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Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyer s Guide

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers GuideMW ActiveHybridBMW ActiveHybrid 7s102300-106,200MSRPmpg city, 24 mpg highwayMW Active Hybrid X6S88, 900 MSRPGHG Scoresalade 4WD Hybrid,oL 8 cyl engineS76,390 MSRP20 mpg city, 23 mpg highwayAir Pollution score= 5Chevrolet Tahoe 1500 4WS53,540 MSRGHG Score=4

Clean cities 2011 Vehicle Buver's Guideord Escape 4WD Hybrid2

5L 4 cyl engineS28, 100 MSRP1 mpg city, 36 mpg highwayGHG Score= 96oL 8 cyl engines54010Mcity, 23 mpg highwayAir Pollution Scorecity, 43GHG Score=gS19850MSCourtesy

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers Guidenda Insight LX Hybrid520, 600 MSRP40 mpg city, 43 mpg highwayyunda Sonata 20T Hybr2

4L 4 cyl engineS26 000 MSRPmpg0Courtesy of YundaLexus Gs 450h RWD HybrS57950 MSR22 mpg city, 25 mpg highwayAir Pollution ScoreLexus Ls 600h L HybridGHG SC544, 825 MSRPAir Pollution score=7Courtesy of ToyotaHybrid Electri

Clean cities 2011 Vehicle Buver's GuideLincoln MKZ Hybrid25L4534 330 MSRg city, 36Mercedes Benz s400 Hybrid3

5L 6 cyl enS87950 MSRPg atyS55,790 MSRP21 mpg city, 24 mpg highwayAir Pollution Scorecurtesy of Mercedes-BenzMe25L 4 cyl engineAir Pollution scoreGHG SCS28, 345 MSRPAir Pollution score=7tesy of Ford Motor C

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers Guide25L4527 530 MSRPAvailable Only in Californiroero2

4L 4 cyl engine$575 MSRPGHG Score=8nder AWD Hybrid$,290 MSRP28city, 28 mpg highwayAir Pollution Score=areg Hybrid30L6C560565MSRIAir Pollution and ghg scoresUHybrid Electri

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyer's GuideEthanolGMCFWD FFV30LS24,,250 MSRPGHG Score: E835 is a renewable fuel choic85 is a mix of 85%ethanol and 15% gasoline and is produced from plant feedstocksoday most ethanol in the US is made from corn, but in the near future, ethanol mabe made from owable resources includinggrasses, crop restraw, and fast-growing treesol from these materials and corn combined matually replace up to 40% of the gasoline we currentFlexible fuel vehicles can operate on gasoline or E85ng on E85, becantains less energy per gallon thate price of e85, howevecally 10% to 30% lower thael economy, Flexible fuel vehicles are distinguished byck of the vehicle, and they often have yellow fuel caps85 is widely available

The number of E85 fueling stations coto increase throughout the country85 stationtive Fueling Station Locator atwwafdc energy govfafdc/locator/stations This tool is also available on yo

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers GuideBuick Regal CXL TurboS28, 745 MSRPNo Other Information AvailablBuick Lucerne Cx533,130MSRPGHG Score: E85=4 Gasoline= 46

2L 8 cyl engine565710MSRP4 mpg city, 18 mpgoline)Courtesy of GChevrolet524,390MSRPacity, 229 mpg city, 29 mpg highwayAir Pollution Score: E85=6 GasolineGHG Score: E85=5 Gasoline= 5Chevrolet Malibu LS2 4L 4 cyl engine522055MSRPpg city, 33 mpg highway(Gasoline)ore E85Courtesyeet Availability Only

Clean cities 2011Vehicle Buyer's GuideReducing the amount of petroleum used in light-duty vehicles ise increased availability of hybrid elecehicles, flexible fuel vehicles, and compressed natural gas arall-electric vehicles

By selecting the vehicle and fuel that best fiteds, your location, anddrivingenergy independence while improving your own bottom lineContentsHow to Use This guideatural gaAll-ElectricVori ybrid ElectricBiodieseluel Conservation

Clean cities 2011 Vehicle Buver's GuidetroductionModel year 20be remembered as a veissan Leaf, the first all-electric highway sedanChevy volt, the first commercially available electric vehicleuted for its extended range capability; to0 and GMC Sierra 1500 hybrid pickups: the Gmolet 2500 aans and the ford f250 and F350 and E150 E250 and E350 vehicles that canoperate on propane; and the chevrolet silverado 2500 and 3500 pickups approvedte on b20bility may be the decidingvehicle purchaseselling e85 ethanol are proliferating while speciallocaTioption and on be arranged when you purchase an electric vehicle, Publctric charging stations are being planned as cities prepare for a rollovehiclesThefreealternativefuelingstationlocatoratwwwafdc

energygov/statiodentify local fueling options forto educatto a vehicle that reduces youof petroleum, prodd takes yothe futureof transportati

