your visistatement, it should be clear, concise, and to the pointYour Mission Statement identifies the industry inwhich you work It shouldbe short concise alrefore, easy to understandlearly define your organization's industry(path/approacho be consistent with the vision statementUse the question test below to determine ifyour Mission Statement needs revisioDoes your organization have a Mission Statement?Does it clarify your industry area?Ys it tangible and realistics it short and easy to understand?YesCheck out the " Mission Statemenooks good! Check out the GoalsActivity"pagePACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI10

MISSION STATEMENACTIVITYis activity maps out the four steps your organization can take to createa clear and unifying Mission Statement Each step is designed to takeSTAStaff representing various departments includingategy and program implementationMATERIALS30-45 minutes per stepOUTCOMA focused Mission that is representative of the industryStep one scopedentify the scope of your organization's industry that you work in (ieief, etc ) Next, identify who/what yourngants

faithcommunities, etc ) This should include the geographical location of yourbeneficiaries/operationStep two BrainstormOnce the scope is clearly defined, begin to shape a clear and concisestatement Come up with three potential variationsake the three options and run it by a representative sample if not theentire staff Together, select the Mission StatementStepSelectiReview findings and choose a mission StatementPACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORK1

GOALSWhen goalsare clear adderstand, they are powerfuhat align every area and every individual within your organizatiVision Fthe belevance of their work to the organization s goal this serves as asource of motivation for individuals and also enables the organizationto achieve positive impact

Your Goals unite the efforts of your organizationThey should beMA rMeasurable: with a way to know if the goal has been achieved or notgIng,gRelevant: pertinent to your Vision and Missiome-Bound: a sequence of chronological achievements, Goals arelinked to specific timelinesMETAPHORICAL MAP OF VISION miSsion GOALSssion2nd goalto reachVisionYou areereto reachPACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI12

GOALSACTIVITYThis activity maps out the four steps yganization can take tecreate goals that are easy to understandSTAFFRepresentatives from your organization s variousdepartments (ie leadership, programs, etcMATERIALs Whiteboard, paper, post-it notes, etc

OUTCOMndustry in which your organization operationsStep One strategyAgree upon the current strategy How are you going to go about yousion in order to achieve the vision?Step Two Milestonesy out a roadmap for your strategy What are some of the milestoneshat your organization can work towards together?Step Three clean-UpClean-up your milestones so that they are clear and concise Aimthree goals, but depending on the complexity of your programs, you mayhave morePACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORK1

PROGRAMSTRUCTURof activities and impact efforts The two-layer structure includes yourprograms (or initiatives) in layer one and the associated goals of thoseprograms In the second layeRgramsPrograms refer to your organization s focus areasation is broadigheducation ""Health and wellness, ""Financial inclusion ""Organizationa8zation has a narrow scope, me and career readinessfurther What are the differentprograms include"Testing, and"Internships, "and so oOutcomesOutcomes are the intended results for each programREAL TALK: Not as Easy as it SoundsThis concept sounds simple Do not be fooled

Many organizations have gottenstumped by this section Don, t be alarmed if you find yourself in a similaration Glance back at your Vision, Mission, and Goals for inspiration if you dotuck For example, a community organization that funds local nonprofitscross a wide spectrum of issue areas kept trying to fit its programscategories like" Education "but kept ending up with way too many programsited their mission statement andfactor of theiwork is in capacity building of their community nonprofits Problem solvedACTIONA

PROGRAMSTRUCTURE ACTIVITYctivity maps out your organization s program structure

All yeed to do is grab some post-it notes or some paper, and follow thestructure belowSTAFFStaff who are well acquaintprogramsMATERIALS Whiteboard, paper, post-it notes, etcOUTCOMndustry in which your organization operatesPut your organizations name at the top, next list your programs and thennish it up with the outcomes of each progGANILAToNSB PROSCHOLARSHIPINTERNSHIPPROGDAN出2丁AJoBExPEHENLS HGHER GDUACTIONA

AUTHORSof sopactSopacSilicon valley social EnterpriseSoPact is a social enterprise in the San Francisco Bay area thatives to bring technology expertise to the social sector SoPactought its knowledge of accessible technology tools that supportperations processes around impact data

