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Passions to Profits

Passions to profitsWelcome to passions to profits!!reated this quide bse I get a lot of questions around how to gets- that is how to make monyoureadmyemailreportsatwwwinternetmillioNswealthcomandthewwwAQilemarketer

cOmyoudiscoveredsomeideasaboutonlineart or a way to bring thiknowledge but don' t have any online experience that could take thesethe next leves whahe veryfirst step into trying to earmoney online without worrying about the tools and technologiescan come later What you need first, is your own inspiredpreparationDISCLAIMER: I cant quarantee that you' ll make millions thousands oreven hundreds of dollars-but, if you stickplan outlinedS treeguide you should be able to find your way to some form of onlineyou keep driving it forward, who knows- you might be theREDISTRIBUTION: This report is absolutely free You may giveaway only as a free added bonus of your own package or ebookCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved

Passions to profitsencourage you to do so especially if you are offering your own report oernet marketing All I require is that this report not be modified in anySlet startedCopyright2008,www


Passions to profitsChapter 1: Why an ldea is worth a million dollarsCan you make a million dollars online? Absolutely! It has been proverover and over Is it easy? Absolutely not! But why notthere was a simple answer to this question we would all be millionairesloW Nevertheless, you can still make money online-it is just amatter of your ideas, tools, passions and long term focus If you're ableto build on that you can reach the topWhat people fail to recognize is that the world is hungry for informationand I'm not talking about encyclopedic information-but informationabout common interests You know, things like hobbies, skills, jobrelated education and even experiences

You have within you someknowledge, idea, experience, hobby that someone else shares olwants to learnhe reason the online gurus that you see todadollars is because they've mastered the technique of combining an ideaat is tied to common interests with products and services Multiply thiss the number of worldwide users on the internet and you haveassive market right at your fingertips The goal you have as anternet marketer or, as someone who just wants to make some extrathCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved

Passions to profitsSo, sit back and find a comfortable chair so you can find out how to getstartedCopyright2008,www


Passions to profitsChapter 2: How People get rich OnlineThe concepts to earning money online are very basic I like to call it theEPIc principle Let me explainThe EPic principle means the following: basic Education, Passionyour key Idea, and focused Control I'm telling you right now that if youfollow this principle you will succeed! Just by getting one simplegducation), understanding what you love to do(PPassion), going online with one idea( -Idea) and staying focused for aduration( C-Control) the dollars should start to appear But, it is up toyouYou see, 95% of those trying to break into earning online either give uptoo soon or have too many options at their door which causes the workon many but focus on none syndrome

When you look at some of thesuccess stories I've mentioned in my email lists or at my own site, Thewwwagilemarketercom,theirsuccesswasalmostexclusivelybasedorthe epicd in there are six bassteps: building a website foundation, adding original content, addingng your own or someone elsesproduct, and then repeated proTCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved

Passions to profitsSounds simple, I know -but what is it exactly that is making peopleloney online? There are four popular ways you can do thisSell someone else's product -typically known as affiliate marketingr gives you a percentage of each sale There are thousands ofroducts out there from real, physical olke Amazo

n com toformationproductssuchasebookssoldatcLickbankcomTypicallu place a link on your site to a product with an IDat the maien you make anywhere from 3%to 75% depending on the prodi2 Sell your own product- thg your own physical produc(which can be difficult with inventory and shipping), using drop-shippersthey own the delivery) or your own information product such as a how-toguide Here you name the price and expand sales if you want affiliatesto help you

The potential earnings can be very large if your productgoodAdvertising- by placing ads on your site you receive a smalpercentage of the advertising based on how many people click on thead If your site is popular and the ad is well positioned thwell Some people rely solely on this form of income Heave a large amount of traffic to earn serioradsare used as supplemental earnings combined with a productCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved

Passions to profitsead Generation-much like affiliate marketing in #1 you receive acut for every lead you sign up Insurance, banks and survey companiesare trying to funnel in as many leads as possible By front ending thead capture you can earn based on volume Health insurance leadcapture, for example, is a huge market but very competitivehese are only some of the more popays you can start

To realizeis you just need to apply the EPIc principle with the six basic stepsoutlined earliebest out there have mastered these principles and have, in facthired a staff to build this for them once they have mastered thesetechniques on their own they then can afford to accelerate all ofwork using paid staff (which is not as expensive as you would think) Byle money is rolling in and they're on to bigger and better ideasSo, what do you need to do? Before you get into setting up websitesriting ebooks or figuring out advertising you need this first-an ideayou really care aboutCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved

Passions to profitsChapter 3: Finding Your PassionsBefore you begin your EPic action steps I really want you to getd You may be desperate for money which tends to blind youfrom looking down the path to your own passions that could sustain yougoing forwardDont give in to desperation! That trap will send you down ansustainable path which lead to mistakeset me start by giving you some concrete examples of real profit sitesMicrosoft Access ReportingCooking PhotographySedu hairstyle ProductsDam remoSmall stockSty Auto PartsCollecting Antique Furniturethe more i encounter sites like these the moremazedwhat can make money onlineBefore youimp into your own idea you should take a moment and walkaway from this guide and your computer

The reason is to stop andCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved

Passions to profitsk about what topic or area of interest you would like to start onlinewith This is very important-in fact, the single most important stepding something that motivates you and drives you to keep pursuien I want you to sit down, grab a pen and paper andevery one of these interests and skills that you',ve learned in yourife Remember, sometimes the smallest interest can be an amazionline ideaem all out on a notepad- it can be anything from a veryentireshould be looking to add any ideiated with a craft, skill or stepby step understanding These types of ideas can easily be used tocreate your own products in the future Remember, your goal is to finda topic that can be used as a source of information to place onlinepeople are hungry for it especially if it relates to their own needs oret's explore this a bit differently

Let's say your real interests are goldrinking coffee, and reading non-fiction books on science Besidesyou are an expert aImechanic and have a plethora of knowledgthat subjecYour goalnd interests that fit a particular niche online (more olthat later) In other words, you're trying to find a place on the internet forCopyright2008,wwwAgilemarketercom-allRightsReserved