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USA 5639 Crisis of Public Budget and Finance

possible There is now a new alternative model socioeconomic to live in societyEnglish edition-Revised December/2010BOOK'SLEXUSING: The Systemic Theory of UsuarisiBOOK'S AUTHORThis copylicensedRegixis emeritusTerms of useThis book belongs to the original author in accordance wit9610 LawIt allowed only one copy printed or recorded, being prohibited the its reproduction from thisbackup by any means or purpose Any violation will be subject the applicable legaldependently of judicial or extrajudicial

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三 USEAR5 EPRINCIPLESbtentialvalue, Moral valued ransofor Existential EvolutiXIII uods, Products, Se Moneypage 572rituality of REAL∈omd ETEIZATIONAL Computationalof the Knowledge, InformationTotal ControEFor Quality page 406 XV USECRAcy, the Behavioural Chanor usE instead of ConsumptionEQuable Distribution of REAL Income andith Total ParticipationtTItIZATIONAL Income w page 416 of Wealth of naticVe Total Attendance to hutNeceXVI Of Virtual savingnd Satisfaction of Desires

page 454XVIl- Abundance: Total Elimination· HungerEcocial abandopage 468 Survival and Well-being to PeoplVIlL Disbureaucratization Elimination ofWastes, End of the Tributes andXVIll Preservation of the Plthout Operational Redundancy ofXIX Of the Paymentthout the Empire of LavXXI Full parthe362XUSING: The Systemic Theor

GENERAL INDEXOPOSAL THE PURPOSES AND THEReason wlChapter o1 Opening for the Impact of solution0101 The Reasons of this daring Change0102 The Courage of proposing Alternative Model0L03 Theof the SystemOF PROBLEMS04 The fePresentation of the booko106 The Opportunity and the Human Appeal3Chapter 02 The Money and its Role of Actuation in Society01 The Typ0203 The Stagnation, the Retrocession02

04 The New Coin and the New Monetary System3930205 The Hope of a New FChapter 03 Future vision, Mission and Principles03 01 Which is the Future Vision and its business0302 Which are its faiths or Conviction4000304 Which are its Principlesalog and ReflectionChapter (4 The Challenging Objectives for Transformation0401 Objectiectives in Relation to CObjectiOrganizational Stru12577889Objectives in Relation to Public and Private AdministrationRelation to economic and social productionRelation to InconChapter 05 Broken Mirrors, the Humanitys Nightmare4150501 The"Reason why"of Change NecessityJustifications in Relation to Organizational Structure

Relation to public and private administratiolation to economic and Social productionJustifications in relation to globalization of econoyRelation to incomeog and ReflectionPART I THE PROBLEMS OF COIN EMPLOYMENT PRODUCTIONSOCIETY AND INCOME IN CURRENT ECONOMY451Chapter 06 Formulating the Current Problems and the viable gaProposa0601 The PSociety6

02 The Identification and the Gains with Solution of the problemuestioning the Current SocietyExhibiting the Immense general losses in the Current Context56723Presenting the Fantastic Viable Gains by New Proposalains with Relation to Organizational StructureGains with relation to public and private administratioGains with Relation to economic and Social productioGains with Relation to globalization of EconomyGains with relation to incomeog and ReflectionChapter 07 Analyzing the Causes of the Current Problems andable evidences to New proposal0701 Analysis of most Probable Cause and its Undesirable ResultsPART I THE ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTUREOF VIRTUAL COMPUTATIONAL CO/Chapter 08 The Virtual Computational Coin0801 The Conception of Virtual C0802 The Concept of Value of Virtual Coin0803 The Double Actuation of virtual CoinActuation of virtual coin "utilizational0011334Actuation

08 04 The maintenance of virtual Coin: Creation and De080402The destruction of virtual coin " utilizational080403The Creation of virtual coin " real789The destruction of virtual Coin"Real0901 The Functions"Utilizational"and"Real of Virtual Computational CoinMeans of exchange334n of wealth of the use and of natioMeasure of valueEducational and Behavioural MeUProduction6677Means of Income08Means of reserve of valueISChapterThe Modelling of the System, Global vision001ersal World of Virtual Coin(Step-1)5120

