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The Space Dreamers

This story is a work of fiction N:characters, places and incidents are producted fieor dead, is purely coincidentCopyright 2014 by Gary M

WhitmoreImage courtesy ofFreeDigitalpheThis story is dedicated to all those younminds across the planet that dream of beinAstronauts and going on space adveIt is also dedicated to all thethto debuildandrockets of the future for mankindsntures into outer spaceThe story was originally written with theintent of it being a 3-d animated screenplay

"Blast ofthengines of the Magellan VIl fire from theon the iphthe Magellan Vll rocket while it ascended into the sky,the rockehigherhp hey kept their eyes while the rocket's path arcedit was a small fiery dot highhe skybAstroMwith a gleam in her eyesliedahider what kind ofAstronauts Frankic asked with a glee type where we help mankind, " Timmyeplied with a smileMonica and frankieKirk looked proud of the Space DThirty minutes had passed, and Timmy, Frankiand Monica still hung around Kirk's placed mece tea and more of Kirk's storieever tell you about the time some of thettle astronauts claimed to hn alienKirk asked while he stroked his whiteked extremely interestedKirk proceeded to tell them this story, and it kepthe Space Dreamers on the edge of their seatAfter Kirk finished that alien story thedecided to play inside the Cousteau trainingThe stand holds the Cousteau capsule twenty feet11

platform Kirk built this so visitors could view theFrom a nearbyIne tree, thatFrankided up the staTimmy got to the platform, he openedthe hatch of the capsule Frankie waited on theThey bothed through the hatch and wetde thDownup at the capsule and looked a little nervousHeheusly andclimbed up a feShe quickly backed down andat on the first step too scared to make the climbTimmy poked hidMonica lookedbe theground crew Someone has to be the ground crew, shered with a shameful look in hiTimmy looked concerned with Mtear otghts But if the truth is known, he secretly liked herand wanted her as a girlfriendHe closed the capsule dooInside the Cousteau capsule, Timmat in two of the four scats

The Cousteau capsules thatwould travel in deep space utilized eight seats But thetrainer capsule only had four installedThey playfully flipped switches and turned knobsnce cuva"final destination locked into the directionalguidance system, Timmy replieden, nine, eight,ur three twoone, they both simultaneously counted downBlast offl"they all velled out

Timmy looked at the capsule windows, whichhowed the blue florida skycome Duke Spacewalker to helpand to

”TiSave the universe! " they both yelledThey both stared at the capsule window andlooked out at the sky when suddenly, a Buzzard peekeThe sight of this BuzzardUgly alien!"they allThey calmed down after thed thatFrankie looked at this watch, His eves widened "Id to get home I have karate practice in an horTimmy and Frankic got out of their seats andheaded to the

Chapter 2Far, far away infive planetthat orbited around a different sun most of theseinets hadThe planet ronneyed the govCouncil for all the planets in this beared Neila It hadasons similar to earth and in factcaled version of earth but with two continents and twoThe aliens that inhabited this planet were calledNeilas and they had human-like bodies

But they allhad green skin, with bluc, purple, orangeolored hair They all had large black eyes that wereThey were intelligent and peaceful being Thesewas considered tallThe one half of the Neila space probe that visitedearth raced toward Neila and descendedThen later down on Neila, the space probe racedrer mountains, lakes and beautiful exotic plantsIt flew over a vast stone palThe Palace belonged to King tona, who was theruler of neila It was nestled in the middle of somewoods and was surrounded by grounds full of exoticplants, shrubs, and flowersThe probe flew off toward the city of neilavillepital of the planet The city had bustores,apartment complexes and a green river that ranrough it The rest of the planet had smaller villagescattered around the twetinen

e neilaScience Complex located on the outskirt of the teFrom the sky above the palace was princeLunaery cute and adorable He wore blueshirt, and a black leather jacket He sat on a fuki that he flew fifty feet in thSona, his girlfriend, was a beautiful young adultg flowing purple hair

Shething stuffed in the right pockeShe grasped a handle at the end of a ropThe rope led to the backend of the Sky doSona made a loop, fde down and madeeeply banked turns "Yahoooo! "she screamed andfilled the air with joyful sounds of her fun-filled ridethe skyLuna continued to fly the sky dookoverweight Neila with long white flowing beard andalways wore his crownc sat at his desk while he read someapcrwork Then his Holophone bcc boopcd, and heslogram of a nerdy Neila scientist appearedKing Tona Our probe just returned from its visitof earth, the scientist hologram saidWhat did you learn? "King Tona askedIt appears the earthlings are planning to send aprobe to our planet in search of other forms of lifethe Scientist heWell, thats very interesting, " King Tona saidThank you for your report, " he added then turned offhis Holophone

