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Indian Computer Science(CS)&Information Technology (T)Academic Reform (Past) ActivismBlog bookeklavvasai

blogspot com(main work years: 2011 to 2014)Ravi s lverwwith some contributions from others

PrefaceThisbook and associated eklavyasai blogspot com blog are part of my humbutionsobligations which was made possible by my software profession earnings and enjoyed my work most of thetimehe software industry from March 1984 to Aug 2002trainee programmerprogressing over the years to Programmer/ Analyst( software developer ), Project Leader, Project Managerd software Manager finally in 1990(all positions were as employee of software companies ) From aroundMarch 1993 i becatin software development(programming courses)arlater an independent technical consultant(no longer an employee)which lasted till I took commercialThe software development (SD)field enabled me to make great friendships with fellow software developersand others like support staff and managers in software companies that I worked in or interacted with in Indiaas well as outside India, get exposed to life in USA and Europe over assignment stints there totaling aroundaround 2 month stint there My SD fieldenabled me to retiremmercial work at 40 years of age to pursue my spiritual aspirations while leading a simple, singleedant lifeThe logical analysis skills which I had learned in school and college (I am a Physics graduate), were honedld through analysis of complex programs and large software systems Software design andarchitecture to create technically sound software systems were taught to me by the SD field It taught me thatbeing honest about mistakes made by me, some ofs, ratherthan go into arrogant denial, was the way to produce better software designs and code

I learned thatftware code and design, arrogant denial does not overcome truth, even if denial may cloud the truth forthat triumphs over falsehood including arrogant denial of truth Thecomputer machine as well as the Sd field in general is awesome in how they do not tolerate falsehood andw truth always triumphs on the computer machine and in the sd field in general I learned to overcomeelcomed and indeeduggestions for improvement as well as flaws being pointedou,designs by peerslandling people, understanding theits and views, motivating them, giving them reasonable freedoin their work, and cherishing and celebrating team achievements were taught to me both by my SDmanagement work and also by learning how managers that I reported to, and my peers handled me and myy human flaws The great amount of literature and detation that i readthe sd fieldtechnical as well as management and business related matters played a vital role in significantly expandinne horizons of my mind It is the sd field that made me grow as a person from a Physics graduate jobell settled and confident man who either knew hiations or, especially in initial stagesbrutally made to realize such limitations by some mistakes and initial failures, andked within thoseD field work Later in life thisanding ethical/moraexistential reality of life from an individual perspective and from a largernity perspective, and thetimes and alsoy bio-data and software industry work experience are given in an appendix of this book My self-publishedbook titled, AutobiographyCovers mumbai dombivli based life withti2002(age40)”covoftwareindustry work period in a hastily written manner(due to lack of time; my apologies to readers)dian CS IT Academic Reform(Past) Actilog Book

https://ravisiyerblogspotcom/p/autobiography-of-indian-software-techiehtmlIshortlinkhttp://bitly/2gvctbg]hasthelinksforfreedownloadofebookversionofabove(pabiography) books well as paperback sale page linksI take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all the individuals, groups of individuals, companiesand organizating educational researchtions that created, sustained and developed thedevelopers, quality assurance engineers etc ) teachers(including corporate trainers),(bussey %Gsoftware development field This includes computer scientists, technologists(architects, designers,ntrepreneurs, investors and, last buAnother aspect of my humble give-back contributions to the software development field was my stint in aDepartment of Mathematics Computer Science in a deemed university in South India, where as freerenderedtaught softlabes(software developIcourses)mainly to Masters students in Mathematics and Computer Science fields, and guided student projectwork related to software development at Masters level(MSc Mathematics and MTech Computer Sciencearound 9 years from Jan 2003 to Mar 2012 During this period I had designatf Honorary Staff,g Faculty I also additionally played a partial Lab Manager role from Jan 2003to around Jan 2008, I should also mention that I have taught a few software lab, courses to Physics Masterstudents in this deemed universiAendix in this book gives details of the software lab coight in this deemed universitvyasa