02 World of virtual Fi14003 Virtual World for Individual (Step-004 Virtual World for Corporation (Step-4)519005 World of Economic transaction and Social InfrastructureTHE VALIDATION (Step-506 Virtual World to Innovation, Perfecting andImprovement Social, Economic or Political of N07 World of COMPUTIL and Virtual Savings (Step-7)008 Computational world of virtual CoinTHE OPERATIONALITY (StepAPITUS the Universal Pattern Virtual Coin(Step-gPARTTHE USE SOCIETY: The Paradign of aChapter ll Presentation of the Module-Systems of Sustentation to virtuality of Theory01 The Conception of Virtual Structure

2 02 The modelling of virtual S542Actuation leve20203Level of reaching203 The Economic Agents and Social Agents of virtual SCTOALL Team or Work Team: Individuals2 04 The U:04Processual Module: C55320402Typology of the Usuarist Projectonstitutional"Institutional and Existential205 Other Resources and neces563computational Park: Hardware, Software and Hi2

0503 System of Unique and Universal Identification: Algarismo LEAK564The Intelligent Card: MyCRACOMPUTER5Virtual world bank Virtual Central bank and Virtual bankOUNT and CURRENT ACCOUNTS“ Personal",“ Local":“ Referential"and" Transnational"206 The Principles of Sustentation to Virtual Structure569Dialog and reflectiChapter 13 Module-System Public and Private COORDENATIONAL ADMINISTRATION302 The Functions of Coordenational Administration303 The Participative DemocracyHow the virtual allein Areas of activitiesHow the decihnical or politicalwith the Participation of People304 What Needs for Setting up of a Virtual Structure3and Individuals with its rolesCREATION of Corporation Public, Private or Abstractthrough Usuarist ProjectsOPERATIONAbstractACtION of CorPublic pritAbstractthrough UsProjects

o5 The exercise of coordenational administratioactuation of actoall teams or work teamsEXECUTiON of Usuarist pro24806 Simulate Steps of Coordenational AdministrationChapter 14 Module-System VIRTUAL INCOMES401 The Virtual Income: Solution and Abundance of the money002 The Punctuation System of ActivitiesFIXABLE PART of the Punctuation s4

0203 LINKABLE PART of the Punctuation System03 The virtual income Utilizational' to individuaCompositioVirtual Income "Utilizational40302MePatternIndividualtilization of virtual income "utilizational for individual04 The virtual Income"Real to Corporati625Calculation of Virtual Income"Real" to CorporatioUtilization of virtual Income "Real" for CorporationDialog and refleChapter 15dule- System FINANCEs, the Macroeconomics01 The virtual meMofSwith Function of wealth mensurateExistent stockState: Projected Stock to Generate Future Wealth03 Investment State: DepreciationTechnical Reservvestment State: PotentialityFunction of distribution of virtual cointilize the wealth for IndividualsProduction and Maintenance of Wealth for Corporatith function of Stabilization of economyVirtual Savings, the Thermometer of the Use

COMPUTIL, the thermonof production643Surcharge, the Thermometer of the Prices04 The macroeconomic entriesMacroeconotry by InMacroeconomic Entry of virtual Coin"UtilizationalChapter 16 Module-System ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL PRODUCTION53lange in the Style of to Produce and to beThe Great Gift that the Production offers to Humanityunder the60102The Economic and Social markets in the flow of wealth602 The Enterprising Force of Private Initiative in Generation of Wealth656020f Price "real6666

02 02 Counting of Cost of ACToALL Team or Work TeamCounting of Cost "Real" of the productMARKUP, the Margin of the Profit"Realof Price "Utilizational603 The Examples of Transactions that involve Price"Real"and Price"Utilizational672Dialog and reflectiPITUS: The Universal Pattern Virtual CoinIndependently of Nationsnon-Frontiers and non -Restricti681702 IOPUS: The Oscillations Control Index of world pricend maintenance of iopus indexalculation of the iopus Indalculation of capitus70302 Necessary Requisites for International AgreementInnovative Quality of CAPITUs244568012304 The Computerized Administration of CAPITUSAdministration by virtual Bank

