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We have many unused resources to improve things aesthetically All sorts of lightsfiber optics, EL panels, neon lights, black lights, that are underused Many kinds ofhings not used at all Glow in the dark things, glow sticks, things that could make thld brightly appealing that are not used to do so The world is bland The Peoplehomes and paper We wouldn't build towns upon them But we need the populous pbland If we could biologically engineer towering trees we'd probably just usehave the mindset of doing so For them to have more attention given to beauty But alasthey don't care! Can't they think beyond the plain? Let's assume that a new form ofcrystal is created in a lab It is pliable and tough as diamond Our roads could be pavedwith it Homes, windows and such things made of it It could be in a rainbow of colorsCall it a part of aesthetic sciences And the scientists making it are Aesthetic Scientists Ofourse no field of science currently exists But it shouldIt would produce thingslike video stickers And at least Las Vegas is getting thingsdisplay overhead as you are walking down the street that plays must nics eright What I have in mind are things like the Fremont Street Expevisuals Were these thingsommonen peopenvironment

You go into any office though and yoou arey given a smalldispense somewhat cold water into We may not be able to change the world to theseways just yet but we can do things about our dull and plain bedroomsFix it up light-wise Still we need to create certain things I'm the kind of person thatwonders why we havent yet made holograms printable But we can print the best artwe can think of, frame it and hang it Hopefully we can find wall clocks that aren't justblack and white with nothing else to it Make our homes more colorful in general Ineon green carpet exists Neon blue or hot pink either- those linecolors Let alone carpet that glows in the darkDigital picture frames would have been nice but were just a fad After all, they didntpass the dullness test Even our door knobs could be mirror finished, have a light onhem like one rolling around, and as such we would have more things plugged in thanjust those on an outlet Wouldnt a door knob look much better if it was glowing out aeon color? Beds are just a mattress No one uses water beds anymore I personally liketo sleep up high, but I dont need a bunk bed But I have to get a bunk bed if I intend toOr to have an enclosure would be nicewas said of the future we d have more dazzling things They assumed that if we hadmore dazzling things wed use them We would want to make them Nope! We donhave self lacing shoes We don't even have holograms really No large holographicadvertisements If you predict where science will go, don't include them

Power for a fair amount of lights can be obtained from solar panels Andnnouses of them could be implemented by the person who is smart A lovely hall way withhanging lights every ten seconds of a color, otherwise regular EL panels to go acrossthe bottom of the walls creatiAesthetic Scientist As well as touch sensors, light sensors, etc Light sensing light? Thatsounds kind of coolNButhe shape of a lily Or a super hero you like, A homenvested with idols Ones of colorful lights that shimmer and glimmer It was once sungWhat a Wonderful World But I say: it can sure be a hell of a lot more beautiful3: The Power of The Gray Sidelieve me Christian Satanism stands out For some it is detestable, offensive, and forsome it is interesting due to its uniqueness and"impossible traits Whatever it is, itraises a lot of questions I should know Every time I bring it up a person begins askinga ton of questions about it

Some seem to have the sense "this cannot bwe are here talking about it, aren t we?As much as an individual stands out with it think about how much a Church would! Tohave both Satanic and Christian imagery throughout(and especially so for a largecathedral)would bring the news to the peopleAnd what much more a fun place it would be To have both a communion with ThDevil and God To have variety within its doors Two kinds of music and a third, bothSpeaking a gray message, and of darkness, yet of light too I think people would bmore willing to go to ChurchWhat would you think if you passed by a Church that had a devil on one end with aitch fork and pointed tail and one of the crucifixthe other? And above that thewords The Church of the Christian SatanistThe gray sithe Sonan It is the natural producte tina cause vve vebeen presented the stories of righteousness and iniquity from the beginning They'lIeventually merge- they have already here And they'll still exist separately but reallyhatever they do leads to us We are like unto them a child One born and raisedduct of fateWe are the new thing to talk about We may very well be so talked about to become theext big thing The biggest thing since Lord jesus

