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BUILDING YOURSELF ANDYOUR ENTERPRISEmomentary, lovebecause of the leverage potentialthe idea of workingmselves, they likethe iddoing what ththey like the idea of starting a busiYou have tohe end of the day to really be hyperreally enJoyh it can be tiring buter

and someone wwhat you ares fun alsosmartdoing otherwiseassionate about your business otherwiseBuilding your business from scratch isyou willup until you get to the position were youstruggleotherwise you will strugglevidedByJamesSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2goways

48 TOOLSCONTINUEDKAAnother mobile app that enables users to dlive video streaeir mobileYOUNOWBestto watch and broadcast interactivevideos Discover talentedchat live with people fromSQUARESPACELOGO35DACASxceptionallogos and designs forwebsites Superenables individuals or firms to broadcastfastand cheap to useudiovisual content and allows viewwatch free or paid programmingSHACreate Contracts, Legal Documents, NDAsDESIGNBOOKPeer-to-peer marketplace for emergingbusinesses

The platform is designed forentrepreneurs to plan and strengthen the40HENAMEAPPce talent and raise moneSHOPIFYname or idea is represented online orsocial mediaee domains with Bluehost purchasingProvided BySmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/pgowavs

48 TOOLSCONTINUEDSTOCAPObeautiquality and higimages free from all copyrig(CCO) no attribution requireYPEFMCreate beautiful, next-generation onlinerm survbuilder that makes asking questi46FREEBBBany deFind 1000s ofdesign foranything marketingeated Manyfree andsome paiddesigns Most43AWESOMESCREENSHOScreen capture and Annotate Screen capturefor aannotations, commentssitive iMOMApp Store For Tools To Grow Your Onetc9s, weinacreating supportraffic Works with any website, ListIders, heat maps, and good sharing44BRIGHTJOURNEYof entrepreneursNGOver 1, 800 members with portfolio ofmpanies accurately reprAmazingat captures anythingnetworking and learning competitioneen

as anort video, and lets you shastantly Great for trainings, webinarsGRASSHOPPERcreating support tickets, etcsystem alldByJamesSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2qoways

MULTICASTHE FUTURE JUST KNOCKED AT THE DOORProvided By James Smiley www ultimateinfluencers com/2goways

PODCASKEIT EASY1, Download a free voice recording2 Buy a mic off Amazon or at BestBuy for $75 or less that plugs intothe headphone jack3 Record and upload to dropbox4

Get an Intro/Exit audio filemade5 Post-process and upload to webASKERS LISTEN TO PODCASTERS OFTENPODCASTINGvidedByjAMesSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2goways

VIDEOCASTMAKE IT EASY1 Buy a newer phone with a goodquality video camera Any newApple or Android is fine2 Buy a stand, mini tripod, ortripod off amazo3 Setup your background andclothing4

Shoot video and upload toYouTube com, social mediaor post to your websit5 Promo thru social media is easyand quickSPECIALIZE IN SHORT OR LONG VIDEOS AT FIRSVIDEOCASTINGProvidedByJAmesSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2gowavs

IVECASMAKE IT EASY1 Get a phone with a good video2 Download a free livecast app

Promote the time, date you'llbe livecasting on social media4 Come with up a very catchtitle to lure others in who see you5 Launch livecast and upload toYouTube or social mediaHOT NEW TREND CONSISTENCY IS KEY TO GET TRAFFICLIVECASTING

PUBLISHINGMAKE IT EASY1 Take your idea, find a quiteplace, and do two 45-90 minuteword sprints where you starttyping anything and everythingrelated to your idea that comes tomind Don't worry about structurejust write without stopping andithout distraction2 Send your notes to an editoralong with any other inspirationallinks, notes, or stories that go alongwith theidea3

Get your copy back(from theditor) and review, edit, resend tothe editor until you are satisfied4 Work with a dgner on yourbook cover5 Send both the cover and finacopy to your publisher659 OF BOOKS ARE PAPERBACK OR EBOOKSELF-PUBLISHINGProvided By James Smiley

ouarenotwillingtoputinalot Apointi willlikeyoutonoteishard workand brain work, no that if you have money, use itoneelsewilldoitforyou Youcan wisely by investingit Don'tspendSource alotofresponsibilitiest A millionaire once told me to"Therearenoout you can't outsource hard- use my money to save my time byoutsource thevesting it Timlimitedsecrets toer basicresource and if you have money,perations Itdoesn' thater back your time and use that timesuccess it isresponsibilities but at the end ofWhereveur businessthe result ofhours to write blogs, speapeople on the phone, open and whether you are spending time tedeals on the phoneetcpreparationspending money to get time, yousales, gorar present position If yourhard workback and forth with developbusinessisatthe beginningstagyou will use your time to getand learningarts business

Theseare money; at stageof thered business you can systemizein especially at the beginningof business to bring back your timefrom failureour businessasan outgrow these processes anbusiness Every single thingdelegateoroutsource thembutequires hard work It may beyouship Butwhatever youinvest your timein,Colin powelrun smoothly without yourfocus onis what willgrow anddnent from thebeginningespecially ifyouwatProvidedbYjamesSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2gowavs

48 TOOLS EVERYENTREPRENEUR MUSTKNOWery entrepreneur has a list their best rees and toolsout there Well here we give up all the secrets Some youby James SmileyPAYPPAYLOADZlete Digital Goodse Commerce service for anyonedownloadable goods onliUNKYproject intobusiness with our easy to usece toolsporting both digitalCANVAghtweight, embeddable shopp

ingan go anywhere, including yourads banners eblog and social mediathousands of beautiful layouts

