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Mobile geosocialIntelligenceAuthor: Dwayne Anderson 2015March 2013( Mobile Geosocial StatsDisclaimer ane all attempts have been made to provide effective, verifiable informahis re porAuthor nor Publ isher assumes any responsi bility for an form of errors, inaccuracies or omissions, particulaght of the rapidly chalature of the internet and mobile technologies

hile the publisher and author have used their best efforts in preparing this report they do nepresentatrespect to any guarantees of incomeare cautionedy on their judgemencircumstances to act accordingly allare brief representation ofStats data for causal readto any official trademarkThis report is not meant as a source for finandal information and should not be used

Mentioning your location in mobile ads canincrease your reply rate by a stunning 200%The Smartphone RevolutioRecent Smartphone's SalesStatistics confirm the explosive growth and usage of mobile applications over thehe following leading Operating Syfor iPhone, Android, black Berry and WindowsAlmost 70% of smartphone owners have downloaded apps orlevice since their initial purchase

Usuallythas part of their purchase package and it has been bringing in good advertisement fee with major mobilpublishers30dmobile appshave beendevelopedin thepastyearThe growth and sales of downloadable apps in expected to reach 70 billion worldwide in 2015, at which thess above s 30 biThis Sales figure for digital Application media productstself is very alarming and is an important point for consideration for mobile marketers that is if tlol ds consistent with this figcreation ofevery new campaign most of the apps downloaded are smaller plug- in apps of major Sodalnetworking sites like twitter mobile and face book mobile of which most consumers used with thesktop, and typi cally most of them has been converted to be mobile friendly which now keeps

48%of phonesin 201z haveHoogle AndroidiNstalledunction, its derived sales figures will provide knowledge feedback on the app users behaviours, amore targeted and meaningful way This effective option to push notifications to your users will be y s in aonderful effective supporting tool for mobile application marketing while more trat provideOver 1/3 of all Facebook usershave usedFacebook mobile to log inMaking the move into Mobile marketing and Social Networkingw Live in a world that is always on the go all thanksequi pped us with the ability to communicate from anywhere anytime and anyplace

e is no question thatfor Mobile social and locatitegration is rapidly progdefinitelynsideratiexpanding entity with far increasingly global ize reach

NThe most techholdyically advanced countryin terms of mobile phones is japanThe UsA ranks tith while the ukranks 1othool fofile

It is estimated that by the year 2014, phone internet usageorld wide web abusis to anticipate thiofsocial networking services has recently rages on with more than 13 billion active users of Facebookeibo twitter annetworking platform to mobile technology thatce book has gone mobi le and most social mediagiants begin to recognize and cater to today ever-prechnology has embarked on several types of dplatforms, rangim the SMs text technologyfledged mobile apps, mobi le advertisement mobile ready vide

Retailer apps with store modes get 500%moreinteraction with customers than stores without mobile appsstoreotto://www moblleaeosocialcomSource: Point Inside Via Digbye fact that more and more people are accessing the interis mai nly due to the fact that cell phnendously and can be basically likened to smalladdition more and more we bsites98%ofall cellphones have networkingor browsers built into themSource: Communities Dominateo help you understand the big picture, here are a few interesting statistics86% of ame

An average of 5 billion text messages per day delivered

marketing campaignsvisa and paypal are expanding its e-wallet services and challengingsystem, as the company broadens their services to the retail stores industry also with mobile te chnologyMobile fundraising will be another new way of giving donationy4 of the world's cellphone usingpopulation has more than one cellphoneSource: Communities Dominateay, phones are becoming increasingly important in people's lives, and as it happens, they areThey open your brand and business to a whole new and unexploited market which is only waiting to be tappedto, and that, s precisely what most people are going to do in the near future

brand ' s exposure and hamillions of new potential customers, then you should get into Mobile Social Media marketing straight awaymarket stays untapped for only so long