blogspot com blog grew out of my exposure to the challenges faced in Indian CompScience(CS)and Information Technology (IT) academia in teaching software development well to itsew friends have made significant contributions to the eklavyasai blogspot com blog which is the basis forthis book Thanks guys The eklavyasai blog lists the contributors herehttps:/eklavyasaiblogspotcom/p/contributorshtmlThe contributors/friends who agreed to have their pen-name/name mentioned in this book areAnakin(pen name)2 Vaddadi kartick-(pen name used in eklavyasai blog: Picard)The contribve their nad in the blog posts and associated partsof this book but arefew articles They are usually referred to as simply friend (orcorrespondent), Any content in the book that is notas having been contributed by somebody elseed to be writtenme other email correspondents, which include some leadinginternational Computer Science academics industry figures, have also contributed to the eklavyasai blby agreeing to me sharing some of their email responses on this blog However, I have includedf their comments in this book due to permission issues But I will be referring to those comments whichluded in the book by directing readers to the associated blog postOne particular international software industry as well as Computer Science academic perlothis valuable time in sharing his views on the matters raised in eklavyasai blog, and gave greatencouragement to me to do thk He prefers to bed so ihere I thank him profusely for thehe shared withyasai blog posts and related mattersand for the encouragement he gave meReaders are free to disagree with the views expressed in this book and associated blog I and otherhe of those views are helpful, or in future becehelpful to some readers then the effort puton the blog as well as this bookd have hadIndian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog bookP


However, even if that does not happen, thats fine bym very satisfied that I have sharedlews and thoughts and suggestions, along with those of other contributors, on the important issueimproving the teaching practice of software development in Indian Computer Science(CS)andInformation Technology (T)academia/higher education, and through that I feel as if I have done my dutymy beloved field of software development which played a big role in making me what I am today Note thasome of the viewshts and suggestithis book may apply to othetries'cs& Iacademia/higher educationRavi s, iverI st march 2020Indian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog book

Truth Telling -A Tough Jobedblogpostdate2ndOct2012,linkhttp:/eklavyasaiblogspotcom/2012/10/truth-telling-tough-jobhtmlshortlinkhttp:/bitly/truth-tTrying to be a truth-teller in today's world is a tough job It is an unpopular affairthe great physicist Feynman faceddisaster It was an eye-opener to me that even such a worldfamous physicist had to face significant resistance from powerful administrathave notcommend you see this 4 min 42 sec video, Richard Feynman- Space Shuttle Challenger Investigationhttps://webarchiveorg/web/20120225062425/http://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=uclgrykvfpo(shortlinkhttp://bitly/feynman-ch)forfollowingbrokenlinkbe com/watch v=UCLgRy kvfpO The official view now seems that Feynman did catch therealproblemhttp:/en

wikipediaorg/wiki/richardFeynmanChallengerdisasterThe wiki page above states the following(He is Richard FeynmanHe concluded that the space shtbility estimate by NAsa managerfantastically unrealisticand he was particularly angered that NAsa used these figures to recruit Christa McAuliffe into the TeacherSpace program Hd in his appendix to the commissions report(which was included only after hethreatened notthe report),"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over publicrelations, for nature cannot be fooled "[174ki Re74 Richard Feynman Appendix F-Personal observations on the reliability of the Shuttlehttps://historynasagov/rogersrep/v2appfhtmKennedySpaceCenterRetrievedSeptemberll,2017end wiki extractMy respect for the great physicist Richard Feynman went up enormously after I recently carne above human goodness si*guts" to speak out the truth in the face of powerful oppositionside of himSo, I guess, it is always a challenge to be a truth-teller- material truth-teller-and far more challengingperhapstobeaspiritualtruth-teller(eghttp:/lenwikipediaorg/wiki/mansurAl-hallai)ThesayinggoesSathyam Bhruyath Priyam Bhruyath Na Bhruyath Sathyam Apriyam [English translation: Speak the truthhaps the safe path is to just put out ones views on the Internet and provide opinions only if pew-key activism and not a pushy activismIndian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog bookP

