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HHegemonyChristopher Wittkugle

Christopher WittkugleThis work isChristopher wform and formatuthorcredit for the work and no fee or charge is appliedThis is a work of fiction Names charactersincidentsither are the product of the author's imaginadead

events or locales is entCoin y actuC Copyright 2007 by Christopher WittkugleC Cover art copyright 2007 by Christopher WittkuglAll rights reserved

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6 Christopher Wittkugle

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azaa3 An evening at4 The Tale of the Amber Rose5 The Young CapChapter 6 Waiting at Temple7 The Search of Orajebapter 8 Rotting on the vinePart woGhost in the machirg The priorities of the parallaxAboard the ghost shis HospRevelationChapterChapter 16 Rahji Comes to NamarriChapter 17 The Betrayal of RahPart ThreeChapteraut I/Chapter 20 The Synchronicity at Kazaarlater 22 The End Draws Near208Chapter 23 The Final Disposition of the IN

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8 Christopher Wittkugle

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10 Christopher Wittkugle