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Keshe Foundation Plasma and Spaceship Scams

s collection of pdf documents is a complete offline copy of thewebsite keshefacts org It contains all the pages and posts from theKeshefacts org was set up to tell the truth about Meheshe the head of the keshe foundation he claims to be theessiah and to always be correct but in reality he is a heavycriminal and cult leader Through heavy manipulation he hasgathered a cult around him which is based on a technology thatdoes not work Kedo-science and fas tobrainwash people and to slander everyone who disagrees with himmethods, he has made a lot of money over the yearsand caused a lot of damageese pdf's contain a lot of information that keshe would never teanyone, asto his advantage alside informatiobout kes revealed by people who worked closely with himtherefore it is the truth the documents might contain some roughction to keshe's frequent severe misconductowever,we have tried to remain as polite as possible but humorand sarcasm are also includede PDF's are not perfect as they were created with a simple htmlto pdf conversion tool Please ignore the links on the left side of theain text of each document they do not work offline andfortunately, some ads are included at the bottom of some of thepages

But it isnt about perfection but about alerting people to thedeceitful methods of the keshe foundatioart ofmight no longer be accurate due to Keshe' s habit of constantlysBut the largest part of this informationbe validPlease inform yourself about this dangerous mind-control cult, andshare this information freely with others who might fall foWe wish everyone to be safe and to not be negatively influenced orarmed by Keshe or his fake"technologyAll the best from us at keshefacts org Peace

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KESHE FACTSQuotesThe problem with humans is that you have to live amongst themMehran Tavakoli Keshe, Messiah and glorious saviour of humanity"How do we dictate A NeW WORLd orderMehran Tavakoli Keshe, 78th Knowledge Seekers WorkshopThere is no God, and there is no courtMehran Tavakoli Keshe, 104th Knowledge Seekers Workshopve given you the worst nightmare you could have imagined I got your soul, and I got your physicalityYoucan hang yourself, I've given you the toolMehran Tavakoli Keshe, 83rd Knowledge Seekers WorkshopIf anything happens to us, something strange will happen to you

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 83rd Knowledge Seekers WorkshopWe destroy you if you don't listenMehran Tavakoli Keshe, 109th Knowledge Seekers Workshopcan strip every muscle from a man's body while he's still alive and use same technology to heal the mostorrendous diseases”Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 62nd Knowledge Seekers WorkshopI have created you, and at my wish, I can end your life You wished, and for years you asked for MessiahMehran Tavakoli Keshe, April 182014Somebody called me I'm a satan I am Comes from what is Saturn, and what the Saturn means is

knowledge, I own the knowledge of the universe, it's the stupidity of those who don' t understand itMehran Tavakoli Keshe November 24 2015ou don ' t need to kill to create peaceMehran Tavakoli Keshe, 110th Knowledge Seekers WorkshopIs there a need for ambassadors I'm much cleverer than you areMehran Tavakoli Keshe, ambassadors meeting October 16th, 2015When you open it, it 's nothing but a hollow box of plasma Don't get fooled by a boxhasn't given you freedom, it enslaved you

It changes you to its power not it to yourave not given you freedom, I have enslaved youhran Tavakoli Keshe, ambassadors meeting part 2, October 17th, 2015lept in more presidents'beds than most of you have probably come to knowMehran Tavakoli Keshe, everyone's favorite anti-establishment guyOn October 21st we show you the flying carMehran tavakoli Keshe, summer 2015In the very very near future, in a matter of weeks, you have cars without engines(and no word about the flying car)Mehran tavakoli geshe October 20th 2015ewers comments during the ambassadors meeting in Rome, October 16th/17th 2015, taken fromYoutube live chaWhy is he talking about free energy when his unit needs to be plugged into the gridems he wasn, t able to deliver today as promised, but instead of admitting that the production takes longer, he saidto ambassadors we give you 10 days!“ Kehe= ANTICHRISTMembers of the Keshe Foundation shut up, or the boss will get madHe s a very angry manKeshe= einstein hitler

wonder why this technology isnt being released today

Why wait again?At one point he said they would take down a satellite if his offer was not recived as intendedKeshe said he is expecting a very large series of earthquakes on the 17th of october, but nothing happenedRECENT POSTSConfirmed: Magravs don't work AND KESHE WENT TOO FARshow me the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy youThe story so farKeshe failedKing Slander strikes agRECENT COMMENTSARCHIVESApriFebruary 2016nary 2016November 2015October 2015UniateMIETARegisterLog inhe big brother theme

