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How to Capitalize Technological Resources to Enrich Workplace Training

ABLe OF CONTENTSIntroduction23456> what ls Technology-enabled-learning?> Benefits Of Technology-enabled-learning-- Integrate technological resources into a single learning PlatformMedia Being Used for Training at workplaceConclusionReferencesbased on their ease of use without the need for programming knowledge, There may be other tools and programsUsers are advised to do appropThe links provided in the eBook are based on information obtainthe internet and oate at the time of publication


Integrate technological resources into a singlelearning platformAdministration and managementhe technology-enabled learning platform has to be backed by the ofteneglected service component, which is very important for the success of anytechnological solution Service is an integral part of the solution which means adedicated team of professionals need to be available 24 7, to administer andmanage the training solutions on behalf of organizations and assure employeesdge at all times Some of the key aspectsof training and administration areanagement setting up user accounts registering users for courses,t (setting upfostering collaboration etcCoordination(working with managers to ensure their direct reports areorts and tracking (enabling visibility into the status of training and usersaining snapshots through the reporting and tracking ability of the lmsntial of suchlatform, they will be able to better plan and coordinate training events andresources and provide learning experiences that are commensurate with currere next section, we will list down the different technological resources thatcan be created to provide a holistic and integrated training resources portfolio


Media being used for training at the workplacehere are many ways in which technology is being used for training at theor media that are available for the purpose of trainingDigital BooksIn an online format, many resources can be compiled and presented ing esParticipants of classroom tdn easily retrievable place, which can beccessed easily by employees as and when requiredSuggested Software ProgramsFree/Open SourcePaidCreatavistFlipbook MakerDigital Book CreatoreBook maestroFlip E Book Digital MagazineBooks authorraining situations it can beClick the image below to view a sampleused116 eLearning Design andDigital books can be useful foany training situation AudioVideo and external links can beembedded to make it interactived user


Media being used for training at the workplaceearning or online coursesE-learning modules or online courses provide structured learning toommit to a specific time or location for thetraining to take place Online courses can be created as shnodules usingapid authoring tools These can be uploaded on to an LMS, intranet site orlearning portal so that employees are able to access them easily When thetraining content is long, it can be divided into modules to form an e-learningcurriculum that can be completed over a period of timeSuggested Software ProgramsFree/Open SourceAdapt LearningArticulate StoryliCourselabAdobe CaptivateMultimedia Learning objectLeAuthoring Toolaining situations it can be usedaddressed In some waythroughorks great foProcess traininSoftware Simulations trainingProduct training

5 Media being used for training at the workplaceMobile learningobile learning refers to any learning that happens when a user is not tieddcation asmartphones, iPads or other tablet devices

In simple terms portability andkely to shape the way learning takes place in futureSuggested Software ProgramsFree/Open SourcePaidAdapt Learningector InspireCourselabAdobe Captivate 8MagentaArticulate Storylineraining situations it can be usedful to people who work on the field andare away from their desks foextended periods of time suckas sales people, service engineers, pharma sales representatives anso on this format can be used forProduct trainSafety TrainingPerformance Support

5 Media being used for training at the workplacePodcastsPodcasts are digital audio files that can be made available over the internetdedhe podcasts canbe short audts thcourses or created as a part of e-learning courses they could also be adependent learning resource that could be developed as per need or as pera particular theme podcasts can also be made interactive or combined withaudio and video elements as shown in the example that is shared hereSuggested Software ProgramsFree/Open SourcePod Producere Podcast CreatorWildvoice podcast studioPropagandaAudacitye Podcast ProduceAudacity offers basic editing features and you might need MP3 Encoder,edia player or file transfer softeparately tostill worth a try

For more information click hereaining situationsge below to view a sampleit can be usedSales TrainingProduct TrainNew Employee TrainingSourcewwwrodspulsepodcast

5 Media being used for training at the workplaceScreencastsScreencast refers to the capturing of action that takes place on a computescreen and includes audio narration It can be a usefito create a tutoabout a software or an application on the computer

they provideanagers to create short learning bsingle learning need These can be used as standalone resources or as a palof an e-learning course or a training videoSuggested Software ProgramsFree/Open SourcePaidCamtasiaCaptivateAutodesk ScreencastAdditthere are screencast applications specifically for devices suckads Android or chromebook devicesTcan be usedClick the image below to view a sampleScreencasts are beneficial wheresoftware prograSoftware Applications trainingDatabase traininHow to videos such as How to usethe lmsVideo Source: You Tube Video uploaded by Lauren /tbcot


Media being used for training at the workplaceSelf-assessments and Evaluation OptionsOnline assessmentse in the form of summative and formatiassessments and can be given as a part of a course oto seek feedback on a training program or to understand to what extentparticipantsrstood the training content these can be hosted online andretrieved by participants at their convenienceSuggested Software Programsree/Open Sourcez StaJoomla Quiz DeluxeLimeSurveyArticulate Quiz MakTraining checkAssessment Generator 2raining situations it can be usedAssessments and evaluation tools are usefng situations andcan be administered creatively based on the training requirement andencesResourcHere is a blog that gives tips on using assessments and quiz questions ine-learning courses Click here to read the blog

1 Introductionn the 15th century, Gutenbergs printing press revolutionized the waymovement and contributed to the scientific revolution making learning availableto the masses five centuries later it is the internet teleother technological tools that are creating a similar revolution that is changingthe way people communicate with each other, learn from each other and seekflpects of our day to dnfluenced the way training is organized in organdepartmentsearning and development departments that facilitate learning ratherhan enforce teachingechnology has the power to expedite learning

