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The Ultimate Guide to Online Video Production and Marketing

Video Marketing and Hosting SitesVideo marketing is one of the fastest growing and powerful ways to spreadinformation around the internet Online video has become easier to use overthe years with better quality players and more vivid video formats with theever growing advancements in software and technology, you can get aconsumer level camera and inexpensive video editing software to createinformative productions to use on websites, advertising and marketing ofyour businessWeb based video productions are usually short and informative They can beproduced to drive traffic to your website or business and to welcome visitorsto your website home page

They can be made to offer customer serviceideas, training for product use and even to advertise specials, discounts andpromotionsDue to the limited attention span of Internet users and to limit the file size ofvideos for quick web pag e however, to train or advertise a particular topicloading, video productions are best kept to 2-5minutes That's a lot of timThe key to efficient video marketing is to produce many small shorts basedon keywords that a searcher will be looking forIn the past few years there have been a large number of free hosting siteswhere you can upload your videos for sharing Sites such as YoutubeVideogoogle Video Yahoo Revver Vimeo and daily motion let videomakers of any size or professionalism to create an account, called a channelwhere you can upload and share an unlimited number of videos that areeasily searchable on search engines In your account you can build asubscriber list, brand your channel with logos and information about yourbusiness, make friends and promote your videos by sharing them via emailwith other usel

YoYou can use a mass video uploading and distribution tool like the one athttp://wwwtubemogelcomtouploadavideotomultiplehostingsitesSimultaneously The advantage above just saving time is that you can have apresence on multipes to get more views50 videos x 100 views each x 20 hosting sites 100

000 views totAnd videork for you 24/7 You shoot the video onceice and people all over the world can view it for years to come, each orwith a clickable link to your website in the video descriptionBy creating a video that has a sensational, humorous, outrageous or uniquegood thing and means that viewers share the link to the video on their s atitle and content, you could get your video to go"viral Going"virwebsites, blogs and email Youtube and other hosting sites provide an"embedcode"that viewers can simply copy and paste into any blog or website andthe video will pla

This can create hundreds of thousands of views in a short period of time andsend valuable visitors to your website using what is called a"lower thirdyour video has basic copyright protection from someone stealing the contentand claiming it as their own A lower third is a watermark with your websitethe video

You have probably Seen examples of this on television durginaddress or telephone number that is placed in the lower third of the spacecommercials or infomercialsTATYAriel ThompsonExample of a lower thirdSimple editing techniques that can make a video more professional lookingand create interest are the use of fade in/fade outs, light intro or backgroundmusic, titles for the opening of the video, ending credits or ending"slatewith website or contact information and basic yet dramatic lightingtechniques You can accomplish a majority of these editing techniques with asimple video editing program such as Sony VegasThe two basic types of videos for the web are ones that drive traffic to awebsite and the ones that welcome visitors to a web page Here's a simpleformula for You Tube videos designed to drive people to your site(as opposedto videos where people are already on your site)

m insert name>I know you're here looking for information on [insert keyword>Well you've come to the right placeAdd some of your credibility Example: " I've been working in the field offeng shui for 22 yeearsGive them a tipi >"For more great tips like this visit insert your website and spell it out ifnecessary] where you can download insert your freebie here>I hope to see you at my site!his is effective website traffic generation for people interested in learmore about your products and services

Once the visitor arrives at e ningwebsite here is a simple formula to welcome themm insert name and welcome to my sitei> Tell them what they will find at your siti> Remind them to sign up for your freebie so that you build your databaseand give them a command to do so You

could also give them a call-to-actionto buy somethingHere are some tips when shooting your videos to make them as professionalib

Tilt eyeglasses forward to prevent a reflected glare from lightingAvoid clothing colors that are bad for video: Black white and redAvoid clothing with stripes or tight patternsAvoid wearing jewelry that may make noise when you moveWhen possible, have a spotter to check for neatness of hair and clothes· Have a mirror handIf your sitting, prop a pillow behind your back to prevent slouching Orstand up if that feels more comfortableUse a wireless lapel microphone and a camera with microphone inputcapabilities This will give you much better sound quality than using themicrophone attached to the cameraIf you mess up your dialogue, don' t panic

Simply go back to the mostconvenient spot at the beginning of a paragraph, pause a second andstart over from that point If the mistake is close to the beginning of thevideo, it makes sense to just start from the topAlways smile and wait a couple of seconds before speaking at thebeginning of the video This gives you time to create a nice fade inAlways smile and wait three seconds and the end of the video, lookinnto the camera lens before looking away This gives you timeto create a nice fade outSpeak clearly and directly while looking into the lens of the cameraUse bullet points taped just beneath the camera lens if you need thembut avoid reading a script the camera will see your eyes moving back

Show products such as bookS, CDS, DVD's you have created when youcan Encourage viewers to contact you for customer service questionscomments or inputShow your staff, offices and product manufacturing techniques whenyou can This builds needed credibility and trust with your viewersPost your videos wherever you can Social networks such as Facebook giveou the ability to upload and share your videos with your friends

post themto your blogs, landing pages, sales letters, website home pages, bookmarkingsites and of course, the dozens and dozens of free video hosting websitesBe sure to watch the l hour Video Creation and marketing Webinar recordingfree at: TopInternet Consulting com/FreeVideoTrainingWhat Kinds of videos can you make?What kinds of videos are best for your business?Well, it depends on what you do and who your target audience is Eachprofession has a clientele that reacts to visual advertising in different waysThis is not to say that we all are not processing the information the same, brdifferent industries usually promote or sell their products and services with asimilar pitch Look at these examples of different professions and how theymight use a video production

Artists and craftspeople- you can use video to show off the artwork, gettestimonials from customers and even demonstrate your art right on thevideo You can teach 1-12 part lessons as a money making course or as alead generator

Each of these video types have different lighting concernshowevec。nAuthors- you can create a book " trailer"just like you would see for a movieThese can range from very expensive productions to very cheaply madewithout sacrificing quality It just depends on how much of your book will bebrought to life"by actors or if you simply want to read parts aloud as avoice-over with nice visualsTHEIR WORST FEARS

Coaches and consultants- a professional setting where you are portrayingyourself as an expert makes people feel comfortable The main product acoach sells is a results-based solution within someone s life or businessThat's when testimonials really work the best

Get your happy clients on filmMusicians-interviews with band members, footage shot at a club or gig oreven a full blown music video is what your fans have come to expectgrowing up on MTV and Youtube As a band, you may have tons of footagelying around that needs to be cohesively put together Bands are signed tomajor labels everyday from just being seen on Youtube alone!

Public Speakers- you know all that footage of you onstage? Learn to divideall those shots into a"video brochure" that you can use on your website tomarket your services

Sending a link to meeting planners and bureaus givesthem a chance to see you action without creating costly one-pagers thatprobably get tossed into the garbage by the secretary anywayManufacturers-show your products in action for your prospects! Have youever seen the "Will It blend" series of videos on youtube for the blendtecCorp? Those entertaining videos get hundreds of thousands of views andhave turned the companies profits around