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The Full Bible of Steel

he full bible of steelLucifer Jeremy whiteSamuel the hunterGreatdamuel@gmail

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Experiencing oppositpleasure The newness of an old thing The breakaway from the commonplace The new experience The understanding of theNight and day Warm days, cold Warmness agait gettingbe different for a change Not having to relearn everything thoughreturning to something Quickly becoming familiar with it againTo reduce selfishness To be giving for a season To perform a good deed dailyt least weekly, t ok think about others for awhile, to growworking that within you again Instead of a rule you made to never give anyoneanything Instead of never knowing your friends Instead of being increasinglyugly unforgiving Instead of only seeing the bad in others To consider insteadhe things in life that arent material It's all as heavenly as our placThere was a horrible thing I'd done I was facing a hefty amount of time in jailBut I was schizophrenic My mind wasn,'t exactly anywhere I don' t know whatdid it

Well the tv did it but i don't know why I got startled one night Sonominous sense of just how wicked todays world hit me like a ton of brickswhile watching TV i thought the rapture was immanent i called up my mothershouting that they must let me serve my jail time I thought i was going to losemy mother to the rapture So I went from apartment to apartment in the middleof the night asking for a Holy bible i think a day or so later my mother came tomy apartment and gave me one And i began to read the book of John, the firstpart, you know: In the beginning was the word, and the word was God, and theWord was with God The scripture made me think in such a strange way Icouldn' t really make sense of what i was reading but i couldn't keep tryingAfter that though I felt saved A sense of vindication and great spiritual peaceame upon me i then walked about freely, having droppedeat worrystress from me, like not even death could ruin how i felt like there was fato life than just the worldI got medicated again regularly, eventually and became quite a dedicatedChristian for awhileThe man whodvertently ciHe underestimated things He thought practically He didn't assume fortunewould be just handed to him he knew it wouverworked He was relentless a person that didn't leave any stone unturnedAssuming all the way that just a little was not enough He didn,'t realize howquickly things add up And how they doHow Christian Satanism came to be: By two forces always present, fightingother Two of the strongest forces, one, and its opposite causing a great

like one throwing ones into a blender and the other doing the same thingSociety has presented both sides And they collided Just like Christmas withSanta Claus being added to the foray The easter Bunny for ealternative And poor Halloween, it just cant be an official holidayChristian metal Due to the strict customs of Christianity a polar force had tobe implemented To liberate the people Believe me it had gotten bad And theatural result of freedom of religion is freedom of Satanism Thats the end ofhe road Or would have been That places rightful spot goes to ChristianSatanism That can be called the final Christian denomination even if there areore to come It's like yes, there are other things but they aren't at the endHedonism, particularly sexual hedonism, is dangerous Satanism is pushingforthditiouslv That equates togreater perversionAnd is the valid reason why Christianity prohibits it Too much naturallyeither side is good or right But Christian Satanism is and always will be It isabout moderation instead of excess that could be one of its statementsChristian satanism represents moderation Instead of Total Prohibition or Excess!What arefter?A total sexual free-for-all? i don't even like the topic but IChristian is the pillar of the house Or you could say that Satanism is

The otheris the house it holds up If it is knocked downwhole structure will collapseBut Satanism gives and incredibblushes worldlineways limitlessly good It's more the application that is at fault Themisunderstanding and lie that there is no god No creator Hatred, love, do theygo side by side? Can they peacefully coexist Pleasure in small volumes but infull is a trait that only the most disciplined cariCarry on Be blameless Arouse minimal anger Live peacefully Live long Behappier TriumphLet's playCome to the show! There is bobne corneris angrys not yourfault He is that way to everyone There is a person picking out the nicestclothing they can They want to impress everyone Then there is the homelessan He doesn't know how badly he smells He is just after a few dollars Theris a man in an ally right now, maybe not far away, smoking crack There is a guy

hat attacked someone a few minutes ago Now heail for awhileIsn't as bad as the person that killed someone He' s got a secret to keep whathe doesnt know is that in a few months he is going to prison for life Therperson at a desk filling out some rather frustrating paperwork a persongot paid wid the next hour shopping But too bad for the otheworld who have just gotten firedSome have fought for peace and have gained it They can tolerate the worst ofthings Theystamina Some have worked hard in life and gained muchThey have vigor And those that have gotten a good education have high mindSome have come into a life they fully enjoy They have vitality And let's notleave out the others, such as strengthFor me the world is much like an RPG Even if it is more a choose your ownadventure kind of rpglowever you can make your life as any kind of game you wish to Mine is anRPG Yours may be an adventure, a simulation, a beat-em-up like bob As for mefeel like I'm playing many different RPGs at once And i don't play with othersdoing different things Not the bob type anyway