Improving the Teaching and Practice ofSoftware Development in Indian Cs ITAcademiaIndian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog book

My preprint"Paper", Improve the Practice of SoftwareDevelopment in India by Ranked highly by Internetsearch engines and google Scholar; Paper textMy preprint paper(not published in peer reviewed academic publication)titled, ""Improve the Practice ofSoftware DevelopmIndia bySoftware develt CTrackdian cs& itfor appropriate terms even in Jan 2020! Cropped screenshots of some related google and Bing searches aregiven beloyc“googecoinsearchdcrao&bw=11638bih=5258ei=noctxpo49R4Eputsw6AQ&q=improve+teaching+of+softwar@ Srch M Mail f FB BBlog@w·ho· YIb G: GNIn霾 GNUS y Twt I NP H HsTbGooglemprove teaching of software development in Indian CS &IT academia c QQA國News回 Images回 Videos Maps : MoreToolsAbout 2,, 000 results (084 seconds)lication 221663397 Improve the Practic(PDF)Improve the Practice of Software Development inimprovement of software development skill set in Indian CS IT academcan we improve software development teaching standards in Indian CSdocplayer

net )17746009-Improve-the-practce-of-software developImprove the Practice of Software Development in India by Having a3 For this rather odd situation, where most Indian Cs T academics/teachers do not have astrong software development skill set, to improve, Indian academicwwwlearnhowtobecomeorg>computer-careers>software-engineeringSoftware Engineering Degrees Careers How to Become aApr 21, 2019- Software engineering degrees help prepare students for careers developingp Ai e 0 49EIndian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog book

G improve teaching of software de x b improve teaching of software de x Q improve teaching of software de x→cOk G Srch M Mail f FB B Blog WP

- YhoYTb os GNIn os GNUSyTwtmprove teaching of software development in Indian CS IT academia30 70000 Resultsdian CS IT Academic Reform Activism: cS IT Academia:ttps: //eklavyasai blogspot com/2011/11/cs-it-academia-inform-students-about htmlHere is a simple and, IMHO, easily implementable proposal to improve software development skills in CS&IT academia AICTE& UGC should make it mandatory for cs IT departments to put up the softwareontribution(development) record of each faculty on its website Now, typically, only the researchinterests and, possibly, research(PDF)Improve the Practice of Software Development in India byttps://wwwresearchgatenet/publication/221663397_improve_the_practice_of_softwareImprove the Practice of Software Development in India by Having a Software Development Career Trackin Indian CS& IT Academia Article(PDF Available) February 2012 with 45 Reads How we m1202 1715 Improve the Practice of Software Development inhttps://arxiv

org/abs/12021715much importance to the practice of software development This paper proposes an additional softwaredevelopment career track for Indian CS IT academics different from the existing research orientedtrack A measure of software contribution record is suggested It opines that adoption of suche曲9The full screenshots and some more information can be seen in my blog post Quite amazed that Internetearch on: improve teaching of software development in Indian Cs If academia, gives my Dec 2012paperasIstor2ndresultevennowinJan2020,https://eklavyasaiblogspotcom/2020/01/quite-amazed-that-net-search-onhtmlshortlinkhttp://bitly/36xccir,26thJAn2020with the main site beingorg The related links are giyPdf:http://arxivorg/pdf/12021715The paper contents are given later on in this book(taken from above PDF link)The word skills has become an important key word in the context of discourse on employability of graduatesin India So Iis important to see where my paper stands in search results having the term skills in thestrinThe cropped screenshots below(fromoid bias towards my stuff)showelated searches on Google and Bing search engines rank my paper within the top 3 resultIndian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog book