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers Guideow to Use this guideThe 2011 vehicle Buyers Guide includes vehicle-specificspecifications, fuel economy, price, alpogas (GHG)on ratings with this information, you can compare similar vehicles to makeuel EconomyPA) city and highwaymy estimates, Fuel economy is measured undeaboratory, using EPA's standardized tests The citysimulawhich a vehirted with the engcold and driven in stop-and-go traffic, EPAs highway fuelmix of rural and interstate highway driving with a warmed-up engine, typical of longerps in free-flowing traffic Federal law requires manufacturers of light-duty vehicled in the United States to provide customers with the etimatee/Economy goutarting with model year (MY) 2011, fuel economy estimates are also supplied formedium-duty passenger veweighing up to 10,000s includesutilityVs) and passenger vades pickcks and cargo vaThe Air Pollution Score represents vehicle tailpipe emissions that contribute to localand regional air pollution and create

problems such as smog, haze, and health issuePA air pollution scores range from o to 10, and vehicles that score a 10 are cleanestnone of thesealifornia Emission Standards, set by the California Air Resources Board(CARB)are similar to but more stringefederal EPA standards Several states havedopted CARb standncluding Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, MarylandMassachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhsland, Washington, Vermont, and washington, D

C, although dates vary as to whthe carb standardsThe Greenhouse Gas Score reflects emissions ofgreenhouse gases, which impact the planets climate GHG scores are based onnd range from 10(best)to 1(worst) GHGonly reflect vehicle tailpipe GHG emissions More information about GHG scores is availablgine Sizee and manufacturers suggestedrice(MSRPBook mSrP dfreenergy gov/araclaws

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyer's GuideNatural gasAir Pollution score =9Natural gas vehicles save money and ecooking and heating in many hommestic natural gas supand some locations aredevelopingive than gasoline, andvehicles emit lower levels of air pollutants and greebG Honda Civic GX for approximately $10,000re than theehicles foon from gasoline to CNG opeal cost of $8,000 tos12, 000 per vehicle Conversions are regulated by EPA and must be certified basedon vehicle make, model, and model year vehiun on CNgentive

Check with your tax advisor to determine available tax credits and eligibigov/afdc/lauvailability may be the deciMatching your vehicle choice with a readily availablupply is a smart moveu are considering the purchase of a dedicated CNG vehicle or converting ational vehicle tog Station Locatoratwwwafocenergygov/afdc/locator/stations/orwwwafdcenergygov/stations/m

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers GuidePropaneE-250 Roush Clean Tech/ Ford4L8 cyl engGHG Score Unavailableicles with readible, clean-burning fuel that has been used in thend powers roughly 190, 000 vvehicle is typically two-thirds that of gasoline and is available through aergygov/afdc/locator/stahelp you identifyfueling locatioour aChoose your path to propaneht- and mediumGMC trucks and vans including the following models0 and 20Roush/ Ford 2010 and 2011 E-150, E-250, and E-350 vans(5 4L V8 engine)GMC/Chevrolet 2010 and 2011 3500 Savana and Express vans (6 OL V8 engine)GMC/Chevrolet 2010 and 2011 2500 and 3500 HD Sierra/Silverado pickup(6, OL V8 engine)These propane vehicles can be orderedghGeneral Motors(GM)deps Theytion's Auto choice system

In addition, several conversion companies can convertto propane operation, Conversion haseffect on the horsedederal tax credit may be available to reduce the differential cost ofwered vehicle Informaafdc/aws Check with your pepecific informatiearn more aboversionsonpage32oronlineatwwwafdcenergygov/afdc/vehicles/conversions htmipane

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyer's GuideAll-Electric vehiclesNissan Leafctric motor$32,780 MSRPper chargeCA, OR, WAAll-electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissionsAll-electric vwered by batthat store electricCurrently available EVs can travel 100 to 200 miles on a single charge, dependingmodel According to the us

Departmransportation Federal HighwayAdministration, 100 mufficient range for more than 90% of all householdare more expensive than similar conventional and hybrid electric vehicles, butdc energy gov/afdc/laws Check vyour tax advisor to determine available tax credits and eligibilityVs are classified as zero emission vehiclesduced thea highway-capable Ev sedan The Leaf never use5 oKw ACCoda automom-ion batteries andriving rangehe Tesla Motors roadster 25 is an alc two-seat convertible also availablebout 235 miles per charge and

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyers GuideExtended range and Plug-InHybrid Electric Vehiclest voltS40,280 MSRICT

DC, and Austin TxPhybrids provideded vehicleExtended Rangric Vehicles (EREVs) operate on electricity and use gasolinegine thatadditional electrical power to the bim-ion battery pack that powers the cars 149is primarily used to generate additional electricity while the electric motor turnsion of conventional or alternative fuel as well as electric power storedextending the Phev's range beyond what the bihe internal combustion engine, and through regenerative braking Howevered solely with gasole a conventional hybrid, although they wieconomy without charging

Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyer's GuideHybrid Electric Vehiclesd with a battery-powered electric motor HE Vs run on gasoline and dneed to be plugged in to recharge the battery Because HEvsthe time on battery power aloey require fewer fill-ups and are more economical to run Some HEvs achieve fuel economy of 40 to 50 miles per gallon They alsoproduceof tailpipe and GHG emissions than conventional vehiclybrid configuration affects performance and priceidle or low speeds

When speeds increase, the gasoline engine wectric motor to provide power Full hybrids are 25% to 40% more fuel efficient thanMild hybrids, also called"micro hybrids", use a battery and electric motor to helpsignals and in stop-and-go traffic, thus improving fuel economy Mild hybrids cannotpower the vehicle using electricity alone These vehicles costde lower fuel economy