KESHE FACTSidence of health practicesvidence of health practicesese old pages on the KF website state that the KF has developed apatented plasma reactor technologyto cure diseases(see also PDFs nr

7, 8 and 9 below)Keshe Health Applicationsd PatentsBy doing so, the KF violates its own"correct" ethos which states that no patenting shall be doneFurthermore they are claiming a patent for a non-granted patent application, which is forbidden by lawit's a fraudulent crimelere are PDF's of some of the webpages as an archivesDiseasesOther diseasesPatented plasma technologHealth applications of plasma reactoRECENT POSTSConfirmed: Magravs don't work, AND KESHE WENT TOO FARw me the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy

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KESHE FACTSDrahe Blueprint Dramae following are quotes by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe They might not be totally precise as some parts werehard to understand, but their meaning has been preserved Note the contradictions, and how Keshelents change from day to day and froext is related to the delthe power units The red text is all the obvious stuff that should ring your internal alarm bell, providedyou are not brainwashed yet And keerd this whole drama was announced as"Free energy inexchange for world peaceBefore october 16th 201On the 16th of october we deliver the systerOn October 16th 2015, 3rd ambassadors meetingWe promised on the 26th we open the designIn 10 days we will release the units and the blueprinOn October 20th 2015, 31st spanish-speaking workshop:ext week when we release the units, we willNoT give you the blueprintMonday, October 26th 2015, 1st day of blueprint weekTonight as of 12 o'clock the units will be delivereNext week we will have 10

000 units on the website ready to go 2 years delivery timeou can't plug it in and say it will work Believe you me, it will not work when you plug it inThe units say USE AT YOUR OWN RISK"By Friday we need working systems that we can testf you make this and it was good, make a donation to the KesheFoundation So, we dont ask you to paysaid we open the blueprint The blueprint means teaching everything step by sterThats the blueprint which we will only release to governments and then we change the course

KESHE FACTSome AbAboutThis website contains information provided by individuals who have been harmed in any way by Mehranavakoli Keshe The purpose of this site is to awaken people to the truthWhateveblished here, has been written by people who have been close to Mehran Tavakoli Keshefor many years and have therefore witnessed his version of"proper conduct"first handwhat has been claimed by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, we do not want to stop the KeshFoundation or its technology, but just make people aware of the deceitful methods and misconducts ofMehran tayKeshe himselfCalling humans stupid, and attacking, defaming, insulting or accusing innocent people in public in writingduring live broadcasts, especially those who worked hard for many years to support the Keshedation, is ethically despicable and shall therefore be shown to the public for them to judgeemselves Repeating a lie over and over again does not make it the truthf we are being called agents, backstabbers or betrayers because we speak the truth, it only proves uscorrectHISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT M T KESHE AND THE KESHE FOUNDATIONFor those who were only recently attracted to the personality of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, and for thosewho believe that Keshe will lead us into a better world and to world peace through his plasma revolution,here isis a brief histoFrom 2005 to 2010helped Keshe in many ways)In 2005, I was introduced to Keshe by Wim Degraeve(who was at that time working at the nanotechpany IMEC in Leuven), with the intention to write international patents for the reactortechnology of M

T Keshe This resulted in multiple applications of international patents However, theseatent applications were never granted or approved by the European Patent Office, since Keshe did notThrough this intense co-operation regarding patents we developed a friendship Keshe called me hisbrother and asked my advice in promoting his reactor technology3)As a result, I helped Keshe in setting up websites and artwork(logos, photosstrations4)The same way I helped Keshe in writing and illustrating 3 booksafter several years of collaboration, I noticed

A)that Keshe, during several business calls, was bluffing and telling untruths about the results of histestsB)Keshe never paid his debts back to his friends, his suppliers or his landlordalso found that Keshe always laid the blame for his failures on someone else, and constantly saw aroundhim assassination plots and other conspiracies Keshe however never considered himself to be wrongwas always the fault of others Keshe often says: "I am always correctBecause his own prototypes never worked (for example: anti-gravitational flying car, energy generators),he accused the Belgian government of blocking him in many ways In short, Keshe suffers from sevearanoia, and makes up his own fantastic storiesKeshe was also in constant need of moneyKeshe then suddenly changed his focus on the medical applications, when he renamed his technology tolasma technology" Keshe looked for ill people with cancer or other fatal diseases Charging them 10,000Euro or more, Keshe would build by hand medical prototype reactors for their diseases and promise themealTo generate money, Keshe then started giving lectures in Belgium and the neisted bya new team of followers This way he al