The most likely person to socialize on a mobilephone is a woman between the ages of 35 to 54Source: Microsoft Tag Via smarunsightsday' s Mobile Marketing Trendsh prediction that thbility that the rate of mobile overtaking tradiPC Internet accesshe next fedant ofnities exist within all this goAdults spend more time on mobile media thanthey do on magazines and newspapers combinedSouree nchormob

By 2014, mobile net usagewill overtake regular desktop useesides the cost of telcos mobile plan virtually everyone wi ll have access to almost free text messagingapabilities from newer application likengof devices like the smartphones and pc take the moband QR codes therefore boosting the industry with multiple benefire more than justprovide new marketing element for brands and retailing businesscustomers to increase their businesses both in exposure and profits

98%of all cellphones have networkingor browsers built into themSource: Communities Dominate

WORLD GONEMOBLEAPPSChina Rising from Third Screen MarketingBy Dwayne Andersonank your for downloading the free Copy reportsMobile geoSocial Intelligences reports is meant for causal reading For more concise informatiease support to purchase the New book WORld GONE MOBILE APPS at the following ebook retayoRldGoneMobilE:http://goo

gl/d6i7i4Apple bool

As of2013, approximate43 billionpeoplewillow a cellphoneSource: Communities DominMaster the new marketing revolution with Mobile geo-Soaal Statshas started embracing the fact that mobile social Media provides a real-time experience ItReal-time experience means thatch out and engage with friends, associates and customers at anyme, place at anywhere withoutts Consumers are sharing information and, at the same time,gaining immense knowledge at a faster speed

this is thanks to the services like text messaging, tweets socialmedia posts and blogposts the word is witnessing a shift in how people discover and share infomternet enabled devicese Easy Access of the Internet on smartphones and other mobile devices has changed the way peoplecomption; and it is stiw consumers to make more and mquickly and informed decisions based on real-time data on-the-goWhat does this mean for businesses and enterprises throughout the word?As consumers start to adapt to the power of mobile dev

ices, it will cause a domino effect on every eonomyand startsdapt to thebeging Mobilsocial media technologies have proven to be highly effective and val uable when consumed on the go andspecially whenever and wherever businesses are concemedt also increased the demand for more processing power and the bandwidth for theirinternet enabled devicesThis is for better communication and better audio and video capabilities, espedally fobi le phones orablesich demands allow users to communicate more effectively and progressively it will revolutionize into ahole new commercial paradigm shift; from personal computers to mobile Internet enabled technology Thesewill bring on New and engaging opportunitiesdd more value to busi nesses throughout the world

It's a mobile world-Check the stats!It's Time to Go mobile9590209Number of64%Number of webcustomers thatsite visits thatread textmobile devicenstantlyMobile Phones are EVERYWHERE!n astounding 25 percent of all Internet activity now takes place on a mobile device By the year 2015 it is estimatedthat more people will use mobile devices than desktop and laptop computersContact us today to learn now we can help make your website work for mobile use509o559oPercent ofPercent ofconsumers shop onCustomers withLearn How to Benefit fromMobile socialmediahttp://wwwsocialgonemobile

comelcome to the Mobile device revolution the twentieth century paradigm shift spurred by the demand forasy access to content infomation and sharing them anytime, anywhere across all bordersPresently 13 billion people use the internet, and al most 23 billion people are using mobile phones2012ion smartphones users, by 2016cted52pying 63%blets and ebook2012, there are almost 40 million tablet users by 2016, that number is expected to breach the 100th tons of low cost tablet to be produced by world's two most largest factory