King Tona kicked back and thought about theOn the palace groundlanded the sky dooling behind on theanded seconds after his Sky dolanded luna shuthe Sky doo andYou dida great job of flying this Sky dooLuna, Sona complimented while shehimHe got a proud smile while she gave him a htd kihis cheekShe removed a small wrapped package from heright shirt pocket "Happy Birthday Luna! "she saidthen handed him thesmileLuna quickly ripped off the wrapping andsmallPad- Private Video Holophone"devicethat had a small screen Luna didnt know what to makeof it

Ah, thanks sona " heShe snatched one of the snching to say "Luna, I cant waitKc said with love in her evesLuna got nervous and shook a little as marriagealso scared him to deathwaited for his response that he wanted her tobe his Queen But a monitor on the Sky Doo consoleturned on and saved himKing Tona appeared on the monitor, " Lunahave thirfor tonightc monitorSona looked at the monitor " Hello, King tonac said with a little wa

He smiled and waved back: then theblankdidnt look thrilled thenfrom up above and diattentonLuna! "velled Lon up about tweLuna and Sona looked up at the sky and sawng adult Neilas They surfed the heavens on"SkyBoards which resembled earth surfboards but weredvanced and would soar through the aiLon had blue hair, Saul with orange hair, Lorgewith pink hair and Bingo had neon green haicalled the surfers"and alwayaggy shirts, sneakers, and oversizedThey just purchased the "Surf the Sky"shop inNeilaville three months ago They sold and rented skyboards and otherories,including Sky DoThey surfed down and landed near Luna andSonaTheir boards heches above the groundrents Bingo told lunaLuna looked up at the sky then back at theLuna answered with a depressed look

That's what you get for being a Prince Let,'s goThe Surfers got back on their sky boards andpushed off with their night foot Their boards ascendedand they surfed up and awaThe monitor on the sky doo console came backn,ordered then the monitor went blankhe watched while the Surfers surf through the17

Chapter 1Outer space looked so beautiful and peaceful withhe millions of twinkling stars that filled thebackground of the full Moon and the beautiful earthA small space probe from the planet Neila racedhrough spaceIt zoomed toward the moon from the direction ofThe probe was clliptical thur feet long and two feet thiIt had four ports at the backend, which were theexhausts for its highly advanced engines

The fourengines emitted a purple flame, and the probe zoomedhrough space at super, super high rates of spThe probe zoomed around the Moon then racedtoward earthWhen ited one thousand miles from earthThbe traveled f

or another one hundred milestowards carthItIt moved around thes in the frontearthIt zoomed off dearth and maneuveredaround all the orbiting satellitesdown at the KennedSpace Center in FloridaIt was dawn and the startteam july daThe space center looked quiet whileUp in the sky, ten buzzards circled twefect above the front grassy area of the National

Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA)headquarters buildingThe bd around in circles and lovedbe racedowardbe raced down in betwethe circling buzzards causing thetumblenward at the ground They tumbled and appearedey would smash into the ground But they regainedight five feet above the grass The buzzards welieved and flew back to two hundred feet above thed andThe neiladbrandparking new fancy NASA headqtThe probe suddenly stopped at the middle of thequarters building It started to hover quietlyme third-floor windbeam of yellow light came out of the front ofhe probe It scanned the windows of the third floor

A couple of windows were now of interest Theprobe moved over and the yellow beam concentratedThe ten buzzards flew down and perched on theroof of the headquarters buildingbelow at the probe acanned the windowthose third-floor windows was an this conference room were ten nasaemployees that sat around a table with pads of papersand pens in front of them They drank coffee and atedonuts, which was typical for a NASA meeting Theyalso eyed an old nasa employee wlat the ende His name was Joe, and he was seventy-threed, and he started working for NASa during theProgram

A chubby nasa worker named wallace sat to thelly-filled donut in the box in front of him He reachedclse could stealOur deep spact suddenly stopped when jelly squirted out ofWallace's donut and splashed Joe in his eWallace's face turned beet red withembarrassment when he saw what he had done hekly shoved the rest of thehis mouthThe other workers discreetly chuckled at the sightof JoeI'm sorry, Wallaf a jelly deoe glared at the Wallace then wiped the jellyof hisAnyway, the probe will look for signsther planear

farddressed the room He turned around and usedremote to turn on a huge flat-screen TV that hung ondestination of the probe appeared The picture thenand recorded the nasaees inside thatcorded the tv that showed the planet neilaOur space probe will launchpren rocket will be launching later this afternoonThe monitor inside the Neila probe went blankOutside the headelight from the Neila spa

d around andd away fromthe direction of the launch pad wherethe Magellan Vll rocket was poised for launch onLaunch CompThe Magellan rocket was similar to Saturn Vrocket but was little larger in diameter and had an eightpsule The capsule was named the Cousteaufter Jacques Cousteau who explored the deepaNASA planned on using the Cousteau capsulexplore deep space withIt was later that afthf palmeThe community of palmetith of the Kennedy Space Center nestled in theFlorida woods It had a few sbut theeidential neighborhood thatAff Atlantis street in palmetto lived ablonde-haired and blue-eyed fourteen-year-old benamed Timmy Watson

