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Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru Movie Script

1 INT WHITE BACKGROUND SETnthe main charac tarun and archanaSimilto thtoon titlFADE TOEXT CHENNAunthe tall, handsomd slightepelooking young man riding his bike through the early mornoadsrough the roads andng traffihilistracted by young college girls passing by3 EXT/INT

PAPER BOAT OFFICE- SEVERAL MINUTES LATERis bikparkingto hists through the corr iddashes against a female staff papers flying acros s midwe see the aady sittg awkwardly flaloor with crooked glasses Arjun sheepishly smapologizesARJUNSorry sorry sorryd mibudds) peepnd laugh at thisD工NESHpup the scattered fs from the floor andis hand to help the lady up Dinesh teasesNESH (CONT'Dhe lady fand slaps hh and awaArjun makunnyMICHAEL⑤西n? heeheeinstantly forgets the incident and walks towards the guyARJUN

②西Gdeas'L匣9丐(丐KUMARcu凵 mu project西SRINIVASAN甽…,⑧5 project器{西西用山姆(⑥西西四叫過山⑩如為歷st逃sch(6Cngly returns tlong with the othethCUT TO8 INT PAPER BOAT OFFICE- CORRIDOR- CONTINUOUSSrinivasan1。 oks at An who is fesR工 NIVASANLDl company eLpgouI叫 (6D loss'6um⑥歷mUDn可6山e( savings可66mc叫8:60 GUNL-GLGthSRINIVASAN ( CONTDG山G r 6tUTG epsongchana1that shpresentation DVD

Snivasan doesn'tSRINIVASAN ( CONTDDGne6 6OUTLIEUT國t s1 Archanaand hands over the right DVDSRINIVASAN (CONThan ks n(ca

11AJump cut shots a littner yous when he bresentationnals ahrough the glassdentlyimpressed with theideasn the endSmiles are exchangedHands are shakeney 've got the pr。eUT TOAn comes out with some cash in his hand

he notices kavithasitting in the reception of thearby bankHe goes insidea仍miom,⑧響Q西uomp西?…,unoKAVITHA(worried)0西p0 manag西伍ts bes ide herAVITHA (CONT D5Li com pany6可師m叫山G6um?KAVITHA可G師m凵umuu⑥,@u廬如回山四⑧um而國可uh出ut可5(Lm?可6dl可6叫 LD s un aam6L山…出西∏叫國a強fuum?11usiness'sc逃山Q西G西丐6則m西6LGIblooooT8&cq山m叫5西pnivasan comes out of the Manager's room

12KavithaooG則廬e nods and goeoks at sriniva叮um@L6LDm6Q創西出?60 U6CUTLD 6lnSRINIVASAN(CONTD6g①西m叮,西(西uu6ahLt6⑧660realizes that spameARJUNyou mean Kumar?sR工 NIVASAN向,, Kumar Kumar…- Kumar'(西u6p丙山凵l刎創叮6山 agenciesGGompany西西可町而丐 project⑥西g①…6 presentation'6⑤L西GU0刨u西西mq明m…,( Arjun isnable to see him eyeoduction'G 6UTTL60e6ED山西m6歷西③如,歷Ldu。 result L5⑤ARJUNsR工 NIVASANou@6沔⑤mD6島⑤西。西5山unqiG9cyce貞如(店,山⑧6G山LG0師 com panuu可沔創樂oalf Su cycle GGQm①缶⑧西州iummnfeeling more miserable than EVERCUT TO:10 INT

PAPER BOAT OFFICE/ CLIENT OFFICE-DAYter thewhen Archana calls from theclientARJUNHelloArch…i8山西西

Arjun…西p師西L山好nn66ARJUNus5?!…如西'山凵西膽丙山m歷§???ad films'6西出西 selectQd師歷⑤田如裏Lu幣血6OIC OTTseARCHANA60)6J GTEIC6 Gsabalo un s可punG凵 EocT EOUT (LPLq-WLDIT?ARJUNGoUTG m GUT

