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Truth About Abs

TABLE OF CONTENTS0 INTRODUCTIO20 TRAINING STRATEGIES21 Bad Cardio vs Good Cardio22 Body Part Isolation vs Complex Movements in Strength Training23 Tired of the Same old 3 Sets of 10? So is Your Body! Discover How to Manipulate2 4 Your Workouts Need Both Consistency and variability for Max Results2 5 The Ultimate Hard-Body Exercise26 Barbell, Kettlebell, and Dumbbell Complexes-a Different Style of Weight Training fora Ripped Body27 Top 15 Non-Traditional, Muscle-Building, Fat Blasting Workouts30 NUTRITION STRATEGIES3

1 Post-Workout Nutrition: Secrets to a Hard, Lean Body32 Don't be Afraid of Dietary Fat! Even Some Saturated Fats are Healthy for Yo33 Healthy Trans Fats vs Unhealthy Trans Fats Revealed34 The Top Fitness Foods to Stock Your Cabinets With Making Smart Choices Starts35 Are Vitamin/Mineral Supplements Necessary or Just Money Down the Toile36 Make healthier Choices when forced to eat Fast-Foodations utilized in articles and reviews Theealth condition that may occugh following the programs and opinions expressed herein Dietormationtional purposes only and maye appropriatall individuals Conswith your physician before starting any exercise program or altering your d

ning Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyruthAboutAbs com22 Body part Isolation vs Complex Movements in Strength Trainingthere is one type of question I getlows that many people are missing the big pictbenefits ofstrength training

This popular question usually goes somethWhat exercise can i dolate myscle of choice -absquads, biceps, triceps, etcItter which musceone is asking aboutways seem to beateit My first response to this question is always -"Why in theworld would you want to isolateThe first thing I trythat the body does not work welmovement In fact, there reallysuch thing as trueere Isrticle comparmuch more effective strategy ofperforming multi-joint complex movementsWhen you attempt to isolate muscles by performing siting a body thatssentially, you are creating a body that is a compilation of body parts, instead of aunit that worksd in a bodyte body parts On the othinjury-free, functional body that works as a complete powerful unit to performcomplex movements (in athletics or even everyday tasks), then you need to shift

Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyruthAboutAbs comyour focus away from muscle isolation

Believe me, focusing on how well youbody functions will give you the side effect of a body that looks even better thantake a look at thephysiques of any Ning backs, wide receivers, or even world class sprinterstheir strength coaches wouldn't be crazy enough to let them, yet they arepped to shredsdset is that you will find it much easier to lose body fatThe reason is that by focusing more on multi-joint complex movements as opposedo single-joint muscle isolation, you not only burn a lot more calories during eachworkout, but you also increase your metabolic rate andte productiomoreburning and muscle building hormones like growth hormone andestosteroneets look at an example The machine leg extension is a single joint exercise thatks mainly the quadriceps, can potentially cause knee joint instability in thin, and doesn't even burn that many calorn theand exercises likges, step-ups, and deadlifts are aljoint complex movements thatbody(includingcreate more stable andoperly), andalso burn massive quantities of calories compared to the single-joint exercises

ning& Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyruthAboutAbs comd of the same old 3 Sets of 10? So is your body discoverow to Manipulate Training variablesdvertently hit a frustrating plateau in their training at one time obetter and then all of the sudhits Suddenly you find yourself even weakean before on your lifts, or you find that you ve gained back a couple of poundshappens to everyone

Most of the time, these plateaus occur because peoplearely change their training variables overManyhe satypes of exercises for the same basic sets and reps and rest periods with the sameboring cardio routine Well, I hpen your mind and bring some creativity toyour workouts with this sectione are many ways thatassure that you maximize your fat loss and/or muscle building responseexercise Most people only think about changing their sets and reps performed, ifley even think about changing their routine at all However, other variables th(sequence), exercise grouping (super-setting, circuit training, tri-sets, etcexercise type(multi-joint or single joint, free-weight or machine based), the numbeorkut the amount of resistance the time under tensiorwork(sets x reps x distance moved), rest periods between sets, repetition spdifferent trainingder towhere a knowledgeable percanmake sense of all of thisBelow are a few examples toour mind working to come up wiand result producing workouts