Not one to draw the fool cardoften I learn and adapt i grind and evolve And most importantly: I surviveMy Current life vs my desired lifeLaying out all of the cards on the tablethink i have the master plan mastered as mastered plans could possibly beChristian Satanist was born of air and fire no doubt You could call christianSatanism a controlled fire You Would be very accurate That' s all one part ofy life It came from quite a lot of toil and plain hardship i was tested to thelimits mentally In so succeeding without dying i earned the moniker ChristianSatanist Take heed, Christian Satanism done wrong is dangerous More soSatanism More so than Christianity while one juggles if s/he doesn'tThis is a wonderful philosophy a useful one who among the Christian Satanistcan stand before tt of judgement? That isn't so for you because I havestood there already for you Unless you a are going to proudly seek the seat ofleadership for it to sit next to"us, a seat of which I have nothing to saywill have to find that seat on your own

Lots ofLittleHard times, few soft times But vitality gained in full Ifyou are going to find that place i have only one thing to say: leave no stoneturned Dotantly, either becausetime To be timely Keeping an eye on the hourglass being pre prepared forour fate* Destiny thatAnd you will be watched whom among this is so And you will meet yourtcher And if theyur earnestpeak to you on that day about who you were all along among the arch angelAnd all of your memories will be restored if you listen to me So start thereYour tastes will bring light to the abyss But that is all covered elsewhere mayou find yourself among The Counsel of Goats Someday I promise you, I willprepare yoam certainly the little piggy that built his house out of brick while thosearound me are mostly just Tv watchers, drinkers maybe maybe drug abusersor fast food people, I am on my devices working Feeding things throughscanners to form an art book Writing as i am now all for a worthwhilepurpose planning out my future Having alread yghtd one broadExpansive really, and looking at the world

And going from there as I wasI have the things i need should disaster strike And I'm off like the lightning ifdoes I know exactly where to go (it is not here) and what to do when I get thereI feel that it's the foundation that is important The rest can be completed byothers Better not to give someone all the answers Nothing could proceed froma persons unique attributes couldn't be contributed That was certainly truehen i decided to do just one art book It laid a foundation If you read it(Trash Writings of lucifer White) you would see what I mean It isn't so mucht It like art honoring demonic entities and Satan such as through prayerforms and music Santa muerte too Contains other kinds of forms as well itwas a book of ideas that could be imitatedrecently began a study at a college here in San francisco It's free educationgeared toward a degree I want( Computer Science Teaching me Python Andstudy all day Mostly from YT online videos Snippets of instructions I onlyrk tham studving for Wegetting that until the third week I am simply studying all day as i wish to doAm certainly interested in learning Python I have cast a basic program alreadyIt is a video game glossary You type in a game a console, gaming character,ompany, etc, and it elaborates on it I just have to figure out how to pull upimage alongside

I have had all day habits pretty much my entire life Like music compositioused to write music all day Or write books all day Or just figure out computerseasier than writing all day Ine study or it somewhile t The programming isrt byer If you can teachourself to do one thing all day great power tostudy all daywill be a normal thing unto you or are you that person already?Naturally i want a nice college degree for a nice job in programming And thereare many life things that can be helped with programs/ software Money wiseoo because those programs you make for yourself you can also sell I haveextensive list of favorite things I'd like a program that organizes them andshows images alongside, predicts cost, arranged by cost and type There wthis story of a person at work who was given a lot of paperwork Him and hisworkers His coworkers took a week to finish but he finished in a day after helearned computer programmingbut recently I've lost interest in programming Not after I've gotten enough anunderstanding to know just what it is There are lots of new codes to write andthis and that, maybe have ideas that would turn up something good But Idather be a homebody writing I'm on SSl I'm in a group home It takes up toomuch if my time to be able to study as I like

Anton LaVey lived not too farfrom here in his black house I hope someday to have a glow in the dark housereated a book of drawings, art stuff, demon based things, music, scanned it allnto a new book And some websites couldnt upload it right Only two of whatuse like lulu, damn would call it a waste of time, ones not a waste of time buanother would be! That's how life goesm making chili dogs in this place Sunday I had to do blood work for anantipsychotic drug i am on Was at the damn doctors an hour The bus ricas way indirect unled to do some steep hill climbing manypeople first in San francisco don't know just how many hills we have So Idirectly came back home I had to go grocery shopping They used to at leastget us something fofree other than the nice chance to make afavorite meal of mine One simple-chili dogs and potato saladSo i get upstairs and

poured a glass of orange juice and was told to put thingsaway first so i decided I won' t go to college anymore I'lstay at homewriting! Which was what I had already partially decided anyway as the last fewdays I've been writing a lot So I have my iced tea just strong black tea In aarge thermos lasts two or three hours at a time pouring it occasionallymoking a wrong-no-you-cant cigarette in the safe zone The quarantine areafor smokers here so i otherwise write

