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ABOUT THE AUTHORUJJWAL SAHAYsovereignComputerSecurityConsultant andhasstate-of-the-artfamiliaritythe field ofcomputer Also, UJJWASAHAY is a cyber-securityexpert certified bLUCIDEUS TECH and hasdefinitive experience inthe field of computers andethical hackinUjjwal Sahay is the Authorof the book HACK-X-CRYPT (A straight forward guide towardsEthical hacking and cyber security) Also, Ujwal Sahay is theCo-foundertechno-hackingwebsitewww

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ABLLT THIS BOOKhis Guide is all about windows command prompaccesses

Here you find a to Z CMd commands whichgives you a purview of the Windows command prompthis guide is written under the desk of a techno-hackiebsite THEBIGCOMPUTING COM by the Co-FOUNDERof this website UJJWAL SAHAYUJJWAL SAHAY has also written an ethical hacking BookIACK-X-CRYPT A straight forward guide towardshical hacking and cyber security! which gives a beststart to the beginners who prefers their career in ethicalhacking and cyber securityor more keep visiting thebigcomputing com for havingaccess with the hardcore ethical hacking and cybersecurity with the real touch of the power userechnologiesBIGCOMPUTING COM

PREFALEFrankly speaking, Command Prompt (or as we love to say itCMD)is thoughbe meant only for doadministrators who are called neards by general people -thisbook is not only for them After reading this book I am quitesure that you will be able to face cmd a lot more easier anday

You will find that doing tasks and completingmaintaining works is a lot easier to do using Command Promptthan using your Mouse Pointer For beginning part you need tohave some belief in your fingertips In your administratorshipand the first and last suggestion I will advise you is to takeBackup of your Data before executing any complex commando be a power user and also to become independent oncomputing side having working knowledge of CMd is essentialand i hope that the book guides you in the right waymember that no book is complete so for evaluatingand understanding any command do not hesitate in lookingWeb referencesWegarasUjwal Sahay saurabh TripathiBIGCOMPUTING COM

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comurabh(@thebigcomputing comWhile every precaution has been taken in the preparation ofhis book, the publisher and authors assume no responsibilityfor errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the useof the information contained hereinBIGCOMPUTING COM

ALKNDWLEDGEMENISBook or volume of this temperament is tremendously complexto write particularly without support of the Almighty GOD I amhighly thankful to Mr baKShi RAJESH PRASAD SINHA to truston my capabilities, without their support and motivation itwould not be promising to write this book

I express heartfeltcredit to My Parents LATE PROF SAMIR KUMAR SAHAY andMRSSUMAN SAHAY Without them i have no existenceam also thanking thebigcomputing com team who helpedme at each and every step of RESEARCH ANALYSIS by theiprecious suppoam more than ever thankful to my colleague Yash Jai(Networking head THE BIG COMPUTING) for the review,analysis and suggestions for creative editing for this book andluals who facilitated me at various research stages ofthis volumeUJJWAL SAHAYBIGCOMPUTING COM