Much of thisNTERNETMILLIONAIREDOMAINS COMSimilar to GoDaddy but at a fraction of theSMALLPDF COMte Compress PDFs, Merge 2 PDCREATESPACfiles into one, Split 1 PDF into 2, and createt about any file format into PDICreate Space provides free toolsf-publish and distribute yourPICMONKEY COMAmazoand other distribution networksPicMonkey is a free photo editor that worksnatalotos and add bilters andoutstanding graphics Ridiculously easy,Smiley www ultimateinfluencers com/2goways

48 TOOLSCONTINUEDATUICOLORS COMe this to pickget the color codeswithout guessing HEX, RGB, RGBAGrything is a unique interactivecasting whiteboard app being used bysers Create employeeids, video ads, etc and on the fly14 RINGCENTRAPAYHIPanyone to sell ebooks or digital productsompanyphonesystemforthe smallbusinessdirectly to their fans and followers withouany high tech software or setuSKYPEssentially this softwaree same asRing Central with different pricing Goodake video and audio calls

ecall centers, reliability, etcessages all fromevice Share files, host callsand out toeal phones, etc16CAMMhey make Phone View, Call RecordeGOOGANGOUTSsessions on a MAc for webindoogle whiclthe"oost live callsbroadcasts, etc, with unlimited numbetendeespowerful and olworks thwwwultimateinfluencerscom/2goways

e most skilled person my walletould afford and the more i investedLLEARN INOR BUYINave reable to teach them abots a time wheteach us cutting edge info, now we pay coachesechnology and business, that meanse information has ey in costs morewas young, I gd to dDID YOU KNOW?Graduation ratetuition is high Where arethe dropoutsLEARN IN ORof the world 's toere are oThey are following the likeof Gates, Jobs, Zuckerbearn their way in and those thatadthey realize colleges areststruggling to map relevantbout being sleezy, he was talkingknowhow witowledge basebout being smart and if ychieve your dreams and goalseducationof my bikept secrets of all-timewww


derstand The people that bun, you will have to learn your wayOne of theuntil you can buye fastest whichbest ways toearn somethinganything about it

Notike this butis to learnone wants a best- seller, I understandthe most important things yuthat, but most people do want to help peoplekly build up your skills anddirectly fromand help change theAnd suchsomeone who slwaysis thisrder to helpalready verygood at itfluence and younbe able to so think aboutat you lack or what is holyou backe and in business, One of the best ways toLearning your way up takes a lot of time andectly frolyou have to do it on your own most of thesomeone who is already very good at it eveif you have to pay for that partnershipencourage you all to find something thatally want to improve on, and go afterOP TIPS FORNSPIRATIONDO SOMETHING DIFFERENmoving, Don' sit there and thinkaybe I'll get motivated by sittingVIDEOS, PODCASTS, QUOTESBelieve it or not, when I need to getspired I go to You Tube or listen to aa list of sources on my phone thatgo to anytime that I need to take5 mins and get inspiredOne of my favorites is to go to theBible but for you that might mearading some thing on wisdom orGoogling a famous quote from oneof your heros

48 TOOLSCONTINUEDSkype audiDOCUSIGand Digital Transactionanagement service for contract andsigned document need9 RIGHTSIGNATUREASECAMPelectronically signed Cplatform Keep people on the same pageess time andid the fax hassleatterwhattheirrole and everyone worksgoalmanaging tasksdocuments

discussions, and calendarsVOXERASANAphoto messages Allows for personal andeasiestprojects, conversationWHATSAPPtform mobilewhich a24 SQUARESPACto pay for SMS Giworkers overseasand blog with easy Not the best foratomization, blor standing up high quality siteo customize the siteSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2goways

48 TOOLSCONTINUEDPABLOAll-in-one software solution thatused to create complete complex web sites26RmsfeedcomCreate legal agreements easily and onlineNo software is required, DownloadMAILCHIMPThis is not legal advice of any kindEmailmarketing and CRMtool(custoREEPRIVACYPOLICY COMased service and widelyknown as the startingemailmarketing app foranystart-up: mostlydueYour Website, Blogobile AppNFUSIONSOFCKBANK SChimp on steroids The cost is high biemplace for digital prodonce yogrowinnestl, once you start growingomote your products to their consumersmission that you setup for theCONTENTIDEAGENERATOR

COMERISCOPThe new video streaming platform mobileopic idea generator that offers stapp that is taking the social media world bystorm Create livecasts from anywherepodcasts, videos, etc It literally generateages and pages of suggeidedByJamesSmileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2goways

aunch-ologyCheat sheet To how online successes got their startNARROW4 BUILDYou must narrow down yourBuild out your Avatar(s)andcan't serve everyone unlessants Create plenty of freeyou have millions of s andproducts they can consume sofans Starting smalls BIG!they can build trust wyou before you ask them to pu2

PICK5 LEARNPick the sales channels youtto offer distributDo not feel like you have tobuild a complete, end-to-endasting articleduct the first time aroundext for more info but start offby picking channels you enjoyBuild something yourcustomerlikesthataddsvalbhow they want it customizedand finish3STfamous online you have toor guides they want Wibuild an email list Therebundled with the bookS Intohead andn theProvided bnileywwwultimateinfluencerscom/2goways