so sold his books Big stories were told, for example about aneminent"public demonstration of his flying carFor the above reasons, I took more and more distance from kesheKeshe lived in Tiegem, but because of a Belgian police investigation by the police of Kortrijk, he fledy Until the end of 2015, he lived in Bari (Italy) He then tried to move on to Dubai, but returned soonBarlettaKeshehasanextensivewebsite(wwwkeshefoundation

org),andsincethebeginningof2014,heholdseekly so-called scientific "teachings"through Livestream com and other channelKeshe presents himself as a quasi-saint and very friendly person, as he revealed in 2014 that he was thenew Messiah, but in reality he is a slick con artist, trying to build his own quasi-scientific cult, se claims to reveal the scientific secrets of the cosmos and that doing so will bring world peace withmedical plasma reactors he claims to be able to do miraculous healings This is also(human experimentation and illegal practice of medicine)why Keshe is a criminal suspect in BelgiumThe story of Dirk(the"Red Circle"), Nr 1 pubof humanitOver several months I have been the subject of numerous defamation attempts by Keshe through publicdeo"teachings"on the Internet In these"teachings", Keshe tells completely imaginary stories, andblicly of being a thidophile, a hacker, a drug deaginning he called me by my name, but now he calls me the "Red circle"(or"the Red Circlepedophiles") As the alleged leader of the"Red Circle", I allegedly give instructions to people like KingAlbert 2, according to Keshe Without feeling any remorse, Keshe telageous neexampleexchanged hundreds of e-mails with a US pedophile, Mr Sterling Allan, and that Keshe handed thoseFBI In reality, I have never mailed with Mr Sterling Allan

According to Keshe's false claims, I am part of a pedophile network which includes former King Albert 2certain police officers, lawyers, etc all people who allegedly want to block his plasma technology becausef greed or on behalf of major companiesKeshe twists and manipulates facts and pretends to be a very important man or former billionaire whKeshe also claims publicly to have friends in very high places, such as security agencies, including the CIA,Mossad, and FSB He can sell his imaginary stories in a credible way Since he moved to Italy, he hasgathered around him a number of people(the"Core Team") that may be useful to him, so Keshe involvesthem in business deals as partners, or so he tells them They blindly believe his storieFor example, Keshe has a former CIA spy, Gordon Duff, as a loyal follower

Gordon Duff owns the"spooksnews site Veterans TodayKeshe made a deal with Gordon Duff in connection with the US Keshe Foundation More specifically,Gordon duff together with another former cia spook, Mr Mike Harris, and a former colonel of the uSSpecial Forces, Col Hanke, promotes the Keshe plasma technology in the USA mainly at the Pentagon andin the US Congress The strategy here is quite simple: the Keshe technology is claimed to be real and ofnational interest for USA Keshe and Duff attempt to obtain huge"black "budgets from the US Congresswith useless technology that was never proven workingSo through Gordon Duff, Keshe is trying to infiltrate the US industrial compDuff has repeatedly posted my name in a slanderous way-in association with pedophile networks-on hiswebsitenow consider Keshe to be a paranoid psychopath, who chose me as a scapegoat and as an"enemy of theluman race", because I exposed his fraud and his lies publicly, among others, on keshefacts, org, and inseveral Facebook groupsRECENT POSTSConfirmed: Magravs don't work AND KESHE WENT TOO FARShow me the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy youThefarKeshe failedKing Slander strikes againRECENT COMMENTSARCHIVES

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KESHE FACTShe keshe foundationIntroduction to the Keshe foundatione Keshe Foundation, headed by NWO agent and self-proclaimed Messiah Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, claimsto be a non-religious, non-political and non-piaceship programeality check: This"foundation"is led by a("non-religious")Messiah, who works(non-politically)oritics, talks about ("non-profit")shareholding and urgemanufacture a product that has never been shown working At the same time, according to Keshe, thisonger of importance because everything is about plasma, not aborSo"hundreds ofpeople at home are now working on a non-working device that is based onible plasma, operated by imaginary mind control, and opposed by imaginary enemies Besides, thisdevice has been recalled because of flaws in the productionn addition to being a"spaceship program"that has never been able to show anything confirmed workingthe past 10 years, the Keshe Foundation is also specializing in hunting down real and imaginarypedophiles, threatening Belgians, making up lies and slanderous stories about them and passing them onformerly credible journalists for publication, (according to Keshe's own words)breaking into peoplecomputers, and boasting to achieve peace through slander and intimidationthermore, as Keshe confirmed he had been attackedoned, imprisoned, bombed and killedseveral times in the past, we have to assume that the person carrying out all the above actions is no longerKeshe himself, but a clone, a zombie, an al