The mobile phone industry is worthS145trillionThe mobile era has provided consumers by combining all the benefits of Web 2 alhem to work with the mobile platform enabling new forms of engagementwith media related technologies This is Multi-tiered for differentmobile pl atforms(iPhone, AndroidBlack Berry and windows ) delivering a variety of mobile tools, seamless cloud support, GPS Google Maps QRplatform strategyfor businesses ith Mobile Intelligence and Social media is no longer an optis consumers starts to embrace the mobile technologythe business world also evolves as usersbenefits which mobile technology offers in ways of communication marketing and engaSocial media has been used for distributing contents and engaging onl ine via computer and now withfocuslty, Mobile Social Media offers better niche marketn do better thaMobile advertising spending is set to make a00圖Source: mArketer

Marketers who will get the most out of this new reality are usually those who experiment on theconnectivity of these platforms, incorporating the mobile technology as a key way to achieve businessbjectives and attain good results with profits these are possi ble made by delivering the best possiblexperience opening to a whole new word of media Influence sales and profits

Social networking is what 26%ofallbrowsing time on smartphones is used oneOYou i4 Be■■Source: HurryAnalytics via smartInsighUnlike the other ways of communications, the mobile medium is always on the go, and always"oery actionable and delivemation that is well acceptable by all ages for a wider audience whoseattention span from communication purpose to mobile search Location based orientation exploitation ofdio and video media files, social networkiMobileind ofSmall business owners are optimistic about growth using social media sites and mobile devices to boostMarketing ExposureSmall and medium enterprise owners are fast adopting the use of sodal media sites like Face book, TwitteSinaWeibo, QQ, GoogldRe their businesses better onley of 3, 000o medium-size business(sME )owners by Info-molan asian based survey company in Hongkong The survey also found there are growing confidence amongSME owners with about 60 percerespondents al ready owning at least one website and intendconvert them to be mobile friendly or to integrate mobile coupon features to their marketing program in thenear future most of this companity, partng the food service industry and those in hospitality trade popular businesses usage of Mobile sociala indude email document mms, sms text Promotion video product demonstrations and mob

The use of search engines via mobile deviceshas grown over 500% since the year 2011Source: Communities DominateMobile Social Media is qui te new to most business owners but already most of them has al readycorporated sodal media strategies as part of their business marketing program led by twitter Sinaweibosites)for themore than 70al media as thith Foursquare Jie pang and other Solo Mo platforfor Mobile coupon and location based marketingMobile coupons get 10times the redemptionrate ofa traditional cp-out coupon

Americans spend about 3 hours per day on theirmobile phone-27 of which are used to socialize們Source: Microsoft Tag Via SmartinsightsMobile Device boom Spurs Media Apps and Entertainment Spending worthy for Marketer tomplement Mobile Social Media Marketing2012 the adoption rate ofprovide Into use al waysloadedwith new mobiletion mobile media consumption has since soared as brands andmarketers increasingly use this platform to engage with customers

Mobile media like videoons has become standard features and is effectively driving Webe their mobile devices for web surfing and mobile search function26ofallhave wificapabilitesSource: Communities Dominate

e recent boomartphones and other trendy gadgets is spiral ling the spendid Spending on such products and services in 2011 hit US 3

2 billion But the statsare tipped to exceed US 3 6 billion this year, and predicted to hit Us 3 88 billion byThe worldentertainment and mediok report found that digital media products including online advertisemetand e-books, games, movie and musictedentertainment and mediapending last year this proportion is ex pected to rise to 45 by 2015The Rise of mobile tablent with theadoption of mobile tablet deviceMany researches has also indicated that more mobile tablets devices are being manufactured each recentyears since 2008 which in turn are good news for marketers and especially for business to consumers(B2cmarketers14%of all people prefer to shop around folitems via smartphone。和6Source: mArketer vin sn非4d 60% more per purchase than smartphone users espedally in Gamesove in productivity and video60%e shopping comarger screen sizeConsumers tend to spend 25-35% more wlurchasing on tablets compared to other devicearketers must come to terms with the mobile social media reality as mobile interneenabled devices usage are on the rise and are facilitating changes in user behaviour -"Content usersbo how New trending audiences now getting more engagedew content instea