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12 Social Media Hacks That Work Growth Hacker Granny


THE CTA ON ANY LINK HACKDetails of the hackeacor your own advertisements on anyarticle or video that you find in the internet

Oncedone, you can share it on social media networks andin traffic with theks you share, Analytics ofthgenerates unique links for you to share and scheduleto theto helonsof traffic to your website through influencer articUsage Phase: CorUsage Difficulty: Medium

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PROMOTE YOUR VIDEO TOMILLIONS HACKYouTube videos will help you reach passionate peoplesing the Promolta dashboard, then your video will beplayed withinUsage Difficulty: EasyTools UsedPaid/Free: Paid Advertising tool(Budget can varyat all times according to campaign-to-campaigFree Alternatives: None

Hack it with Grannyheadovertopromoltacom2)Choose the video you would like to promote bydo this byinserting the url of the video and clicking on select as3)Next is to select the video category of your choiceit auto4)Ycd needppnny recommen5)Choose the gender of your audience and the aged6)CHCTheSHoo)7) You will start seeing results very quick once thecampaign is approved

Bonus Tip:You can also promote your Facebook page usingIta all you ha

2 Social Media Hacks That Work: Growth Hacker GrannyThis E-Book hasblished by First Look Digital Marketingtions Pvt, LtdThe futuresetrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means,electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recordingpermission from the publishersbodied in critical reviewsertain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law Fpermission requests, please email the publisher aldhiofirstlookai

comas been taken to verify the accuracy ofinformation contained herein, the author and the publisherme no responsibility for aned for damages that may result from theThe price of the tools that are detailed in the book are subject to varyin the bookclarifying purposesd are owned by the brands themselvesThe chatGrowth Hacking Granny"is a fictional character andhe story narrated in the initial chapter is fiction Any resemblance toread, is purely coincidental

I dedicate this growth hacking book to everyone who taughtme digital marketing

Thank you for

helping me build mykills in thisg feld Here I shine for you in a comicalfashion with Growth Hacker Granny

THANK YOU ALLed my dreamSpecial Thanks to my parents N RanganathT Rama for the support and ent to hestart my own digital marketing training company

Thanks toThanks to T Padfor providingsupport and encouragement, againreally supported me back then, when I was starting todigital marketingndfatheho evoked the

A final note of thanks to all my fans, studentsaught and of course online students olUdemy

You gave me the confidence to surge aheadGranny I always believe that if we have the paearn, we can just go places

HI THERE-IM GROWTH HACKERGRANNYk- what's up, dear digital marketer? They call meThe story goI was a housewifeday I lived in Bangalore, India at a middle-class homeMy hubby was already dead before Rahul- myrn Rahul Sharma worked as a marketing manageat a startup company for years here in Bangalore

(Truehe isnt as brilliant as me, now also, I guessUS and he flew there DratI He never returned to Indiaall and I didn, t get a phone call from him, either Hedidnt she

viii Hi there-I'm Grouth hacker gSources like the lady next door told me that he is livingNow, when this initially happened- I knew that Igot to make money for a living I am not bring paidkind of pension, I knew What can I do now, was theOne day, whenund a book onexploring and reading the pages and then I wasengrossed in the subject of social media, SEO, SEM,ASO

Lead-Gen etc andEven though i haven t studied marketinngthe subject was too goodleas and thoughtsfrom the book and lo and behold! wheproducts to customers and driving insane sales everyhour? Now, they call me growth hacker granny Nowul came back to india once he came to khat I was a millionaire, officially by reading the localnline publication or websites likefirst pageMou

happy with all the stuff I do and what's more? I amwilling to share my actionable strategies hereFgrowth hackam growth hacking gskyrocket your product through this book series

This first book of 12 social media growth hacks ismarketing or a growth hacking book for socials a step-by-step -handgetting users, traffic, and revenue to any busineschannel in order, telling you exactly what you need tosucceed-practicallyGrowth Hacking granny to the rescue