The world is changing Why should i have to roam every damn place from oo another and miss the opportunity to see it change? going out there wherefew personal hitor me in town But I know their destiny Angry people are angry every wherethey go Maybe that a-hole is in jail by now But my interest is one part that bigreater than that I love to fetch daily news about video gaming Particularlyretro gaming And also the direction science and technology is going whatshould be becoming any day now any day something w pi old changing or atleast incredible will occur Cant really hope for the world to be damned Id bealong with it Bad people though bad people deserve the worst sometimes andhope their burning hell is localized Contained, isolatedI have a lot if stuff i collect del rey books from the 80s i have many suchbooks Really other than tea, tobacco, my phone and good clothing goodentertainment through a phone, productive/ creative things too, I have alljoy getting one dollar things onlineenough how good the things are My glow in the dark earbuds I got for a dollarzipper cord Ever hear of a zipper cord? Yeah, it zips up Dod Lets me choose its lengtIn a years time I may reach 60 books The small tall in this one is enoughon how i am and what I am doing currently Just a man wanting abetter world

But that depends more on scientists and technicians than it doesme They have all of the solutions or should sooner or later So here ' s to youlove never heard of a great inventor being given their own holidayThe scope of my projects and the style of my outputAnd for you: means and waysI wrote my first book about 10 years ago That book, The christian SatanicBible, took six years to complete I had difficulty wanting to do any new bookSo I developed it as much as I could, and oftenhad been writing since i was a teenager Back before the internet was Orbefore i even owned anything of a word processor The years pastacross a few mechanical typewriters But mostwrote on paper Mymother would say i used enough paper to cut down the rainforest It was onreligious stuff and philosophy And a lot of it occult At age 19 I finally had aword processor A computer with one I loved it But something was missinghat was all I could do, print stuff out on a printerId gotten internet just a few years later more of a couple But it would stillake awhile before enough was available online to assist me in publishing must

The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery You mustearn its riddle, Conan

You must learn its discipline For no one-noone in this world can you trust Not men, not women, not beastspoints to sword] This you can trustConan the barbarianou may not be able to afford a pound of silver but you can affor

Adam Jeremy CappsFor satanWherever he

The Four booksChristian Satanic teachingsA Course in Christian philanthropyFree video game idea book

The book of godismFuture Uses of science and TechnologyFor a debt l owe to all human kindChristian satanic teachingsIntroductionWhy do i write? I write to make a positive changhopefullyand the world I feel quite indebted to write my experiences inave beebroad have beHave bHave beendeep seated in a distant place I was established in such a way to learn and tocome to know, and to teach those things It is my responsibility The worldneeds to hear what I have to say and kind of similarly i write simply because12/ my nature I began writing relituff early on must have been abbegan on paper May have found a mechanical typewriter

Wasn't until Igot my first computer when I started making digital files Then came internet,and now i wouldnt have anyther hobby No more important hobbyanyway I work hard on this stuff I am always at it Really i'd rather be playingmy video game right now Then again, i really feel that this should be startedAnd the first few pages are always the easiestThey had all been first pages for awhile I had decided to start writing severabooks at once I felt better that way Can talk about different things i don't onlywrite about Christian Satanism Would like to surprise myself To perhaps get

three or four books done at about the same time but then cameprovoking idea of gathering it into a Bible And so you have it herehis book doesn ' t have to be read from the first page to the last Not at all Itbe read randomly That until it is absorbed It isn't a novel with a beginningYt to make a positive change in the world and tve always thoughtabout how the world could be better Smartly better As i don't expect everyonehe philosophMy books are all free(as eBooks ) are available as paperbacks if you preferAnd are all in public domain Currently r've written nearly forty books You canshare them, and please do You can sell them, and do that too and thank youall for your interest in the religion of Christian Satanism and my other writingsChristian Satanism is:a grey religionof dualityOne anti-sided-mindedOne advantageousAnd perhaps a joke on the whole universeIt can' t be more of an oxymoron than"Atheistic SatanismMore than there are at least three possible definitions for christianSatanism Ot can mean just Devil Worship Becauseto be astian to believe in such Satanic things induality as it is here