He was full of dreams and hadstrong desire to be an AstronautTimmy raced his Huffy bike out from hiexcited while he raced his bicycle past an airboat on aHe raced his bike down the driveway where a011 Ford F-150 pickup all jacked up was parkedTimmy raced his bike down Atlantis StreetThe front door of the house opened, and blondehaired forty-year-old Rodney Watson,nickname Scooter exited Hlaunch pad at the space center and worked secondter rushed out of the house with his lunchbox in hand he alshirt that

try and western bandBubba and the pot belly boysckup The second heDriving the Corollared-haired fd Leslie watson who woreher tclothes She parked nextut and walkedher Scehe asked thewalked up to himHes off to watch the magellan launch withFrankie, and Monica at Kirks place

Then they 'llprobably hang around there and pretend to beAstronauts, he replied then gave her a quick kiss onthe iSuch Space Dreamers Okay, honey, have a goodday at work, " she said then walked away and headed offto the front door of theirhis pickup, started it up and backeddown the driveway while leslie went inside the hehis pickup down the street andhis horn at the houseBack at the space centersnthe an old Owl flew over and sat on a steel beamFive feet from the Owl a camera turned andoked at the bird The owl noticed and looked back atThe camera turned around and pointed at theMagellan rockeThe oked belehe gangway thatAstronauts walked down thegoing up intopace while they walked into the White RThe Owl flew away and headed south

At the nasaty ge on sr3 scootd andflashed his badTim, the security guard said whileHow's the coglanced deScooter's tee shirt "Have you heardg, I'm Gonna Buy My Bride A DoublHeard it the other day I'm going to buy the clthis weekend,”SIt's really good, said TiWell, I better git off to work, "said Scooter thendrove his pickup away with a goodbye wave out hiMeanwhile, at the southern edge of the spaceenter property just north of Palmetto was a fenced-offThis area belonged to tall and lanky white-hairedeighty-one-year-old Kirk Dakota

He had plans withretired from NASA and worked during theMercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space ShuttlerogramsHe retired from NASA in July 2011after the last shuttle launch with the Orbiter atlantisexcellent connections over the years It was because ofthese connections that he was legally allowed topurchase numerous pieces of old space items Some ofhese also included rocket engines and a Cousteaupsule that was used as a trainerThen his money got tight, and the bigVisitor's Center crushed his dreams ofBut Kirk would allow some of the local kidshang out in his property to check out the space it

he had collected Kirk would alsand his friends frankic and meKirk labeled therDreamers" since they had dreamstraveling in outer space,ed and tirode his bikehrough the opened fence of the entrance to KirkHe rode his bike past that Cousteau traininguIHe rode passedheaded over to the two-story white concreteIt looked liknt buildingThis building waKirkertedhis living quarters insteadOn the side of the building were stairs that led tothe flat roof

part of thisAlready on the roof were Kirk, and Timmy's twoFrankie blake was a fourteen-veat-old AfricanAmerican kid full of dreams and a strong desire to beMonica hernandez was a fourtcen-vear-oldMexican-American gal also full of dreams and a strondesire to be an Astronaut She alwavs wore blueFrankie held his iPhone in hand that had liveoverage of the Magellan VIl launchminutes and holding, "a femalePhone with a liverocketlaunch padTheyexcited while Timmy rushto them fromnning up the stairs

What's the count? Timmy asked a lind holding, Frankie repliedKirk, Timmy, Frankic, and Monica all kept theirUp above earth in outer space, the Neila spacerobe ascended from carth and split in halfOne half orbited earthThe other half flew off in the direction of theThe half thatted earth was aiFloridaIn the parking lot of the Operations SupportBuilding(OSB)Il at the space center, Scooter drove hisck into an availableAll the launch pad workers hhead into the padfter launch sliked these dahis pickup with his lunch boxhand and rushed over to OSB Il

He had a cravingr a cuof coffee, and hopefully, he could play cardswith some buddiesI-minuminutes and counting, the soundof a female voice came over the loudspeakers from thBack at Kirk's place, he along with TFrankie, and Monica still kept their eves toward theorthern area of the space center while on the roofT-minus three minutes and counting, thenale's voice echoed from Frankie,s iphoneFrankie and monica all lookedher launchThose three minutes had passed and it was theongesthree minutes in your lifeTen, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, twewith the fcmale's voice from frankic's iphon