Contributing teambers include Rachel Dodd, Lor

ena rodriguez, andShethsia Pacific Social Impact Centre ASIA PACIFICSOCIAL IMPACT CENTREMelbourne business schooLBOURNE BUSINESS 30。。Lhe Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre(APSIC)is the UniversityMelbourne's hub for education research and action in the fieldial impact APSIC researchers Dr Krzysztof Dembek and Dr JoYork Co-authored this report and contributed their expertise ofimpact measurement process and best practice to this e BookPACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI01

ACTIONABLE IMPACTMANAGEMENAN NTRODUCTIONRAMEWORKWhat it isternal organizational framework This is executed by establishing anprocess which is primarily data andoutcome orienteorganization to follow in the hopes to reaching a point where you are ableo more accurately and effectively communicate your impact to multiplepact management refers to an organization ' s ability to define an impactframework that is practical and enduring and translate insights througheffective communication on impact via your website, reports, contentgeneration, etc

his guide is designed for functionality and accessibility of content,complete with instruction and activities to work through the process Thehtful introspection required by Volume One: Groundwork' makes itthe most time intensive of the Alm series groundwork lays thefor all subsct measurement practicesWhat it isn'tt is not intendedant management othe monitoring of activities This guide is not a deep-dive into the theoreticalconsiderations of the processes butference additiothose that wantin more substantial insights into any of the topich organiue in its own entity, therefore AIM is notded to serve as a onePACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI02



GROUNDWORKed a neware held to a new higher standard ofassessment Stay aheadbytetoequip you with the tools you need to collect, assess, and demonstrateyour impact Volumes 2-4 are dedicated to the technicalities of thisprocess, however, the key to a successful impact framework is a solidfoundation

This first Volume, Groundwork, is about decidingakes the most sense for you to collect, assess, and demonstratethough the groundwork phase is the most demanding and timetensive of the AIM volumes, it is the most insightful and mostimportantly is the most fiWe hope you enjoy it, but mostly, we hope it helpsth foryour organization to enter this new era as a role model for others a deeply personal exercise which makes it the most unique andserves as a compass to guide you through AIM's following stepsyou have questions, concerns, or insights as you work through theguide, we would be happy to help Simply send yourmessages to hetal@sopact com or unmesh @sopactceookoutfornewresourcesatSopact(https://wwwsopactcommpact Perspectivesearn about major trends in social impactmanagement, topics in social impact framework,social impact reporting and data management inmission-driven organizationsPACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORK I05

VISION mISsionGOALSVision, Mission, Goals statements will serve as a guide in all futurepact-defining activities These are the statements you turn to whenyou get stuck It is important to make sure that these statementsare always pertinent to your organizationVision statementStart with the Vision statement

Close your eyes and imagine that yourn is successful beyond your wildest dreams What does thrld lookur organization is working towardii Mission statementOnce the Vision statement is defined, you are ready to tackle thestatement, which answers for how your organization is workingtowards that Vision If the vision statement paints a picture of thefuture your organization works toward, the Mission statement is a clearefinition of your organization ' s activitiesGoalsGoals are a series of milestones that your organization is workingtowards through your Mission to achieve the Vision statement you'vecrateREALITY CHECK: Not Just for your ' About Us pageust nice lookut serious and useful tools In fact, they will serve as reference pointsusePACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORK 06

VISION MISSiONGOALS: EXAMPLESere are examdled goals by thGrameen Bank

The Bank was founded in 1983 by Dr Muhamad Yunusaddress poverty by providing banking services and access to credi2014 Annual ReportVision statementBanking for thMore examples of Vision StatementsMission statementBy providing comprehensive financial services,empowering the poor to realize their potential and breakout of the vicious cycle of povertyMore examples of Mission Statementsst of goals are examples of what the bebe but are not offiof the bankGoalsGoal: Bank Head quarters in an accessible neighborhood ofGoal: All Bengalis have the opportunity to access formalcredⅰtGoal Develop a model that can be customized forregions and countriesGoal: Promote concept of Social Business worldwidePACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI07

VISION STATEMENA Vision statement is the cornerstonegayour organizations efforts00percent successfuYour vision statementpowerful tool to draweople in It shobe short concise and therefore easy to understande be visual and paint a picturour organizations idea of a perfectbe inspiring and positive-a rallying cry people want to be a part ofbe constant

A Vision Statement is enduring and is unlikely to changeUse the question test below to determine if yourVision statement needs revisionDoes your organization have a Vision Statement?Does it paint a picture of youYs it short and easy to understand?YesCheck out the"Vision Statemenooks good! Check out MissionActivity"pageStatemenPACT MANAGEMENT I GROUNDWORKI08