Who wouldn't want to talk about and support their child? We are an alien in this worlda thing not supposed to be/ foreign, Where will we find our ground? We are a thingewWe will be asked things like where do we come from?And we are the first of our kind here with Christian Satanism but eventually other grayside things will emerge Like in movies In shows, books, video games And as ChristianSatanists we should provide gray side ideas to these mediums We have something newand interesting to use so why wouldnt we?en more power to usImagine it as three things being squeezed together with the Christian Satathemiddle The power of Darkness being forced into us as is the power of Light Theirer draws into us And on a metaphysical magical level that is so Theomponent of Gray Magic that should not be ignored That is, to draw in both powerscontain them Take the darkness and the light, those that go well enoughtogether to create when combined(the Gray) and you will have mastered gray m4: The Nice Things About lifeIt's a scary prospect to die, but what a wonderful mystery it is We came from nothingWhy couldnt we return from nothing? I guess exciting thio g1 thoe thingFew days they will be, many will not be beyond normal We all have things we can waitfor, The Christian is waiting for their ticket out of here through the apocalypse I'm justwaiting for the PlayStation 5 The newest Nintendo system

I' ve already seen the new XBox And the next president of the United States will be announced soon I have a lot ofHoods are a nice thing to have They cover your head and neck They are useful duringps or sleep to pull over your eyes Those are a nice thing about life Cold drinksgreat too I like iced tea It's cheap and easy to make, Thanks to the microwave I canmake it quickly Really though I'm waiting on the day I have cherry cider again Or agreen monster energy drink And for all of that, paydayI wake up each day happy that a new day has started I go outside to smoke I makesome iced tea and start writing Otherwise I'm just sitting around waiting for things tohappen Then I go to bed Or into bed and watch retro-gaming stuff for a few hourAnd thank God for that! I really do love and enjoy retro gaming stuffI want to buy stuff the buying has never been any better If I want a drink the drinkshave been honed to perfection The food too I have things that the richest person didnt

ave ten years agethose old laptop videos Those monster sized machinethey desperately wanted to make portableve been waiting all my life Until I no more hadprogrammed TV Or the radio Now my smart phone has me covThings cheaplyen online come home to me every day Two a day, three a day There's movies leftto wait for, though, But renting them no longer means I have to leave the house Theyare brought home via a card numberm so glad I don't live in the filthy past I can take warm showers with two differentbars of soap and two different body washes I don t have to wield a dangerous razor tohave or some kind of flint rock while I fester in a cave home Nope! I have a lithiumbattery electric razor Nice toothpaste too Nice clothing as well In fact I'd say as far ashuman history goes I am living like a god5: What will a god do?science and technology evolves we are becoming more greatly like gods Telepathyand things are already possible They are done every day by people

Long long ago theytalked about magic doing certain things But theyd never be able to concoct in theirfantasies these things we do Like things as simple as playing music videos in the palmof our handsTen, twenty years from now and we will have things done yet far better That's just 2rears from now What about a 100? I cannot begin to imagine Believe me whatever itti be incredibleNo doubt we will have mastered our environments We could even be immortalBy who kiOwSwheans,cell renewal or something, But possibly notthrough justthing but withmoralizing effects procured throughscIenceTo live forever in human form is the Christian satanic Revelation unto us It is whatvere waiting for Though I myself can't help but feel like Moses who is not being leadinto the promise land That may be a benefit of science that you and me may not bgiven But sooner or later it will be given we continue to progressThey will be a People that science fiction stories could never imagine Not our currerones Not those for sometime to come I imagine things further down Would we bflying in metallic ships? Do we still float in wooden ones? Or will simple devicesaround the waist and wrist give you air and food? Not just replicators but replicated

guess the universe will be their home and their room will hold the universe Thatmachinest can be made to do anything are just lying around in different places Thathey have the tools in their homes to do remarkable things It is that way with us andthe past, To show a peof a century before these things we haId confoundand baffle them Things have a way of slipping in, like internet One day we are justeading text based things and enjoying images(the novelty! And the next we areposting videos hours long Using video editors and fiber optic internetAt the type writer one day Doing this the nextve watched about the history of electricity in a long but entertaining documentary Itstarted out as magic tricks relatedcharges They made this rotating devisegenerate more of it They found a way to store it They adopted a magnet to it Theylearned how it related to magnetism So they could effect a magnet far away dependingthe length of the wire That lead to telegrams, So they stretched a wire across theocean, One from america the other europe and connected it in the middle The firstwire didn't work right