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyhAboutAbs comMost people stick to workouts where they do something along the lines of 3 sets ofh 2-3 minutesere are a few examples of different methods to spice up your routinery using a fairly heavy weight and complete 6 sets of 6 reps, doingminute treadmill sprint between each weight liftingry using a near maximum weight and do 10 sets of 1 rep, with only 30conds rest between setsry using a lighter than normal weight and do 1 set of 50 reps for eachpresses or dumbbell squat presses, and do nothing but that exercise foran intense 20 minutesand down stairs, etcry a circuit of 12 different exercises covering the entire body without anyrest between exerciseshatkout but do thery your usual exercises at a faster repetition speed on one workout anden at a super-slow speed on your next workod by three 1-hworkouts the next week

This will keep your body guessingry doing drop sets of all of your exercises, where youbetween each set and keep doing repetitions without anyntil completemuscular fatigue(usually about 5-6 sets in a row)ays to continue to change your training variables This wasust a taste of your possibilities Be creative and get resul

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyruthAboutAbs com2

4 Your Workouts Need Both Consistency and variability for Maxlat make up your workouts if you want to continuously get good results, whetheWhile changing your training variables is an integral part of the success of youraining program, your workouts shouldn't be drastically differerIf you are all over the place on each workout and never try to repeat and improven specific exercises for specific set and rep schemes with specific rest intervals,icture your workouts to get the best results is to be consistent and try tog method for a specific time period Aperiod of 4-8 weeks usually works best as your body will adapt to the specificaining method and progress will slow after this amount of timeAt this point, it is time to change around some of your training variablesdescribed in the"exercise variables"article and then stay consistent with your newraining program for another 4-8 weeks To refresh, some of these variables arehe numbers of sets and reps of exercises, the order of exercises (sequence)grouping( super-settingoint or single joint, free-weight or machine based), the number of exercises perworkout the amount of resistance the time under tension the basegged, etcdied),restds between setsofetc), traduration per workout, training frequency per week, etcor example, let's say you are training with a program where you are doing 10 setsof 3 reps for 6 different exercises grouped together in pairs (done as supersetswith 30 seconds rest between each superset and no rest between the 2 exercises

Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Bodyrt, I'm sure you are tracking your progress with anotepad(weights used, sets, and reps) to see how you are progressing over tirks, you find thelat program

Well, now it is time to change up your variables, and start a new5 sets of 5he tri-set with no rest between them and then recover for 2 minutes in betweeneach tri-set to fip your strength levelscorporate both consistency andguess work out of all of this? Pick up a copy of my e-book today at Truth aboutSix Pack Abs and trywithin, and start getting rid of your stubborn belly fat now

ning& Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Bod25 The Ultimate Hard-Body Exercisecomposition changes(muscle gain and fat loss) TIsquats and deadlifts use more muscle groups under a heavy load than almost anyity research studies have even proven thsquats into a training program increases upper body development, in additionbody fat, building a strong and functional body, or improving athletic performance,dont believe me that squats and deadlifts are The basis for a lean and powerftbody then go ahead and join all of the other overweight people pumping awaymindlessly for hours on boring cardio equipment You wont find long boring cardioin any of my programsquats can be done simply with your bodyweight or with any free weighted objectsfor extra resistalas barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, etc

Soshould only be done with free weights-NEVER with a Smith machine or any otherquat machines! Machines do not allow your body to follow naturalbiomechanicallyct movement paths you also perform less work because themachine stabilizes the weight for you Therefore you get weaker results!The type of squat that people are most familiare barbell back squat whle bar is resting on the trapezius muscles of the upper back Many professionalstrength coaches believe that front squats(where the bar rests on the shouldersfront of the head) and overhead squats (where the bar is locked out in a snatchgnp ovehan back squats with less risk of lower back injury I feel that a combination of al