,(thinks)③605mL…, Reema創/iwmm西mDARCHANA(very angryLG叮師6 comedy u6OUT6CUTITO!omn em eDI,可over' e tension圖p?,,可出6pun(6仍西6 Dom test UCUUT G GCUTnG LDARCHANA(pauses first嶽仍山山n?…, Client offKumarφ莎莎∏g川u出刨T shooting start西,則aum可iun6凵咖onu西p

e9西 agent'思uCUT TOa ge sBoth Arjun and Archana rush to meauditioEXT/INT ROAD CLIENT OFFICE - EVENINGbikbup ArchanaARJUNcess ehGw sunol&lLG 8(EG西而96side'e可叫想山LGn?ILLWLD GLLI8山山郾莎心8gILG可66凵愚an@aying that, there a tinyttle hand thathBut Arjun is too prea young mother(Sarala) standingacing the opposite side

she is carrying a beautiful baby g(Sona), who seems to be extremelyerestedpulling ArARCHANAu ju lles mug&GGARJUNLD6ULDWn? 66OLL6JHe turns and sees the babARJUN (CONTDARCHANAWhat?ARJUN6OL8aG88 I phonea cut u6uTgu91[5/6T

15after the mother and the baby simultaneous lythstranger running towards herke a maniashe getsnderedARJUN (CONTDpanting(huff)d。guShe holds the baby tighter and looks at him terrbthd agencyau Ca606JeouTcouTu CuIG mILD卩⑤9SARALAShe t9 Fl8 UnUUNG OJITL西tTv"ue(i, paper'6叫ierval GunG uDGungl Guru size'6086UTgDILD 942SARALAsory…西G西叫西tyu凹西ARJUNHe becomes persistent shs gettrotatedl! 91s nut slID66而gQa66L③L'6?可ooouGnud lhC0{6研西曆5GpmSARALAGUNT&! GTsbandacway

He runJ&G please

16IcePleasealks away faster and fallows her beggingAn autonconscious

The baby on her chARJUN(CONT De hurries and picks up the baby immediatelyThe autvers panicking Ar juhecks her pulsepats hfactARJUN ( CONT D5um出c山山馬m可師nG山出LGVOICHE CROWDnARJUNWife?77??AUTO DRIVERt'h lhL逃d西 mistake!,,⑤則c西凵m出西mD8 ur wifeVOICE工 N THE CROWDd6066p西…, bot just

He completelyhe guys and goes towards the youn gARJUN (CONT De girls wish him bah and MichaeMICHAELa humb le-looking sixty year osomething veryand likeable abouSRINIVASAND工NEsHeNot admittact that he justxed up the namerinivasan keeps a straight face and sayssR工 NIVASANψ p6OTGCTIQ AlabaM…歷西Yes BsR工 NIVASANadyMICHAELrun and michapolitician and showsDinesh startsaD工NEsHBos…吭{型u⑧西西m?丐「西uusR工 NIVASANaan6刨lsin6?east sneha GoJL9西Lp多la6oHis voice breaks (pretends to be sadCHAEL創出u刎u66 nLD flEUT6T


⑧?和u西山西凹umD工NEsH16而am!③muc西LDPr5gILle165 6TTIT?可⑤歷Q川國m西a西dlD!a創Gu西hL歷Qm6g66D工NESH別Q仍66mG創 GCUTITLD BoSS…西m西如西出

GUILGLG straigh遇l DiMICHAELBoss60 LOUITLD G。606西to his roomand dines hArjun walks towards his cubicleadjacent oneag⊥xaboutlimhair, medium fair and achanas to be typing some thing oncopuvery seriously and very sincerelyeside her andth hiscrossed onthe deskARJUNDesk96丌ambling to herself)師∏叫而山西He pushe takes a duster from a drawer andPunctualityEUTG6UT @flung?He is about to say something but she isinished yet

4ar time wastk?ncere ald叮She sends some fgetsand goes towards theat her computer moni tor andARJUN (CONT De?!! office computer'6可逃山uua即6???lidhe folderaphs of handsome mf Archanaa tching but sheoo busg prints He signa18M⊥guysealso slide towards her cubicle and start whisperingMICHAELArchana叫②西閲西G凵mL⑥Q則a出西西ey678/66 WnGL smart'eyARJUNe opens a word file named PERFE CT MAN and starts readingg缶西刨

Number two Atleast rbnS! G ug un可r西西Q西幣西凹…ps, Number threeARCHANA S VOICE(SCREAMS丐L西西⑧噸西?s standtarts to teasARJU11 staffpopheifr omerywhere(ak "appadiya? appadiyaembarrassed and unehpanting and asks "appadiya?