They tried a second time and it did Then they discovered howto make a lightbulb This lead to a personal need for electricity, and wire was strungevery wherePeople were making theories all the time about electricity Some were proven right, likeradio waves Others were proven wrong like giving life to a dead thing by shocking itsdead brain(which influenced the movie Frankenstein They made neon lights and someother novelties And more major ones like TvIt just goes to show you that when we put our minds to it we can do anything6: The Taste Magic ritualTaste magic uses two things: visualization and simply things that tastd You canadd music to that if you like Every food item you use(whatever you choose)representsther a person or an idea Such as the idea of getting rich Or to change the thought in apersons head Or to just bless oneself or another To each food item one such thingThings like multi flavored candy is idea Corn chips are a good one to use too And youay include drinks in all of this too But you should have a lot of different foods beforyou and predetermined meaning for each, for the magic to work most effectivelyYou have these things on a table and spread them out You choose what order you wantgo with And add foods you haven't determined an idea for yet because you maywant to add sudden new elements to it Things can be dipped, that represents a newperson can be crowned(like yourself or a loved one) your enemies can b

But whatever you taste, taste fully Concentrate on the taste At the same time visualizewhat you want to happen You can use music to help you Just don't let it interfere withAlong the way you can expect to reorganize things The more you use it the more foodthat can be added to your practice And thats taste magic7: My ProphesyPeople are being forced intIt of thought And that cult of thought will be rebelledagainst That cult of thought will be counterproductive eventually, as acting out againstwill be liberating, It will be a source of rebellion as with as much thought is forciblycompelled the more people act out against it But perhaps not before it finds it's wayInto lawAnarchy will come to a boiling point People in small numbers creating heinous actswill hone it and increase in numbers, And God will punish us in this way because thevictims of the past will not be forgotten by Him Not left to suffer and die in vainLittle things will trigger a new world war, I envision a person juggling more and moreballs They will fall sooner or later and no anti war charm will prevent it Society itselfwill collapse as it is in the same way, a juggling of many ballsHedonism, selfishness will create greater immorality among people

Wickedness wIncreaseFreedom of religion will be repressed Certain rights will be lost among people Evenrights that were once considered undeniable People will abuse their rights They willable things, blatantlyThey will make false complaints They willnsist that their rights are being violated when they are not They will abuse the systemCollecting free money where they can And will be in therapy for no real reason Theywill drive up debt never paidThe Earth will chew us up and spit us out It will become too threatened by us to allowfor our peaceful co existenceThere is no Mega dictatorship that will form Here in America such a thing would notbe tolerated To take away the rights of others to an extent such as that, having in placea man that takes control over every part of our lives will not be tolerated But maybe Iam wrong I hope not

rather think that the world will become fully democratic Very nearly so And that isthe sign of the return of Christ Jesus Especially so in regards to Israel who is waiting forheir kingBut in the meanwhile the people are ever more hedonistic and selfish Leadingorruption Perhaps America is Satan's Kingdom and will become as such HoweverAmerica as a nation is highly philanthropic in some regards-nay, many We are likeethical scientists We care for the weak and disabled We equip and empower them Wegive the front seats in a bus to the elderly We allow greater access to those in wheelhairs And overall there is a duality going on in this nation Even our worst prisonerse treat ethically, In times past people would be tortured, but not amdWe hellother nations who are struggling We believe in equality We believe in human rightsand helping out the weak And if anyone violates these things we view it as abhorrentI have just one sign for you for"The End of Days, and that is of total chaos And youwill know when that time is coming But you'll be certain at some point When all haslast days

And be bright regarding it, knowing you are saved you are beholding theliterally gone to hell When total anarchy erupts you will knor8: Christians are evil, not meI remember one day I rented out a book from the school library My principle sent me tohis office over it Navajo Witchcraft was the name of it And the principle took his paddled waved it on front ofhreatto swatI didn't pray to God with himWhich was humiliating, And indicative of many a Christian Christians force theirbeliefs down your throat If they had political power to enforce their beliefs they wouldIn the past they have tortured any non Christian Ready and able to see witches toslaughter It is like their God died on a cross and if you don't care then you will betortured on one too Jesus wad to preach about love He was passionate, nottantrum-throwerWhatever he taught must have been wrong as Christianity is dangerous and Christiansare a murderous people, Yet they think their way is what the world needs, Like they arethe ones to decide and what others would have are evil atheistic liesThey will throw themselves in the line of fire while blurting all kinds of nonsenseThings"sacred They are a judgmental and obtrusive kind of people They deoncehuman nature Their philosophy never did the Earth any good Theyve hurtalong the way They interfere with science and Technology They hate the world bypractice Theyll say Newoton was a Christian, Well he was forced to be one If he didntstop saying that the Earth revolved around the

sun then he d be executed by them

The Four Books of another Christian Satanic bibleChristian Satanism2)Video GamesGodism 3 Part 2(Future Uses of Science and Technology4)Blood Star Teardrops Fall, Black Rainbows(A Movie Script