And that means you can be either one or the other, not justboth together but that too, certainly And third- something that is scripturallybased That is to say, that it is legitimately based in scripture " The devil wasnot a bad guy stuff Nor hated by god And some such people may even saythat Jesus was luciferI am a teacher that was appointed richly experienced made to fit the roleduring an entire lifetime I am here to improve the world to be its biggechange since the long time induction of Christianity And to give that makenId to the Christian Satanist, for whom it was destined I have great things tespeak and great changes to have occur It is a time of cleaning and a time ofbuilding for us And my design will take thousands of years to build The moreat hear my words the better and the sooner we can get started Good! TIcomplete our tasks the soonerThe final form

Satanismdestined provider Its truerepresentative It came into debate A long lasting one One going on faster thanan time, yet more deeply a debate by the holy and the not sncludee earth and combine the two forces into one The Child of such They will takehe earth That through the final Denomination of christianityI was visited often in life by devils and Angels to embody this purpose To golong on that path to be fitted into it Naturally Programmatically, too Visitednd kept safe Guided and set forth on this expedition, as described Blearning by listening, and having experienced great things i am here before youto see you through To become the greatest you can be I was given the rightmind Even saved from death I was restored Made to make myself whole agaifter many times completely broken Once a Satanist truly, but given salvationTo the Christian Satanist I say: be as well-worldly as possible It is the hongiven to you But you must be anchored! Plat yourself down firmly into the seatof "perdition for there is no one to carry you home Your home alreadMany in this generation are Christian Satanists

Not nearly as many have beenbefore it These are our times This is that place, that place that has been beingmade for ages Where science has construed what it has and the earth(mostlyfrom that) has been masteredhe making of our paradise Be happy andradiant And freely take from what the world could give Enjoy the earth beworldly For we are assigned to this world It's a present Open it up Lookaround at what you see Breath the newborn life And be happy on this day forwhat you have been toldYour loyalty to Christian Satanism is appreciated I set forth herepsychological field of perfection, and one of such a mindset and lifestyle, toopresent something different I set forth the kind of change the world needsropose such a stark and full change toot be00 year reign of Christianity ushered forthWhat an evil thing i do What a man of horrible experiences who has shined sobrightly What a childish form of Satanism do i create and practice like an etkid wise beyond his years And I invite you intodarkm andlly to rest there and to thrive there to find a purer and fuller existence thereby the gift of darkness I've received and as received may be given unto youm a deeplyd leader that lead:unconquerable They will greatly evolve the simplest They will make you into abrightly burning star For as stars they were that created me and their brightestlight dwells within meThe simplest formula for Christian Satanism comes from counter pointing

Do feel greatly free to counterpoint any point made here andbuild uponwell And finding your own direction of things in so doing As such Christianwill be whad free of cult-likeA Door Into darknessIt comes from loss of inhibition To free the soul this dance into darkness likeher new dress For she was clad in tatters, given great jewelry shecouldnt accept And then a demonic spirit clutched her hands raising her armshigh, and she danced greatly into darkness Some will look upon their neyhes and admire them Others will detest them and fall back into normalcyThe regular Plain Scripted The disciplined life as taught But pride can comefrom every day things The least of things a simple thing said or taught Asimple action or doing For some pride tinkles out For others it bursts forthpowerfully flows as endlesslyhave a split spirit It formed from being broken It was the result of temporarynsanity that kept coming back And so my spirit split into two One matureOne childish That child of my intellectual self One I spoil Not one i disciplinefeels differently It thinks minimally It tastes of things sweet

It devours meatYour dead now cowl Mooo lAnd invested onto such a being is a great power Given liberty Allowed by godo be To freely roam And if it is found that he was abused by lesser spirits,great wrath will fall down on them we are identified as broken and protectedBy those angels in human form who acknowledge we are children of hell Andhing in this worlda fractured reality is usually only experienced by schizophrenic people, as faas i know Doors open Doors to other things LikeWarlocks That doormore easily opened from hell than heaven While heaven is guarded and keptshut, hell isn't, not so much But when that happens, insanity comes with it Tyehuman mind is not supposed to be there Fantasy is hurled at you It is adifficultty to clutch Therer schizophrenia But beinghalfway medicated is to be halfway there Extreme euphoria is produced musicmply has much more rich and much more deep feeling than usual It isThe demon that has grasped them and pull them into see, for them there is nohope They will be lost in that p lb ace foreverenses are heightened And emotions Tv is in incredibly immersive Goodsmelling things are highly pleasant Food is more beast like to a person