0 INTRODUCTIONhope you enjoy your copy of Training Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body Please feel free to email this e-book to any of your friends, famworkers that you think would enjoy these topics They will surely be thrilled that youshared all of this information with thele this e-book, you're going to find various powerful strategies to make youhe

truth abougth trainingexercises, tips, and strategies You'll even discover some new training styles thathave emerged in recent years as well as some fresh ideas you ve probably neverthought of before I'll also give you some great healthy meal ideas and unbiasednutritional strategies

none of that low-carb or low- fat gimmicky crap! I'm also NOgoing to give you any of the same old Bs that you've heard from mainstreamhealth professionals about how you need to do endless hours of boring cardiooutines, and eat nothing but bland meals like tuna and rice, or plain grilled chickenwith broccoli in order to get in great shapecan enjoy life to the fullest whileaneously building the body of your dreams and increasing your energy sohat you feel like a million bucks every single day Not only that, but you'll be ableo perform like never before whether it's performing physical tasks at home,dominating the competition on the playing field, or even performing in the bedroomhe start of some of the benefits of striving to achieve youown peak fitnessAside from the fact that you can take action now and improve how you look, feeland perform, one of the most important aspects of taking responsibility for youve a longer, happier life and reduce your risk ofdegenerative diseases In all seriousness, the health condition of the majority ofpeople in developed nations has deteriorated to such an extent that it has literally

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Bodybecome a crisis In the US, experts estimate that approximately 70% of the adulently overhealthy individual, you are a minority! It has literally become the norm for mostpeople to be out of shape, overweight, and ridden with degenerative diseases liketype-l diabetes, heart disease, and cancer Thats pretty sad With as fast astes are increasingy 10 pehtIth and fitness and that of their families Nobody elseen t goingo do is make huge profits by selling you cheapheavily retined alprocessed full of chemicals that are causing a cdThe billion dollar pharmaceutical companies sure aren't going to look out for yohealth either Hell, they want you to be sicker than ever, so that you'll havemore of their medicines And the rich supplement companies wont look out foryour health either

They love the fact that people are getting fatter all the time, soat they can persuade you with fancy marketing into thinking that there's a quicknd all you have to do is spend lots of money on some ofou'll magically be lean and mean without changing anything else in youIt's pretty simple as to why the world is becoming a fatter place at arate For one, the population hasyears Kids no longer spend most of their time running around and playing gamesutside Now, they spend more time inside playing video games or surfing the weban ever before I ecnnology allowSs to be lazier than ever and perform as little movement as we want on a dailydaily lives in this day and age where we're not required to do much movement anymore My thinking is why does it have to be a chore to add movedaily lifeId be theause you enjoyFor example, if you're not the least bit interested in weight trainingfind

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Bodyck climbia regular basisAnother reason the world is becoming fatter is that our food supply has becomeemicals and modified from its natustate over the years Everybody thinks that they dont have time in this fast-pacedd to prepare thein meals anymore, so they grab quick junk food sorner stores fast food joints and restaurants this habit makesarder to stay healthy and lean, because THEY aren't looking out for your healthOnly YoThe solution is easy! First, we need to make smart whole food decisions, andown meals Second we need toout and move

Our bodies aremeant to move and be active on a regular basis That' s the sirit Now lets get down to some of the insider secrets from a fitness junkie on howyou can get top notch results out of both your training and your nutrition programshis E-book will provide you with tons of idease your workouts to a whelevel and to open your mind with respect to your diet Afterread this ebook, if you want to really step it up and discover the entire system that Iveow fordeveloping a lean, rock hard body, check out my Truth about Six Pack Abshis prograly comprehensive with everything you need to know ifyou re serious about yoy The Truth about Six Pack Abs program is not jusabout doing abs exercises It's about smart full-body training and nutritistrategies for reducing your body fat to levels so that you can finally see your abs,and bring out eye-catching muscle tone throughout your entire bodyOn another note, if you havent signed up yet for my FREE Lean Body FitnessSecrets Ezine what aresendcouple weeks giving you all kinds of hard- body tips and strategies that you can goout and use right away to get better results and achieve the body that you're