Book oneChristian satanismShadow and light are two sides of the same coin One cannot exist without theother -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessIntroductionHello! Welcome to my 40th book They have all been free and all in the public domainRemember, this oneve come to know a lot about Christian Satanism over the vears Ive come to thinkabout it often looking for the best way to talk about it Here's what I have to say aboutit It works for me It lives in me Whether or not anyone accepts that, I know it does Imay not be a 100% Christian I never claimed to be" 100%"anything really And it's noabout 50/50 Sometimes it's 60/40 Other times 80/20 But I don't see any needmeasure these things I see two sides that I like and follow them

Those that really objectare the sided-minded Such as the Christianists they are, Or the Satanishes they arefighting for the God or the Devil But I exist because of them both And I am herewriting through them both as they determined a gray side of things should be Aunposed thing in other words, as you'll find it here and find it beforeTime of the Gray Sided is due Nature works in twos, and the 3rd elemeproduct, is lifeI may need to clear up some misconceptions First, I don't represent anything evil I ama highly moral person, naturally so Second, this isn't a cult Quite the contraryChristian Satanism encourages point/ counter point To be one thing yet open to theher if at all possible To explore opposite sides to yourself while looking for truthOther than that read what we are about and I hope it's a nice fit for youThe Gray Side of things is one where there is balance I hope to convince you that theEarth is reserved for us The Middle Grounds, so to speak, is destined for us For us it isn

eaven or hell it is the earthen realm It is here that we find life and continue onwardforever in one place or another The Earth shall belong to the Christian SatanistSo through these words be anchored Be established Be rooted firmly and reside withus here forever It is a message for you who have always felt that Earth was your homeFor you who never could quite sense that heaven or hell was to be For those whesomehow knew they'd live here forever And so you willEvery time I cant sleep at night, I wonder if I'm in someone else's dreamA New Heaven aNd a New earth(and Hell )This is the gospel of the New EarthIt is the philosophy, beliefs, and dogmatic practices to be It is the sword of Christ Theeason why I drink iced tea all day is that I use it to console with God all day Everytime I take a drink i either think of him or pray to him i have seen the weselfishness and hedonism They lead to corruption morals are thrown out in sodoing Lies become so natural for such a people as these And the only thing thatmatters is their own self I stand to reason with them: is that the right way to live? Is thisthe world we want? Half of me says"yeah, a little pleasure is okay In fact a little goesmuch longer a way And my other half says "the more I can control my behavior thebetter i can control myselfi don t become a slave becarn the christian satanist, a being that is neither blinded by the light or the darknessIs it so absurd? God works in mysterious ways

Many a Christian would demand ourdamnation were they presented to us by God They would say in every which way thatsalvation comes simply by faith Not as earned but as a gift unto them But they'll surescream hell fire and damnation from anyone who doesnt drink from their cup Isaiahand Ezekiel isn t even talking about The Devil Yet whole Devil Worshipping religionsand music has been built around it Satan is at one side of God Jesus, the other Someay that Jesus and Satan are brothers This is true as they were made to know it wasAnd in Revelations we hear that Jesus is"The bright morning star Just as the nameLucifer denotes in Isaiah 14 God took from Jesus the cup of wrath and gave it to SatanAnd so the fighting grounds of the apocalypse with The Devils reward being manymore than the third of all people Unto His Kingdom You will have things you canlearn regarding Satanism(singularly) here if Satanism is your forte God made thesheep and the wolf The lion and its prey But when the purpose of God is accomplishedthe wolves will eat with the sheep, or, the Satanist with the Christian Both will be madeto dwell in peace togetherThe Christian Satanist is the third of all people

Christianity is dangerous I can't imagine the torment of being burnt alive And theythink they are fighting for God By bullying kids into theism Else cast him out ofschool Few consider that God would favor a secular society over that, but He certainlySatan is The Progresser He is the spirit of evolution and progress He is The Prince Heod And most importantly here he is God's Advocate His SwordNature works in twos Twos in an opposite way For example consider the humanbody The reproductive system The moon and sun And when you think about thethird think about life And life is at the center the middle of it all You have two legsthe third element2,000 years have past since that fateful day Yes, even more And during that time youmay ask"what has changed? Certainly a lot can change during that time But the endpurpose of God has remained the same Christianity has found its last purificaticthrough us Take a look at Easter, Christmas, and the gluttonous holiday of ThanksThe coins of caesar that have donned in god we trust The easter bunny santaClause The Christmas Tree Holidays are all Christian Satanic Gray side things take timeto build but are of the last things builtGod is not disgusted with us