Copyright: Author Ravi S lyers content which forms most of this book is FREELY REUSABLEcopyright) but under some conditions The chapter in this book titled, " Conditional Permission to freelyeuse MY content of thNot-For-Profit: This book is NOT FOR PROFIT for the author Ravi s Iyer who is also the self-publisherBut the self-publishing support provider who is not the author (e g, self-publishing company ) printerdistributor and seller may profitPublished by: Ravi s lyer (Self-published) in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaISBN: To-be-procuredBookavailabilityAThttps:/leklavyasaiblogspotcom/p/indian-computer-science-cs-informationhtml(shortlinkhttp://bitly/indian-cs),whichhas/willhaveebookfreedownloadandpaperbacksalepagelinksocial media work of Ravi s IverAbout sri sathiBabaandmorehttp:/ravisiyerxistentialrealityVedantaandGod&scienceconversationhttp://iamilwordpress

comIndian Cs& IT Academic Reform(Past )Achttpleklavyasaiblogspotcom/p/table-ofcontents htnrial reo computer programming(software lalhttp://raviiyerteacheswordpresscomMisctopicshttp://ravisiyermiscblogspotcomEmai@ravilyer orgFacebookhttp://facebookcom/ravisiyer7Twitterhttp://twittercom/ravisailyeRMy motto: Service to Society is Service to God

DedicationTo the field of software development (international)hich gave me a decent livelihoodand a decent life

Main author Ravi s lyer created the eklavyasai blogspot com blog and used it from September 2011 to playa part-time, peaceful and amicable, Indian Computer Science(CS)and Information Technology (T)academic reform, Internet-based activist role His focus was on improving the practice of softwaredevelopment in Indian Cs IT academia But he thought thata vital part of the cs& it field andthat it is so poor in many parts of Indian Cs IT academia, that he referred to his efforts as Indian cs&ademic reform activismOther contributors to the blog have given their views on certain topics

Main work period has been from014 with a little work later, off on The main author is no longer active in this area This bookmed at helping other activists involved in improving the practice of software development in Indian Csret thethe ba convenient form The book may also be of interestmilar activists in other countriMain author rlyer is a Physics graduate from Ruia college, University of Bombay(Mumbai)who wasindustry trained and later self-tauglindustry (US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India etc )developingdidftwarefaculty he offered free service of teacg couses)and being a technicalconsultant for student projects in a Maths Computer Science department of a deemed university in IndiaForatcostorminimumpriceprintedbookandfreeebookvisithttp://bitly/indian-cs

ContentsConditional pn to freely reuse my content of this book11ell14Improving the Teaching and practice of Software Development in indian CS &ITAcademiapreprint"Paper", Improve the Practice of Software Development in India by Rankelighly by Internet search engines and Google Scholar; Paper text(CS)&Information Technology(t)higher edchanges to improve practice of software development in IndiaConcrete Suggestions for meahing quactice-Oriented Come/nformation Technology streamson Concrete suggestions for measurinWrote to Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on improving practice of softwaredevelopment in Indian CS& IT academia51ftware development skills Indian cs graduates- google search ResultsComments(of former CS academic from UK) on Software Development Career TrackCs&IT Academia: Serious Systemic Problems?CS& IT Academia: How To Relieve Suffering of Students, Parents and EmployersCS& IT Academia: Inform Students about Software Contribution Record of Faculty

64cS IT AcadProfs may not like ldea of softwaiblicly Funded Higher Education Institutions should put up Detailed Course contents onhe Internely suggestions related to skilHow MHRd DIRECTOR llT)disposed of my "Serious Systemic Problems in Indian CSAcademia" grievance dated Nov2011, DOING NOTHING REALLY……………71About me not being Ph D or qualified in Computer Science but yet teaching lab coursesand being tech consultant in an Indian deemed university in the past

liews of Top Leaders(country Presidents/Prime Minister/Ministers/US Senators)on educationEducation and IT related parts of President Mukherjee's addressducation and IT related excerpts from PM Narendra Modi speech in Lok Sabha on Juneducation Related Parts of US President Obama's State of the Union 201 4 Speech

