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Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

ere is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canonsand concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual and philosophicalquent technology that predates all existing religions and mystery schoolsConsere is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called"Faiths of Abraham"arepurposeful deceptions Accordingly, related esoterica, mystery schools, and New Agemovements are rife with error Throughout this book I present verifiable proof that anandted religious leaders Ascomprehensive validation of this, they redundantly endcoded stunning plthroughoutDoctrine of Two Spiritsk a The Two Ways Two Tables of StoneSpirit of Good (Life)-Seven Spirits(Inspirations)of God-Positive MotivationsThe Path of Truth and Justice-(Righteousness and PerfectioSymbolized as: Seven Pillars, Candlesticks, Eyes, Horns, Seals, and the Temple of GodTruth

Knowledge Enlightenment, DiscernPerfection2-Wisdom, Insight, Understanding, Intelligence, Ability3- Humility, Modesty, Patience, Empathy, Piety4- Self-sacrifice, Courage, Righteousness, Integrity, virtur5-Compassion, Helpfulness, Generosity, Charity, Love6- Freewill, Optimism, Cooperation, Harmony, Joy7-Justice, Fairness, Equity, Safety, PeaceSpirit of evil(Anti-Life)-SeThe Path of Greed, Falsehood and Injustice-(Vanity and Error)Symbolized as: Marks, NaHeads and InI-Greed, Envy, Materialism, Excess, Money, Usury, Profit, Wealth2- Falsehood, Equivocation, Deceit, Politics, Hypocrisy, Betrayal, Fraud3-Ignorance, Folly, Delusion, Hero Worship, Religion, Idolatry, Ritual, Dogma, Fear4- Arrogance, Impatience, Selfishness, Vanity, Untrustworthiness, Neglect, IndifferenceAnger Insolence, Obstinacy Callowealousy, Antagonism, Hostility, Malice, Hate6-Harm, Aggression, Provocation, Treachery, Violence, Cruelty, War, Conquest, ChaosInjustice, Inequity, Exploitation, Oppression, Subjugation, Inquisition, Enslavementntext and meaning of manyxts and concepts hayand thereby lost to humanity This is the refinement of the precept from the Dead SeaScrolls "Community Rule"defining human character and behaymbology and it's precisely encoded spiritual wisdonThe"two spirits"(ways, paths, inspirations, inclinations) symbolize good and eydual moral opposites that define positive and negative spiritualityIRUTHJUSTICE


am deeply grateful to and for the handful of people who directly assisted me in various waysAlso, to all of my loved ones, friends, and associates whose patience I've surely (and sorely ) testeda great debt of gratitude to a long listher authors and researchers whose books and web sitesThough research efforts and/or helped to lay the groundwork for what I am now able to dodeavored toages wheng images foundthe Internetlease excuse any inadvertent use of restricted images

Please accept a better world for your effortsll images used are for the purposes of research, analyses, interpretation, and education about thetopics and details explored throughout this book series and embodied within specific ancient conceptsand architecture, per Title 17 of the US copyright codeMost of all to the Creator of this universe, who shepherded my way through many lifetimes andmany millennia and continues to go to great lengths to help me understand the truth about many

FINISHING THE MYSTERIESgods symBolVolume oFirst editionSeven star hand

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Table of contentsPreface The doctrine of Two spiritsAbout the frontChapter 2-Grasping the symbolic Keys to ancient wisdom35CChapter 4- Grasping the truth about the zodiac and cyclic timeChapter 5-A certain point within a circle illuminates ages-old darknessChapter 6- Stars, Angels, and the wisdom of AgesChapter 7-Opening the Seven SealsChapter 8-The End is about TimeAddendum 1-Of Obelisks, Sun Worship, and other Grand DeceptionsAddendum 2- The Apocalypse ReconstructedAddendum 3

Vaticinia Nostradamus ImagesAddendum 4 Additional image231

Chapter summaryPreface- Doctrine of Two SpiritsThe context and meaning of many ancient texts and concepts have long been confounded andthereby lost on those deceiveddeluded by the assertions of religious leaders, founders, andthers Over the millennia, spiritual wisdom and the ancient symbologies used to model, encode, andencapsulate it were purposely recast and obfuscated into religion and mysticism to serve the greedand ambitions of monetary, political, and religious leaders who sought to hide pivotal knowledgefrom subjects and enemies alike with thege of time, the truesymbology and the wisdom it modeled and encoded were mostlyhistory Consequently, thenterpretations presented about the sources and meaning of these ces and the philosophy andcosmology of ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Hebrew sages is mostly wrongAbout the front CoveOn the front cover are three images taken from the Vaticinia Nostradamus manuscript, mo:recently popularized as the "Lost Book of Nostradamus"on the History Channel and the Web Theseimages are members of a centuries-old genre of unique and mysterious illustrations, also called popeNostradamus and son produced a unique and important manuscript that included versions of theandard set of 30+ symbolic images, plus an additional 50 or so The purpose for using these specificimages is because the symbolism they incorporate was purposely designed to help prove the truthtal

allusions within revelatieelated Hebrew narratives, and the egyptian symbologyct,all three images represent multiple references to pivotal themes from theBook of Revelation, Nostradamus quatrains, and elsewLike the prophets and sages that camebefore him, Nostradamus was an expert symbologist and purposefully encoded stunning proof of thetruth, for those of the futureChapter 1-Proofs and PremThis first chapter presents a general overview of the topics and premises of the remainder of thebook