In fact He wanted us He created us To have around, togive darkness some light Light that we highly appreciate The world to give us that Hereated for us And an appointed time when it will be taken And they can bicker andargue about it all they want but that's just the way it is Jesus was treated like animposter all of his days He said things that people didn't want to listenHe focused on them intentlydesired them morethan the others And we walk the Christian path equally as well given that we are notevil That we shine in the darkness as we do, are the most intense of God's lightJesus will find the lost sheep He will leave 99 sheep that are with him to find that singlene lost and as this is he haedngdtes us here unto his foldMay we be appreciative May we not blaspheme May be not commit any atrocities Hegives to one people one place He gives unttheir own place from one kind toanother he has us where he wants us to beGod gave us a lot of resources, no doubt He assigned humans to create a heavenly likekingdom to dwell in, Whatever we need is there, truly in perfect amounts, We are ofthose that were sent here to do so, as a job on some cases, as a punishment in others,and for some simply by desire It is like any other job We just don't know we wereired, on most cases, anyway But that tells you why we are here The task is not foreverexcept for us As we will return and pick up on things as we should And there willsooner or later be a science created utopia for our kind a true utopia While not as

grand and peaceful as heaven, still naturally favorable to us Nor Hell for us Just Earthand its infinite multi dimensional surroundingsle practice gray magic Magic that causes an effect that isn t necessarily good or bade are aware that chaos is something that bursts forth in an overly systematicgeneration of ideas and practices among people of the EarthOur tastes can be said to be gray For example, we like material wealth from simpleless expensive things To those who give to us we give to them We borrow but also payback, if we want to borrow to begin with We eat less food but enjoy it more gray tastesomes from balancing things, Like providing for our future at the end of things Ttithes our future But don't forget that investing in science and technology makes theworld a better place Like if we could get a replicator inventedSome of the most bitter things taste the best when sugar is added to them Some of theblandest things taste the best when salt is added to thema party everyday is no party Leisure time doesnt come for those who have no workOver perfection of things can ruin a thing Haste makes waste but a boss may have youmake haste with less wasteWith all that can be said of primary goals for any religious practitioner, that of theChristian Satanist serves them best The Buddhist seeks enlightenment The Christiansthe road of Christ The Satanist darkness and evil(sometimes)blasphemy perhapsThey are usually after pleasure and power

Pleasure in the form of sin How about TheChristian Satanist? What do they seek? They seek to find their middle person And asmuch as that person is seen the more their soul falls down from heaven, up from hell,and planted into the earthen realmHow do you find your middle person? That's easy: it is in the place of balance, it is inshades of gray It is the deciding line The place in the middle It is just as simple as itsounds You'll live longer You will be happier You will enjoy things more Your lifewhole life will be better balanced The more you practice it thenore centered you will truly beAfter all to use less is to have more To balance responsibilities with pleasure alwaysresults in a good thing Sinners are a slave to sin for sure But a Christian Satanistmaster over itAnd it can be a true power You either say no too often or too little But how few canonly say no half of the time! You may have decided to watch something you liketomorrow Or do something you like tomorrow Isn't that really saving life? Christiantanis is like life in the pocket

Christian satanist necessarily a dualism either I've thought about this a lot Thait should be taken in a comparative basis To be sometimes Satanic and sometimesChristian is to be Christian Satanic But that itself with balance all things can bebalanced after all, it seAnythingbe cut into two Those itself can be cut intetwos, and who knows how far that can go The smallest things cut into two are theeatest concentrations of Christian Satanism But the whole point must be to build upfrom there To create the greatest from the least To reduce then to increase And as suchBut there comes a time when all the philosophy of the world does not itself provide anwer That answer is instead the only possible action Take a dictatorship: thatdictator is truly harming innocent people We don't need to look in our books to knowhat we should do We know that person shouldn't be allowed to continue theiratrocities However along the way the Christian Satanist has weighed good with badThey must know what is truly bad and what is truly good, then And can generallyoperate better through the understanding that they hold within themIs a walk worth the reward? In faster travel we lose something Ahis two feet a century ago would wall quite far for any one of the excellent ice colddrinks we have these days Theyd go that far for 6 eggs But now we are left thinkingI'm not going anywhere unless I can at least afford a 6 pack of sodas