or a man in bNow seriously, what kind of government or individual would be interested in workinguch a lunaticfoundation in which the number of contradictions outnumbers the number of lies, and in whichgressive rhetoric and brutality are the normAfter you answered this question, ask yourself if any such government would ever be interested instopping a technology that a)isn' t even new, b) does not have any of the powers that Keshe claimed, andc)is certainly not important enough to justify the creation of a whole peace/free energy / second sunLo b ey making cult around it Then you will finally realize that Keshe not only lied to the world, but evenhis own core team to get them to support his nefarious plan all thetive strikes of keshonly designed to detract attention away from his own crimesall in all, the Keshe Foundation hAS to be a hoax Only brainwashed mind contid not seethat At least Keshe's brainwashing attempts were successful, but that is all that is needed to achieve worlddomination As Keshe has said in his workshops, the technology is only a decoy for people to accept theNWo(One nationlanet, one insanity

ther words the keshe fondatioin kredible Krowdfunding Kampaign for akumdKKorroded Kopper Oils, aka Koil-Funding(KF)As Keshe would say: " Thank you very much for your time, your work, your money, yourdfe

Whatever you have given me is lost, don't ask for a refundRECENT POSTSAND KESHE WENT TOO FARwme the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy youThe story so fareshe failedKing Slander strikes againRECENT COMIMIENTSe2016May 2016April 201March 2016nary 2016November 2015October 2015August 2015CATEGORIESUncategorizedMETAEntries rssComments rsCreate a freeBig Brother Theme

KESHE FACTSAttacks on meKeshe's attacks on meMehran Tavakoli Keshe, who pretended for years to be my friend and brother, attacked me many timeWhen being made aware of it, some of his supporters defended him by saying Just because Mr Keshemade a mistake, we cannot dismiss the technology We have to forgive himfor them to say, because they are not affected But if THEY had been attacked and slandewould they still have this opinion We also need to ask ourselves if it was really"a mistakee Is a saying,If it happens once, it is a mistakeIf it happensIf if happens three times, it is malicious intentWell, Keshe attacked me not only three times, but dozens of times, even though I did nothing wrong, buton the contrary, I co-founded the KF and supported him for 10 years to promote his ideas by writingmaking various PO

tions, helping in writing and illustrating his three books, making the first websitesthree patercreating many Facebook groups, indeed I was the one who created credibility forKeshe The Keshe Foundation would not have the famous position it has today without my marketingOver the past months Keshe publicly accused me of being a secret Belgian government agent, a potentialkiller, a pedophile, a terrorist, a thief, a money launderer and a drug trafficker He accused me of blockinghis progress in Belgium, of planning his arrest in Canada, of blocking his online workshops, and hesuspected that I have an affair with a woman HE desired He has been using the logo I created years ago,and now he claims i stole theemarkable is that before his public attacks(which started in April/May 2015)on Livestream KFteachings, Keshe spoke very positive about me In several Keshe workshops on Youtube you can see andhear that for yourselfKeshe's attacks on me in person show his aggressive and hostile mindset towards me, which contradictsthe words of peace he uses as the Messiah God who was sent in 1958 to Earth How can a real spiritthigher being speak with false and deceiving words How can a real spiritual higher being collect moneyby selling non-existing products How can a real spiritual higher being promise tockgiving them false hope for recovery by selling them non-functioning health reactors How can a higherspiritual being send out messages of hate?Keshe uses me as an imaginary enemy to create a hype around his technology, and threatens my life by

bringing up all his followers against me And then he even has the nerve to claim that *I* am threateningand intimidating people I never threatened anyone, I only tell the truth about Keshe, and for that he callsme a terroristalized that it was a big mistake to falsely accuse me of so many things, and now hedoes everything he condemns in other people to get out of this mess HE created himself So the self-proclaimed Messiah uses incorrect methods to abuse people, and yet he calls himself correct

f I had known how evil he is, I would never have gotten involved in the Keshe Foundation He goes on andon, slandering, blaming and accusing me and others during public broadcasts, and none of his followersseems to notice or care Do they support such behaviourthiKeshe wants to enforceorld peaceAnd then Keshe says we are one nation, one family, one race What a hypocriteRECENT POSTSConfirmed: magraysK AND KESHE WENT TOO FARshow me the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy youThe story so farKeshe failedKing Slander strikes againRECENT COMMENTSARCHIVESApril 20anuary 2016October 2015August 2015CATEGORIESUniateMIETAtries rsComments RssWordPress