NOSINGTheSystemicTheorytsarisma要2oa eSuegkes

xOSINGTheof theAuthorSystemicTheoryotSarismhe Paradigm of Use society instead ofConsumer Society for a New Order sociPolitical, Monetary and economic WorldMichael Sueckes

TECHNICAL INFORMATION OF EDITIONXUSING: The Systemic Theory of Usuarism- copyright o 2005 by Pichae! SueckesEdicao revisada em 2010All the resestem "retrieval"or any otherthat are electronic, mechanical, photographic, photoenvious authoting of the autharts of inserted imagese systems Inc i SienOn-line, Inc Mindscape, Inc, Microsoft Corp; Mister CD-Rom da Raven Informatica LtdaAuthor and general supervision: Pichael SueckePGraphic design and electronic publishing: Leda Eva Almeida350 g/m plad finish: DocuTechand illustrations Pallida cedrickTypology (text

): Times New Roman patternsupremaegraficasupremaxcomS944xSueckes Pichanew order social, political, monetary and econonaciet AdlPichael Sueckes - Foz do iguacu, PR: Of the author, 2005544pInclude appendix, bibliography and table ofEconomy 2

Gzationlations I TitlCDD 320reat apImesFunctional structure forcountries or nationslaboration methodology 12 Social16 Behavioural change, attitude and lifestylese Technology 18 Activities opportunities 19 Holistic vision20 Fractalex mathematicsNew system

GRATEFULNESSTo my dear wife Lea for collaboration and patience in living together,y years, with the problems and inherent difficulties to prodf a masterpiece as this; besides understanding them, to propose solutions and to giveher valiant contribution, so much in the linked aspect to final graphic productiaboration of the drawings, illustrations and arts that integrate this workI yet emphasize her total determinatiin modelling of the exhibited topics and in optimizationof actions that made possible the publication of this editionFinally, I thank heiself-denial

detachment andidealism during allthe production of this bookThey were qualities, withoua doubt of extreme andpriceless worth so thatwhole work arrivedwith certainty the humanity,and lowly we will bend due to her grandiosity, in being the godmother offabulous SystOr be the protecting mother of a paradigm ofhuman society that will conduce the human being to wealth, to the well-beingto prosperity, to the leisure and your largest aggrandizementwith very love,

Autobiography of the AuthorA life paradigm in society andolitical and economic for a best wonThe holistic and futurist visionAlthough he has been born in Porto Alegre, RSto find solutions so that people didn't live socially inthout attendancethe least mercy andthe south of brazil At thatn andwas considered as sunk ship The passengersof the ship: a truthfulconclude all the modules and systems that corpublic school in city of Rio de Janeiro whe snded, without dependinge 1999 until June of 2002 he worked in publishingnd last finish and concluded your I st edition in city ofbed, in the top partBauruSP· brazilThe challenge of proposing a change polemicAlong the studies, he developed innovative social andwnership and of the physical money as warranty for economic system and he visualized futurist ideas as theadvent of informatics in digital form of entrance anconcluded the basic studiesstorage of datae informatics would beHe began32ctronhe struggle for youridealsen idea of digital clocksWith 24 vears he suffered terrible accident whethout before to hasuiolling with your car in a cliff In theBBS intranet, infoIm

he had the sensation of the very next death In thineeded to create an alternative society for the hivilization that was just, richer and more equable And for the great event that is called Use Society Everythingther opportunitybecause the car after giving three completee than athel heyaypeigh Then, it an abyss with proposal of alternative society to existent societory to benefit and to liberate peopleeconomic, political and financial, besicbeneficial when structuring a system of administrquantity and quality for allliindividuals or corporations, without excluding anybodyithout necessity of the empire ofhe laws and of thAfter being formed in Administration and Econetributary system, without necessity of the vinculum tof stheloyment for obtaining ofealized thewhenmplish it, hesequence with all your annotations This motivated him time with all your resource for this altruistic cause