Or'I'm not goinga mile further on the bus unless I can save more than $5 But the person of a century agowould have had to travel a hundred years to have what we have today And theydeserve to be with us nowThose of ages past will run to the reward and full heartedly take it Will graciously takeit Will have within them great desire for it Many who are first will be last and many wohoare last will be first And so the Christian Satanist should not take things for granted Butrather build doNill love the world as a gift from God or will not be given itIf we share the world then we will be given the world How you shtoHave a feast, invite the homeless, Give to those that lack Spare money for gifts on anyoccasion And also work to keep the Earth a good place to live, make a healthier planetbe in your agenda as well Contribute to science and Technology for the sake of ourtopia Decide the best ways and means to go about itDon't blaspheme against God Never commit an atrocious act Submit yourself touthority ifdo Bengeance to God Defend yourself but inbalance only In other words dont over react Be empathetic Be sympathetic And havea strong conscious to guide you and minimize the hurt you'd otherwise inflict Andwith such inherit the Earth As Jesus said (and is a verse important to us) The meek shallinherit the earth And Jesus said give and it shall be given to you Many times more ever

Which is just so pleasant to be know Remember that it is the great power of God thatgives the world to us Not any Satanic power Not through deception Nothing morethan the qualifications say forth by God AlmightyThe Christian satanist stands with one foot and bends his or her knee to god with theher He has those on the right side and those on the left He has one kind and theother We are that other kindIt was created by two sides that got together to establish it There were arguments forides There were things insisted on yet rejectedimproAnd in thepeed of heaven established, and poured forth through me

Finally, it was given apurpose and method for successAs for me I have long been a wanderer Living in as many places as can be imaginedHomeless and mad, yet brilliant, confined, jailed, with room mate after roommateade into a very socially educated person Book smart, street smart too In a mad housemany times asSometimes just a hotel where I rotted and lingered for years Or atgirlfriend's home, in an apartment, in an RVI was highly Christian in my youth Soon after highly Satanic And would end up goingback and forth until I understood that I am a Christian SatanistI have some really good things to say and I hope you stick around to hear themNo, I'm not some Devil after your soul But it is up to you if you take me seriously orot, Or else make a playground out of my ideas The choice is up to you But bear withmeI'll give you a golden cross Though heavy, you may rest with it and guard itThat is what your purpose from me isam a soul that had to be quarantined as his love for God was mad like in the musiideo I Love You, Always Forever by Donna LewWe have the shepherd for us who was grayWe are Earth's conquerors shining into a new daye have come far across many landsTo be where we are at todae breath in and out the earth itselfe are planted here upon itWe strive for perfection and excellence

Building upon this world in every waye will reside here forever for that sakeAnd these things are simply our fate1: The Paradise unfolding Before Your Very eyesOnly science and Technology can create a utopia To end starvation we need areplicator To be safe we need scientifically procured safety mechanisms To be warmot cold we need something as basic as a heater We have labored for ages to have whwe have today And it will not be for nothing The thought of that is for the nihilisticly thoughts on the future are not full of dread and apprehension Those nervous abouthe future will concoct the worse ideas they can But the future is ever brighter We haveeath to thank for breadth of our success as human beings on this earthHowever before that utopia comes about there will be disaster gerprehensive Ironically, the scope of our success is most unsettling to them They are ofhose that desire destruction They are of those that are most bothered by the futureAnd they are the Satanist Satanic They are full of rage and wrath They are full of itsspirit And in time must come when they are dispelled from the world Only the mostpowerful of storms can do so

And after the fate of the evil and damned is set then fromthe dust will emerge a paradise And that paradise will then freely develop As a resultwill more rapidly develop in a time of evolution never before seen from humankindThe pro moral side is the most visible They are heard They support ethical causespenly It is enough to make you think that the wicked are but a few But they are therejust as equally, only hid They will be driven out and expelled Like the vomit of anunsettled stomach The worse it gets the greater the force of expulsionRemain with me righteously Be a decent person Be with us the Christian Satanist Anddon't be expected of other kinds of people Be removed from the wicked and you willot be fathered by the wicked Isolate yourself from the regular world which isbecoming not just wicked, but evilAndGod dwell withinyou and takento the final of days before the grandew age The more we learn technologically and scientifically the thinner the dividebetween heaven and earth2: Formula for a More Beautiful Earth