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28 Trends on Social Media

KLINTMARKETINGLet's get started

oSometimes it is hard to navigate on social mediathis part of the digital world always goes throughchangesNew social media trends are crucial to follow inorder to get your business to grow at a fast pacehat is why we came up with the top internettrends for your business or private use to get youSocial media platforms booming in 2020 and howto adapt to them

24K KLINTGeolocation as a key tooGeo-location allows targeting customers within aspecific area For example, it also helps with ananalysis of a particular place in terms of whoand how interacts there on social mediaOrganic geolocation is when the user is lookingfor something and the results will be based onhe distance to the placePaid geolocation, allows marketers to targetspecific locations

Location targeting can beeasily set on Facebook by Ads Manager

KLINT24MARKETINGGeolocation as a key toolHow to use geo-location?7 Geo-location targettingUse location to target people who are more likely to benterested in your product

You can target a specific locationat a given timeTarget a specific group of people -with little knowledge likeocation and time of the event9 Copenhagen capital Region of Denmark +40 km v9 Include Iype to add more locationsBrowsenarkopenhagenMalmoZealandThis allows having more optimized ads for a lower cost

K KLINT23User-generated content toease marketers mindshis new version of content is creating trust,promotion and may drive salesAs it is not paid, potential customers are morekely to believe in one's brand if they see it onprivate profiles of people who are similar to thecustomerUser generated content creates an honest andreliable recommendation

K KLINT23User-generated content toease marketers mindsHow to handle user-generatedcontent on social media?-7 Repost on social mediaWhy brands should use user-generated content?keeps both parties satisfied - private profile is gettingexposure, meanwhile, the company itself gains trustMoreover such companies do not need to think too muchabout the content, as users are providing them witiUser-generated content can have a great impact on socimedia for business

K KLINT22uture of Artificiantelligence on social mediaArtificial Intelligence is visible in almost everyndustry, including marketing

One of theconcepts of al in marketing is to understand thecustomer and then predict its behaviourf the ads are efficient, the rol will increase

K KLINT21Social Media goes LIVEiVe streaming, in other words, meansproducing real-time content

This gives theviewers- potential customers- a feel ofauthenticity and honestMany platforms start to implement live tools,such as linkedin where users can become annfluencer"to start the journey of streamingHow to get Live on SoMe?→ Real-time contentUsing real-time content makes customers urge towatch it and follow the brand as they do nowant to miss something limitedReal-time content -defined by time -relevance ofpublication to relevant happening

K KLINT20witter to reach youraudiencewitter is one of the most used platforms interms of engagement and real-time marketingPotential reach and impressions are muchhigher than on other social mediaWith only 280 characters you can spread yourmessage, tag others, and mention themHow to make the most out of twitter?→Real- time tweetsBurger King twitter account is famous thanks tots real-time marketing viral tweetsDonald J Trump oGreat being with the National ChampionClemson Tigers last night at the Whitedue to a large order placed yesterday, we re all out ofhamberdersHouse

Because of the shutdown I servedjust serving hamburgers todaythem massive amounts of Fast Food5-33 pm, 15 Jan 2019, Twitte

r Web Clientpaid), over 1000 hamberders etc Within901K Retweets 411 5K Likesone hour, it was all gone Great guys andbig eaters

KLINTMARKETING228Augmented Reality takingover picturesAugmented Reality (ar) brings real life to ouscreens and now it has come to social mediahe most common examples of AugmentedRealitFilters, lenses, and stickers to be applied liveInteractive maps(Pokemon Go)nteractive product display(IKEaEmoji's based on your own appearance

KLINTMARKETING228Augmented Reality takingover picturesHow to get started with AR on SociaMedia?2 create branded AR filters, objects stickersand lensesere can you create it?回7 Augmented Reality in Social shoppingMarketers can increase the interactivity of their shoppableproducts by implementing the try-on function driven by ar-7 Augmented Reality ads in Social mediaSocial media platforms that support AR ads

KLINTMARKETING27Personalization of socialmedia campaignsPersonalised marketing is all about getting atailored message to the individuis about personalised advertising to youcustomersPersonalization on some?Spotify -Discover WeeklyYoutube timelineRainy day? buy this jacket -using geoocation(weather forecast)Related to items you've viewedew or eot your trowing hstPRACTICEof a Theory of食食食食0食食食☆食食食☆食亡4

KLINT27MARKETINGPersonalization of sociamedia campaignsHow to become more personalized asa brand?rack user s behaviourOne of the tools is OptinMonster

It allows the company toa users behaviour on the ecommerce websitesAllowing to reach prospects on some channels they hangouth retargetiRetargeting-a type of online advertising, based on previousconsumers actions on the webCustomization of the product on social mediaPersonalised SoMe campaign -Coca-cola bottle They run thiscampaign all around the world, using specific names for thecountriesCustomers can create unique and original gifts for their family,ends on their websiteCustomize A Bottle

KLINTMARKETING26Automation Future ofsocial mediaAutomation allows faster and more efficientwork

Most companies have numerous accountson social media Keeping track of all of themtakes a lot of time and human resourcesOnce you unlock the possibilities of automation,your workflow will be much more efficientAnd that is much needed in the world where12 hours of work are not enough!How much time does a marketerspend online?59%More than 11hrsLess than 11hrsYKLINT

KLINTMARKETING26Automation- Future ofsocial mediaow to automate your marketing?→ Automation toolsSocial Media automation tools comparisono Hootsuite -Social media scheduling toolBuffer- Social media schedulerg Socialert- Social media listening toop BuzZSumo- Streamlined trending social media contentdiscovery too-7 Scheduling social media postsGiving an example, in some of the social networks, you canchedule your posts nativelyut in others, you can save your posts as drafts, and post themthen you are ready or when is the right time

KLINTMARKETING25Social media for customerServeAnother growing trend is social media as acustomer service toos not only used to promote the company butalso as a convenient way to propose help to itscustomers

More and more customers prefer toreach out via social media rather thantraditional email or phone callshis trend can give a competitive advantage tosmaller companies who still can truly respond toevery customer, as there is less volume ofcomIng messages

KLINTMARKETING25Social Media for customerservceow to respond to customers onsocial media?Get started with ChatbotsResponse rate on social media60%40%Response topening an emachatbotsLeaders in chatbots market?HedgehoglabE DogtownmediaMobiDey