Organizations can capitalize orhidge and ska regular basis in a dynamic world In this e Book, we will seetechan

be used to create resources catering to different training needs and makethem easily accessible to employees this is what we call "Technology -enabledets elaborates in the next section


What is technology-enabled learning?g is used to describe the application oprice, 2005)ICT can include computers laptops, smartphonestablets, digital cameras, social media platforms, software applications and theternetan be provided access to a range of tools that support aearning need when required and enable them to obtain a deeperderstanding of the subjectItysuit the working schedule of employees within the organization, across differerot have access to desktopcomputers or laptops training can be adsmartphonesw bandwidth areascan have access to resources that allow podcasts or mobile learning resourceBy smart and planned integration of technology into the training curriculumemployees can have access to learning through methods that are powerfuleasily accessible and need-based these technolog iaining managers and stakeholders in organizations to widen the scope oftraining to suit varied circumstances situations and emplovee profiles

3 Benefits of technology-enabled-learningis needless to emphasize that technology has broughtere, we will briefly touch upon the main benefits of technologenabled learningReduced costsof traate at a single location It reduces the cost ofbe tAdditionally, travelling boarding and lodging costs are limited or nil in mostReduced training timeTechnology enables training to takedtraining programs are rolled out, theearningWhich the courses are hostedautomate the training administratio15ctivities

Schedtracking of user registrations can bely and efficiently Inhe effort and time spent onorganizing and administering trainings reduced

3 Benefits of technology-enabled-learningVaried instructional strategiesechnology allows development of training resources that appeal to individualswith different learning preferences and styles

Interactivities for kinestheticearners,podcasts for auditory learners and aearners can be accommodated within each training module Additionallydifferent instructional strategies can be adopted based on the tiSimulations can be used for software training story-based strategy can be usedfor safety or cole training and so on making the courses rich andngaging to all types of learnersPersonalized learningWhnstructor speaks to them directly Modules and training paths can be createdsuit employees who have varied knowledge levels on a particular subject matterNovices can start from the basics while advanced or experienced employees cale to skip the basics by testing to go to advanced letThis waydividuals need not be intimidated with complex content and senior employeesed not get bored with the bSuch personalizedng is made possiblehrough the technology used in learning management systemsEasy access to SMEs and Trainersdividual employees can have direct access to subject-matter experts smesums chats and other collaborativefor trainers and employees to interact and share experiences and kihis facilitates faster knowledge transfer, particularly when an employeeequires just-in-time learning while on job

3 Benefits of technology-enabled-learningConsistency in training qualityOnline training ensures all employees have the same quality of training alame resources across the organization eor those at remote locations can have the same access to the training programhat is given at the head office as it is not dependent on individuals andtandardized it ensures consistent qualityEmployees in control of their learning:Last but not the least employees have complete control over their learninghey can choose what they want to do, how they want to complete the courseand at their own pace

they also have the option to start acomplete it while travelling through thebile device oply access theor short modules when they need to refresh their knowledge of aopic They are the masters of their learning and this is the best partof technology-enabled traininguires creativity and imagination to blend technology into the trainingcurriculum With some thought and planning training needs can be effectivelyaddressed by using a combination of technological tools that suit a particulartraining requirement or target group of employeese next section, we will see how multiple learning formats can be integratednto a single platform that is easily accessible to learners on one hand and helpsaining mangers to track learner progress on the other

4 Integrate technological resources into a singlelearning platformrses, podcasts, screencasts dbooks andEach one of these perforcular function andble for aspecific training situation But, how can users reap the benefits of all theesources for a single training need? For example let 's say we need to provideproduct training to sales people who are managing diverse territories

theymight have attended a one off classroom training session when they firstoined the organization Since then they have spent most of their time on theield, and in the days of tough market conditions and competition, it isthinkable for sales people to stay off the field lest they loses their gripn such a situation e-learning is a good option however since saleslymobile devices(m-learning)is the other ideal option At the same time, theyan benefit from training resources such as videos, podcasts, screencastsdiscussions or collaborative tools that they can access at the time of needwhen they face a tough challenge or situation on the job and need to dip intohe experience of peersSo, how can all these resources be combined under a single platform? Onecan do it with a customized learning management system Some of theessential features that are required in todays learning platfodiagram

4 Integrate technological resources into a singlelearning platformClassroom trainingcollaborativeearninChatsGroupsPodcastsUseAdministratio&eraining mgmtResourcesE-bookReports Trackingndividual learningno longer possible to rely on just one form of learning such as classroomtraining

a blended learning approach incorporating classroom trainingtual classroom training e-learning, m-learning and webinars hasadopted Features of individual learning can beMultiple delivery formats


Integrate technological resources into a singlelearning platformCollaborative Learninghe lms has in-built features to facilitate group or collaborative learningCollaborative leafer employees the facility ofForum discussions in which employees can initiate and participatea chat rooof employees available onlineReading and commenting on the blogs written by smes or expertsEmail support to ask a specific doubt or question with the ask the Expertfeature which will open an email, the experts may include not only tlbut also other employees who may volunteerDigital Resourcesearning is an on-going exercise and does not end on the completion of acourserefore, it is important that employees are provided with easyoptions to tap into a reference library or learning resources that can come handytheir smartphones or other mobile devices Examples ofdigital resources are as followsE-books