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The Chronology of Robotics in Poetry

Robot contentsTitlePIntroMan, Machine, Computer, Intelligence15Scribe6Epistemological ProblemNikola teslaWhat is a markov chain789Automatic, Automation, Autonomy, AutomatonRemotely Piloted VehiclesRossum's Universal Robots(RUR)

Robot ContentsTitlePARO the Therapeutic Robot95Quadrotors at the GRASP Lab6Super Bot7BigDog8Self-Healing robotUrban Challenge100ATHLETEWired for War102Air pe3

Robot contentsTitlePRobonaut 2(R2)Google Driverless CarWatsonGulf Oil spillNano-Hummingbird108Robotics and the InternetRO-17o in Iran11oPresident obamas National robotics InitiativeSingularity

Robot contentsTitlePageMetropolis 2045113Robot Future?Outro115About the authors116Dayvaughn MaysGus OwensTrevor RichTimmale dotsonAbout the authors7Chris OwensJordan OwensWendell Chun

IntroI-Robotics learning with no logicHypnotic like a man but symbolicMathematics plus magicLocked up in the atticCobb web spun by Wendell H

Chunwith mental levels but still dumbStainless steel running on hydraulicsUnder diagnostic opticsWe gain proverbs when we aim at profitsWe gain profits when the proverb is not provoked by pocketsRocket science is defiance of gravityRobotic alliances computethe minute details in airThe anatomy of a machineA brain, a power source, the ability to dream

Man, Machine, Computer, IntelligenceAint no missing link we just missing thinkMonkeys understand man over stand's thecliffs of meekHuman's meet technology with the eyeEngineering feats with fleets overwhelm theSmell flowers taste the sour feel the chillsHear the thunder imagine wonders be stillprimitive initiative provoked explorationResulting in achievements of convenience foMan-computer symbiosis isinevitablethe nationscooperative interaction between man andcomputers, and eventuomputers andWar in the jungles to world war one and twomachine

Computing machines will performPilgrim Poverty to Pearl Harbor newsMonkey's remain in jungles and areithsometimes found in zoo'sMen have attained computers but are stillusers of monkey's tools

ScribeI'm the writer lm the fire the don paperEncoded in the text is the statement I'mthe makerAncient pictures and symbols to describehe

complex and simpleThe one to capture moments withpapyrus and quill componentsThe writing Scribe is a doll automata built by The ink that we spill on it is blood sweatJaquet-Dd is considered to be the remoteand tearsmodero link the modern computer toforty letter long, and its eyes follow the textbeing written while the head moves when ithonor and a peculiar feartakes some in

Epistemological ProblemDo you truly believe in justification ofassimilation?Truths Knowledge BeliefsCrossed culture the vultureseventually feed on nationsCrossed wired cant inspire truthbbelieveanalyzing the nature of knowledge and how it relates toKnowledge hired or desired one gets connected notwhat kindsrelief factsto observe

how these facts can berepresented in the memory of a computer, and what rulesrmit legitimate conclusions to be drawn from these facts

Robot ContentsTitleTraveling SalesmanProbabilistic TheoryOptical Flowembolic AISExpert Systems345678Inference and reasoningGrey Walter's Tortoise9Turing TestAsimov his three laws of robotics3

Robot contentsTitlePCyberneticsTeleoperation33First Artificial Intelligence ConferenceLi35Machine visionUnimateAnimatronicsComputer ScienceShakey the robot

Robot ContentsTitleWalking Truck41Moore's lawSheridan's division of control43Block WorldSerpentine robots45Ontology6Automation for Automobile Manufacturing47Ada8Robotic hands

Robot contentsTitlPPUMA ManipulatorLocalizationCMU Robotics InstituteSCARAPerception54Robot pogo stickBayesian NetworkAutonomous Land vehicleSLAM

Robot ContentsAArtificial Life6Range MapSubsumption architectureSOARTactile Sensingda Vinci for SurgeonsSociety of the mindNeural Network for Driving

Robot contentsTitlePHybrid Assistive LimbFIRSTCOGAnt ColonyAfghanistan and the Predator DronesRobotunaBrin and Page does search75Automated Highway System

Robot contentsRobot soccerLearning algorithms78Furb79PackbotRemote AgentAugmented RealityAIBOASIMOSegway

Robot contentsTitlePFuture Combat System MULE86GeminoidRoomba's EverywhereRobotic CompanionMonkey and the robotKiva SystemsT-HawkMER: Spirit opportunityGrand Challenge: LA to Las Vegas