81ident right to Know before you go actst Question in 2nd US Presidential debate: Student asks about employment aftergResearch vs TeachNature and Science(Top International Research Magazines )2011 Articles on Lack ofmportanceSuggestion of Separate Tracks for Teaching and Research by US Academicsndia (and Other Emerging/Developing Countries) Should Not Obsess about Highermproving Indian Academic Research and Teaching: Have Separate Research-Intensiveversities and Teaching-Intensive Universities89s Academic Research Grant Money Corrupting Academic Teaching Ideals?cS IT Acadhing Excellence Important?a phd in CS/IT Necessarily a good Teacher?96A Defense of the cs,Suggestion of Separate University Rankings for Researchce and Teaching101Should MTech (CS)Project be CS ROriented Or Software EngineeringOriented?107RD Minister Javadekar says research not necessary for promotion for college teachersuniversity dept faculty however need to do researcl118RD minister Javadekar tells truth about UGC AICTE academia problems; removesmandatory research for college faculty(but not university faculty); assures UGC AIC119

Dr Pushkar's articles onndian college teachers producing fake researchand reducing teaching quality; historical background of Indian academic research syster127IT Finishing SchoolsFinishing Schools

More oAcademic phd Club Bureaucratic PoWER structureCS& IT Academia: The PhD Glass Ceiling136CS IT Academia: A Bureaucratic POWER structure137he very strange case of 20th century era Department(s)of Mathematics and ComplScience in Indian academia in today' s early 21 st century worldIndian Engineering Colleges: Graduate Employability problemsrivate study claims: Less than 9%of Indian engineering students have requireroduct company142GATE and UGc Net cs& IT exams can be employability measures if they includpractical knowledge assessmeNThe Hindu's higher education student guidebook-thenxt step 2013-CS& IT picture 1442014 National(Indioyability report- Poor Employability of Andhra Pradesgineering graduatesMiscellaneousA Tough view of UK CS Academia152ul Accord) accreditation using outcome based assessment methods the worward to improve teaching standardan cs& IT academia?S CS Phd student's Comparative View of US and Indian AcademiaProf Stroustrup: Software development is a potentially noble profession like medicine orclassical engg disciplines but long way to

AppendicesAppendix A: My software field biodata, software industry work experience and lalcourses I taugh167hnically els/it educa173Appendix C: Discussion and Debate on lack of Proper Warranty for Software, and need175Appendix D: List of some other eklavyasai blog posts including on"How to Teacl186

Conditional Permission to freely reuse MY content of thisbookereby grant permission to anybody, anywhere to freely reuse (including adaptation) any of myCONTENT of this book, provided they give a reference to this book to enable interested persons to easilyoss-check with the original source, and provided they accept the other points listed below in thisPermission section An example of such reuse would be somebody editing part(or whole) of this book andthen publishing and printing it as their (derived) workding adaptatCoNTENT of this book need not be limited to not-FOR-ProFitan be done for FOR-ProFitlike publishing printing a book for profit I do Not Want any royalty or profit from any suchFOR-PROFIT work reusing MY CoNtENT of this bookersbook, against people who did such reuse of MY CONTENT of this book, has to be handled by them(peopleho reused MY CoNTENT) withetocept as requirednebody is interested in translating any or all of MY ContEnt of this book to some othere mentioned above in pointfree (I grant them permission) to donslation of MY CONtENT of this book and publish printeven FOR-PROFIT for them

I do Not Want any of the profits they may make from this activityebody is interested in printing and selling any or all of MY ContENT of this book witheany changes, then that tooanother case of the reuse that i have mentioned above So anybody is freegrant them permission)to do such printing and selling of MY CONTENT of this book, even FOR-PROFITthem I do NOT WaNt any of the profits they may make from this a5 Note that this permission applies only to MY CONTENT in this book and dOES NOT APPLY to smallamount of content I may have used from elsewhere which I would have made every attempt to clearly showas having beenfrom elsewhere or from somebody else If any content of this book is not shown abeen taken from elsewhere or frbody else, thenbe presumed thatthat content is mYCONTENT28 February 2020Ravi s lverPuttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaIndian Cs it academic reform (Past) activism blog book