This book and the others in this series present stunning and comprehensive proof that thesymbology of the ancients is a multi-function spiritual-philosophical technology that flowed from adeeply ancient past, through Egypt-Nubia, then through the works of AmenMoses, to later Hebrewsages, and into all of their texts It was later"captured" by rome and deceptively recast andmisrepresented within the canons and concepts of the so-called three" Faiths of Abraham"and theirChapter 2- Grasping the Symbolic Keys to Ancient wisdomThis chapter presents an overviethe verifiable structure, functionality, and relationshipspivotal ancient symbol groups I demonstrate how this very specific set of symbol groups decisivelyproves that ancient wisdom symbology has always purposely encoded its hidde g u aneby ss&ks that haveted and confounded Tanalysis proves the truth about many ancient mysteries It also exposes the deceptions and errorreligion, secret societies, mystery schools, and related mysticism and esotericaChapter 3-Grasping Ancient WisdomThis term is fraught with confusion because of widegnorance about the true meaningwisdom Ancient woften associated withme call the mysteries, which is a realproblem because mystery and wisdom are opposingThough wisdom requires absoluteprecision and accuracy of concept, the spiritually associated"mysteries"are mostly impreciseul misdirection that absolfail thisrealize that true

spiritual wisdom is timeless and applies to the workings of the universe,asoperate withinChapter- Grasping the truth about the zodiac and cyclic timest people do not really understand that the zodiac was created as a symbolic system that alsomerges science and spiritual wisdom, much less what that means This seamlessand spiritual philosophy is an undeniable hallmark of ancient Egypt and those that came before therabylon or the other ancient empires to which it has been erroneously attributed Todaysflawed astrological systems are heavily influenced by Babylonian interpretations, motivations, andflaws thatfurther modified by the greeks and others As you willto understand heymore comprehensive and redundant proof that most symbolic concepts, including the zodiac, havebeen greatly misinterpreted and purposely misrepresentedChapter 5-a certain point within a circle illuminates ages-old darknessIn this chapter, I take a little detour from the hierarchy of symbols and groups discussed so farThe point within a circle(circumpunct, astrological symbol and hieroglyph for the sun, alchemicalgold, etc )is the most important member of a special group of symbols that provide a parallel body ofsynchronized wisdom At first glance, it does not seem to fit into the symbol groups discussed earlierthat define the rules for other symbols Insteadmodel anotherat allthe others follow It therefore resides alongside or before the other symbols already describedChapter6- Stars, Angels, and the wisdom of agesLike most ancient symbols, the meaning and purpose of stars and angels in pivotal symbolic textshave long been misinterpreted As discussed earlier, ancient sages and prophets patiently encoded aseries of verifiable proofs of the truth throughout their texts over the millennia The symbolic wisdomwithin the works of Amen Moses and later sages is the vessel (ark) for a very long-term stingoperation against religion and its leaders

This chapter not only exposes the truth about thesymbolism of angels and stars, but as you read on, you ll gain greater insight into the great patiencend expertise of these ancient sages The nature of what was encoded by the symbolism that linksstars arhe zodiac, the wisdom of ages, and cyclic time is deeply profound and humblingChapter 7-Opening the seven SealsThe seven seals are a multi-faceted symbol that incorporates several pivotal concepts In its mostbasic definition, a seal is a verifiable mark, signature, and/or code meant to secure, protect, andalidate both the source and the content of whatever has been sealed Its purposetect, and serve as a test of validity The seven seals are multi-dimensional like the seven hidderimensions, and incorporate a highly evolved and structured symbolic code (ancient wisdommbology) As I have already shown, Revelation uses the seven stars, angels, and seals to representhidden time code and symbolized cThereby, one of the pivotal aspects of the seven sealssymbolism is the hidden star-angel time code demonstrated in the previous chapter Itof validity in numerous ways that religious interpolators throughout the millennia failed to graspuntil it was too lateChapter&-The End is about TimeAs demonstrated throughout the previous chapters, the symbology of the four elements, cyclictime, and the zodiac are pivotal to proving the truth and grasping the wisdom that flows from the lastsix ages, To truly understand the import of what we'll cover in this chapter, it was first necessary todetailsited in all of the previous chapters The above zodiac time chart shows thetimelines encoded within revelation Ezekiel and related texts startiofencoded by the sphinx and pyramids Using the corrected zodiac and the symbolism of the sevenstars, angels, and seals we can now prove exactly what the ancient sages wanted us to grasp, before it