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2013 Vehicle Technologies Market Report

Quick FactsEansportation accounts for 28% of total U S energy consumptioost the us eS500 billion in 2012e of a new car is just over $25,00018% of horation people are emploe transportation industrye manufacturersg vehihe US produce about half of the worlds vehiclesU

S sales volumes continued to rise in 201-weighted data on new light velow a 121%horsepower and 35%decrease in 0-60 time from 1980 to 2013, with the fuel economy of vehicles improving 25%Nearly 17%ofd in 2013usly variablenew light vehicles sold in 2013 have transmissions with more than 5 speedseavy trucksClass 8 combination trucks consume an average of 65 gallons persand ton-milesClass 32012Sales of class 4cks continued to increase in 2012 but were more than 5% below the 2008above 2009 figuresesel comprised 74% of the class 3-8 trucks sold in 2012, up from 72% in 2008Combination trucks are drivdling a truck-tractor' s engine can use more than a gallon of fuel per houere are 116 electrified truck stop sites across the country to reduce truck idling timeAlmost 500, 000 hybrid vehicles were sold in 201Plug-in vehicle sales total nearly 100, 000 units in 2013At least 24 differcoming soon to the markee are more than 20,835cle charging stations throughout thSingle wide tires on a Class 8 truck improve fuel

economy by more than 7% on flatPlug-in hybrids and electric vehicle purchasers received a federal tax credit of up to $7, 500 forselect 2010-2014 vehgreenhouse gas stancars raisesage fuel econom545 mpg by 2025, while the NhTSA Corporate Average fuel Economy Standards are 490 mpg by2025odel year 2010 ddardogen oxides and 001 B/HP-hr for particulate matter


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