ARJUN (CONTct ugcaouon四vd歷5( Love marriage…,西⑥山u可66過un③a前 nom oLLm lg ArrangedanG日為過 ec ture町n…,6 WIT6CUTLD LDLG山,,Qufu則西9gI60 60UTEDILDy stare at eaothejun suddenly presses the printHe rushes to the prehe runs be hind hHe snatches thepaper Just lnuys…歷⑤(⑤山郎凵 pO oUT GTLL山66mD20 GQ叫西西ARCHANAd with the paper

She chases himCONTDteasesist of requirements for hehe staff guys and girls join the danceCUT TO:ers the kitchen srinivasan's wife kavitha is sn the hot stovHe sits casual

eflour⑤L66m逃嘰 Gun&& un(…山uhARJUNthbKAVITHAght eh「T西ARJUN&s docto0山J可叫西QJ66uump?…,G凵nm⑤⑥師山①出山山國過&nuLL oun?g66…hL⑧a廬 iCT600TnT &ULL6migg5c68叮DwunlE&LG 8(&GSRINIVASANhe kitchensmileskavithaat the西umQa則歷05山mG可西叮西∏傷QuL⑥ channels Tv'山6泉G⑤歷…6st aTG6?-西6可愚Qfes'a山pLG⑧西西6心出 WLmo meeting西5nQuent「…,凵{ project

, Arjun,,Q4∏6G6

n6西 EUTE0T meetingSRINIVASANesentation'6o6oTGw 5 snG6UTL W6UOTeouTgOILD時p…D迅n… presentation…,團p…西m師moTT ua o heart'GL rbl6orgo Guna a!ce matter'6⑧KAVITHAshe gives Arjun a cup of payasamARJUNlodonEd 8②出凵∏馬③叮6e playhits hThy11ghCUT TONT

PAPER BOATEXT DArJuumber but is unabto reachvasan comes ouSRINIVASANanxlouARCHANApnone own凵sR工 NIVASAN????6un??????2 tryingshe takes a white sheet from a file and hands it over to himlly takes工p¥1p

m!可omGdlyp出???sadoTuuLQ wng clients608ntounironed shirt into hunol1 phone uoto fleon GTG a西uDm山un?ARJUNsorry…, battery out… charge凵毗山p題兒L!QumwuL Subscribeot be reache愚

batterouT switched o’u,0G西1刨,,8h過b可 nOUTL I late'遇則?ARJUNU匝5 5 /gy dudas D”??? Digital clock tonal OaT6m65山9(引師m而gun!6可66 wait gOut pmI歷…,西d冂She pushes him insideARCHANA (CONTDpresenGTGBag’6omcghCUT TO:CONFERENCE ROOM/CUBICLES CONTINUOUSntersSrini vasas sitting amidst five or siusinessmen and talking about the previous worPaper boagency Kumar,tsentativeting witthatt hjun walks towards Michaeho is setting up the projectorCHAELci0a06oom9c西6gand

Srinivasan gets up and introduces Arjun to the clienSRINIVASANg師C0G西叮可Cyu5向 &nuT而,gand visualizen takes an unnamed dvd from a scattered cluster of dvds andfiless bag anderts it into the player srinivasasits next to kumar7Suddenly the loudof a 'kuthu party song is heard and aage startsp laying on thhh thdiotic andmbarrassing, as the guys get drunk, dance and give funny posehe camerayayer·Butt gets stuck and contiBURNASHESe at Ar]unoutside thTASTROPHs desknd frantically searches forright DVDHere, the clients get up and begin to walk ouhael finallyulls a plug and stopideo

sasan is at a1。 ss forords Hries to thesR工 NIVASANQrmmuDu sorry sir Disc onplu Guna arsR工 NIVASANknen starts feeling extremely g⑧畫過歷西「如應Dm5 slGuTGUT &genc y西60G山gExtremely sorryKUMAR可咖?,西(西 dance'西山p6日6j愚