FOREWORDcommitted material and intellectually with an inadequate social system that obligates us the whole timevest in search of a lost capital that conethe wild fight for ownership of the money to keep it in aneration andpeople, however day by day the cibecomes unabttend all peopleriskingbusiness personalgenial ore, where the pieces of the boardth the markedplays that generate the illusion of gain so that the villainous imagines fortunateAs kilometer i walked amid crowd when meditating and to observe that weof government interventions and as always the excuses to regulate the economy: to save the countryprotect the weak and oppressed with the intention of solving the etermal and insatiable problems that aresocial system There is millennium, those problems drag organizations, countrieations and mainly people for a stressful and replete social life of escape with various consequences, suchas: indifference, insecurity, alcoholism, dependence of drugs, abandonment, misery, hunger, disbelief, boda soclenly exists in rheettled on an esystem esocial and political It discards of its bosom the peoplelarge majority to give thersufferers certificate But, paradoxically, the State, its executioner manager, also loses when thinking thatwith the citizen The human society abandons the people to yok, it humiliates them as rational beings and it condemns them to eternal dependence of help

besidestent in your maintenancethis brutament when being transmitted of generation in generation, through mistakenonly by work can be gainedes or to receive benefit it should be determined in laws And certain dwhen I meditated on these questions, I saw myself in the crowd and I practiced with it the same acts thatcriticizing On that moment, I perceived that for the social system, not even I made some differencetracknts Then, I understood that people are just victims, because the erroinflicts; illogical aberrations; torpor in people, managers, elites and even in thinke sides doing withthat the actions always relapse on the effects, without attacking their fundamental ca359

the wealth existent or potential so that it is usufruct of all, without there being theby the consumption excess This innovation had to be under a different focus through new roles capable tegenerateopportunities of gains and personal development, without excludingbody The result was the creation of the Systemic Theory of Usuarism whose essence is reflected in thisworkThisinserts a complete and wide alternative model of society for the human civilization in allts aspects: social, political, economic, administrative, financial, juridical and monetary that is totally resolvedto theproblems and at thetime a valuable gift of immediateEverything is accessible, without needing hundreds of publications forresentation is divided in an entirety of Module-System that links andthem and to searchsimilarity in something existent It forms a Theory through an authentic paradigm, that is, to live the sarthings under new angle or perspectiveThe elaboration of this work was a great challenge that required a personal decision to give this firststep And I admit that was very difficult, because it signified the abandonfamily, when many times I arrived to the exhauother day lived the drama of lack ofprivation to conclude andpublish this book But, whereybody obtainthe nothingness? Then, the great God in yoa fantastic creature andcompletes a mans life with your beauty, sensibility and spiritual force and material She extractsrays with much patience and perseverance in the middle of the darkhrough the smile amid the sufferedars

She protects in your breast the wealthld be lostof the despair or pain Thrkuded It was especially made for you to harvesg putcheck in the cardinal perequest a global integration, without frontiersbesides using the technology in af the planet in that they rethe environment throparticipative action between people of the world and other alive beinThis grandiose work beginsa poetry that portrays the fIand sensitive that represent the love that unites them beings with your creator This poetry that I wrote inast timestwo flowers in that one of them is daisy that is usedney pull its petals one after the other to elucidatee loveoubt, And the other, is the rose, queen of thelowers, that it is pulled of its stem to please passionate human hearts or to dress up lapels, without howedespise the elements as the fire the land, the water and the air that indirectly participate in this contextrough a story that narrates the great importance of humae for the e360XUSING: The Systemic Theor

I 8 TWO SLO WERSrong and relentless hands robbed thethe barriers that impede the expansion of mind andThey denied the king of the stars to lie dowlife of the real happinessguardian saw itself frustrated of battlewithout thinking inhad remained the beauty of an involucreThis august being, lady of splendorous love,f luckingratiate the hearta chimeraWho hurts me thebeautiful andon of the love that irradiatesAh heroic soldiersne, it thinks about the grotesquerm of selfish sadness

in that evilofile in the melancholiceyk theal andfumed it is even loverquestion of uncertaintythe vile mortals doesthful lovers in falseif not a noble and wisebreath of happiness, to unite its sweet lips with its bravet only remained badly me whether, the natureand honest gentlemenkled tears in form of petals that bathes tlrestrial soil and it gives them good-bye Oh dear flower,Each fallen petalcaressed the stem and it kissedwith the purestthat could neveall its life if not, in thekisses of eterned the petals