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyhAboutAbs coms thanks for signing up, I will give you instant access to several freebonuses that I think you'll like First, I'll give you your own personalized metabolicate calculator that will take into adof your personal characteristics andcalculate your approximate calorie requirements for whether you want to loseve you free access to five ofecret hard-body workout routines I guarantee these routines will take youworkouts to away different thied before! Sign up now if you're not already a member go to the free fat lossttab at the top of the pageinto the meat of this let me give you aso that you can get to know me a little better My name is Mike geary and I'm anationally Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialistiternationally selling book The Truth about Six Pack Abs, with 10s of thousandsof readeover 100 countries world-wide

I'm also contributing writer for muscleFitness Hers Magazine a " Platinum Expert Author" by Ezinearticles com, andhave had my fitness articles published on over 1000 fitness related wearound the world just so you kiat I'm a real person heres a coupleofme performing 2 of my favorite most challenging drills the overhead squat andAlright, enough about me now let's get to some good materia

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body21 Bad Cardio vs Good cardioear fitness professionals and medical doctors prescribe lowmoderate intensity aerobic training(cardio) to people who are trying to preversomething along the lines of "perform 30-60tes of steady pace cardio 3-5es per week maintaining your heart rate at a moderateBefore yougive in to this popular belief and become the "hamster on the wheel"doing endlesss of boring cardio, I'd likeconsider some recent scientific research thatindicates that steady pace endurance cardio work may not be all it's cracked up tost

realize that ouorm physical activity in burststead of steady statal variability is one of themost important aspects to consider in your training This tendency can be seeoughout nature as animals almost always demonstrate stop-and-go motionnstead of steady state motion In fact, humans areaturewith the exception of endurance running or cycling) are also based on stop-and-gomhort bursts of exertion followed by recovery To examine anof the different effects of endurance or steady state training versus stopking whhe typical dedicated marathoner is more often emaciated and sickly looking Nowyou rather resemble?Another factor to keep in mind regarding the benefits of physical variability is thenternal effect of various forms of exercise on our body Scientists have known thatexcessive steady state endurance exercise(different for everyone, but sometimesfined as greater than 60 minutes per session most days of the week)increasesfree radical productiolbody, can degenerat

raining Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Bodyhe body that can potentially lead to chronic diseases On the other hand, highlybody and an anti-inflammatory response, a more efficienc OXIde responsestem), andtabolic rate response(which can assist witstate endurance trns the heart atvarious every day stressors Oty of demands making it less likely to fail when you need it Think about it thimake your heart more capable of handling everyday stress

Stress can cause youblood pressure and heart rate to increase rapidly Steady state jogging and otherendurance training does not train your heart to be able to handle rapid changesheart rate or blood pressure Steady state exercise only trains the heart at onespecific heart rate, so you don't get the benefit of training your entire heart rateangeThe important aspect of variable cyclic training that makelor over steadystate cardio is the recovebetween bursts of exertion that recoally important for the body to elicit a healariable cyclic training is that it isiteresting and has lowerout rates than long boring steady state cardioprogramso summarize, some of the potential benefits of variable cyclic training compareo steady state endurance tg are as follows: improved cardiovascncreased anti-oxidanction improved immune function reduced risk forwear and tear, reduced muscle wasting, increased residual metabolic ratencreasapacity forartere are many ways you can reap the benefits of stop-and-go orvariable intensity physical training One of the absolute most effective forms of

ning Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-BodyruthAboutAbs comariable intensity training to really reduce body fat and bring out serious muscularAIetitive sportssuch as football, basketball, racquetball, tennis, hockey, etc are naturallycomprised of highly variable stop-and-go motionaddition, weight trainingnt)is yet another training method thaecovery periods For example, an interval training sessione treadWarm-up for 3-4 minutes at a fast walk or light jogalk at 4

0 mi/hr for 1at 100 mi/hr foterval 4- walk at 40 mi/hr for 15 minutesRepeat those 4 intervals 4 times for a very intense 20-minute workoariable intensity rates for the majority of youkouts to getlost beneficialesponse in terms of heart health fat loss and muscle maintenance